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Summer's Gone [Kazimir]

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Eternal Winter

One would never expect that a renowned mage like her would be on the role of the most mundane jobs of the society; not as a mage, but working in a small café as a waitress. Much to everyone else’s surprise, it had been one of her few aspirations of owning a café, and as her hobby, so what’s better than starting from the bottom herself to get accustomed to the ropes of this industry. If this were to be told to her acquaintances and ’friends’, they would be completely shocked out of their wits and laugh as if it were a joke, because the ‘Snowflake’ they know didn’t seem to be one to partake in these sort of activities. Rather, she was a woman incapable of expressing herself, terrible with words and emotions. Such elements of her personality tend to give off a demeanor that she was unapproachable, frightful even, to some people.

Perhaps, this could be considered as another one of her attempts to extend her research on a thing called emotions and her study on humans.

It was early afternoon when the café was starting to collect a good number of customers, consisting mostly of work groups treating each other for a lunch break before they resume their work. Most of them were mages dropping by for lunch, or simply just nearby folks who wanted take a bit of leisure time as they sipped on their tea and nibbled on some pastries.

”Lasagna for Table 5!” the cook bellowed from the kitchen, followed by a ring of a bell to beckon her to the counter.

”On it.” An blue-eyed girl barked at her boss as he slid a plate filled with freshly baked goods onto the counter. Snowflake, clad in an attire completely unlike her set her gaze on a table of two mages, each of them laughing heartily as they regaled each other with old stories of glory days. She breathed in, mustered what effort she could to put on her best friendly smile. Snowflake didn’t do smiles or anything of the corny sort, the result was more of a grimace and an icy gaze if anything, causing the merchants to give her a somewhat confused look as she set down their plates.  

The youth walked away from the table, internally cursing at herself for taking up this job. She’d thought the task would be much easier, but it seemed that dealing with humans of such were more dreadful than she’d expected and it was no surprise to her that her social skills were just as appalling as ever.

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz kept wandering the streets. It all seemed new to him now but still held the strong sense of nostalgia for his time spent. It was a peaceful day from all the turbulence that had surrounded him. His own calm before any more storms. Or perhaps the calm after the storm that raged in his own soul.

The atmosphere and energy of the town hadn't changed. Even in the face of the recent tragedies. The rune knights kept things held together well. The good ones anyway.

There was a small cafe, in the distance. Numerous people walked in and out of it as the wind mage arched his neck to get a better look. His stomach growled and his hand rushed to touch it. "Guess it has been a bit huh?"

There was laughter mingled with the smell of pastries as he drew closer to the cafe. Delights that danced around his senses. Opening the doors he saw the tables filled with lasagna and pastries of all sorts. There wasn't anyone at the door to seat him. He scanned the room for any openings and adjusted his clothes from the slight chill he felt. He kept his high collared uniform style jacket on. He dressed mostly in black aside from the white scarf he removed.  

Nearby was a waitress carrying another plate of lasagna. There was something about her that seemed she wasn't in the right place. She sat the food down with more a grimace than a smile. Her actions resonated with a coldness. But it made Kaz smile. "Interesting," his curiosity always got the better of him.

He stood in the door way for a moment seeing her walk away from the table with out a word. He almost saw her face but her silvery hair hid it as she turned. The strands almost seeming translucent as the light played shimmered through it.

He crossed the room passing by some open tables and sat in the silver-haired woman's section. before him were two tables. One already ready to go and the other covered with napkins and crumbs from those that had just left. he eyed them back and forth, and took a step toward the clean one. His foot stopped mid-way and he sighed. Quickly looking around to make sure all was clear, "lemme just," he grabbed a few more napkins and hastily cleaned the dirty table, scooting crumbs up into the napkins and wadding them all together neatly in the used trays at the edge of the table "There we go. One mess down," he dusted his gloved hands off and sat down at the already clean table.

Without a menu, he sat with both hands folded on the table and peered out the window. He began to drift away, lost in his own thoughts but relaxed now that the mess behind him was taken care of.


