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Caelum :

  • Name: Caelum.


  • Water: Great Sea.


  • Climate: Caelum has a climate that is constantly humid, with the overall temperature of all of it's islands staying fairly level. In the winter, animal migrations can be viewed with the islands being used by hundreds of species as a pit stop.

  • Regions: Volcanic Mountainous terrain in the largest island, Forest, Jungle, Valley, Beach.

  • Natural Hazards: Tsunami, Hurricane, Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions.


  • Nationality: Caelumers.

  • Appearance: Caelumers all have brown hair, commonly have brown or blue eyes with all of them having dark skin and being fairly lanky and tall.

  • Languages: Common [English].

  • Language Color:#66ff00

  • Religion: The dominant religious belief in Caelumer are numerous by definition with over two dozen known religions with maybe unknown religions popping up all the time, with the influence of outsiders however a majority of the citizens don't follow any particular religion merely choosing what they think is right or not believing in anything at all.


  • Government system: Dictatorship.

  • Head of State and Government: Emperor.

  • Ruler: Supreme Leader Gabriel Johnston.

  • Capital: Port Sterling.

General Information

  • History:
    The Republic of Caelum was initially a loosely run democratic with each island largely ruling over their own interests and having their own standing armies. This freedom was swiftly destroyed after the country became ruled over a military dictatorship under Supreme Leader Gabriel Johnston as an attempt to prevent further corruption of his country and the armies being conscripted into the Caelum Defense Front.  

    The loss of independent power was also largely due to the copious amounts of resources in the relatively smaller islands like Troi and Moin to the west of Fiore that were perfect for constructing military equipment causing the destruction of the towns and cities turning them into mining locations, whilst the larger islands of Sterling and Brusn were quickly pushed from dozens of smaller underdeveloped towns and villages to thriving metropolises that were established to rapidly manufacture military equipment.  

    A change back to a more democratic system was laster proposed, however with the strict regulations that the Supreme Leader implemented and his supporters enforced a majority of the efforts were ignored. These strict regulations also mean for the most part that outsiders are unable to set foot on any of the Caeulum’s islands without a permit and even with said permit they are restricted to specific locations, e.g Trading permits allows only the visitation to only trading towns in Brusn and Ambassador permits that gives wields the ability to visit certain castles to meet officials.

    The infrastructure on the other hand for military construction was quickly changed to a more profitable use allowing them to trade with neighbouring countries and even often times trading with distance ones including the Pergrande Kingdom. Despite the incredible trading enterprise that the Republic has established for itself, for most of the residences they are particularly hostile to individuals that visit and are notoriously difficult to work with, this is in part due to their believes that those from other countries were responsible from the forming of the Republic.

    The newfound leadership and Economic wealth has allowed Caelum Island to be one of the more prominent countries managing to even form mutual agreements, treaties and make allies with surrounding countries, with even distant countries having minor trading agreements.

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