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Sun Tzu’s Book - Judina, Kazimir Seiryu

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Sun Tzu’s Book - Judina, Kazimir Seiryu Empty on Sun Sep 08, 2019 2:27 pm


Sun Tzu’s Book had recorded the struggle and growth of its people alike. Despite the never-ending clash of pride and ideals, the Sinese people have stood endured through all sorts of highs and lows. Their geographical features bearing mountain ranges to deserts and coastlands have all contributed and played their part in the shaping of this longstanding civilization. Their architecture, somewhat similar to Joya are more ornamental featuring timberwork combining stone carving with a touch of originality. Their roads are open and spacious, wide enough for the varying sizes of carriages and carts. Judina and Kazimir have travelled over all sorts of terrains in order to seek out the ancient relic that will liberate them from the misguided ideals of the Seraphims. Unfortunately, the ambitious hands of the Knights have already reached Sin. With clouds on impending doom hanging over the large country, even the cold rain pouring over them seems punishing. Will the hero’s hopes and conviction fall upon the wrong hands? Or, will Judina and Kazimir be able to go against the waves of destruction to reclaim the powerful relic?

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Sun Tzu’s Book - Judina, Kazimir Seiryu Empty on Tue Sep 10, 2019 7:43 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz stepped out of the carriage that the two had arrived in. Their journey having taken them far from home. His eyes swallowed the scenery around him with wonder. He knew he was born of this land but knew so little about it. Having been raised in the wilds and near Joya, he was more familiar with that culture than the one of his parents.

He held out his hand to let the rain fall gently upon it. It poured across his face, cold and hammering. An unforgiving rain welcoming them with a harsh greeting.

The hunt for Sun Tsu's book. To stand against the Seraphim. What were they planning? All the things that clouded the wind mage's mind. After all he chose to stand with the inquisition but was also given grace by a seraphim. He could only be left to ponder what this would mean for his future. If it meant he would need to face down that terrible angel yet again or what would his grace twist into if they were successful. Just when he had come to accept it as a part of himself. But he had no choice. To save his home and the people he had to stand against them. That's what having grace was about.

"So Judi. Where should we begin our search? I am Sinesse by birth but was never raised in the culture. I've never known my parents." He looked toward his companion as their carriage they rode in on turned away. Its wooden wheels creaked as the horses pulled it away.

The streets where lined with all manner of carts, ornaments, and stalls. Wide and spacious it was easy for one to get lost in the shuffle between the intricate stone buildings.

"I assume it will be held in a well guarded area. perhaps something of a national treasure. We could begin asking around as tourists?"

Time was not on their side as their search had been long and the forces against them were on the same hunt. They sought to topple the very beings that watched the world and who knows how often their angelic eyes would be cast upon them.

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So it seemed fate had led Judina some where far away from home and on a mission. But this was something bit more vast and shocking to her culture shock, As well as interesting to her for that very fact it was different and new. For the most part Judina seemed distracted by looking upon the lands and how people were going about their lives, She had to snap herself back into reality of the moment.

The rain felt the same as home, But everything was still different, Slowly watching as the way they had gotten here had left. She then kind of realize for the longest time Judina had not spoken a word."Ahhh, that is an interesting question...I am unsure myself."Judina mention as she was tuning into reality around her and that she was here to save who she can."An orphan at it's home, Either a lovely dream or a shadow ridden nightmare."Maybe this was not the time to speak in the riddle ways of her own mother.

Eventually Judina would go into something of her work mind. pondering in a general manner looking around the what was around building wise."That would be a general good guess, But also keep in mind. Too sometimesan object in wish is not in open sight." which was another idea she would suggest."They could be hiding it away somewhere else with no one guarding because it is in no one else's mind but ours, That or it is forgotten as well by anyone but us."She was expanding the options and but had a point to it, To suggest many ways to do about it.

She was still however distracted from the stall like a few things here had her attention, But still was going to continue talking."But I would assume the people here would have no idea what we're after, Or will not want to tell us a thing about it."Looking upon the sky Judina also took that into note."We also do not know if they would understand either of us."She needed to point this out because she  in fact did not know."I don't speak the language here and we do not know anyone who would speak ours either."which also was a fair point.

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz watched the people, in deep thought as he waited for Judina's reply. She was lost for a moment but came back with as much uncertainty as he felt. Both of them dropped of in a land with very little to go on and even fewer contacts to use. They would have to make the most of it and dig into whatever they could.

A riddled came from his companion. One that seemed more like Judith than her daughter. With a smile Kaz replied,"A nice riddle. But I think I prefer the straight forward Judi," he teased a bit. It was unlike her to say such colorful phrases and maybe this was her way of discovering more about herself or simply a part of her he had yet to see.

There was a light sigh from Kaz, "You're right. It could really be anywhere. Which gets us a whole lot of no where. But we'll need to scour the area. perhaps we should simply start by asking around. See if the people even know about the book and go from there," he suggested. It would at least get them rolling towards something."And we can keep an eye out for anything suspicious or helpful."He certainly hoped it was not some long forgotten Item. he would rather break into a highly guarded area than have no clues to trudge through.

