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A meeting of Fate (closed)

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#1Joshua Graham 

A meeting of Fate (closed) Empty on Sat Nov 16, 2019 8:45 pm

Joshua Graham
The cell was a bit chilly,but Joshua was okay with that. Despite the cuffs blocking his magic, he could still access just enough inner magic to keep his core warm. It was a skill his father had taught him as the most basic of training. He laid on the prison bed and placed his feet on the cell wall, as he tossed a small rock against the wall and catching it as it bounced off with a hard impact noise. Over and over it went as he spent the lonesome time waiting.

He hadnt done anything illegal to end up here, besides having fought in a barfight that is. But in his opinion it was deserved, the other bastards had tried to pick a fight with him and he had taught them a lesson on respect. Though, he did do more damage to the bar then he had meant to with his Combustion Magic. He just hoped the people hed be dealing with would understand his good intentions.

#2Noyiah Dashi 

A meeting of Fate (closed) Empty on Sun Nov 17, 2019 6:59 am

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah yawned as she roamed the halls from an office space she had been using to file paperwork. She hadn’t stayed this late before and she was heading home to see if Kazimir had started dinner or if he was out on a mission.

Noyiah staggered slowly, lumbering towards the main exit, when she heard the sound of stone clicking against the floor. She looked over at the new prisoner rubbing her eyes for a moment and before they widened in surprise. “damnit. . .” She said quietly looking into the cell, there was a clear absent of the required materials “I don’t know who you pissed off enough that they didn’t even set out a blanket and food, but ill grab you some. . . Seeing as no one bothered.” Noyiah said slightly disappointed by her delay getting home. She turned to start heading away and then stopped to mention “ i wouldn’t throw any more rocks people take that kind of thing rather serious” she said heading down to the hall back the way she had come before.

Noyiah grabbed a rough looking pale blue blanket, it looked no bigger than a bath towel and she would likely feel bad giving it over but if she was caught giving out more than she was supposed to it could cause complications for her. Glancing around for a moment she quickly realized that they wouldn’t have any sort of food until the morning.

Noyiah made her way back into the holding cell hallway before stopping in front of his cell once again. She glanced around for potential threats, before mushing the blanket between the bars. “so what are you in for?” She asked before picking up the clipboard on the wall, normally they kept records on each incident and the person. But as Noyiah expected there was only the bare minimum filled out. she chose to wait to tell him about the food, encase he didnt notice

#3Joshua Graham 

A meeting of Fate (closed) Empty on Sun Nov 17, 2019 10:30 am

Joshua Graham
Joshua caught the rock as he heard foot steps approaching. He turns and sat properly on the bed as they drew closer and closer with each step. He couldnt help but analyze the sound and walk pattern as it approched, an old habit his father had first started to teach him and that had later been further strengthened during his learning years as a cowboy in the wilds of his home country. He could tell that the person who was walking was tired, or at least taking their time out of comfort or disinterest. He stood up as he saw the frame of a woman look into the barely lit cell. He smiled softly and removed his hat as he stepped into the light.

"No need to worry about me none, Ma'am. I've been in far worse prison cells then this one." That was a bit of a lie, hed been in smaller more timid village holding areas but never a dungeon proper. But as she returned with the worn blue blanket, he took it without protest and set it on the bed as his old illumin neckless fell from his shirt. He stood back up and looked at her once more while making a mental note to find some other way to pass the time while waiting to be released then throwing the rock. "Thank ya kindly," he said with another tip of his hat as he stayed standing to have his conversation with her. "I'll be straight with ya Ma'am, I'm in here because some ig'nit fools wanted to get drunk and try to pick a fight at the bar. So I taught a lesson I hope they wont forget. I ain't killed no one mind you, I have no real stomach for unneeded blood shed but i couldnt let that stand." He sighed softly. "Shame they made me use my magic... wish we could have just settled it the old fashioned way with out fists, but I'm willin' to pay my debt to the bar owner through hard work if need be."

#4Noyiah Dashi 

A meeting of Fate (closed) Empty on Sun Nov 17, 2019 7:20 pm

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah listened to him speak, he seemed to have a very different body language, accent and different demeaner then she would have thought. Pleasantly surprised by his rather cheerful sounding apology. The knight that turned him in must have been at the end of his shift, he threw him in the cell as a temporary solution. “that would explain the lack of notes “she said aloud before taking a pen from her satchel.  She jotted down a few notes filling in the spaces she knew from his story. “i can’t believe these buffoons sometimes. . .what’s your full name” she growled frustrated while circling the improperly filled out name space that simply said ~weird guy~. . .   Had they even asked or was he being difficult.  Flipping through to the back she took mental note of the knight’s name who signed the forms, he was going to be in for a world of trouble.