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Eternal Winter

It truly was a busy day for her. The wooden doors of the restaurant wouldn’t stay closed for no more than a few minutes, seeing how customers came and went out of the place and she reckoned that the manage must’ve been so delighted to witness the booming business right in front of his eyes. Nevertheless, she was still stuck in this day job, carrying plates of dirty dishes once they’ve had their meals. Despite her great distaste in getting socially involved with others, there wasn’t much she could complain. One, she was also here to learn and do a little research of her own and second, the pay was actually rather good, much higher than average if she had to admit, for a mundane job like this and she wanted to collect every bit of jewels she could get her hands on.

Washed out under the overcast sky, it hunched in itself, fighting against the drizzle. People rushed by it, outside on the crowded street and half a dozen customers glanced up as the door swung open, heralded by a blast of chilly wind before they returned to their conversations as the door swung closed behind the new entrant. While delivering another plate of lasagna, the café’s most popular dish, Snowflake caught a glimpse of the new entrant seated at an empty table without a menu. Sapphire eyes shot towards the customer, and a quick look at her co-workers told Snowflake that no one else had noticed the young man’s entrance, and so she gave in to her curiosity and decided it her responsibility.

”Oh, sorry about that. I should’ve cleaned that for you earlier,” spoke the female, feeling slightly guilty of the soiled tables before him. Fortunately, he wasn’t like those annoyingly obnoxious customers who complain constantly and keeps badgering for the manager to get the workers fired. If it had been the case, then it would have been on her head for not being responsible. ”Here’s the menu,” she drew the cheap leather binder from underneath her arm and placed it in front of the man.

”I’ll be over there just cleaning up some tables, call me when you’re ready.” She pointed randomly over to the section which had a few empty tables and quickly set off to work before the manager makes a fuss about how she’s wasting too much time and reducing the flow of customers, precisely his income.

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz was idly staring out the window until his back straightened upon hearing the woman speak, "Oh,"

"It was nothing, really," he said as his hand came up to cup the back of his neck. "It just bothers me when people leave a bunch of mess behind. The costumers could have at least piled it up."

"Thanks," he replied as he took the menu and opened the worn pages. The corners were frayed and the binding was loose. He opened his mouth to ask something but he had waited a second to long as she quickly excused herself to go work. He already had an idea of what he wanted but shrugged as she w and read over what the menu had.

She was certainly as straight forward a woman as she seemed from the forced smile she gave the previous customers. "Hm," was the only sound he made as he thought she was an interesting personality to be working this kind of job.

"Uhm, miss...I'm ready,"
He called to her softly while holding the closed menu in his hand. He had entered for some food and tea, but now was intrigued by this woman.

When she came back he would hand her the menu, "I'm Kazimir. You seem busy and I don't mean to distract you but...could you tell me what there is to do here? It's been awhile since I've been back He asked as he looked her directly in the eye with a smile. It was a basic question but one he hoped would get her talking and maybe a better mode than the one she was in.

The hustle of the cafe was still alive behind Snow. Tables were served by the staff. A small bell chimed to herald the coming of a new plate of food.

Patrons laughed and complained to one another about life's joys and miseries. Of families they came back to and long journeys they had to leave for. A splattering of joy and sorrow around the room, but what was hers? What resonating within the silver-haired grimace?


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Eternal Winter

From what she studied within the few minutes of their interaction, she could tell that the young man had a kind-hearted soul, even going out of his way to clean up the tables and piled up the plates for her to collect. If only half the customers were as sensible as him, it would make her job less harder than it already was, but it wasn’t as though she was complaining. Undoubtedly, it wasn’t as much of a difficult task, compared to slaying demons or some unworldly creature albeit, waitressing was a rather demanding and exhausting occupation, where she was required to be agile on her feet at all times and alert to everything that was occurring inside the shop. Luckily, she was quite the multitasker so it took her no more than a few hours to adapt to the environment. Even then, she was still human – for the moment – and she does indeed suffer from muscle pains as well, so there is that.