He was watching the people when he turned to see Judi eyeing some of the things in the stalls. They hadn't spent much time together and other than weapons and armor he didn't know what would catch her eye. He peeked around to catch a quick glance at the stall as she spoke.

"We'll just have to ask and find out. If it turns out to be a national treasure or a point of historical pride then they may be more than willing to share,"
Kaz gave a small smile. "The language shouldn't be a problem. I wasn't raised in any of the cities but I am sinese and it was the language of my clan. Our village was withing the borders of Sin."

He couldn't help but give a small restrained laugh, "The opposite actually. It was I that had trouble learning your language initially." He spoke as the first row of stalls ended and they arrived at a crossroads. The left leading to restaurants and the right leading to a magnificent palace down the way.

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So with a slight sigh Judina would point out."Yet I have to wonder if any of them speak Fiorian."Judina mentioned casually but only because that lingering doubt she could carry sometimes, it was not showing right away but Judina was starting to only just slightly doubt her ability to help with the starting of this situation. So far it was her only worry, But she was not giving up and she was looking around and about. Yes it was not super normal right away for how Judina spoke but she had a point at least, even if it was her being unsure of herself for the moment.

But she was looking, So far it just seemed like what she could assume was a normal place before her."Yes, I am sure it is strange much like the one whom I mimicked with that." At least she admitted she was trying to mimic some one and it was odd for a moment."I do it when I am nervous or in new areas sometimes."It sounded like it was unintentional, then again Judina had not been outside of Magnolia so maybe she was nervous for a reason.

Judina would continue walking but not too far away much like she was looking around normally trying to act like a normal person...even with the armor and looking out of place for the moment. At least trying to see where to pick up to start so far she was just awkward since she did not know anything about this place.

She was trying to see if anything some one would try to strike up a conversation with her to see what would happen it was a poor plan on her part but she wanted to start something at least even if it was slow.

That and trying to kind of look at things around her because they were new and interesting to her, She wanted to see what things she could learn here too. But walking  slowly to at least still being able to talk to Kazimir."So far I don't image they would a stall for the object were looking for either..."Or Judina was not looking enough which was in her mind as well since Judina was trying to judge what she was trying to find interesting but now hoping to not be super distracted by the thought of shopping for herself and family.

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Kazimir Seiryu
He smiled at the sigh that came from his comrade. "I'm sure some of them do. Regardless, you have a lot of valuable skills Judi. Don't worry about the language," He said without worry as to what challenges they would face. Even if she couldn't communicate with some of the people here, that was the least of the worries and hurdles to get by. He could handle that and there was no doubt she would be more than helpful.

Again she was just forward about what she felt and what she was doing about mimicking her mother. Kaz tilted his head at the thought of it being a nervous reaction. "Interesting. So when you're nervous you speak more like your mother?" Yet something else that added to the warriors personality he was learning. "I'm a bit nervous too. These are suppose to be my people. My culture. And yet..." his eyes took in all that was around him. "I'm a foreigner here too." He turned back towards Judi, "But, at least we are not alone here and have each other for support," he nodded warmly.

They continued the walk and Judi did look a bit out of place but it was easy to see that neither of them were dressed like the rest. The further they walked in the more looks they gathered. Some people stopped in their tracks to follow them with their eyes. Not with ill intent, but pure curiosity. Kaz stayed close by hoping it would add some more comfort to the both of them being in a strange place under the watchful eye of another culture.

"So Judi, You can make lots of things with your magic. Do you think you could make a book?"
he was starting to formulate a plan in his mind. If Judi could make a book then maybe they wouldn't need to be the ones hunting around. But while Judi was strong willed enough not to get distracted, the same could not be said about Kaz.

Before he finished his thought, he slowed down almost to a complete stop. His legs took a few small steps but his body and head veered towards a stall. "Is that Ginseng tea?" He exclaimed to himself as he started to step towards the stall at the exclusion of everything else.

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The assurance did help her settle a bit with the strong lingering sense of doubt. So for the moment that part would actually and slowly pass quicker for the moment she could focus a bit more now, such doubt could return easily. numbing the mind always helped and that seemed to be helping.

Oddly now she did not feel super embarrassed about it, So she would go back to how she normally was."I guess it's copying whom I view soothing and safe as a figure in my mind."Which no doubt with her mother it was easy to see the fall back."We're both aliens it seems so maybe it is not so bad."Judina did the same thing he did to her now they both could continue on hopefully with only the problem of their mission going on.

She thought about it."I could make a metal a book yes."it was a simple reply not too it to make in her eyes, in clap putting her hands together Judina even made the book in that small time frame of mentioning it. It had not marks at all to it  just plain metal flat looking book no title, no markings nothing and then held it out to Kazimir casually.