Noyiah would write down his name if he told her, either way she would look him over again, taking in details about him as she studied him with her steel blue eyes.  Noyiah had a good sense of people most of the time, and though he was in the cell, she had a trust for him already.  He seemed simple and honest, a rather hard trait to possess in this day and age.

Noyiah would brush her bangs from her face with the back of the pen, Noyiah was wearing a large black trench coat overtop of her rune knight uniform. A belt cutting across her waist to distinguish her features still.  She wore her hair let down, she originally had her hair up in a ponytail but over the countless hours of paperwork she took it out and the hair elastic still hung around her wrist loosely she wore grey tights under her uniformed skirt, and black regulation boots.  

After a moment she would introduce herself if he hadn’t told her his name by now, and if he had originally when she asked, she would have told him hers right after she wrote his down. “I am Noyiah dashi,   would you be able to confirm the name of the rune knight that dragged you in?” She asked looking him over again to gather more details that she might have overlooked last time.
A meeting of Fate (closed) Noyiah18

#5Joshua Graham 

A meeting of Fate (closed) Empty on Mon Nov 18, 2019 6:54 pm

Joshua Graham
Joshua couldn’t help but stare into her steely blue eyes. The soft features of her face were much more wonderful to look at then some of the other woman he had seen in the town, a whole lot of homely women walked the streets of Era, either nuns or simple woman-folk were the main group of them. But this girl had a wonderful and angelic look to her. If he was still a man of the cloth he might even say she was blessed by Illumin himself, but… that was in the past for him so he kept his quiet on that.

“Joshua Bell Graham, Ma’am. Age 25.” he reached into the pocket of his utility belt and removed his travel pass, a small black book he used to keep track of his entry and exit from countries. He had gone toa few different ones to get to central fiore, but he smiled gently as he heard her name. “Their aint no need for that Ma’am, no harm done no foul taken in my opinion, id just like to leave this cell behind and get on my jouney. I have a monster I need to confirm is dead and stays dead.”

#6Noyiah Dashi 

A meeting of Fate (closed) Empty on Tue Nov 19, 2019 6:36 am

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah glanced at the paper work again and to Mr. Graham. She looked at the form once again before she sighed and tore the paper in half.  “Well tonight’s your lucky Night…  Your being Released due to an implication with your paperwork, Failure to be registered, and due to incompetence in a fellow knight” she said with a slight head shake. “But don’t let my Appearance fool you, if you do try anything it’ll be the last thing you do alive” She bluffed.

In truth she didn’t have much she could do other then a small amount of hand to hand training and call for help. But Noyiah would attempt to bluff the man. Noyiah glanced around and then back to the office “I’ll be right back” she said walking off letting the heels of her boots click against the tile floor as she walked with each step.

Noyiah entered to office and looked about, there was two keys out on the desk in the office, Noyiah assumed quickly that these where likely the keys they had used and didn’t bother putting away right. There also seemed to be a file out, she picked it up and looked at it, inside would be all the crimes that Joshua Graham may have committed within Era. Looking at it for a moment she looked more so about his magic type and capability. Sighing again she palmed the keys and walked out of the office and towards the cell.

“what are your plans for the rest of the night now that your free? She asked as she unlocked the door to his cell and slide it across, the metal making a horrible screech as it slides on metal. Normally people would Cringe but Noyiah had heard it a few times now and knew it was coming before she had done it.
She would wait for him to come to her to reveal that she didn’t intend to unlock his cuffs until he was outside of the headquarters.

#7Joshua Graham 

A meeting of Fate (closed) Empty on Fri Nov 22, 2019 6:59 pm

Joshua Graham
Joshua listened to her bluff and he smiled gently as he nodded in agreement. He couldn’t help but see through her atempted bluff, as a professional gambler he knew how to read people well. But he didn’t resist are argue as she walked away. He figured she was going to get the keys, or perhaps she needed someone else to unlock the cage. He walked back from the door and put the small travel book back in his bag as he pulled out his harmonica and began to play a tune. He played the song from memory as he moved the smooth metal over his lips.

