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Sun Tzu’s Book - Judina, Kazimir Seiryu

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Sun Tzu’s Book - Judina, Kazimir Seiryu - Page 2 Empty on Tue Oct 15, 2019 3:16 am

The men were similar in many ways, despite how different their lives had been. They both had waited for the first possible moment to react to the other, with Archibald firing a bullet as the man caused another magic circle to appear beneath the nephilim. However, this time Archibald was ready. He had fallen for that trick once, but was not about to fall for it again. Despite keeping an eye on his opponent's location and firing off a projectile, he had kept his peripheral vision attuned to any changes in the ground, such as a magic circle appearing beneath him. He dashed to the side, easily covering the distance and now being directly beneath the man, who was on the floor above. Archibald would waste no time in aiming his weapon directly upwards, and firing off a rocket towards his foe, having swapped the grip of the punisher to account for this.

His enemy was above him, unable to see where Archibald was, and unable to react. Whereas the nightstalker could see the floorboards above him, see the weight distributed on them, and would be able to tell if the man moved. A little dust would fall with every step, and Archibald would ensure that his aim was directly where the man was, with the explosion being enough to destroy the entire walkway he stood on. It was time to bring the man back down to Archibald's level.


Name: Punisher Rocket Launcher Explosion
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 500
Requirements: Punisher
Type: Offensive
Element: Fire
Range: 35 Meters
Cooldown: 5 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user aims the Punisher by holding it steadily with one hand placed beneath the barrel and another placed on the trigger. The user then shoots a 10 cm by 10 cm rocket bullet that is formed from the users own mana at the aimed target. Upon impact, the rocket bullet turns into a 4 by 4 diameter explosion.

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Sun Tzu’s Book - Judina, Kazimir Seiryu - Page 2 Empty on Tue Oct 15, 2019 10:27 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
The man dashed forward. The tornado that surged to life had missed its mark for now as the man evaded it while firing. Kaz grimaced as his lips stretched thin. That had taken a hefty amount of energy and it was something he had to try an avoid if this was to turn in his favor.

As Archibald dashed away from the windstorm, Kaz waved his hand causing the storm to immediately give chase. He was fast enough to react to the casting of the spell but could that same speed keep him away from the exceedingly fast wind on his heels.

The windstorm moved to engulf the man and trail with him as he dashed under the second floor. Its size took out pieces of the wall and old items with it. Once the man dashed beneath kaz, the wind mage knew he couldn't stay there. with a quick tap of his foot he kicked off the floor as the man arrived beneath him. The step would knock dust down but the wind mage soared through the air and 5 meters to the center of the room.

His feet left the floor as it erupted in an explosion similar to the one from outside. From the new explosion and the two destructive wind spells, the building was loosing integrity. Archibald caused the floor to collapse but perhaps more than he intended. the second and part of the third floor collapsed along with large pieces of the wall. They came tumbling down around the cross wielding mage in a flurry of debris. As the wall fell, Kaz pulled the windstorm closer to the center and out of the way of the falling debris, positioning it between himself and his enemy.

Kaz's wind dash directed him down to the first floor and closer to the book. He had a moment to take advantage as his enemy dealt with the collapsing floors and walls or was momentarily buried beneath. Kaz's wind dash put him within arms reach of the book. He grabbed it and spun his head around to keep an eye on his enemy while he dashed to the opposite side of the room, jumped into the air and rotated his whole body to face the direction of his enemy. His trajectory would take him crashing through a window on the other side. His free hand ready to move the windstorm at any direction Archibald appeared at and pulled it along with him as a buffer between them.

WC 400
Total WC 5280


mana: 714/1550

Name: Step of the wind
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25(26 cost. 1.5x from inferior. Minus 30% from int.)
Requirements: Wind Magic
Type: Supplemental
Element: Text
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user concentrates magic around his legs or arms and forces a strong gusts outward that propels the user his dash distance. The blast of wind can push the caster off the ground. It can also be used mid-air to change the course of the caster in another direction. If the blast of wind comes from his feet it pushes him in the opposite direction, I.e. if his feet are on the ground it pushes him off the ground and upward. The spell is activated by a thrust of one of his feet, on the ground it would be a stomp. He can thrust one of his hands in a direction and the wind will push him in the opposite, I.E a right-handed thrust to his right will send him to the left.

Windstorm is sustained for another round-280 mana


Sun Tzu’s Book - Judina, Kazimir Seiryu - Page 2 Empty on Fri Oct 18, 2019 4:55 am

Note: An offensive spell, even sustained, is only capable of one instance of damage unless the magic states otherwise, which Tempest Magic does not (see Immolation magic for example). Sustaining your Windstorm only allows you to keep it up if it misses on the first occasion. As such, after it hits Archibald, it would disappear and not be capable of motion/more instances of damage.


