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Breaking the Monotony (Open)

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#1Noyiah Dashi 

Breaking the Monotony (Open) Empty on Fri Oct 11, 2019 7:52 pm

Noyiah Dashi
Noyiah glanced out the large window of the café, she hadn’t been waiting longer then a minute when her coffee was handed to her, glancing back to the server she nodded quietly in thanks and made her way to the bench seats looking out the window once again. The wind was a bit too much for her today, normally she would tie her hair up a little better but it the wind was misleading. Not a lick of wind when she had left her apartment this morning, but now that she was out and about it seemed steady and showed no signs of stopping.  ~ Must be a storm blowing in~ She thought to herself quietly before using her sleeve to wipe the rim of the mug before taking a sip.  Something tasted off about the coffee today . . . ~ I bet they used a spoon that had sugar on it ~ she reasoned, it wouldn’t be the end of the world, but she had given up sugar in her coffee a long while ago and now it tasted wrong.

After a few more sips the coffee was cool enough to get a real mouthful, the taste seemed to subside or she had gotten use to it, either way it was pleasing. She shifted back so her side rested against the raised counter top, she swiveled to get a better glace of the room.  There was a couple in the back of the room in a booth, and a few patrons, she had seen many times after deeming this her favorite coffee shop.

Nothing out of the ordinary, so she shifted herself back to looking out the window, the wind caught leaves and blew them in a sweeping motion, hitting the side of a building and Dancing out into a small twister of Spiraling leaves, it was simple, yet amusing enough to grab her attention.  Noyiah placed her coffee cup down and shifted back to untie her scarf and retie it around her neck. Taking a moment to look it over before adjusting it using the windows reflection as a mirror. Something caught her eye as she focused looking past her own reflection to the streets

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