No longer than a few seconds later, she was beckoned over to the table of the young man whom she’d met just earlier. Quickly returning the plates back into the kitchen, she edged a hand into her pocket to retrieve her tiny notepad to get the orders ready. The tasks were all the same; jotting down orders, collecting dirty plates, returning from the kitchen with fresh plates and repeating all of it again that it was already starting to bore her – not to mention the false impression of her being a saint to all these undeserving customers was the worst part of all.

Upon hearing his question, the woman simply gazed at him for a good moment, with the notepad in hand. Snowflake has been working at this café for a week now, and not once had she encountered a customer or even a co-worker who appeared to be curious about her intentions of working at such a place. ”Interesting,” she raised an inquisitive brow as she swiveled the pen between her fingers. ”I just like to study … people,” a pregnant pause stopping the flow of the conversation, with nothing but the chatter of people in the backdrop. She wasn’t sure if the man would understand her explanation and if it wasn’t obvious enough, she was terrible with words, though her straightforwardness might get her somewhere. ”I get the money as well, so there’s not really much for me to lose.” The woman shrugged, sliding the menu back underneath her arm.

”You’re not from here, are you?” The café was a popular one, and by popular, she meant nearly everyone from the town drops by the place at least once in a while, and she was good at remembering faces. But, not once had she seen him before. ”Don’t think I’ve seen you around here. I’m Snow, by the way,” she added, her voice drowned out by the bustle of the café behind.

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Kazimir Seiryu
She quickly returned to his table with a notepad ready to go. She seemed caught off guard by his question. He patiently waited in the awkward silence as she gathered her thoughts, not breaking eye contact with her. Instead Kaz's eyes moved back and forth slightly as he scanned hers for his answer. One that was swimming in the pools of her eyes.

Kaz leaned back, "hm," was his initial reply. He looked at the table. His hair drifting down around his face. He had contemplated about people for some time. Humans for that matter. He was conflicted at times as to if he really counted as one anymore. He faced the woman again with a warm smile. "Well That's certainly a more clear cut answer than I would have guessed," He rest his head back on the cushioned seat of the booth. "In that case. I don't need anything from the menu. My order is...to learn what you think about people," He blinked and then brought his eyes back to hers. He shrugged, "but I'll order a whatever you suggest. Can't have your manager breathing down your neck. Right?"

He gave a small wistful laugh, "Not originally no. I've been on assignment here before and i'm back to rejoin the knights. But I didn't really have the chance to experience the town. he leaned forward, turning his ear more towards her. It was a loud place and it made it hard to hear what anyone was saying, even someone standing right in front of him.  

He was able to decipher what she said "It's a pleasure to meet you Snow." He titled his head in thought. That name and her appearance, he could have sworn he had heard of someone like that before. it wasn't often that someone had that kind of hair or that unique of a name. Even if she was a person he may have heard of he didn't press the issue. She was here for a reason, and probably wanted some anonymity. Something that was hard to come by at times.

Kaz on the other hand was just an apprentice so it was easy for him to fly under the radar. And he liked that so far.

It did seem like a busy place, and he hoped they had some time to talk before she got whisked away by work again. Her answer showed she was just as interesting as he thought she would be.

"You chose a pretty loud place to do it," he spoke loud enough for her to hear him, placing one hand at the side of his mouth. It was accompanied by a splash of a humorous tone.


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Eternal Winter

The reason she was so interested in these mundane activities was not only because of her unusual habit of studying humans, but also because she used to be different – she used to be not human. A cyborg, a demon: she was many other things, except human. Fleeting was the process of remembering strangers faces in this building, which Snowflake would easily compare to the fickleness of her identity and the deterioration of her memories, bit by bit, as she continued to wonder. Tragedy came in many forms, she’d assume, and when the ebb and throb of its essence overwhelmed someone, there wasn’t much means of escaping what was bound to come. Snowflake, as an example, so deeply snared by the loss of her memory – though not completely – she couldn’t quite figure out her own identity until now. Hell, her soul was inside a human vessel that didn’t even belong to her.