Avoiding the tornado had given Archibald a few more moments to act, in which time he had aimed and fired at the floor above him. However, he was naïve to think his opponent would only move forward or to the side, especially since he knew the man was a wind mage capable of vertical motion. Dashing out from the floor he was on was a smart move, as Archibald wouldn't notice until it was too late. His rocket still shot up, and the tornado hit him, as Kazimir safely made his way towards the centre, where the book waited for him. The damage from the tornado was nothing too major, enough to knock Archibald down but not yet enough to keep him there. What kept him on the ground, ultimately, would be caused by both the tornado's after effects, and his own explosion.

The building was collapsing, with rubble from the floors above falling down directly onto where Archibald stood. The windstorm had already dealt enough damage to half the nephilim's motion, which didn't give him enough time to evade. The debris would fall on him, crushing him and knocking him unconscious as the wind mage escaped. Even with the Lord on his side, even with his piety and prayers, Archibald had failed his mission.

The humans had acquired one of the relics.

"Not yet!"

The man may have won, he may have managed to escape with the book, but Archibald wasn't going to let him get away unscathed. All his wounds had simply been flesh wounds. Archibald still had all his strength, and he had the briefest of moments to act before the building came crumbling down on top of him. A second to react was more than enough for the nightstalker. He took aim with the Punisher one last time, and fired at the man's forearm. It would hit him just as he vanished from sight, but the blow would be powerful enough to completely destroy the bottom half of his left arm. He may have won this battle, but Archibald would make sure he left a mark on the man. With the bullet fired, the debris would hit Archibald, eventually knocking him out as he was buried underneath it all.


Name: Punisher Single Shot
Rank: A
Mana Cost: 200
Requirements: Punisher
Type: Offensive
Element: Light
Range: 30 Meters
Cooldown: 3 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user aims the Punisher by holding it steadily with one hand placed beneath the barrel and another placed on the trigger. The user then shoots a regular sized bullet that is formed from the users own mana at the aimed target.

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#29Kazimir Seiryu 

Sun Tzu’s Book - Judina, Kazimir Seiryu - Page 2 Empty on Sat Oct 19, 2019 7:33 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz crashed into the window. The glass shattered around him. The shards sliced off pieces of his robe and cut at his skin. Thin streaks of blood trickled down the tips of the glass.

The debris fell down upon his enemy as Kaz's body passed the threshold of the window. Archibald heaved his heavy cross up once more and a bullet erupted from its chamber as Kaz fell toward the ground outside.

because the wind mage had jumped out backwards, his eyes were still on his enemy as the bullet was fired. He dropped the book and thrust his hands forward with an explosion of wind. The projectile was already too close. The blast of wind slowed its force and shifted its trajectory but not enough. The round pierced through the wind and through Kaz's left forearm. Bones snapped and a rush of heat burned up his arm.

A trail of blood chased after the bullet bursting through the other side of his left arm leaving a bloodied hole.

Kaz collapsed on the ground and gripped his forearm, writhing in pain and biting his lip shut to not give away his position. The blood flowed between his fingers. The exit wound far larger than the entrance.

He gasped out intently, finally able to open his mouth without a scream. He panted with spit falling from his lips. His fingers barely moved no matter how hard he concentrated. Even if it healed from it, he knew it would never be the same.  

A corner of the book was covered with his blood. He tucked his wand into his belt and wrapped his limp arm in a torn piece of his uniform. He scooped the book up, kept his head down and ducked around the corner.

He leapt onto a roof with crimson drops dotting the night sky behind him. The guards rushed in to the collapsed sacred building as Kazimir snuck away in the darkness. With book in one hand and pain in the other.

He had the book but his arm would never be the same, and would no doubt have lasting nerve damage.


Ahh I see. Thanks for letting me know. I shall remember that going forward.

Name: Twin Cyclone
Rank: C
Mana Cost: 50
Requirements: Tempest Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: Wind
Range: max 2 meters
Cooldown: 2 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user makes a clockwise circle with each hand and thrusts each hand in a direction. A burst of slashing wind appears in front of each hand dealing c-rank dmg in a 1-meter diameter. If both hands overlap and are thrust in the same direction in the casting, it instead is 2-meter diameter burst that deals b-rank damage. the bursts happen a couple inches from the palms and are masses of whirling wind.

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Sun Tzu’s Book - Judina, Kazimir Seiryu - Page 2 Empty

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