Then placing her left hand on her shoulder."Mission now unless you really wish to get it quick."Judina was being fair about it but making sure about it as well to slowly start keep them on some kind of track now that they were keeping focus."Then get it and maybe make sure you don't lose it."Sounds rather normal and to the point of Judina working together with some one. If he lost focus she would too that was not good with either of them.

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Kazimir Seiryu
Judina seemed to return to something closer to normal as the two traversed the strange streets together. The foreign environment was both exciting and nerve wracking. He nodded back at her words feeling a sense of comfort from having her there as well.

Their time was short as at any moment they could fall under attack from those that sought the book much like they did. At least those were the thoughts that should be going through Kaz's mind as he drifted off toward the tea.

Hearing her words, the wind mage stopped and gave a small sigh. "No you're right, we have work to do. Who knows how long we have." he turned to face her. She held a metal book in her hands. It was plain and devoid of any design. "That was fast."He didn't think she would have crafted something that quickly. Never ceasing to amaze with the range of her talents.

Kaz reached out and ran his hand over the book but didn't take it from her. "Do you think you could also make one with a title and things?" He asked before he elaborated. "I was thinking that once we ask around about the book if it isn't something that they already have or is something in legend, we may be able to lore people out who know about the real one if we proclaim to have it."

He walked away from the stall. The fragrance of the tea fading away as well as his thoughts about it. "It's risky if it comes to that. A last resort possibly. It'll also bring the attention of the ones we are racing against." They would perhaps need to remain a bit more discreet than just wandering around but then again they didn't have time.

"Its a book about history. If nothing else maybe a historian, library or museum would at least have heard tale of it be it something that the country actually has or if its a legend. May be better to check there than ask around at random."

He looked around the streets and tried to see if there was any indication of a anything that would fit the description of a museum. The copied book idea was a plan but maybe to risky to be plan A without any other information. But at least they could have a direction.

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"I have set the LORD always before me. Because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken."

The priest bowed his head to conclude the prayer, closing his own personal copy of scripture as he ventured out to fulfil the commands of his LORD. The followers of Illumin had been sent to many different countries to retrieve relics that their opponents thought could turn the tide, with Archibald being sent to the country of Sin to locate the book of Sun Tzu.

He had been against the mission from the moment it had been put to him: why did it matter if the heretics got their hands on any special items? A bunch of centuries old swords and books would do nothing to shake the unwavering faith, and unstoppable strength, of the seraphim army. But he had received his orders from those above him, those with direct links to the Divine and the LORD, so there had never been room to negotiate or argue.

"God is not a man, that he should lie, nor a son of man, that he should change his mind."

His whispering reminded himself of the omnipotence of his LORD. He who knew all. The Almighty. Whatever task he was commanded to do, no matter how unusual, or difficult, Archibald would complete it with the same zeal that he would preach a sermon.

With his cross slung over his back the large man walked through the crowds, watching them split like the sea in scripture, as he walked through them, all too afraid to so much as look at him the wrong way. As far as Archibald cared all the people here were heretics, following their false gods instead of embracing the love of the own, true god. It would be their downfall, as the devout man entered an antique book shop, his quest about to begin.


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It was a good thing to mention but Judina had a point she might have wanted to mention."You asked for book, Not details of what does in fact look like."Judina mentioned with in that situation. But figured she would be able to change it parts of it's appearance with out any problems, It was a matter of something different for the moment. Which is a far detail she wanted to mention to him."If you really wanted detail it is better to have an example, I can not imprint off of nothing."Judina was not avoiding it just did not have the image in her mind of what exactly he wanted.

It was, an idea a good one Judina was really behind it as well. So for she would yet again mention."So unless you have an example you know for sure what I am altering it might be like, Even if it's simple."Judina sure found visual better and helpful rather then just worded example.

Judina then would not really do much else, only because something else got her attention out of the corner of her eye if anything, It seemed it might of interest for both of them. Quietly giving Kazimir a noticeable but hidden tap to spark his attention and even whispering a bit to make sure."We have company, That isn't people of this land."Judina started off by mentioning it to him and followed it up with."It is not us either."Which was the main point Judina even right away dismissing the metal book that was made by her because it seems like a different situation was upon them. The thing that gave it away for her was the cross, since no one else carried that at all Judina kept that on her mind.

It was odd to see people part like the seas and it only drew Judina's attention mostly this was a sign that Judina should watch to what he would do, Also that he could be a dangerous to the people around them but also Judina and Kazimir, But so far Judina would try not to act right away unless she needed too, She would Kazimir had something like a plan or an idea suggest.

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The scene, when Moon arrived in front of them, looked as though it may have lost its colors and fell into a frozen silence. She tilted her head knowingly, fixing her bottomless eyes at the Rune Knight as she talked. With silvery wisps of magical energy trailing behind her, Moon quietly made her way over to them. She looked between both of the mages tasked with finding another one of the great relics, internally calculating as to who she should take. The boy, though stronger, seemed to be the type to fail without another to guide him. She made her choice, floated over, and reached past the long, pale strands of hair that are her own to snap her cold fingers on his face, erasing yet again another’s memories of their companion. She did the same with the other man, wanting to leave no trace of her involvement. Then she simple picked Judina up. The lesser the involvement of Rune Knights in this search, the better. Judina will inevitably end up back where she came from, never realizing what she was a part of.

