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Fate's New Added Branch(Kon.)

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#1Judith Karlinius 

Fate's New Added Branch(Kon.) Empty on Sat Sep 21, 2019 2:32 pm

Judith Karlinius
It has been a fair while Judith walking normally around only slightly she still had that cane with her in case she really needed it to help her way around. Era was a nice place she saw why people would live here and why the Rune Knights would choose this as such a place to call home.

She had many other wonders about what she was to able to learn here, But what was the interesting question, She had so many things that could. Some under the tides of fates ever watching yet picky eyes, Some to Reality's upfront choices it was all interesting with it's ways of spreading and branch in different manners to the people who walk upon it's choices.

It was also interesting to Judith how reality was more free to change and shape everything to you wish and fate merely follow suited. People deal with what reality and fate handed to them but also shaped and changed it freely.

Putting aside the stream of consciousness that was Judith thoughts while she roamed around the city Era did not have much to start with that sparked her eye, She was not super picky with what she wanted to find but also wanted to find better.

"I wonder what I could find for Alice, Anton and Tanya....My husband as well."
Judith casually and rather carefree mentioned roaming about her curious ways trying to search for something she yet to ever be sure of.

But her Lingering thoughts would trail on as well."I could even wonder if my daughter would roam these parts as a member of the Rune Knights herself...All too well I hope she is still alive and breathing."A part of her was hoping to run into Judina here but part of her felt she would not.

She would even stop to look around where she was for a moment, She lost track quite easily where she tended to roam rather easily."I must have made a wrong turn somewhere...The mountains can be confusing."Judith mentioned to herself following that up with."That of I am far to use to woods that the mountains vast and steep ranges and depths throw me off."She was a forest hermit living hermit rather then the type to live with in the mountains, in fact she avoided living in the mountains at one point when it could have been easier to stay away from people because of her sometimes cloudy nature of spacing out her thoughts she might have fallen some where fallen and risked something worst then a broken leg.


Fate's New Added Branch(Kon.) Empty on Sun Sep 29, 2019 8:31 am

The trek back from Bosco had been long and brutal with Kon not leaving unscatched now lacking his right arm illustrated by his free flowing right sleeve. He was battered and bruised with his entire body covered in various splotched colours from dark blues and reds, greens and yellows.  He was surprised to have come back alive at all considering whom he and his comrade, Daiko had to fight, none other than Midas, a powerful Holy Knight. The conflict was long but in the end the two were able to beat the golden clad mage. He had come back to Era town rather than Crocus as a result of its significance to the Illumin faith, with their religious leader, the divine residing there. This in turn meant that there were droves of Holy Knight members within the cities borders any of whom could identity Konstantin with his golden eye. Should a member identify him, they would be within their rights to defeat him at any costs, something he was not prepared to counter. In fact he didn’t know whether he would ever be in a position to defend himself, now only with his left arm he was immensely crippled unable to draw his bow while he was forced to cast and fight with his non-dominant hand.

Even doing daily chores was a difficult task, the very clothes that were on his back took far longer to don, moving multiple things at once, even something as small as eating proved a frustrating hurdle swapping from knife to fork and back. Perhaps there would be a way in the future for this war-torn battlemage to recover his manipulation and regain a sense of pride but for now he would walk the streets of Era as if he were a beaten dog.

Fate's New Added Branch(Kon.) KHvJeW6
#3Judith Karlinius 

Fate's New Added Branch(Kon.) Empty on Wed Oct 02, 2019 5:42 pm

Judith Karlinius
The quiet moments she had while roaming about such the life was so normal it was just easily guessed upon what she could do for that current part she wanted to pick up. She was still clueless about any of the things to pick up after all she did assume they had all of the things that would make them all happy. Maybe just maybe this was a losing battle for Judith, For once she would have to finally give up upon this desire to find things for her family or close people around her.

Back to taking her time to slowly roam about Era as she was still currently doing, it seemed her casual look around the people of Era. Judith seemed to pick up very little of her interest after choosing to try and figure out something to maybe pick up and get for herself.

But the ever gazing purple eyes of Judith did pick upon what would be something to draw her attention away from just window shopping and browsing this city. How for the most part everyone could just either ignore and try to pretend to not see a such a situation is something that always bother the caring soul that was Judith, She was always vastly different in these kinds of situation, Judith was not the one to stand by and just watch or leave things as it was until some one let something happen. Judith wanted to be the one to  be that something happen.

At a rather slightly faster pace then her normal walking. She did not know him or what happen. If anything it could be lead to the feeling of a mother's lingering need to help others, The care taking type. It would often lead Judith to do somethings that people would easily wonder why depending on what person she would approach in her wish to help.

Whatever she would now face, A new branch of fate had sprouted. Eventually making her way close enough to this lonely man yet to known to her. She would say to Kon."You seem like you need some kind of help." Judith sure sounded curious, But had honest intentions, Since she actually wanted to see if she could help. Judith did just was waiting to see if he would say yes, After all a person should be willing first. But like the sound of a worried mother Judith would ask, Rather forward too."When is it you last ate?"Yes she took note of everything else but Judith was making a starting point."Or drank?"basic stuff first would be what Judith would go off of keeping the pace with Kon and walking next to him.

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