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Finn and Zane meet in a noodle shop because it is currently the only place in the town of Era in which the clowns (who are currently on strike) don't visit (Private)

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Finn and Zane meet in a noodle shop because it is currently the only place in the town of Era in which the clowns (who are currently on strike) don't visit (Private) Empty on Fri Sep 13, 2019 3:00 pm

Clowns were not funny.

Through years of intense research and psychological analysis and evaluation, Zane had come to this conclusion. He wasn't really scared of clowns. He admitted they could be a little creepy, but that was never what truly bothered the man. What really bothered Zane was their sense of humor. After all, he made way better jokes than them, didn't dress as creepy and had a normal nose - yet nobody went around paying him to attend parties.

But apparently, the clowns weren't just happy with being paid to attend parties anymore. Somehow, they were allowed to go on strike - a situation which definitely caused Zane to question the employment ethics of Fiore. Still, the fact of the matter was that the season of fall was fast approaching, and clowns were everywhere on the street in the past few days. Zane tried his best to ignore them, but the fact of the matter was that he would see some sort of clown every city block at this point, usually holding up some kind of sign supporting "clown rights" or something silly like that.

After a while, Zane wanted to just escape from this clown, well, clown world. It was like he couldn't go a single place without finding a clown somewhere. Maybe he just had to go inside, right? Zane decided to entire a nearby pub. It was about 3 PM right now, so maybe it wouldn't be too busy. Opening the door, Zane sat down at the counter, looking around. No clowns! Perfect. Sighing, he relaxed himself a bit, leaning over the counter. "Hey bartender, what kinda appetize-" Zane's words were soon paused however, having met face to the face with the bartender. While his outfit and hair was that of a usual bartender, his face was painted white like a clown, and his nose was the signature circular red that most clowns wore. "Oh my god..." Zane said, quickly getting off the stool to hastily remove himself from the establishment. Confused, the bartender went back to business as usual.

There was no escape. No matter where Zane went, it seemed like there would be at least one clown. It was taking a serious toll on his mind. He went down the streets, now unable to get his mind off of the clowns that inhabited them. Why was he so upset? Maybe he did have a fear of clowns after all... or maybe it was a hatred? A hatred for these, well, creatures! Zane's inner self stopped that train of thought. They were people, after all. Mostly.

Still though, it seemed like there was nowhere to go. He was convinced that everywhere would just lead to more clowns. Hell, even if he went back to his hotel, who wouldn't say that Kaiser would knock on his door and reveal that SHE was a clown too?! As his wild ride of thoughts and emotions continued, he noticed a sign in a nearby noodle shop.

"No red noses allowed, our waitress is allergic to them."

Despite the fact that it was clearly a stupid excuse, Zane noticed something. This was clearly a safe haven: a place for people like him. Those who could not stand the sight of the many clowns on strike. Quickly entering the noodle shop, Zane very immediately noticed the lack of clowns. There were a lot of people here too. The booths were 100% filled up. More than half the spots at the counter were taken.

Quickly moving to sit at the counter spot near the middle of the whole stool setup, Zane spoke towards the chef, a middle aged Joyan man who was really doing his all to serve the many people ordering from their booming business. "I'll take your most expensive dish. I don't care what it is... I just want to thank you all for what you've done for the people of Era."

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Finn and Zane meet in a noodle shop because it is currently the only place in the town of Era in which the clowns (who are currently on strike) don't visit (Private) Empty on Sun Sep 15, 2019 4:13 pm

Finn Mertens
The God of Death.

His epitaph. His title. It was a name that people would recognize before even recognizing him. The idea of ones reputation proceeding them was made for men like him. His physique was not imposing, at least not visually. He was not taller or bulkier than the average man. He was not someone who one would immediately assume to be powerful or dangerous. Despite the sword on his back, he seemed almost completely harmless. Perhaps those who were trained to the brink would recognize something different about him; Maybe in the way he spoke, or the way he surveyed his surroundings. Even so, they would never guess that this young man had a title that warned of such ferocity.

The entity of Death itself. One who presided over life. One who feared no man, beast, demon, or God.

And yet, here he was. In the corner of a noodle shop, idly tracing his utensils through a bowl dripping with steam and flavor. His eyes were downcast, his lips purse, and his shoulders stiff. He was staring into the bowl as if it were his only escape. It very well may have been, with what had began to seep into Era. The home of the Rune Knights... He scoffed. They were weak. They couldn't protect anyone. He had thought, upon meeting Xandra once more, that they may have changed. But they were still oblivious to the dangers they allowed freely under their noses.

A sound startled him, at first sounding like the otherworldly gasps of noise from those red, spherical warning signs that the heathens wore upon their face.

Turning his head, hand going to his blade, the death of every single person within that building flashed through his mind as an option. He hadn't even stood when he realized that it had only been the creaking of the door, opening to a new patron. Finn turned his attention back to his dish, ready to eat, when the new arrival made his way in a hurry.

Finn's ears perked up, eager to hear of news of the outside. Of if it was now safe. Instead, what he heard was a declaration. A proud declaration, one that spared no expense of moral or economical recompense, to thank the heroes of this noodle shop. The heroes of Era.

The heroes of these two.

And with that, Finn stood proud and walked over. He had lifted his bowl, barely holding it above the bar as he slowly walked over to the newcomer and sat beside him. "Two drinks as well. For the man who has survived..." Dipping his head in acknowledgement, Finn looked forward and away from the blond man.

"How is it out there? Is it... Safe?"

Finn and Zane meet in a noodle shop because it is currently the only place in the town of Era in which the clowns (who are currently on strike) don't visit (Private) F3259A9AB18642E6B840E231B17A26AC9BAF5FE9
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