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir shook his head as if a haze had come over him. He looked around for moment trying to asses where he was and how he had come. Like the rush of a river the memories came back. A lone journey to a land far away to find a relic. Wandering through the shops to see all the trinkets. His hands felt the weight of something that he had touched, cold and hard but it faded away as the memories formed. The vendors and sellers had been eyeing him as he wore strange garb in the land of his parents.

he rubbed his forehead, "I have to find that book...odd" He shook his head once more and quickly with a deep breath to settle himself. "That's right. I saw that strange man with the cross go inside."

The building had books lined up at the windows to entice travelers and locals alike. It was a small building with a simple wooden sign that read 'books' in the native tongue. The books seemed older and their was the odd trinket hanging on stands alongside them.

Kaz walked in to the store behind the man. A good a place as any to gather some information on the ancient book that he searched for. He had no leads currently and this was dead in front of him. As he entered the cross the man carried became more apparent. The church perhaps? Could he be one looking for the same thing. it was to coincidentally and even if he wasn't the wind mage had to treat it llke a potential threat given the gravity of the situation.

The door eased open as he stepped inside. He let the door swing close as if he was any other customer. A smell of antiquity permeated the air with a slight dust from the ancient tombs. He moved through the small aisles eyeing the various names of the books. Some where kept secure behind glass cases while others were lined on shelves like any other book. A sign was stamped on the shelves under the books that read, 'Don't Touch.'

Kaz tried to stay within earshot of the man, trying to discern his intentions. He waited to see if he would approach the store owner with a question, or if something on the shelves would catch his eye. He was towering among the shelves. Kaz only had one thing on his side. He was sinsese so may stand out less but was also dressed far different than the norm for the culture around him.

He waited and read the titles of books only giving an occasional toward the man while devising a plan for what would happen next.

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Kazimir Seiryu
He inched closer and closer to the man in question. Looking back down at the books with every movement that warned he would be spotted. The shop owner stood by the counter. He was an old man with long hair but bald on the top. He counted out change from a jar, from the payments that had been made earlier. He moved them one coin at a time into their respective bin. An action to kill time as he waited for which one of the two would approach. His eyes never left the menial task. He was working until the end of the day regardless.

Kaz wondered if he could drop all pretense. Simply approach the man or the clerk and state his business. It would be reckless but did he really have time to wait and do something so covert. He mulled over the options in his mind and dedicated himself to making his approach if time called for it. He took another step through the dusty path. The shelving created narrow walkways. A store only comfortably suited for a slim waist.

Turning another corner he stopped as a red bound book with gold lettering rest tucked between two older brown tomes. 'The Legend of Sun Tzu.' The title was easy enough to decipher in his native tongue. Albeit without having practice for years it took him longer than he would have liked. Not the book he was looking for but perhaps a key to its true location.

He reached out for it, "Do you need help, young man," a stern voice called from the counter. One that sounded younger than the aged body it came from. The old man still kept his focus on the job he was doing. Dropping one coin in before the next. Kaz's hand stopped before it reached the book. Hovering over the sign that warned not to touch. The old man's gaze was down and he could have been calling to either of them or both of them.

The room fell silent aside from the clang of a coin. The wind-mage looked over at the other foreign traveler that was browsing the wares. If he was sly enough perhaps he could purchase the book. If the man was illumin he may be able to at least run out with a head start unless he attacked him here and now. Then again it could be he just looked at Kaz as any other man and ignored the simple mistake.

"you may not find what you are looking for here," the old man at the counter added.
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Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz held his hand still in the air. His eyes shifted slowly towards the man behind the counter and in Sinese replied, "My apologize, sir" The book was still Looming in front of him but it wasn't the inner contents that he needed. The mysteries of the book were revealed in the design of the book beveled coverings and intricate markings.

There was the image of a golden book on the cover. It was small and housed around an ancient shrine with four pillars. Around that shrine was a palace. The royal palace of Sin.

The wind mage smiled with a small huff of air form his nose. "You're right. I don't think what I'm looking for is here. Thank you for your time," he said in Sinese with a small bow and walked out. He avoided looking at the man with the cross. It was no longer a matter to him who the man was. Kaz had what he had come for...direction.

Kaz left the dusty tomes of a bookstore behind him. The street was just as bustling as he had left it. people scattered to and from but this time he was less confused and overwhelmed by it. It was his own lack of direction that amplified the chaos of his mind in being here. Now his goal was clear.

The palace was far down the road. It toward over all other buildings in the vicinity. A sight that anyone could easily spot. He adjusted his uniform and marched towards it with a casual pace as not to arouse any suspicion. He wished he could just leap from rooftop to rooftop but that was off the table if he was to maintain anonymity.

The sun was heading into twilight. The light bathed the palace in a golden glow. The hues illuminated the armor of the guards that patrolled the walls, exteriors and stood perched at the towers above.

