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The Guild Regulations

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  • Users must select whether they wish to go guildless or belong to a guild or the Rune Knights when they create their character in the application.

  • Users may enter a guild later on via roleplay, they must post this in the review section. The GM of a custom guild may choose whether you may enter or not.

  • Even if a user goes guildless they must still state the location and color of the tattoo in case they decide to enter a guild later on.

  • Guilds can get temporarily locked due to certain reasons. This will be made visible in the widgets or a sticky in the character section.

  • Leaving a guild initially is free, It costs 250,000J to leave your next guild. This doubles for each following departure from a guild.

Member Levels

  • Members can level up within their guild to unlock powerful perks.

  • The level of a member in their guild is determined by the total number of posts they have written while being a member of that guild.

    LevelRequired RP Posts
    Level 00
    Level 175
    Level 2150
    Level 3225
    Level 4300
    Level 5375

Guild Titles

  • Each guild has special positions or titles that can be obtained by members.

  • In order to be eligible for these titles, the user must be at least a Level 3 member of the guild and no other member of the guild must already possess that title.

  • Becoming the guild master will replace a user's title but they will retain their guild title perk.


  • Users can become a master of a guild if the position is open.

  • Users must be at least a Level 4 member of the guild. Besides that, they need support from the majority of the guild to take the role.

  • Masters can purchase upgrades for their guild in the guild shop using the Guild Bank which gains jewels from their users. This is done both voluntarily and automatically, with users being able to transfer jewels through the guild review while they receive an additional 20% jewels from requests which goes into their guild bank.

  • Masters are capable of excommunicating users from their guild if they break the rules of the guild.

Guild Mini-Events

  • Masters can host mini-events once per 3 months for their guild with rewards in mind but this must be discussed with the Gamemaster or the Webmaster.

  • These Mini-events involve a series of requests via the storyline or something more basic such as a rolling dice event.

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Guild Raids

  • Guilds may be attacked but this must be done in an open topic at the location of the guild itself.

  • Attackers may not use any spells in their entry post.

  • After the last attacker has entered the topic, the attackers must give the guild members 48 hours to enter the topic and defend their guild.

  • As always, everyone must be present in the town to enter the topic and may not travel afterward to enter it. Masters may purchase items which can bypass this though.

  • Each guild has a base durability of 10x S-rank damage before it is considered completely demolished.

  • Guilds at most take 1x S-Rank damage per post.

  • If a Guild Building is destroyed entirely users within the guild will lose their perks until the guild has been recovered to 6x S-Rank or 60%, whichever is greater.

  • When a guild is demolished, it automatically repairs itself 20% per week (this could 2x S-Rank per week or more if the guild has a higher durability).

  • Masters can pay 50,000J per 10% in the guild shop to repair it faster i.e. 250,000J paid to immediately restore 50% of the guild.

  • Successful attackers will receive a base bounty of 1,000,000 Jewels and a base reward of 500,000 Jewels + 25,000 Experience alongside any bounties and rewards they would have received from defeating viable opponents.

  • Guilds can at most be attacked once every two months.

Guild Creation

  • Users may create guilds with 5 other individuals, 3 of which must be A-Rank or higher, at the cost of 5,000,000 Jewels and 2000 points, which the group may paid for collectively. Those interested in forming a guild may opt to have an NPC Guild Master for a reduced creation fee of 4,000,000 Jewels and 1,500 Points.

  • Users must select a forum that doesn't currently have a guild building to establish their own guild.

  • Members selected for the Guild Master position still begin at level 0.

  • Users must use the following template to include relevant lore of the guild:

[b]Guild Name:[/b] What do you want your Guild to be Called?

[b]Members:[/b] Whose in the group?

[b]Alignment:[/b] What Alignment is the Guild, Light or Dark?

[b]Guild Master:[/b] Who is your Guild Master?

[b]Lore of the Guild:[/b] Include information regarding your guild

[b]Location of the Guild:[/b] State where you would like your guild to be located.

[b]Perks:[/b] Add your preference on what your guild perks will be i.e shop discount, additional potion, etc.

[b]Extra:[/b] Include any additional information such as restrictions on members that can join, regulations that members must follow, etc.

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