The voice of the man, whom he’d introduced himself earlier as Kazimir, finally registered in her crowded mind of hers and brought her out of her reverie as her thoughts almost wandered off immediately. The dark-haired male did make his order, though what he requested was clearly not off the menu and something that was unexpected. She did spend a good minute contemplating whether it was a good idea to share her thoughts with someone whom she’d just met, as she not so much of the type to express herself, until he mentioned that he’d take her recommendation instead. ”One lasagna, it is then. It’s the most popular dish here, so I do hope you genuinely enjoy it,” she quickly jotted down on the notepad, before whisking it away back into her pocket.

”Rune Knights, huh? Not so much of a fan of them myself,” the woman frowned deeply, recalling the unpleasant experiences she had with the bunch lately. The ones that she’d meet were corrupted, often bribed and performing illegal activities behind the scenes while the others did not live up to the duties of their job. Nonetheless, there were definitely the good ones that she’d encountered as well.

The frothy haired woman couldn’t help but roll her eyes exaggeratedly, regarding to the loudness of their backdrop. ”It truly is, and I loathe loud places.” The restaurant was the complete opposite of what she desired, and how ironic is it that despite her very apparent distaste, she was here, doing the job that she would rather not do, especially with how boisterous the place was.

Snowflake wouldn’t be surprised if the man had heard of her name before. Though it wasn’t often, she would encounter random townsfolk coming up to her, asking if she was the so-called mage from Blue Pegasus and being a person with a cold demeanor, she couldn’t quite reciprocate their bubbles of joy upon meeting her. It wasn’t as though she was a celebrity, but simply just that she gained some recognition as she rose up the ranks. ”Well, I’ll quickly go get your order and return shortly.”

Before she pivoted swiftly on her feet, she added, ”My shift ends in a few minutes, so if you’d like some company, I’d be happy to keep you entertained.” There was a hint of a smile on her lips, or perhaps a mischievous smirk, but not quite visible, as she returned to her duties before her manager begins to bark at her. Perhaps her little new encounter might turn out more interesting than she had expected.

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Kazimir Seiryu
She was lost for a moment. Trapped in her own thoughts that took her far away from the ruckus behind her. The question he asked was balanced in her mind as she contemplated the next words she would say. Kaz waited patiently for her answer, knowing full well that what he asked was not something many people would just share. The wind mage preferred not to beat around the bush and get straight to the point of what he was interested in. But sometimes it put people in a uncomfortable place.

She chose the safe route and suggested the lasagna. He gave a small smile, and nodded, "The lasagna would be delightful then...Unless you have a breakfast option. Then i'll have that," he said, raising his hand as if to catch the very words he just said.

A frown crept upon her face as she spoke her disdain for the knights. He sighed softly and replied,"You know, i'm actually surprised that I haven't encountered more people that feel that way. There are bad ones, corrupt ones. Those who abuse their power. Some of  us are good. Hopefully I can rise through the ranks and make a positive change," He sat up straight with his hands folded on the table. The knights had garnered some bad faith in the cities but he hoped to be able to change that. To show what a knight could be.

Her answer only made Kaz wonder more as to why she'd work at a place that had something she hated about it. But he'd refrain from asking for now. With her name he did finally recognize it. His shoulders arched upward and his mouth opened to ask something further but closed it. He ran his hand across the table and didn't bring up his suspicion of her connection to blue pegasus. Perhaps she was working undercover.

With the woman's cure responses it was clear that she didn't want to have a conversation now and wanted to get back to work. Kaz accepted that this time he wouldn't be stumbling into a conversation. Snow simply wanted to get back to work and her answers were short.

"Well then thank you,"
he said relegating himself to a dinner he would eat in silence. it would give hims time to think he supposed.  

He sat back as she was about to leave. She turned everything upside down in an instant.
"Oh,"He he said with a surprised tone in his voice. "Uh, yeah. Some company would be wonderful. Should I order you something for when you return or get another water?,"he asked not knowing how to treat a server of the same cafe he ate at.

