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In The Name Of The Moon [Shichiro]

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In The Name Of The Moon [Shichiro] Empty on Fri Oct 11, 2019 10:40 am

Her eyes narrowed, and in the moonlight it gave her crystal blue irises a mystical sort of. Her usually soft and serene face was turned into an annoyed scowl. Near her feet, a deformed and disgusting heap of inhuman flesh whimpered. It's charred skin making her sick to look at but the burned scent didn't bother her one bit. Ylva bent down, the malice in her eyes nearly creating a hole in the demon. She didn't know how this thing made it into the city but it probably had something to do with the Rune Knights being shit at their job. They were lucky to have her patrolling, even if they didn't know it.

" You disgust me. Nothing but hatred, destruction, chaos comes from you things. I should make you suffer more before wiping you from this world.. But before I start. Where are the rest of them? "

She was fucking sure that there were more of them. And she was going to make this little shit sing like a demon bird before letting it die. " I can kill you quickly if you like. Just tell me where you and your kin set up camp? I'm not very patient nowadays so you should probably hurry up. " Placing her foot on what was probably it's head, she applied pressure, it's cries only making her continue pressing down on it.

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#2Shichiro Uchida 

In The Name Of The Moon [Shichiro] Empty on Fri Oct 11, 2019 1:24 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Taking a casual stroll, Shichiro began to walk around through the night of Era. He wasn't sure what he wanted to do or had an particular plans in mind but decided tonight would be the night he'd take a late night walk through Era. It was a lot better than the hustle and bustle of the town during the day where he could hear himself think, although he didn't really do much of that and did everything on a whim. While taking his walk, he spotted something in a distance that struck him as odd. Seems like a little scuffle was going on ahead of him. It was dark and he was quite a bit of ways anyways to see properly through the dark anyways. It had nothing to do with him but decided it would be worth checking it out. Continuing his stroll, he got closer to the situation at hand to see what was going.

As soon as he was within a few yards of the scene, he could smell something that was like searing flesh. Almost smelled similar to pork but that thing there was human. Shichiro's face had contorted into visible disgust before fanned the smell away from his nose. He approached the woman which seems to have planted her foot on another person's face. He looked at her then looked at the body on the floor before looking at her. Whatever was going on, he was sure it didn't warrant this kind of treatment but that was none of his business. Still, never hurts to ask. "Oi, what's going on here? I don't know what that person has done but this seems a bit excessive, don't you think?" Shichiro had asked, puzzled at the scene unfolding in front of him.

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The demon wouldn't talk, only whimper and groan. She knew it couldn't speak, not after what she did to it. At this point she was just being sadistic. Of course she wouldn't admit it aloud, but she was enjoying this. Having this power over something was exhilarating. It wasn't just physical pain she was dishing out, but mental pain as well.

Those who were the same rank as she was or anyone lower would experience something that would shake them to their core. It would hover over their entire being, causing them to feel weaker. That thing, that feeling that those around her were caught in was Fear. Ylva didn't really have a true understanding of this power yet, so she was unaware of how many people she was possibly affecting. In her mind she was only digging into one being, and that being's life span was about to be cut short.

" Yes. It would be excessive if this was a human. I'm just taking out demon trash. You know the same race of beings that are ripping holes in our world and slaughtering anyone they come into contact with. You wouldn't happen to have a problem with that...Would you? "

Her accent seeped into her words, she had gotten the language of Fiore down but she could never get rid of that Icebergian accent. She could remember a time when she wanted, but someone reminded her that it was one of the things she should be proud of. Thankfully it wasn't so horribly thick that no one could understand her, but still noticeable nonetheless. Turning to face the individual who had spoken to her, Ylva smiled in his direction. Her long dark cloak wrapped around her frame, hiding what was underneath. He looked to be only A few inches taller than her something she was still getting used too. Had she ran into this man a month ago he would tower over her, but now she nearly stood as his equal.

Nephilim Passive - Fear:

Nephilims strike fear into their enemies with their mere presence. All enemies within 25 meters from the Nephilim receive a 10% debuff to all their Attributes if they are the same rank as the Nephilim. This debuff is further increased by 10% per rank difference between the Nephilim and their enemies, if these enemies are lower ranked than the Nephilim. All those who are of higher rank than the Nephilim are not affected by Fear. Nephilims can choose to suppress this effect should they wish, in order to conceal their presence.