'Another infiltration mission," He thought to himself.
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Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz strolled around the building, keeping a moderate distance. There were still pedestrians walking alongside him and past him. None had moved closer than thirty feet toward the walls around palace. It seemed that while it was heavily protected they weren't worried about an attack. The people no doubt had a lot of respect for site and all that was housed within.

He made his rounds with his hands behind his back and his eyes moving from stalls with trinkets of the palace to the palace itself. A quick count of the guards gave him an idea of what to expect. It was going to be hard to get in and out but if he could just get to the top of the building.

The palace was higher than the rest of the buildings. outside the walls. On the other side there was a main building four stories high and a few just as extravagant but smaller buildings surrounded it. But their distance gave him the ability to leap between them and he could hopefully make it back to the wall.

His past position as a knight wasn't going to help him nor would his distant connection to the sinese culture. It was unlikely that anyone really knew about his clan and if they did wouldn't care to let him in the palace. Not to mention with the clan having gone rogue it would be best no to try anything. The nephilim power he possessed may be the best route but even then it would be a risk.

Having contemplated his options it came down to one real conclusion that would get him in and out the fastest although a bit dangerous. He found a small restaurant with a balcony view of the palace, ordered a meal and sat calmly waiting. It wouldn't be long before sun down and then he would just leap the wall break in and take what he needed to. If nothing else, escaping in the night would involve fewer civilians in the affair.

The sun began to set and the golden light that bathed the palace became ever darker and faded away.

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The inside of the shop was old and dust-ridden. Anywhere else and it would be a sign of a poor and lazy owner, but not here. This shop, just as much as the books held within it, was an antique. It had an air of authority that even caused Archibald to pay it heed. The owner was a stereotypical man, who's age could have been anywhere between late fifties and mid hundreds by the way he held himself. Even slumped over the counter, as he dropped money into their compartments, there was nothing he didn't see in his shop, and regarded both men with the same look: if you follow the rules, there won't be any problem. His Lord was merciful, so Archibald himself wished to avoid conflict if it could be avoided. He approached the owner, as there would be no way to read about the Sinese legends without knowing the language, and he figured the man would have some information that could be of use.

"I'm looking for a book on the legends of Sin, specifically anything referencing a man named Sun Tzu."

He tried to hide it, but there was a flicker of recognition in the man's eyes as Archibald mentioned the name. He knew. At the same time the other man, Sinese by the way he spoke, thanked the man before leaving the two men together. There was a glance from the shop owner that gave the Holy Knight all the information he could need. He moved to where the Sinese man had been, and grabbed one of the books. Despite not being fluent in the language, Archibald had learned the Sinese characters for 'Sun Tzu' and that was enough to find the right book. He saw what the other man saw, and realised that his adversary from Fiore had just been here with him.

Anger bubbling within him, Archibald brought out his scripture to calm himself down. Opening to the page that he had been on before, he read the Lord's words, "The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing. He makes me lie down in green pastures, He leads me beside quiet waters, He refreshes my soul..."

The man meant nothing now, as Archibald left the shop and followed the same path the man had taken, getting to the palace as the sun was still casting its late afternoon light over the land. The sun would set soon, which would give the perfect time to infiltrate. All Archibald, and the Sinese warrior, had to do, was wait.

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Kazimir Seiryu
The sun had finally set. The light cast upon the palace went dark. Small pockets illuminated from lacrima powered lanterns springing to life. The wind mage set down the tea he was drinking. The half full cup made a gentle clank on the saucer beneath it. He took a deep breath and readied himself to go.

There was a uneasy chill in the air. One that ran down his spine and stood his hair on end at the thought of the agents of illumin still in the area. They could be anywhere or strike at anytime. With how much time he spent here he worried they would have already made the move on the book if it was even truly here.

A breeze whisked the dirt road beneath him. Looking over his shoulder and to the other balconies he made sure no one else was populated around to see his acts. Casually walking down to the bottom floor he left as the rest of the patrons made their way home for the evening.

Kaz walked a good pace behind them and near the palace walls. He followed them until they turned the corner and the guard that paced the walls had passed them by. Now out of sight he pulled up the scarf that was tucked into his uniform and hastily wrapped it around his face right below the eyes. It was crude but his only means of remaining somewhat incognito.

With a quick look up he saw a guards back still turned to him. He lounged at the corner of the wall and leaped up. The wall seemed as old as the nation was. The bricks were worn and jotted out at various angles. If he was fast enough he could make it.

He jumped from one protruding brick to the next. Movements that were reminiscent of how he climbed and sprung through the trees and cliffs of the wild he was trained in. His hand grasped the top ledge of the walkway. The guard was stopped and looking around with only a sword at his side.

The guard held one hand lazily on the hilt of the sword. He shuffled his one foot across the ground, scrapping it out of boredom. Kaz reached up with his second hand on the ledge and eased his body upward. All the while he scanned left and right to ensure no other guard was nearby.

left and then right, he rose his feet onto the walkway and hunched over as he moved closer to the guard.

