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Family Crest [Quest/Ylva]

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Rain came down heavy on the beautiful and glittering town of Era. Dark clouds filled the sky, booming thunder, and flashing lightning scared small animals into hiding and scattered most of the citizens of Era into shelters of their own. Not many people walked the streets and the few that did were either the law, criminals, or the stragglers where either somewhere to be or nowhere to be. Ylva was among these people, the weather not stopping her from doing a job. She picked something up recently and now she was in the process of getting it done. There was a mighty big storm coming and she had to take her mind off of it by working herself to the bone. Something under her skin kept her scratching her back. She didn’t know what it was but her shoulder blades, just under the skin, something was trying to break free. She tried not to let it bother her but it did. Finding something to hide under she pulled out a picture from her pocket. The picture was given to Ylva by none other than her current employer, Joachim Messer. It was his family’s crest and it meant the world to them. He could not start searching for it now due to other duties he had to attend to, so he asked for outside help. Finding this crest was a top priority and if she did find it she would be rewarded, of course. Joachim really hammered how important this crest was to him and his family. He went on to talk about the history of it, of his family, of the many names and importance it all had. He was trying to impart some sort of sympathy from Ylva so that she would do more than her best at finding that which was lost.

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Ylva looked at the picture. Turning it around at different angles so that she if she did see it she would know what it looked like no matter how it was turned. Since the crest was so very important she realized that maybe some outside help could guide her. There weren’t that many people on the streets but she took her chances anyway and started asking around. She stopped a few people, most said the recognized but they haven’t seen it on anyway they knew. She realized that this would be like looking for a needle in a haystack, but Ylva didn’t give up. Giving up that easily just wasn’t her thing, especially if she promised the man that she would find it. There was good money on the line and even though a part of her was doing it for the money another part was because she really did care. After asking a few people she struck gold in an old man. He very well indeed recognize the crest and he even seen the thing in the hands of a small time criminal. A petty thief named Corban tried to sell the crest to the old man but the old man wouldn’t take it. He knew that anything that Corban sold was probably stolen and not worth the trouble or the price he tried to sell it for. The old man was one hundred percent right about that but now she needed to find the guy. The only man said he probably sold it by now and gave her a name. He told her to find a man named Gaud. The old man informed her that Gaud was just stupid enough to buy anything for any price. The old man didn’t know if it was greed that made Gaud buy just about anything but he was sure as he was old that by now that man had gotten what she was looking for.

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With a name and some possible locations of where Gaud might be, Ylva found herself popping into various shady bars and areas in order to search for possibly the last clue to this mystery. The rain kept coming down heavy. At some point she came across a small bar and popping inside just to get out of the rain, she found him. Smiling she walked up to the table he sat at and explained the situation. Pulling out the picture of the crest and going into great detail about who it belonged to and what would happen if the rune knights ever got wind that he had it, and what they would do to him. She was wet and tired and she just wanted to get this over with by this time. She knew he had the crest by the way he fidgeted around in his seat. Soon he broke, spilling his guts to her and telling her exactly what she wanted to hear, and showing her what she wanted to see. He didn’t know who it belonged too but it looked too nice to pass up so he bought it from some shady dealer. Gaud might have been stupid but he wasn’t that stupid and handed the crest over to Ylva. She thanked him and assured him that she wouldn’t tell the rune knights who she got this from. With the crest in hand she told Gaud to stop buying things from shady people because one day it was going to catch up to him. He agreed and said he’d be more careful from now on. Not exactly what she wanted to hear but it was not her problem anymore. Dipping back out in the rain she went ahead to the gates of era and passed the crest along to one of the guards. She explained the situation leaving out the Gaud bits as she passed off the crest to the guard. She was thanked and paid. Leaving onto her next task Ylva thanked the guards. The rain didn’t let up as she counted her jewels all the way to the inn she was staying in. This rain though wasn’t going to stop her from working a few more jobs for the rest of this rainy day.

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