When she would leave, Kaz dug into his food. The first bit was slow and testing. The second came faster and third even faster than that, until he was just focused on eating.


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Eternal Winter

Before Snowflake could answer another word to his question, she was summoned once again and wordlessly, the young woman strode over to the kitchen to finish her final duties before her shift was over. She was getting paid after all, so at the very least, she should perform her chores properly. Eventually, Snowflake came out of the kitchen, dressed out of her work attire; loose white buttoned-up shirt tucked inside her dark jeans that hugged her feminine figure ever so gently. Her platform heels thudded against the hard ground and in her hand was a large roll of sandwich–her free lunch–that was given to her by the chef her a reward of the day, aside from her regular wage of course.

Her eyes glossed over the vicinity of the café, and over to the table where Kazimir was seated. Since he agreed on having her as a company—and she could use something to kill her time—she walked over to his aisle to continue their previous conversation that was quickly cut short. Watching him sitting alone at the table suddenly made her wonder why he would be spending such a joyous day by himself.

”How’s the food?” she slid onto the vacant seat across him, her slender legs crossing over another as she took a quick bite out of the sandwich that she’d received. It was not the best that she’d eaten, but it definitely wasn’t the worst either. She’d rather have her fair share of alcoholic beverages but, for now, she could use this to keep her tummy filled. Besides, it would have rather awkward for her to order food at the place where she usually works.

”So, speaking of the Rune Knights, how’re you finding it so far?” Despite this being their first encounter, it seemed that Kazimir was rather different from the Rune Knights that she’d met; he seemed genuine, selfless even. So far, of the Rune Knights that she had worked with or had been assigned to, all of them were corrupted, but he could just be a diamond in the rough.

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz sat enjoying the lasagna. Not something he usually ate but with the first bite he chewed with enjoyment. Perhaps he should broaden his food selection after all. He continued to sit and eat with the occasional glance out the window until he hear the tapping of shoes coming towards him.

It was not long before snow returned, this time dressed in more casual attire than the waitress' uniform. And certainly more casually than the unknown uniform that Kaz wore. He was mid bite when she slid in and greeted him with a question.

He quickly chewed the last two bites and swallowed. "Its pretty good. I usually just eat pancakes so this is a nice change of pace." He eyed the sandwhich she was eating, "Did you want some, its a pretty big portion," he said as he inched the lasanga closer to her and, before she could deny, he reached behind him to the other booth to take a fork and knife that were neatly wrapped in a cloth.

The cafe was still abuzz with workers and chatter but things seemed to quiet down, at least enough for them to converse. She didn't loop back to his inquiry about her activities and instead shifted the focus onto him.

"Its's been fascinating. Been in for a few years now. Took a break for a bit, but I'm coming back," he paused to think about how to sum things up. In actuality there was a stark contrast in his views of the knights. "Well, I would say I like the resources and helping others. I've met a small group of strong minded individuals that care deeply for protecting lives. But I mostly get jobs and act independently. There is a lot of corruption at all levels of the knights, and those that abuse their power. Not to mention the politics and the red tape," probably a more long-winded answer than Snow wanted but that was what she got.

He sat with one hand atop the other, resting them on the table. "And you? You said you weren't a big fan, right? Why is that?" He asked but assumed it was probably one of the same reasons he mentioned above. But for someone who worked at a cafe and held herself the way she did, he had a feeling there was something more than just running into an annoying knight.


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Eternal Winter

Almost regretting her choice of suggestion, the woman blurted, ”Oh, I should’ve just gotten pancakes for you instead. Well, just put it on my tab for your meal.” She leaned back into her chair, waving a hand nonchalantly into the air as she took another bite out of her sandwich. After having a long shift at work, she was famished—too hungry to even bother about whether the food tasted good or not. As a perfectionist, she was usually picky with her choices, whether it was food or fashion: she mostly preferred it if things were just the way she wanted.

