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[Mini-Event] Pillaging (Pt. 1)

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[Mini-Event] Pillaging (Pt. 1) Empty on Mon Oct 07, 2019 4:12 am

It was absolutely brilliant. The whole state of Fiore. The chaos that was going on. It was perfectly amazing for Kaiser who had always been looking for chaos to use to her advantage. In today’s news, there was a lot of shit going on out there, and plenty of people who thought similarly to Kaiser. The bad guys were using this opportunity to get what they wanted since it was easier to do those things while the law was preoccupied with solving the bigger issue. Kaiser came to know of a language called Illumin, oh wait no it was a religion, which was directly tied to the chaos that was going on. It was pretty insane. It was like the Gods were angry and was showing humans how angry they were. Kaiser herself was not a believer, so all of this seemed like a huge acid trip to her. The gods coming and meddling with humans’ business. It was pretty funny, when she thought about it. Were Gods not supposed to stay all high and mighty in their cloud thrones up in the sky or something? Why were they so suddenly interested in humans’ business? Of course being the non-believer that she was, Kaiser was not interested to figure that out either. Sometimes, she wondered. Surely everyone did. So now there were a few things that she had to do today, like a list of chores for a kid. A compilation of things she was going to be paid to do and things she wanted to do herself, and some things she needed to check if she could do, and if she could do it right away, then she would proceed to do those things. She left the little list with her coffee before going to take a warm shower.

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Her shower was exceptionally warm today, like it was warm every other day too but right now probably because she was looking forward to the stuff she was going to do today. She had plenty of time, but she wanted to grab something to munch on before going straight for the tasks. These days she pretty much depended only on coffee and blood. None of those human foods could fill her anymore, but she still ate some of them that she liked solely for the taste, because she missed the taste. She could hear the forecast for today on the lacrima television she had turned on. The weather was nice, and the forecaster predicted that it would be nice and sunny throughout the day with some chance of rainfall later in the evening. It was not unpredictable since it had been raining pretty hard for the past few days but only in the evening. It made her want to sleep earlier. After being in Era for such a long time she could not help herself. Staying in one place for so long started to sicken her. Maybe it was a vampire thing, but she was feeling it so she moved to a different hotel which was a little further from the one she was staying at before. She had not met Zane in such a long time, but most of the time she had forgotten about her friend. Sometimes she wondered what he was up to and thought of meeting him, but she felt so different since turning into a vampire, she did not know if it was the right time to meet him yet. Most of the time she viewed humans as just prey, but she did not know what it would be like if she met Zane now.

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So much time had passed since the last time they met. Maybe it was for the best for Zane if he did not meet her anymore since she was a totally different creature now, and a creature of the night at that. A creature who fed on the blood of humans, and did not show as much mercy as before. She also had those random outbursts of her new magic. She barely had any time to train it, but it was starting to make sense now. It was one of those lost magics that was starting to manifest within her. She could not understand why it was taking place of her starlight magic, wondering if it was a part of the change from human to vampire, but that did not make sense. She knew that vampires used blood magic, and it was quite potent, but for some reason in place of blood magic, this shockwave emitting magic was here. She was not complaining at all. To be quite honest, the more she figured out about it, the happier she felt about it. The more control she learnt to have over it, the more powerful she felt. Soon she would be able to do unimaginably destructive things, but not right now. She needed better control of it. Kaiser dried her hair and styled it into a nice single hightail that made sure that her hair was not going to be a disturbance in her tasks today. She put on one of her easy outfits in which she could do every task possible without feeling uneasy. Applying some perfume, she grabbed her little list and bag and headed out. About a week ago, she had rented a lacrima powered bike called a magibike which she thought would be useful for completing tasks.

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So as usual, she got on her magibike and was on her way to the first location that she was supposed to be at. This one was probably the easiest jobs she took. She simply had to end the life of an old and frail, and extremely harmless, old woman who could barely open her mouth to speak. Even though this was associated with some family problems, she felt like it was a mercy killing because the old lady was already like three feet in her grave at this point. The address was a bit further from the center of the city so it was convenient. Not as many Rune Knights around those areas, and what was even better? The Rune Knights were so busy doing grunt work that was related to the whole Illumin shit and could not pay much attention to people committing crime all over the country because that was apparently a minor issue now, compared to the Illumin issue. That was what she was going to call it now. The ‘Illumin issue’, since she was so sure that it was caused by the bullshit religion by now. Anyway, that was besides the fact. Since committing crime was much easier now, Kaiser kind of felt bad. It was like something she used to do with some effort suddenly did not require much effort anymore, and for some reason she was annoyed by that. She wanted it to require effort. Which was weird. Was it weird? Not really, actually. And so the vampire rode her magibike to the address. It was actually a good deal. She only had to pay like ten thousand jewels or something for a whole month. Plus all repairs would be done by the owner since he had connections and stuff for those things.

