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Zancrow Windcaller

The Council of Slayers

The Council of Slayers (スレイヤー協議会; Sureiyā Kyōgi-kai) is an ancient Order of Knights and Wizards dedicated to the eradication of dragon kind and all those affiliated with those who call themselves Dragon Slayers. The Order disbanded several thousand years ago after they had assumed that the dragons left the face of the earth and were either eradicated or had fled to other realms and dimensions or deep within the recesses of the Earth. They are the military force of a higher power that bases itself within the Pergrande Kingdom within Earthland's mainland region.


records of the Council of Slayers and their information regarding their maps, plans, specific internal organizations and records of names and positions have been lost to time

The Demon Under

Mt. Hakobe

Deep within the heart of Mt. Hakobe lays a slumbering creature of ancient legend. Said to be one of the original demons from the days of the first practitioner of Living Magic, the Demon under Mt. Hakobe has been in eternal sleep for several hundred years by powerful psionic magics that act as a powerful sedative, because the magic from the demon's time was too weak to kill it. There's news of a cult that has decided to revive this ancient evil into the world again. Do you have the ability to take on the Coatl?


a scroll will be sent by carrier pigeon to those who wish to take this quest. Good Luck; the Coatl does not like being kept in waiting

The Reliquary of Slayers

The Reliquary of Slayers (スレイヤー聖遺; Sureiyā Hijiri Noko) is a secret organization that governs the actions of the Slayers of Fiore, and the surrounding countries where they are stationed. The organization had a reputation for having who were considered the strongest for their Slayer branch to represent them at meetings, although current records cannot confirm this. They had in their possession an abandoned keep within Mt. Hakobe, and it has been undisturbed for several thousands of years. They were militaristic, and wanted to achieve global draconification, a term that even the most ancient of dragons dare not state


such records have been lost to time, and are theorized to be hidden within Mt. Hakobe

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