WC 400
Total WC 3490


Sun Tzu’s Book - Judina, Kazimir Seiryu Empty on Wed Oct 02, 2019 10:29 am

Night fell, and the time to act arrived for the nephilim. This was his domain now, a time where his abilities would be allowed to act in their fullest. Among his comrades, Archibald was known as many things: some found it odd that he constantly read and quoted scripture; others just presumed he was devout and had found new life in Illumin. But all could agree on one thing: when it turned to night, no one was as fearsome. They called him the Nightstalker for a reason after all.

He had kept his eyes on the palace the entire time the sun had been out, and even more so now that it had set, and this allowed him to adjust to the dark. He watched the walls, and scouted around the best locations to infiltrate the palace walls. It was only through chance that he spotted his opponent climbing up and over the walls, which meant there was little time for Archibald left. He needed to act fast if he wished to secure the artifact for his Lord.

"Forgive me father, for I am about to sin."

Archibald's cross was more than just an item to be carried to show his devotion to God: it was also his weapon. He brought it onto his shoulder, holding it in the reverse grip: short end of the cross facing in front of him. He needed a distraction, and what better than an explosion to direct the guards away from him, and allow him to get through. His weapon, as he stood in the shadows away from any guards, fired a rocket that would land 35 metres. The explosion would be loud enough, and more importantly big enough, to get the attention of every guard. Sure enough, the guards blocking the entrance in front of Archibald cleared the way, and he was able to enter the palace. All that was left was to find the artifact, or the man, before either was able to escape the country.


Name: Punisher Rocket Launcher Explosion
Rank: A
Mana Cost: 200
Requirements: Punisher
Type: Offensive
Element: Fire
Range: 30 Meters
Cooldown: 4 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user aims the Punisher by holding it steadily with one hand placed beneath the barrel and another placed on the trigger. The user then shoots a 10 cm by 10 cm rocket bullet that is formed from the users own mana at the aimed target. Upon impact, the rocket bullet turns into a 2 by 2 diameter explosion.

#19Kazimir Seiryu 

Sun Tzu’s Book - Judina, Kazimir Seiryu Empty on Wed Oct 02, 2019 9:03 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz had only just made it up the wall when the guards attention was diverted. An a thunderous sound exploded at the palace walls. Debris scattered into the air. Guards rushed towards the mayhem holding their helmets on as the ran and the other hand on their weapons.

The guard in front of Kaz stood wide and turned to yell out to the others. Before he Could speak, Kaz lunged forward and sent the man's face down into the hard walkway. "What the...It has to be him." Time was definitely against him now. There could be few other options as to the culprit. It had to be the man from before and he was on his way in a hurry.

Kaz ran from the walkway and leaped to the next buildings rooftop. For a moment he caught a glimpse of the man strolling through the palace with a large cross on his shoulders. What kind of magic did he posses? but there was no time for questions now.

He sprinted across the shingled roof and jumped onto the tallest building. His hand grasped the roof as he hung with his body swaying in the air. He launched his legs onto the walkway near a wooden window as the guards still scrambled below to the assault on the palace. A bell could be heard ringing to alert them all of the threat,  not that it was needed from how loud the explosion had been.

The window was simple wood and Kaz shattered a piece with a kick, easy enough. He reached in and unlatched it. Entering the building, his eyes darted around to find his target. The palace had no floors, and was set up more akin to a museum with walkways and stairs on the walls letting the guards walk around all the historic artifacts of the past. In the center of the first floor there was the book. surrounded by glass and protected by two guards who stood ready.The fidgeted with their weapons. Unsure if they should join the others or stay and protect the book.

With the guards on high alert he needed to move fast and stay aware. He clapped his hands together silently and felt the vibrations in the wind around him.


Mana: 1500/1590
Name: Rhythm of the wind
Rank: B
Mana Cost: 100
cost 90:150 from inferior-40% from Int
Requirements: Tempest Magic
Type: Supplementary
Element: Wind
Range: 15 meters
Cooldown: 3 Posts
Duration: Sustained
Effect: The users reaches out with his magic to feel the wind around him within a 15-meter radius. This connection allows the user to detect any movement that happens within that area by feeling the vibrations in the wind.
WC 350
Total WC 3840


Sun Tzu’s Book - Judina, Kazimir Seiryu Empty on Sat Oct 05, 2019 4:50 am

The tallest building in the palace seemed to be the natural place to begin, and apparently end, Archibald's search. He didn't know how far away his opponent was from him, he could've already grabbed the book for all the nephilim knew. Despite that sense of urgency, Archibald stayed quiet as he ascended the steps of the entrance. His ears, attuned to the silence, instantly noticed the shuffling and motions of the two guards on the floor, long before he would've stepped in front of them. He scanned the area for any third man, but it didn't matter too much whether he was here or not. Archibald stepped out into the light of the room, getting the attention of the guards, who drew their swords and began shouting in their foreign language.