His file was rather plain, from what was there he wasn’t suspected of any crimes beyond the one he did commit, as the magic listed was blank, with a red line of text that read ‘Most likely uses fire magic based on damage to the Tavern.’. The music from his harmonica drifted down the hallway, as waited for her to return. Once she did, and slide across the door with a terrible noise that made him wince did he put the harmanica away and stand up. He walked to her and couldn’t help but chuckle as she kept him cuffed.

“Thats smart, most people would have uncuffed me after thinking im not a threat. But you know better. You’re a survivor like me.” he said to her as he smiled gently, kindly. “I already told you my plans, Im gunna go find a monster ive been hearing rumors of, and make sure it stays dead this time.”

#8Noyiah Dashi 

A meeting of Fate (closed) Empty on Sat Nov 23, 2019 9:38 am

Noyiah Dashi
Joshua complimented her intelligence and then compared them which came off like a Very backhanded compliment, as if to say that he was a survivor.   The biggest difference was that she was letting him go, and he was imprisoned.  She didn’t make any mention of it though it was pretty clear she wasn’t overly impressed.

But as he answered casual question about what he planned to do for the evening. “you seem pretty Determined, but if a beast was anywhere near here, we would have gotten word of it by now.   Perhaps you should file a request with the Rune knights, if it’s a creature you’re this determined to hunt down its clearly a problem, even if you could handle it on your own its protocol to have an investigation, perhaps you’ll feel like saving me the headache later and answers a few questions?”  She offered in a semi solution.  Mostly she didn’t really want to find out this kid ran down into the forest and was slaughtered for some poor school kids to find or something.  

So many mages where so Arrogant, so Power hungry or self-serving that it really was a shame that they possessed magics that tended to aid them to their demise.  Rather then people like Noyiah who for as much has she knew couldn’t preform magic in anyway other then maybe a magic item.
Noyiah would motion towards the hallway where a small conference room was, she chose not to unlock his handcuffs  yet as  held the key in hand. “  But no funny stuff, this place seems pretty dead now but all I have to do is yell and everyone comes running.” She said this time very much not a bluff.

If he attempted anything the first thing she would do is attempt to keep the key away, at least then he couldn’t get the cuffs off and have a  better fighting chance  " i'm willing to put up with quite a bit more then the average officer, so its probably preferable i am still in charge of this" she  said threatened casualty.

#9Joshua Graham 

A meeting of Fate (closed) Empty on Tue Nov 26, 2019 9:26 pm

Joshua Graham
Her reasonign was sound, and her words were those of help. But he couldn’t help but shake his head and decline her offer. But as he went to explain his reasons for declining,the shift occured. He opened his mouth, and suddenly found himself farther down the hallway following her, but he had no memory of actually telling her or begining to follow her. He stopped in his tracks and looked around.

“Stop, somethings wrong…. what the hell was that?” he said as he looked around for any sign of what just happened. It was faint, but further below the sound of more of the dungeon doors opening with a loud yet faint screetching could be heard. ‘Looks like a prison break, but what the hell happened just now? What was that… feeling?’ Joshua asked himself mentally, as the sound of criminals getting free and climbing the stairways to the upper levels. He turned back to his new friend and hopefully battle partner.

“Id suggest getting these cuffs off me before they get up here. Cant do much fightin’ without my magic.” He held up his cuffed hands and waited keeping his eyes on the door way at the end of the hall. “Cause id rather not die to some criminals if I could avoid it.”

#10Noyiah Dashi 

A meeting of Fate (closed) Empty on Wed Nov 27, 2019 6:45 am

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah would glance at him “ What do you mean no” as he shook his head to decline.  

Suddenly it was like time itself shifted, and they were down the hall, Joshua More or less Demanded his cuffs be taken off, but Noyiah wasn’t convinced despite the oddity that had occurred she simply didn’t trust him as of yet.   “ I will not be unlocking you yet, I cant trust you aren’t working together “ she declared giving him a shove with her right hand, she attempted to push him so his back was against the wall. “wait here, I will be going to take a look first, no one would be stupid enough to kill a Rune knight in the headquarters, and if they would be willing to, then you’ll never see them coming, if you run i will report you as an escapee” Noyiah said as she disappeared around the corner.

