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Welcome To The Underground. [Amaris]

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Welcome To The Underground. [Amaris] Empty on Tue Oct 15, 2019 11:51 am


We got some big spenders out there you here me? And they expecting ya to win.. So do it or you wont get paid, and I wont get paid. And we both want to get paid got it?

Aurelia nodded her tiny head as words were spoken at her. The person speaking those words was a man who meant no harm but was a slime ball nonetheless. The little pep talk didn't matter to her, she had been ready since she made it to the pit and she was hungry for a fight today. Grabbing a piece of cloth from the table, she took a long sniff from it. Today she would be going against some poor human soul who probably owed the organization money. It was usually the same more or less, some poor sap was on the wrong side with the wrong people and they sent them to her... Imagine telling someone you would be cleared of debt, or have your actions forgiven if you win one fight against a girl. A girl that looked less than one hundred pounds soaking wet...

Aurelia at the end of the day felt nothing for these people. She had a job to do and in order to live one more day off the streets she would do it. She usually ended it quick, but she knew what the people wanted to see. They wanted to see the hope in a man's eyes as freedom was handed to him on a silver platter, then they wanted to see that hope fade as he is ruthlessly beaten. The realization of being played for a fool slowly setting in and now knowing that freedom was never there to start with.

Go on. Get out there... They want this one slower than usual..And they want him dead.

She understood. It was rare for them to call for a death match. Usually they wanted this men and in some rare cases women, to suffer after the beating. Aurelia could only wonder in silence as she walked out into the caged ring what this person had done for them to call one of these.

Listen girl I-I don't want to hurt you, just, I'll jus-- argksf

He was only a human. Not even a mage this time around. She could smell his fear, or at least all the signs of it. He must have thought they were lying to him when they told him who he had to fight. He didn't even get a chance for relief to set in before she was upon him, Her knee connecting to his mid section as she basically sent a flying knee right into him. She ruptured something, blood splattered from his mouth almost hitting her, but quickly she jumped back away from him.  She had to be careful, they wanted this stretched out, and she was already putting him into the red. The cheers from the crowd muted the man's words as he attempted to speak. She circled him, like a predator taunting it's prey.  He was afraid again....

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