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Rama’s Bow - Kaiser, Ren Liath

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Rama’s Bow - Kaiser, Ren Liath Empty on Sun Sep 08, 2019 2:28 pm


Desierto may seem like a lawless place. It was home to proud Shahs and their unbeatable armies. They have defended their borders and kingdoms for ages, letting no invaders even bear the hope of claiming their lands. Along with Desierto’s harsh and unforgiving conditions, the people of this country has experienced dissensions only within themselves. Most of its terrain cannot be navigated through without a native, the impassive sand storms drawing again and again over the sandy waves. Kaiser and Ren have experienced its viciousness firsthand in their own journey through this uncertain terrain. However, the enemies have greedily pressed on in their quest for Rama’s Bow, the ancient relic of the Desiertos that is said to choose only the strongest. The relic that once brought a golden age to the people here, will it now become the tool of their destruction?

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Rama’s Bow - Kaiser, Ren Liath Empty on Wed Sep 11, 2019 3:39 am

Traveling was the easy part for Kaiser with the help of her enormous wyvern, Nasa. The weather in Desierto, however, was unbearable for the pale nightwalker, and her mount who had to be left on a mountain (these were rare to find here, by the way) where she felt less attacked by the desert heat. Although it was very unlike Kaiser to be doing such things, she was out here, in a foreign country where no one spoke the languages she understood, searching for a relic that might help humanity win this war against the supernatural beings from above and below. The only appeal for Kaiser was that she would get to kick some shiny winged asses.

Whoever called for this mission really did it in a hurry, because they partnered up Kaiser—a lawless mercenary—with an actual Rune Knight. The thought caused the woman to laugh hysterically as she traversed across a hundred sand dunes, just to get to the cluster of buildings that looked like giant dildos. Well, she was just going to have to put on her game face and pretend like she did not just took the heads of a few rune knights a few days back.

Kaiser did not receive any information on where exactly in this country she was supposed to look for the relic, nor was she told where to meet her partner who belonged to the Rune Knights, so she did the most appropriate thing to solve both things. She dressed up as a priestess, but imprinted the symbol of the Rune Knights on the back of her robe, so that her partner would spot her immediately. At the moment, however, she simply entered what must be a city, and walked amongst the citizens of Desierto. No one tried to speak to a priestess, and if they did, Kaiser simply nodded and shook her head, pretending to have taken an oath of silence.

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Ren Liath
Travelling for Ren? Well let's just say it involved a lot of walking. A lot of walking... The boy had no fancy horses or Pegasus to ride to make the journey easier nor did he have the funds to buy one of those fancy airships to make things that much easier. No he just had to use the two limbs god gave him to move from Fiore to the far off desert oasis Desterio. What fun.

Even though Ren was more than used to walking it didn't make the journey any easier. To make matters that bit more complicated he also had to get used to Desierto obstacles once again. Fiore had it's fair few too but they were in stark contrast to Desierto. While Fiore was more lush and green it usually how large thickets of forests or rivers blocking a path while in the south of the world the dessert itself was enough of a nuisance on it's own. Somehow though the young Rune Knight managed to get to the city he was assigned to on time to boot!

After a quick rest at the inn Ren went to find his partner for the mission at hand. Apparently he was assigned to help a mercenary find one of the fabled holy relics that could be used to fight any number of beings. As to why they paired him with a random merc, he assumed it was so that this person didn't just run off with the item and leave the knight's high and dry but still.

As he stepped outside of the inn he realized he had no clue who he was eve looking for. He didn't even have a basic description and asking around wouldn't yield much results either. Maybe the mercenary knew who to look for? Or maybe they were supposed to find their own leads? He did have the Rune Knight's Pendant hanging around his neck so at least someone from Fiore would probably recognize it. For better or worse. Thinking about the various possibilities a large jacket with the Rune symbol. Well with no other idea what to do, he runs up to the person. "Excuse me, would you by any chance be here to find a particular relic?"

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Rama’s Bow - Kaiser, Ren Liath Empty on Thu Sep 12, 2019 11:16 am

After walking around for some time wearing a priestess robe, a male approached the vampire asking if she was looking for a relic as well. She turned around immediately to face the man and stared at him for a bit with a blank expression until she saw the pendant that was dangling from his neck and her face lit up with delight. “Oh, finally!” she exclaimed in her exotic accent as she began to strip in the middle of the street.

“You know everyone was looking at me funny with these on.” Kaiser wiggled out of the uncomfortable clothes and emerged in a simple combat appropriate outfit that was almost entirely black. Since she was traveling into a foreign land, she decided to dress in clothes that were appropriate for any type of situation, and she couldn’t help but imagine that she would be fighting someone or another at some point of this relic hunt.

With the little hair tie that she had on her wrist, Kaiser reached back to tie up her chocolate-brown hair into a ponytail. Less distractions. “I actually made this to wear until we find the relic, because I can only imagine that it is located in a holy place,” she said, referring to the priestess robe in a pile on the ground before she started folding it and then threw it into the nearest garbage bin. “But, I couldn’t bear it any longer!” She patted down her outfit and checked to see if there were any threads from the robes stuck to it.

Once she was sure nothing was out of place, the vampire said, “So the name’s Kaiser. What’s yours? Also, any clues on where to start looking?” Of course, although she was talking a lot and making a lot of motions, her senses were on high alert and she was prepared to react to anything that interrupted her sequence of actions, or if anything came to her awareness that was out of the ordinary, with the help of her talisman and vampiric senses.