She would Hastily move towards the cell hall which was not to far, glancing over to see Iris’s Cell was empty, but there were no signs of breaking out, she must have been on a mission. Seeing Is it wasn’t her she would  head back, She mostly wanted the Opportunity to talk to Iris if she had been escaping. Noyiah moved back towards the hall she left Joshua in.

Noyiah would Remerge to try and find Joshua, popping around the corner she looked for him. Then Suddenly another Shift occurred, She found the pair of cuffs in her hand and the words trailing off her mouth “Now don’t do anything Stupid please, I’m placing my trust in you”   Taking her  free hand  she scratched the top of her head “  I  don’t understand” she muttered her eyes wide as she looked at the cuffs. It was Not Joshua’s magic, he was at best a fire mage, and the cuffs would have been able to suppress anything he might be able to cast. Noyiah Stuffed the spare cuffs into her jacket and leaned down to draw her Dagger out, something that likely was overlooked if Joshua hadn’t been paying attention to her boots.

#11Joshua Graham 

A meeting of Fate (closed) Empty on Sat Nov 30, 2019 8:27 am

Joshua Graham
What ever it was, Joshua wasn’t sure. But he waited for her as she moved to check something.He didn’t understand it quite yet, but he could tell it was a magic. He kept his back pressed against the wall as she had put him and as she returned it happened again. This time his cuffs were off, and in her hand. He was rubbing his wrists as time popped back into existance. He looked around confused and tryign to piece it together as she pulled a dagger from her boot. He couldn’t help but smile at that. Despite her feminine looks, She was strong and self protective so Joshua knew he could focus on what ever threat was coming, instead of on protecting her.

He moved down the hall, “How many floors of cells are there?” he said as he rubbing his wrists to ease the slight pain he felt in them. His spurs on his boots licked and clacked as he mvoed, the spiked wheel moving softly as he walked. He kept walking toward the door at the far end of the hallway, he wasn’t trying to leave, he was trying o go deeper into the dungeon. He walked without a shred of hesitation.in his steps toward danger. As he made his way to the end of the hall, the door opened as several low grade criminals, still unable to use their magic thanks to the collars put on them, rushed from the door screaming to each other there was the exist.

But Joshua didn’t let them get much farther, as soon as they left the doorway and rushed toward his range, he raised his right hand as it glowed with a red magic circle on his hand, the mark looked like a tattoo that had reappeared. “Sorry boys, but theirs no escape on the schedule today, so im gunna have to ask you,'” he said as he snapped his fingers and the air around the surging criminals shifted in nearly an instant, a slight haze around the outer areas as it suddenly ignited into a weak fireball, just strong enough to knock out the weaker criminals. “To take a seat and wait your time out proper.” he said as he waded through the unconcious bodies toward the door. They were alive, and mostly unharmed, but they would be sore and very sour tommorow.

#12Noyiah Dashi 

A meeting of Fate (closed) Empty on Sat Nov 30, 2019 2:27 pm

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah slip her dagger around her hand grabbing it again holding the blade downwards and then Sighed. She just wanted to get home to enjoy at least some bit of her evening before she’d have to be back tomorrow morning for training.

Joshua Started to move forwards, Noyiah followed no more then a Step behind as he asked about the Cells “  There should be a Row  down the hall, and then a row down that hall and some isolation cells In the basement, but I haven’t been down there myself yet” She had motioned towards each side as she mentioned each one  “ There is a set of stairs at the end of that hall way that lead to the isolation cells” she said motioning back to the first one hall she had motioned to.

They moved forward swiftly, Joshua Instantly casted a spell and a small Explosion of fire knocked a hand full of the prisoners that Noyiah had seen earlier that day, it seemed like whoever was breaking people out was Letting Everyone go to Cause more chaos.  “Carful, there are still knights in the building, and they might mistake you as a prisoner still” She warned as she rushed into the room where Joshua had blasted them away. Noyiah took the time to pull them back to the cells, though some may be heavy she seemed to have no struggled dragging them to the cells. Noyiah would shut them and make sure they latched.  Noyiah glanced towards the West hallway she had motioned towards originally, it was empty, no prisoners nor guards.  But a Commotion rang out from the stairwell that lead down. “The Guards should be able to handle anything thrown at them, we clear the East hall first then siege down to the basement” She Instructed as she placed her back against the wall and touched the door handle, she would open it when Joshua Was Ready.    On the other side was easily 3 other prisoners, 1 which had gotten his cuffs off.

