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#1Lee Nakamura 

Testing  Empty on Sat Oct 29, 2016 12:48 pm

Lee Nakamura


you can technically have as many notes here as you want. go crazy.

just one word from you and it's over

You and I Riding down Broadway Looking for some action Two scattered souls In a scattered world Your hands on the wheel And your eyes Searching for cover[break][break]

"But one look from you And it's over One look from you And I'm over" I can't sleep With this heart's beat Thumping in my chest Like an engine So I gather all my things In the corner of the room And I light the match And watch it burn to my fingers[break][break]

But one word from you And it's over One word from you And I'm over People try To get what they want People try To hold it so close But they won't know That my heart is driftwood Floating down your coast[break][break]

It's been two weeks, now, Since I walked through That front door It's been two weeks Since I felt your skin And tonight you wear The spirit like a cover And one touch from you And it's over One touch from you And I'm over Just one touch from you And it's over Just one touch from you And I'm over


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