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Once she arrived at the address, she parked her magibike somewhere near the little house and then went up to the wooden door. It looked like a deserted house until she got the smell of cooking. The old woman was probably cooking. So this little mission was kind of really sad. The client was the wife of the son of the old woman, so basically the daughter in law of the target. Her reasoning of wanting the old woman dead was because she no longer wanted to have to pay for the cost of living of the old woman who could no longer take care of herself financially. The son was having to pay for it and his wife could no longer tolerate it. She probably wanted the money all for their family or...all for their couple. Kaiser did not know whether they had children or not. The good news was that they did not specify the method of killing, so she was free to do it as she wished. Being a vampire, she needed a regular intake of blood and this was her chance for that for the week or so. The fact that the victim was old did kind of turn her off but she wanted to kill two birds with one stone. Normally she preferred to feed on younger victims. Their hopeless but energetic wiggling excited her and made her feel even more satisfied. Maybe it was part of being a vampire. She liked to see her victims in pain. The hopelessness in their eyes gave her life. To be honest, the part when they die is the most boring part, but that was not surprising. I mean, who enjoyed watching someone die and go all still in their arms right? That’s just time to stop.

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Kaiser was indifferent about the mission, though, since she was not in any way related to any of these people and nothing could change her to think of the whole matter as anything apart from a ‘job’. She knocked on the door a bit roughly in case the old woman did not have good hearing anymore. She heard a soft, ‘Coming!’ from the back of the house and so she simply waited. The victim’s footsteps made the floorboards creak, proving how old this little house was. As the footsteps grew louder, Kaiser prepared to take the old woman by her throat and just finish her on the throat, but as soon as the door swung open, a fat ball of fur bounced up and down in front of the vampire, causing her to almost fall on her butt. She almost cursed really hard in the old woman’s face due to shock, but as soon as she saw that it was just a dog, she completely froze. Dogs were really good at catching scents and she was worried for a second that her mission was going to fall apart because this dog was going to detect that she was a vampire. Though she was wearing contacts to hide the red irises, the dog was the problem here. Although after bouncing up and down like a beach volleyball, it went back behind the old woman who gave Kaiser a huge smile and asked her what she was here for, and invited her into the house. With a subtle smirk, Kaiser entered her humble home, loving the fact that she did not have to ask if she could come in. The old woman closed the door and brought her into the small space that was probably meant to be a living room area.

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Just as the vampire sat down, the old woman went into the back, probably kitchen area and was there for a few minutes. Kaiser was simply shook after what just happened. She kind of had to go back into her head and figure out how to handle the situation from scratch, though it was nothing difficult. She did not know what the old woman was doing in the back, so she just sat there looking pretty as the dog wagged its tail and stared at her with its tongue hanging out, saliva dropping on the smelly carpet under it. The whole place smelled like old people, like she was at a home for the aged, you know those places that looked after old people. The old Kaiser would have probably sent the old woman to one of those in another town or something and lied to the victim that she had finished the job, but the old Kaiser was dead and the new Kaiser was hungry. The smell of food coming from the kitchen just got stronger and stronger and it was starting to bother her. She thought of just barging into the kitchen and killing her right there, but she held onto the tiny thread of patience. She did not want to be messy. Even though her method of killing had a high chance of making a mess, she normally tried to make less of a mess. Because she was kind of like a neat freak. You could say that she suffered from OCD too. Sometimes she would just spend hours making sure something like her hair was in place or random things like that. The old woman came back later with two glasses with lime juice in it. She was sure she didn’t ask her to make these.

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The old woman was too cheerful for someone who was going to die in a few minutes. Kaiser gave her a weak smile when she offered her the drinks. “I don’t think I asked you to make these,” she said, speaking her mind bluntly. The old woman chuckled and then told her that she made them not because she was asked to, but because she wanted to. Disgusting. Kaiser nodded with a face that showed a small fraction of the disgust she was feeling towards the old woman. What on earth, right? The vampire picked up a glass and then gulped down the contents of the cup, and then grinned like a fool. “What is it that you’re cooking in the back?” she asked and the old woman’s face lit up like a christmas tree with the desire to feed Kaiser her cooked food. Kaiser only wanted the old woman to bring her to the kitchen. She did not want to eat the food. “Can I see it?” she said, just to make sure the old woman brought her to the kitchen instead of bringing her food like she brought her drinks. The old woman seemed delighted after hearing that Kaiser wanted to see her cooking for some reason. She did not even bother asking what Kaiser was here for in the first place. Maybe the old age was making her forget things. Kaiser was not interested in anything concerning the cooking. She just wanted to keep the dog out of sight when she killed the old lady because the dog was a good breed and she could sell it back on the market. It would not help if the dog was hostile towards her for killing its owner. Just as expected, the dog stayed put in the living room.