#13Joshua Graham 

A meeting of Fate (closed) Empty on Sat Nov 30, 2019 3:16 pm

Joshua Graham
He listened as she explained on the move. The hall layout wasn’t to complucated.But he didn’t like having to clear this one hallway first. He knew that whoever was causing this was trying to get to the more dangerous cells further down. But he was in no place to argue. He got into position as she waited for him, he started his run as she threw the door open. The three prisoners were met by a strange sight as Joshua ran into the room with a flying knee to the uncuffed mans head. He wasn’t taking any chances, he didn’t know what the mans magic was, and to risk using up mana without a full plan wasn’t something he was willing to do when there were more fights to be had.

Despite if he hit or not, he would land past where the three men were, using his momentum to carry himself to a stop. He stood with a smile. “I reccomend you boys lay down and let me cuff you, you aint going anywhere.” He stood with his hands on his hip.

#14Noyiah Dashi 

A meeting of Fate (closed) Empty on Sat Nov 30, 2019 3:51 pm

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah tossed the door open, Joshua was in the room before the door even slammed against the wall Noyiah on his heels as she launched into a sweeping kick taking down one of the still cuffed prisoners. She heard a second thud as Joshua’s Knee Landed against the uncuffed man’s face, the crunch of his nose was sickening, but Noyiah simply Flicked the Dagger upright and pointed it towards the last prisoner. Who, did As Joshua Instructed, getting onto the floor fast.

After they placed the prisoners back in the cells they would be left with the task of downstairs. Noyiah would head to the door, her intentions where to get more sets of cuffs before heading down stairs “Alright we need to~ Suddenly another time shift happened, and they were both standing on the stair way down to the isolation cells. Noyiah had 3 extra sets of cuffs along with the original one she had taken off Joshua still on her belt. “You’d make a good Rune knight if you got your priorities straightened “she half complimented as they had exited the shift. “Are they happening more frequently?” she asked as they headed down the stair well. Rune knights Laid unconscious at the foot of the stairs, and the door to the hallway looked shut. A Metal door that stood taller and wider than most in the headquarters. Noyiah moved past the bodies, they were visibly still breathing. She placed her hand against the door and listened. She checked the door “Its locked from the inside” she whispered. “at least 4 people talking inside.

#15Joshua Graham 

A meeting of Fate (closed) Empty on Fri Dec 06, 2019 4:50 pm

Joshua Graham
Joshua followed her. As suddenly another shift made him stop and look around. He couldnt tell her anything other then what she knew already as he was as in dark as she was. But he didnt have time to.voice his annoyance in this fact. As they reached the door, he placed his own ear against it. "No... feel the mana in the air, its faint... but theres only 3 people in there. Wonder where the 4th voice is coming from..."

he tapped her and lead her from the door. He took her cuffs and sighed. "Go get any other knights you can. I'll hold them here and at least keep them entertained." If she started to protest he would stop her. "Ain't gunna hear it right now. Your faster then me evem in that armor. Get going." He stood up and began to prepare to blow the door inward using his magic to create a spell sigil on the door before the explosion rocked the room inside as the door was opened. "Howdy fellas!" He said as he walked inside "now you know visitations arent for another 2 days, so what's this all about huh?"

#16Noyiah Dashi 

A meeting of Fate (closed) Empty Yesterday at 3:17 pm

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah looked at Joshua for a moment after he explained there were 3 people but 4 voices.  They must have had some sort of communication device or magic in there that allowed them to get orders or so she thought. She felt a tap on her arm, and she started to move away from the door, when Joshua Said to head upstairs and to get any knights she could, and she was going to protest the Prisoners orders. But she finally just nodded and handed the cuffs over, rushing up the stairs to the hall they were in before.

Logic told her that Knights would show up, and she quickly turned back around as she heard the explosion from below, followed by a ~ Howdy fella’s ~ echo up the spiral stairwell, grumbling low as she felt like she had been Tricked. she started to rush back down the stairs, until she heard him continue his casual banter.   Noyiah Pressed two fingers against her lips and Whistled loudly in an ear-piercing way. The whistle would catch the attention of anyone that was in pursuit of them after heading the blasts from their last encounter.

Noyiah Skidded down the last few steps as she returned to see Joshua standing in the doorway. She Took a breath and evaluated the state of the room and the people in it. There was a good chance that she had done some paperwork on some of these thugs and would know about their magic.

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