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Ren Liath
"My apologies, the journey took longer than expected and I had no clue who i was looking for." the young man said placing a hand over hos heart and bowing slightly. He wondered how others who did not associate themselves woth the knights would feel about having to wear their uniform. This woman clearly did not like the astigmatism that came with it anyway. Ren however was used to it at this point so couldn't exactly relate to her.

Usually Ren would have remained in his bowing stance until told he was dismissed but seeing the woman strip in front of him brought him back to his senses. She wasn't a higher ranked knight in his faction so there was no real need to show her so much respect. Or at least the respect he would show a commander or higher. The woman who now looked far more comfortable after talking off the robes explained why she bothered wearing them in the first place. She fixed her dark brown hair into a new style while she compalined once again. "Still, I thank you for wearing it all the same. It would have been quite the difficult task to try and find you otherwise let alone the relic." He said as a joke but his tone and body language really didn't convey this sense of humor what so ever. Ren himself was wearing a light white gi over a heavy piece of armor that clung to his body rather well. A common looking steel sword was hanging at his waist while the rune knight pendant hung around his neck. His hair was tied into a tight bun with a few stands of hair opting out of the confinement. Overall however he looked quite stern and serious while overall not too interesting. The only noticeable feature on the boy was the large scar over his slightly paler eye. Still the woman decided it was best to skip right to the point and didn't bother pointing any of this out whoch Ren appreciated.

"Ren. Pleased to meet you Kaiser. And I'm afraid nothing yet. I was left with very little instructions when i was set off on this mission. I didn't even get a briefing on you." He hoped in saying the last part Kaiser would understand how little the page was given in terms of information. At this point Ren saw himself as extra muscle to help Kaiser get the relic and inform the knights rather than the other way around. Nevertheless this didn't bother the boy since he was a willing servant to the knights so long as he could rise in their ranks. "Perhaps we should ask around for some leads?" He suggested in the same tone of voice. It was certainly a better idea than doing nothing but being rather naive the knight didn't really consider any other plan so he was open to hearing if his new mercenary friend had any other ideas.

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Rama’s Bow - Kaiser, Ren Liath Empty on Mon Sep 16, 2019 12:54 am

Her partner was far too serious compared to herself, who appeared unnaturally carefree considering this was a high-priority mission for the country...more like the world. Although, of course Kaiser’s specialty was exactly that—to remain calm in the most alarming situations, and this was surely such a situation. Ever since she reached Desierto, she had kept her senses on high alert in order to catch onto things that could lead to the success of this mission, clues to find the special artifact that was hidden somewhere in this really sandy nation, as well as to keep herself out of any danger.

After hearing Ren’s suggestion, Kaiser realised that he probably did not think things through. “What makes you think that anyone here is going to just tell us where an ancient artifact like that is kept?” she asked. “We are looking for Rama’s bow. Rama...is a god I think, or some kind of god because they worship a lot of different deities here.” That’s right, she did her research. Most of it was not new to her because she liked to read and and the knowledge was a result of her casual reading. “So what we’re looking for is probably somewhere near or inside a sacred structure.” She did not mean to make Ren feel like an idiot by spitting out facts that he probably did not know, but she felt like sharing that information would be beneficial for the mission.

“So, if you’re catching onto what I’m trying to get at...” She took a moment to rethink her strategy, and then continued to say, “We should act like pilgrims. What do you think? Now, I know we don’t look like it, but hey, no one’s going to be suspicious of people who claim to be pilgrims. Right?” Of course there was also the option of telling everyone the reason they were looking for Rama’s bow, but that would take a lot more time than necessary, so like the lawless mercenary she was, she thought of simply stealing it.

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Ren Liath
Kaiser quickly and rudely pointed out that Ren's plan was a dud and they needed a better one. Ren didn't mind this per say since he was looking for feedback but all the same he did find it annoying how she quickly moved onto her own plan without an even the slightest hesitation.

She made the rather obvious connection that Rama was some sort of deity and their approach should be along the lines of devout believers looking for the artifact. While not a bad plan either Ren did have a few gripes with it. "You think we should impersonate pilgrims?" He asked in the same dull tone. Although he though he asked the question in a sincere manner his flat voice may make the question come off as mocking almost. Although that was mainly up for Kaiser to determine. "Personally I don't think it's a bad plan if we were better prepared for it. However I know little of Rama or her teachings if any and I'm quite certain that any question directed at me about it would probably blow our cover." He said tucking away his Rune Knight's pendant just in case.

"And quite frankly I think pilgrims looking for such a holy relic would cause the most suspicion. There have been many incidents before about cult followers trying to seize various artifacts for their own selfish gain. Who is to say by asking for the sacred bow with the guise of a pilgrim would not raise some red flags? I may be overthinking this aspect however asking for a lead weather we be pilgrim or not should not matter." Ren spoke calmly and clearly hoping Kaiser would see his point. "Perhaps we could compromise? You can pretend to be a pilgrim while I can keep face and say I am a rune knight positioned to be your bodyguard. Not that you need it of course." Now taking out his pendant again he waited for her response to the newest plan which incorporated both aspects. In truth Ren didn't like lying mainly because he was rather bad at it. Not to mention staining the name of the knights by claiming to be a pilgrim seemed like a rather seveere thing to do all things considered. With this way of doing things Ren could at least tell the truth and produce his pendant as proof. Hopefully Kaiser knew that while the emblem of the knights was easy to forge a genuine relic like the one he wore around his neck was not and should more than suffice for proof of his legitimacy. Still if she didn't agree still he didn't see many other options where he could change her mind and was still prepared to do what she asked.

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