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Aftermath [Manzo]

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#1LeeAnn Nakamura 

Aftermath [Manzo] Empty on Thu Sep 26, 2019 10:27 am

LeeAnn Nakamura
It was a long journey back from Joya. LeeAnn was glad to finally be home. She grew homesick while in Joya, but discovered a lot more about herself. She saw her homeland. Where she was from. She came back with more questions than answers. Subjects her adopted family could never answer. Questions about where she came from, what her real family was like. The more she thought about it, the lonelier she felt. Being stuck in the Nakamura family felt trapping, being left with her family's mess and no one to help her in any regard was not something she signed up for. LeeAnn was itching to do something different with her life. The trip to Joya for the mission made her more restless.

Seeing how much the people in that country were suffering because of the Holy Knights made her blood boil. It was starting to get to her. The stresses of family responsiblities, seeing others suffer, the grief of her family member's death, and not to mention, PTSD episodes where starting to occur again. LeeAnn lied in the grass against her griffen and with Salem. She was peacefully, lying under a shady tree thinking. A depressed sigh came from her, causing Salem to lift his head. The cat had been wondering what was wrong with her. She had either been lying around moping or panicking about something. His yellow eyes narrowed at her. "What's on your mind, kid? You've been...weirder than normal" he asked.

LeeAnn sat up and stared at the cat. Zalor's head perked up and looked at LeeAnn. He knew something was going on and comforted his owner with nuzzling her cheek. She smiled a little and brought her attention back to Salem. "Ever since we got back from Joya, I can't but feel horrible. Seeing all those people suffer cause of what the Holy Knights did and feeling trapped by my family. A lot is going on, Salem" she replied. The one thing she did not know was the cat read her diary when she wasn't looking. He knew how she felt, but wanted to hear it from her. She didn't write everything in her diary, but some important details, especially about a certain white hair boy.

"I see. Perhaps your knight and shining armor could save the day" he teased. Instantly, the mood of the atmosphere changed. The kitsune grew red in the face with a angry expression. "What exactly do you mean?" she hissed. Salem grew a grin and started to sing "Manzo and LeeAnn" in a chanting, joyful melody."I am going to fucking kill you, you stupid puffball! You know i dont like him" she said, with a blushed face. Salem was poking the bear and knew that all too well. "Well, my sources say other wise" he smirked. The cat looked at Zalor, who shook his head. Salem denied with the was the griffen then it occured to her. Her fox ears folded backwards in pure anger. You..read my DIARY!? What the hell! Thats private stuff, information I wish not one to see or hear about! You have NO business going through that" she hissed. Clearly, she was very embarressed and frustrated. If she did anything to Salem, Manzo would definately have her skin. The kitsune huffed and marched to the stables leaving behind scorched footprints.

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