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#1Iris Philyre 

Eyyyy Empty Wed Oct 26, 2016 9:58 am

Iris Philyre
Hey there, folks! Please, call me Iris. : D I happened to stumble upon this site thanks to a friend of mine looking at you, pink haired girl and after thinking it through, I've decided to join to hopefully meet and RP with ya'll lovely people.

I'm an active member on another Fairy Tail RP site, actually. However, in light of recent events, a part of me wanted to step out of that circle for a bit to try new things, so here I am. 

x3 So....happy to be here, and nice to meet you all.

#2Selena Maelstrom 

Eyyyy Empty Wed Oct 26, 2016 10:08 am

Selena Maelstrom
Hey there and welcome tot he site :D

And you'll have to be specific, there is more than one pink haired girl on the here :P

Eyyyy BLlZQ5m
#3Bianca Fleur † 

Eyyyy Empty Wed Oct 26, 2016 10:09 am

Bianca Fleur †
Welcome, bbygurl. ❤

#4Rosemary Ysgarlad 

Eyyyy Empty Wed Oct 26, 2016 3:28 pm

Rosemary Ysgarlad
Let's be besties. ❤

love is not a weakness.
Eyyyy Pjsy5Jz2 Eyyyy Pjsy5Jz2 Eyyyy Pjsy5Jz2
#5Yoshino Freljord 

Eyyyy Empty Wed Oct 26, 2016 4:24 pm

Yoshino Freljord
Pie. Eat some.

Eyyyy B6lXjuV
#6Constantine Librorum 

Eyyyy Empty Wed Oct 26, 2016 4:29 pm

Constantine Librorum
Welcome to the society. Become one of us. We have cake. It is not a lie.

ANDRZEJ : I don't like RP fighting
ANDRZEJ : It's boring as helll

Javier DuRoark : Taiho don't violence

Sylph : @Taiho: I really, really want to RP.
Sylph : @Taiho: But I'm scared of you.
Sylph : Because you are death, destroyer of worlds.


Eyyyy Empty Thu Oct 27, 2016 11:43 pm


One of Us, One of Us

#8Aleksandr Sokolov 

Eyyyy Empty Thu Oct 27, 2016 11:55 pm

Aleksandr Sokolov
^ What Konstantin said, we have cookies, pudding and amazing perks. Welcome to the site.

#9Iris Philyre 

Eyyyy Empty Fri Oct 28, 2016 9:01 am

Iris Philyre
Thank you everyone! owo I'll remember to eat lotsa cakes and cookies and pies while I'm here.

Eyyyy 29vl8qx
#10Tenshi † 

Eyyyy Empty Mon Oct 31, 2016 9:40 am

Tenshi †
Welcome to the Site, hope you have a pleasant stay. Feel free to stop by the site Discord channel as well!

Eyyyy D09aavQ

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