Starved as she was, Snowflake opted to not hesitate to accept his offer of sharing his portion of food. She was hungry, so she might as well take upon the choice when she was given free food—not to mention she was also one with a rather large appetite. But, at the same time, she didn’t want to seem like someone who hasn’t eaten for days either, so naturally she remained composed about it albeit, her eyes glinted ever so slightly as she asked, ”Really? Do you mind?” Taking the cutlery from him in gratitude, she began to dig into the piece of goodness with her fork before placing it into her mouth where she savoured the scrumptious flavour of the lasagna. No doubt, it tasted better than her sandwich and she couldn’t help but admit that it probably was the best lasagne she’d tasted before—not that she’s even had that many.

”Mmm, pretty good.” The woman nodded in approval, whispering to none other than herself admist licking the juice from her plump lips. In the meantime, Kazimir shared his own story with the Rune Knights and the ice maiden patiently listened, nodding in acknowledgement at certain times in between sentences to display that she had her attention on him. When Kazimir questioned her about her thoughts on the Rune Knights, she attempted wording her sentences in her head beforehand, not wanting to sound like a complete douche. ”Well, out of all those I’ve met, the majority of them were corrupted—greedy and easily bribed. So, I don’t personally have that much high expectations of them.” In the era where war was frequent and power was sought heavily, greed and corruption often followed and it never surprised her.

”I used to have a very good acquaintance from the Rune Knights, who was then later dispatched to the Holy Knights,” she breathed a hesitant pause, reminiscing the memories that were made so long ago that it was already beginning to fade away and as her eyes turned to glance at the man before her, she added, ”She was probably the only one who convinced me otherwise about the Rune Knights.” She finally shifted her gaze and took another bite of the lasagna to divert her attention. ”Seems like you could be different from the rest.”

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Kazimir Seiryu
Hearing he may have had the wrong tone when he spoke, he quickly waved his hand, "Oh no. The lasagna is really good. I should branch out more." He was more than content with the woman's choice of food for him. Afterall he did leave it up to her. Although, he wished she ate something more. The sandwich she had looked...lacking.

She asked for confirmation but was already reaching out for the cutlery he handed her. He smiled as she took it, happy that she didn't let any sort of misplaced courtesy get in the way of enjoying an offer of food. He was mostly pleased because it seemed the lasagna would be better tasting than what she was already eating. "Of course, have at it. Its the least I could do for you agreeing to sit with me a bit." He was still a stranger and yet, she had come to spend her precious time off of work conversing with him.

"Glad you like it. I'll have to come here more often if all the food is like this,"
he added, but he didn't really know many other places in town anymore to eat at anyway. He was simply lucky enough to stumble upon a place like this.

Kaz gave a heavy sigh hearing her word. "Unfortunately that does seem to be the case. It feels as though all the time there is something new coming out about the knights or someone with a bad experience. Sad really. Most civilians seem to have a neutral or positive impression, but anyone that has a position of importance or power has seen something different." Even with Kaz's relatively low rank in the knights he had already seen more than a handful of corruption permeating the organization.

"A rune knight turned Holy knight. Considering the size of the knights, there weren't many that made that jump. Used to?" he asked about the fact that Snow and the knight may not be speaking anymore or something bad may have happened to them, knowing it may be a hard question to answer. "

"A good friend of mine did something similar. She was one of the few knights I respected and helped guide me when I first joined. She also left the rune knights for the holy knights,"
his eyes were more narrowed when he spoke as if to question whether it could be the same person.

"Thank you. I had good people when I first joined. But being a knight is secondary to me so I don't care about the power of ranks too much. Helping others comes first ad the knights are just an effective way to do that."

He rest his elbows on the table and put one hand on top of his other. "But how did you end up here? You've already gathered a good bit on who I am," he said with a slight chuckle.


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Eternal Winter

”I agree, and I doubt it’s only the Rune Knights that’s corrupted.” She took another spoonful of lasagne, her chin propped up onto her palm before she continued, ”No shade, but it could be the same for some guilds even.” Although that could’ve been true, it wouldn’t be as drastic as the Rune Knights since the numbers of mages from guilds were far less compared to the knights. That was what she thought at least. Out of all the topics they could have discussed, it was strange—almost ridiculous—that Snowflake was discussing about politics; the topic she enjoyed talking the least, with a stranger whom she’d just met half an hour ago.