With the Punisher slung over one shoulder now, Archibald's motion was slightly slower than usual, but it was still more than enough to take out some guards. He dashed towards them, appearing almost in an instant between them both. There was a moment where the nephilim looked at the book, finally sighting his target, before side stepping the vertical slashes from the men and delivering two sucker punches, one for each of them. They had no chance, and fell unconscious in an instant, leaving Archibald with the book. He knew his foe was close, so his ears never relaxed. Whatever was going to happen, the nightstalker was not going to be caught by surprise.

"Bless you, Lord, for this gift you have given me. Truly you are good."

#21Kazimir Seiryu 

Sun Tzu’s Book - Judina, Kazimir Seiryu Empty on Sun Oct 06, 2019 9:28 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir leaned forward against the railing on the top floor. He climbed onto it and calculated his landing below to take out the two guards. With a final small breath his body arched ready to drop but he recoiled seeing a man suddenly appear between the guards below. It was the same man from the book store. It was true. He was an agent of illumin and here to steal the book and doom the efforts of mankind.

The guards fell to the floor. The sheer speed and strength of the man made his skill apparent. This could be a long night. His senses remained sharp as he scanned his surroundings still, but Kaz had no intention of a surprise attack this day. The book was already in his grasps. Kazimir dropped from his vantage point and landed on the railing of the floor below. The clang of his landing rang through the nearby area and apparent enough for the agent to hear.

Kazimir stood up straight making no intention to hide himself on the middle floor and brought his gaze towards the man with the cross. "I have no intention of having an altercation. Please listen to me," Kaz stood with his hands to his sides. "The Seraphim intend to harm humanity. To bring great destruction down. These relics are humanities only chance to survive this and decide their own fate. We can not take that away from them. Are you sure you want to doom them?" He asked with a furrowed brow and a soft voice, trying to appeal to what he hoped was goodness in the man.

He didn't know the man aside from that he was like a hammer. He had already caused an explosion and then marched straight to the center of the palace and removed those in his way. There was a faint hope that words could reach him but he had to hope. If there was a slightest chance of a solution without bloodshed he had to try.

Kaz was no fool though, all the while he spoke he kept an eye on the body movements of the cross bearing man. He stood calm and ready to react to violent response. As passive as the wind mage was, he would tear the building a part for the book.

WC 360
Total WC 4200


Sun Tzu’s Book - Judina, Kazimir Seiryu Empty on Tue Oct 08, 2019 10:45 am

As much as it made his life easier, Archibald was a little disappointed when he saw his opponent dropped from above, revealing himself to the nephilim. It would mean their fight would  purely depend on who made the first move. Whether that person would become the victor was not yet obvious. Archibald was in the disadvantaged position of not knowing anything about his foe, while Kazimir knew, at least to some degree, what he could do. It made little difference to the nightstalker, as he was confident in his ability to defeat any foe that stood between him and his mission. It was as his Lord willed it.

The man spoke and he made a convincing speech about why the humans needed the items to combat the seraphim, and how the entire world was doomed if they weren't able to collect the items. The man spoke as though he himself wasn't human, which was interesting to hear. The speech ended with a question, as Archibald had stayed quiet throughout. Not out of any politeness to the man, but because his bubbling anger was becoming too much to allow him to speak without shouting. At the question, the bubble popped, and the nephilim's rage became obvious through his voice.

"You aren't human. You have powers, powers given to you by Illumin and the divine. How dare you side with the humans and not your Lord! How dare you think you can squander the gifts and use them against us! This world is doomed, the humans are doomed. It is as our Lord wills it!" There was one deep breath before Archibald acted, with only five words coming before his motions.

"The Lord is my shepherd..."

Archibald didn't move his arms or the gun, not until after his legs dashed him forwards. There was perhaps twenty metres between the two men, half of which the nephilim could clear in an instant. As he moved, Archibald's hands brought his cross onto his shoulder, and took aim at the man, wherever he would be at this moment. A bullet would fire out of the gun, moving at speeds incomprehensible in such a short distance, aimed straight for the man's chest. Even if the man was mid run at the moment of firing, the trajectory would make the bullet likely to even hit his shoulders as he moved, and a glancing blow from the Punisher could still deal a tremendous amount of damage.


Name: Punisher Single Shot
Rank: A
Mana Cost: 200
Requirements: Punisher
Type: Offensive
Element: Light
Range: 30 Meters
Cooldown: 3 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user aims the Punisher by holding it steadily with one hand placed beneath the barrel and another placed on the trigger. The user then shoots a regular sized bullet that is formed from the users own mana at the aimed target.

#23Kazimir Seiryu 

Sun Tzu’s Book - Judina, Kazimir Seiryu Empty on Tue Oct 08, 2019 6:59 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz's eyes narrowed as the man reacted to his words. Nothing but anger vitriol came forth. He was a man who didn't care about negotiation. Only the lord's words and will mattered to him. The man stopped to take a breath and Kaz knew this wasn't going to end as he had hoped.