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#4Shichiro Uchida 

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Shichiro Uchida
Looking at the events unfold in front of him, Shichiro looked at the woman in front of him then the person(?) down underneath her then back her again. He still wasn't sure what to make of this situation but he wasn't planning on doing anything rash. Still, he did want to know what was going on, if only to sate his curiosity and it seems he would get his answer if he waited or pressed on the topic. Suddenly, he felt like his heart had dropped to his stomach. He wasn't sure why but he had the feel he should get out of there immediately. He took a step back as if he wasn't in control of his body which was odd. He eventually realized this strange phenomenon was coming from her. He had started to tremble for a moment before he had stopped himself. It seems she was letting loose her power to intimidate the opponent on the ground wasn't exactly aimed at him, as far as he could tell. He wondered if she needed to go that far in order to prove a point.

Suddenly the female had responded to his initial question. She claimed she was exterminating demons that were ripping the holes in the fabrics of space throughout our world. It was a noble cause and all but did she have to be so intense about it? She could just dispatch the creature and move on to the next mark. He had no idea why all of this was necessary. She probably didn't get kills often and maybe that was for the best honestly. He then responded to the question at the end of her sentence. "No, i guess not, if it paid well anyways. So, how many of these things have you found so far?"  He had asked still curious if she ran into these things often. It seems the female had turned to face him, giving him a smile but it was more unsettling than warming since she was still producing that uncanny ability. Shichiro also added, "Oi, knock that off will ya?"


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She continued to smile when the man agreed with her. She didn't want to have to hurt someone because they didn't see eye to eye with her about something so important. Her attention was now on the man and since the demon wasn't say anything she placed her hands together, a blue magic circle appearing in front of it and then a orb of water appearing in front of that. Mana flowed from her and she turned her body in a way that the magic circle would be pointing down at the demon. In one fluid movement the orb of water was shot in the direction she was pointing and the demon was no more. "In the last hour? About three. But this is the first one I've found in the city. Still not sure how it got passed all the Rune Knights that are here. "

With the demon now gone she turned her attention to the man. It was the middle of the night but people were still wandering the streets. Cool air brushed her blue hair from her face but only for a moment. She realized now that she might have been making a commotion to even have this person come this way in the first place. " I'm sorry what? "

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Shichiro Uchida
Still feeling the pressure of her exuding ability, Shichiro still found it somewhat hard to read into her or to her methods of demon hunting. Sure, she might be doing good and all, maybe, but it was still far too extreme. Hopefully, even she may realize that she's being too forward in the way the situation is being handled. Another thing he wondered to himself was, are all demons inherently evil? Maybe they are, maybe they aren't but he wasn't gonna bring that up to her now so she'd question his own morality and accuse him of sympathizing with demons. He then watched her perform some kind of spell that involved her conjuring a magical circle appearing above the demon and an orb of what Shichiro assumed to be water. It then made contact with the demon and the demon had vanished. He wasn't sure what just happened but it was in his best interest to just not question it.

Either way, he was still getting a response to his initial question of how many demons she had found on this night alone, her response being three in the last hour anyways. She also added she wondered how they got passed all the rune knights stationed here and Shichiro gave a half-scoff, half chuckle. "I see. Well, Rune Knights can't be everywhere at once. It also seems like they're being thinned out or stationed elsewhere from their home city so there's less of them to patrol their own city, especially at this time of night." Shichiro then looked around to notice they were not alone and started to feel a bit embarrassed. He was still suffering from her ability but she still hadn't realized that she was still releasing pressure and it is now affecting those around her instead of just him. She then asked him a question as if he spoke to her in a different language than he initially was.

He then responded again, a bit irritated this time. "Now look what you've gone and done. There's people looking at us. Come on, let's go somewhere else where we won't attract prying eyes. And again, turn down the intensity will ya? I'm sure half the city can feel you here and right now, that's scary than any demon I've ever met." Without thinking, Shichiro reached for the female's wrist nd started to drag her along into a random direction to a more secluded place with less prying eyes, hoping that she'd tone it down a bit.

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