”Well, the last time I heard from her was two years ago. God knows where she’s been what she’s been doing. Her life was all settled—a husband, twin children…” she trailed off, recalling the memories that she’d spent together with her. Alice had been one of her closest acquaintances: one that she’d known for the longest time, aside from Alisa. Though her sudden disappearance worries her, she could hope that her fellow comrade was safe and well in all of her travels.

”Hm, interesting.” Curious, the young woman raised her eyebrows upon Kazimir’s story, wondering if they were actually mutual friends through the same person. ”May I know who the name of your friend was?” It wasn’t as though it would do her any good, but her curiosity never killed anyone and their meeting would have been a rather amusing coincidence if Kazimir was actually talking about the same person.

At his statement, her lips bore a light smile to herself, as if she was happy to know that there were people out there who cared for one another. ”I wish all the other Rune Knights have the same intentions as you and I hope you stay true to your word.” She uncrossed her legs only to uncross them again. By this time, she had already eaten nearly half the lasagna without even noticing herself and within, she almost felt bad for having someone else’s food.

The woman scoffed. ”It’s a long story to how I got here, but I’m not from this country either. Iceberg was where I called home. I suppose I somehow ended up in this country without any intentions during my travels. I was really young, and desperately needed money to make a living for myself.” It almost pains her to recollect pieces of flashbacks—a reminiscence of her journey to how she got until who she was now. Her childhood wasn’t the best, she had to grow up faster than others since she had no one else to rely on and all she had that time was herself and her backpack. That was until she met an old man who was kind enough to take her in. The hunter forced herself out of her reverie, not wanting to get emotional with her own wandering thoughts.

She wasn’t one to share information about herself, she was more of a listener instead and she was a good one at that. She was grown to be cautious of others, so it took her more effort that average to talk about herself and commit to others. ”I’ve been here for probably over half my life now. I suppose I’m a proud citizen of this country.” She might have done things that she wasn’t completely proud of in the past, but she’d gotten over that and she was very content with who she had become.

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Kazimir Seiryu
"I actually don't know much about the guilds. The ones in guilds that I have met don't speak much about the guilds themselves," he leaned on the table a bit more. One arm folded on top of the other, "Do you think typically guild members act independently?" he tried to recount all the people from guilds that he had met but they were far and few between. mostly from fairy tail.

As soon as he heard 'married with two children,' he knew it wasn't the same person. It was a long shot to begin with and now it seemed like a connection that was far off. "Must be tough to have not seen her in such a long time," he ended it with an inflection for a question.

He shook his head, "I'm afraid the person I'm talking about is a far cry off from married with children. But her name was Akira. We fought alongside each other in the inquisition." The more he thought about that day the further off it felt. He told Snow about Akria anyway. Just on the off chance that maybe she knew who that person was aswell. Not probably but no harm in trying.

She took another bite of the lasagna making it about half gone. Kaz simply looked at it with a smile. Pleased that she was at least eating something with a bit more flavor than what she had been. Although she must have been hungry he didn't mention it.

he reached up and scratched his neck. "Just doing what I can. The knights have a long way to go but hopefully, once I get far enough I can help clean things up." He wasn't sure himself if rising that high in the knights was something he wanted to do or if it would be a good fit for him. But if he was already in the knights and could make it happen...why not see.

"Good thing I'm a fan of long stories,"
he said as he took another sip of his drink. The cup made a gentle clang as it came back in contact with the table.

He looked down at the table hearing about her aimless wandering that landed her here, "That's about how it happened for me too. I left Sin and just ended up here and needed something to do. The picture she painted was of a grim way to come into a new land. Full of hardships.

"Half your life is a long time. I've only been here for about three years now. So what kind of work did you fall into when you arrived? I pretty much immediately joined the knights. They found me the day I arrived. But I do some work as a scout on the side."

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