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With an accomplished smirk on her face, Kaiser followed the old woman. As the dog did not move its lazy butt an inch from where it was sitting originally, Kaiser’s plan was working well. As soon as she got into the kitchen, Kaiser looked around. No windows through which she could be seen through when she killed her target. She looked for the best spot to do it and once she found the spot, she covered the old woman’s mouth tightly with one hand and dug her vampiric fangs into her neck, quickly consuming her lifeblood so that she could continue with the rest of her day faster. The old woman had no strength to struggle, so she just let it happen. Kaiser did not expect much of a fight anyway considering she was so close to death on her own already. Once she was done, she slowly laid the body down on the floor and left the kitchen, closing the door to the kitchen behind her so that the dog did not go anywhere. She returned to the living room and played with the dog for a bit and gave it a lot of doggy treats that she found. The dog was pretty stupid. So she picked it up and walked out. It did not make much noise all along the way. Kaiser was pretty glad about that since it made things so much easier for her. She decided to sell it to a dealer she knew who sold and bought dogs illegally because he sometimes used them as test subjects for some chemical products he invented. Since he paid good money, she did not really care what happened behind the scenes. As long as she got the money, she was happy. Then she moved onto the next task.

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[Mini-Event] Pillaging (Pt. 1) 30GBzzd

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The next task was nothing difficult. All she had to do was set a house on fire. This house belonged to someone whom the client of the job wanted revenge on for something they did that Kaiser was not informed about since it was really none of her business. Her job was to get the house burning and so she headed to the given address. The information that she did receive was the time that no one would be home. She did not even need to buy anything to do this job, because a household surely had all the things she needed for what she was going to do. It was during the time that she was told no one would be home, but she needed to make sure that no one was actually home. You could never be sure about things like that, so she went into sneaky mode to do this. But like the client said, there really was no one home during this time, so Kaiser entered through a window that was open for some reason. How careless can you be, right? Especially on a day someone was trying to set your house on fire. Kaiser was going to use this window again to escape, so she remembered where it was and did another check from inside the house. She also closed any windows or anything else through which she could be seen from the outside to make sure no one saw her doing the dirty work. She did not want to be caught in the middle of her job. Once she closed all spaces from which she could be seen, she was ready to start the ‘setting this house on fire’ part. She collected all the materials she needed from it from inside the house itself.

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Once she got all the materials that she needed, she was finally ready. As soon as she finished what she was here for, she escaped through the same window that she came in through and left the place quickly. From a distance, she watched as the house caught on fire and smirked. Mission accomplished, and the second one of the day! She felt so productive she decided that she definitely deserved a reward just for being productive, and not the ones she was getting for accomplishing them from the clients. But first, that was what she needed to collect of course. The first place she needed to go was the meeting point that the client of the first job arranged to collect the reward. She felt like a fucking president for finishing two jobs in the same day and having to collect the rewards for both of them from the two different clients in two different places. She grabbed a piece of evidence to prove that she had been to the old lady’s house which was a family photo that she found in her bedroom. It included the old lady herself, her son, and another dog which was probably dead by now. The client did mention that she would only give half the reward for now and another half once she read in the newspaper, the name of the victim in the page where they had the names of the people who died. Kaiser did not mind, since she knew the name and address of the client. She could always go give her trouble if she did not pay up what was due. Anyways, so the meeting point that the next client arranged was pretty far from the first meeting point, so she hurried to it to be on time.

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The next client meeting point was at a cafe, which was great because she wanted a drink. She still tasted things like humans but they just would not satisfy her hunger. If she tried to depend on human food only with zero blood intake, she would not survive. Like at all. The second client was a short man and she could see how he was so full of anger about everything. She could see the type of person he was from the way he was acting so angry about something so small like the coffee being not to his taste. Since Kaiser was only there for the money, it did not really bother her that he was being an annoying little bitch. She ordered a blueberry smoothie for herself since she did not want coffee at the time being. Normally she would get coffee but she was not feeling it right now. It was normally before she started her jobs, but since she had already finished her jobs for the day, she was ready to relax and so she just got a smoothie. The angry little man was talking about how angry he was that the coffee was not the way he wanted to, the whole time. Kaiser was just thinking that it would have been a better solution to talk to a waiter instead of telling her about it, but she did not speak a word. She simply nodded along with what he said and sipped her drink. Once he was done venting, he finally remembered what they were here for. Since this was all illegal work, there were not any contracts or things like that that bound them to anything. Kaiser simply told him that the work was indeed done, and he had to trust her on it.

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The plump man pushed the little bag of jewels towards her on the table and then thanked her for the work. Kaiser did not have anything else to say to him, so she nodded and got up, picked up her drink and then headed out of the cafe. Now that she was done with that, she wondered what she should do next. She had no other jobs to handle today. Maybe she should just head back, take a shower, and go to a bar or something to chill for the rest of the evening. It was not too early to go to a bar anyway. Actually, it was never too early to go to the bar. This was the best course of action for the evening, and the night to come. The vampire headed back to take a nice soothing shower, got changed into casual clothes that were appropriate for going to a bar, and headed out once again. She had the money from the jobs she just did, though she did not plan on spending all of it this very evening, she did not feel like there was anything stopping her. In fact, she felt like going all the way tonight. Have a lot of drinks, meet new random people, get someone laid, and all that jazz. She did not care about the consequences of actions like these, but that was the kind of person she was. She just did not care. The last time she did something like this a drug in the form of white powder was introduced to her nose, and that led to some fun things happening, like her randomly slicing up this chick who was dancing on a pole. The others who were with her seemed very entertained by this like she was, too.

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[Mini-Event] Pillaging (Pt. 1) 30GBzzd
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