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Moving On [Travel to Crocus]

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The aged mage of Grimoire Heart shuffled through the streets of Hargeon. She had been in the town for over a week now taking the sights and exploring what could be explored. She had seemed like an innocent little old lady wondering the streets, buying souvenirs and seeing the sights, but really she had been taking in the structure of Hargeon looking for any weak points to be exploited. There was one or two black spots in Hargeon where she could easily dispose of a body or two, even a number of targets know one would miss if they were to suddenly go missing. As a member of Grimoire Heart, she had to keep a low profile and should she wish to keep sacrificing in name of her God Khorne she would have to do it discretely.

But now was a time to be leaving Hargeon. Yumi was tired of the port town and wished to see something new. Her next destination was Crocus. Apparently she had heard word that many mages were gathering at the holy capital. While it would be a bold move for a dark mage to head towards the capital of the light mage's, who would suspect a little old lady like her self of nefarious plans.

Yumi continued shuffling through the streets making her way towards exit of Hargeon. She would have to travel from south fiore to central fiore. The trip would take her a day or two on foot. She could have taken a train but she wanted to do it by foot, the travel would do her good. She needed to keep up her exercise even at such an old age. Yumi slung a bag over her shoulder as she finally departed from the town of Hargeon. She turned back and looked from the small hill she stood to look over the port town, "I will come back when the need arises who knows what I might see upon my return, or what I may experience, only time will tell. For now I must focus on my journey to Crocus".

Yumi turned around too face the big wide world of Fiore. With her determination set she then headed off following down the path that would lead her on to her next adventure. When she arrived in Crocus one of the first things she would have to do is find someone to sacrifice in the name of Khorne, even twenty four hours to was long to go without killing someone in her gods name. She would make the streets of Crocus run red with the blood of her Lord's Enemies. But as always as a member of Grimoire Heart she would need to be discrete so not to be caught by the Rune Knights or anyone else for that matter. The last thing she needed was to draw any unneeded attention to herself and her guild, for that she must operate from the shadows.

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Moving On [Travel to Crocus] FIXCi2K
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