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The Information Bureau

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#1Nathaniel Abaddon 

The Information Bureau  Empty Mon Jul 25, 2016 6:36 pm

Nathaniel Abaddon
Hey guys just a little idea I'm bouncing around.

Basically in this thread, write in any information about your character you would like to be common knowledge e.g. their affiliations or an element of their reputation. I'll compile stoof in this first post so people can access it easier. If you want the information/rumours to be known by a particular group mark it with the group's name at the start (e.g. Rune Knights: ). This is somewhere you can start rumours or create a public persona, develop your character or affirm who your known friends are backstory wise... in summery, if you want people to know it without it being meta, pop it here. That's the jist. XD

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