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Secret Of The Arcane [Long][WIP]

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#1Sage Meilyr 

Secret Of The Arcane [Long][WIP] Empty on Mon Oct 21, 2019 1:28 am

Sage Meilyr
Name: Secret Of The Arcane

Difficulty: Long

Participants: Sage Meilyr

Story: Sage was sent a mysterious letter from an anonymous person through a crow. The letter mentioned something about Sage being invited to a grand ball in Crocus. It was a mask event so everybody that was invited must use a codename they were assigned in the letter, and of course, wear a mask to hide their identity. During the ball, it was dusk and dark clouds covered the sky, bringing warnings of an oncoming storm.

When Sage arrived at the ball the main event was the introduction of the manor's new invention, a portal that could teleport someone from town to town. It was revolutionary, it worked for the few first times but suddenly, something horrid happened.

Sage passed out and woke up in an unfamiliar place, the sky was purple and the atmosphere was eerie. When Sage took a closer look at his surrounding, he could see that the very shape of the landscape had shifted, everything just seemed, upside down. A ball of energy then hurled towards his direction and he dodged it right on time. There were creatures that seemed to not like his presence. Sage must find a way out of the portal and uncover what happened and why it did.

Objective: Sage was teleported into another dimension while attending a ball. It seemed like it had something to do with the new teleporting invention that was introduced during the ball. Inside the other dimension Sage must fight for his life against other-worldly creatures and find a way out of it.

Name: The Warp Machine

Rank: D

Type: Good

Participants: Sage Meilyr

Summary: Sage was invited to a ball in Crocus by an anonymous person. It was a mask party. At the party, he met lots of suspicious figures. The main event of the party was the introduction of a new machine, the Warp Machine. Its function is to teleport things and people to distant places in an instant. But after a while, things go horribly wrong.

Others: Albert Parkinson, the owner of the mansion.
Marry Robinson, a mysterious lady that was invited to the party.

Enemies: N/A

Extra Rewards: +1 Speed

Objectives: Go to the mask party and socialise with other guests. Pay attention to the main event.

Name: The Chaos Realm

Rank: B

Type: Good

Participants: Sage Meilyr

Summary: Sage woke up to find himself stranded in an unknown land, the terraforming of the landscape was out of this world and the sky was peculiarly dark. He would see a bright shining glow at a distance from him. He would then be attacked by various creatures, it is as if the creatures did not welcome his presence. He must find a way out of there or he will be trapped there for eternity. The only way out was the bright glow, there, he will find a portal leading him to another dimension.

Others: N/A

Enemies: Distorted Monsters.

Extra Rewards: +3 Speed

Objectives: Stay alive and find a way out of the Chaos Realm.

Name: The Room

Rank: B

Type: Good

Participants: Sage Meilyr

Summary: After stepping into the portal, Sage found himself teleported into a small room. There were no windows and the walls of the room were filled by racks of books, neatly arranged. At the centre of the room was a study desk with two chairs facing each other. The seat was empty, the only thing that was moving aside from Sage's beating heart was the flickering of the flames of the hearth just behind the chair of the study desk. He then discovered that the room belonged to the manor and inventor, Albert Parkinson. Parkinson will tell Sage everything that happened and how it was all planned. He then turned into a distorted monster, but he was particularly larger and stronger than the ones Sage fought. Sage must escape the place that seemed to have no exit. Later he will soon discover a spell in one of Albert's scriptures that lets him create a portal to another dimension.

Others: Albert Parkinson, the owner of the mansion.

Enemies: Distorted Albert Parkinson, a monstrous creature that defies the law of space-time.

Extra Rewards: +3 Speed

Objectives: Find out what was really going on and what Albert's schemes are. Escape the place and don't let the Distorted Albert Parkinson capture you.

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