"I'm sorry it has to be this way," he mouthed as the man breathed deeply. With the the man's final prayer Kaz felt the surge of wrath in his soul and a since of uncaring emptiness towards the enemy. He dashed towards him covering the ground as fast as his old training companion. As soon as the man charged forward Kaz stepped his foot on the ground and a gust of wind propelled him ten meters upwards. He had to get some kind of space between the two of them.

The small margin he gave himself allowed him to see the giant cross coming over the man's shoulder and aimed at him. Kaz knew that even with the distance there wasn't a chance for him to completely evade whatever attack was going to come. He gathered wind around his leg. The bullet shot forth as Kaz was still in the air. His leg came up sending forth a burst of wind that collided with the bullet.

As the wind left his leg, Kaz made a circle with his arms and thrust one hand holding his staff, towards the nephilim. A white magic circle appeared around the place Archibald stood, with him near the center. The area would erupt in an 8 meter diameter explosion of wind making sure to keep the end of it barely away from the unconscious guards. Unfortunately that meant part of the wall was hit.

Kaz's feet would land on the railing of the floor above the one he leaped from. He didn't know what to think of the man yet. So far he had both tried to close the distance on him and used a ranged spell attack. An interesting combination. One that the wind-mage had used to throw of enemies in the past but this man's raw aggression about it kept Kaz on his toes.


Mana: 1335/1560
Name: Whirlwind of the White Tiger
Rank: B
Mana Cost: 100(60 from int)
Requirements: Tempest Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: Wind
Range: 15 Meters
Cooldown: 3 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user creates a wild rush of wind. The Whirlwind begins any place within 15 meters of the caster and whirls in a 4-meter diameter. The user creates a circle with his arms and thrust one hand outward where he wants the whirlwind to originate. A white seal appears under the caster and at the point that the whirlwind will appear. The whirlwind deals A-rank damage. The user can also create the circle with his arms and thrust both hands out creating two 2-meter diameter whirlwinds at the location pointed at by each hand. The two whirlwinds deal B-rank damage and a white seal appears at the location of each one.

Name: White Tiger Tornado
Rank: B
Mana Cost: 100(60 from int)
Requirements: Tempest Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: Wind
Range: 15 Meters
Cooldown: 3 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user kicks his leg and a blast of wind rushes outward at the angle the mage’s leg was in and stays along that trajectory toward the target. The wind is a 1-meter diameter cone of slashing wind dealing A-rank damage.

Name: Dance of the wind
Rank: C
Mana Cost: 50(45 from inferior(75cost) and int reduction)
Requirements: Tempest Magic
Type: Supplemental
Element: WInd
Range: 10 Meters
Cooldown: 2 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user concentrates magic around his legs or arms and forces a strong gust outward that propels the user 10 meters at the speed at which the user can lunge. The blast of wind can push the caster off the ground. It can also be used mid-air to change the course of the caster in another direction. If the blast of wind comes from his feet it pushes him in the opposite direction, I.e. if his feet are on the ground it pushes him off the ground and upward. The spell is activated by a thrust of one of his feet, on the ground it would be a stomp. He can thrust one of his hands in a direction and the wind will push him in the opposite, I.E a right-handed thrust to his right will send him to the left.

WC 360
Total WC 5560


Sun Tzu’s Book - Judina, Kazimir Seiryu Empty Today at 5:04 am

The man was fast. Perhaps not as fast as Archibald himself, but fast enough to evade and react to the first attack that had come his way. He was a wind mage, that gave the nightstalker more knowledge on how to defeat the man, and he seemed to like working at a distance, perhaps understanding the vast difference in strength between the two if it came to blows. But now, the wind mage had a height advantage, having propelled himself upwards to stay out of range of anything Archibald could throw at him. How wrong he was.

There was now at most 12.5m between the two men, following the diagonal. That was close enough for all of Archibald's spells to reach the man. All of a sudden, a white magic circle appeared underneath the holy knight. Having been too focused on the man himself it came as a surprise, as a whirlwind enveloped him. It hurt, but didn't deal nearly enough damage to be debilitating. It was used to the advantage of Archibald in fact, as he used the wind surrounding him to hide him taking aim at the man. The moment the wind ceased, another bullet would fire directly at his opponent, wherever he would be at this moment.

The nightstalker knew he could outlast his foe, the only question was who would run out of spells first, and who would survive the onslaught.


Name: Punisher Single Shot
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 500
Requirements: Punisher
Type: Offensive
Element: Light
Range: 35 Meters
Cooldown: 4 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user aims the Punisher by holding it steadily with one hand placed beneath the barrel and another placed on the trigger. The user then shoots a regular sized bullet that is formed from the users own mana at the aimed target.

Damage Dealt: 1A
Health Remaining: 2S 1A

#25Kazimir Seiryu 

Sun Tzu’s Book - Judina, Kazimir Seiryu Empty Today at 12:39 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
The whirlwind engulfed his enemy and Kaz was already calculating his next move. He stepped of the railing and moved towards the side in case a hail of bullets flew through the tornado. After his fight with a lich not long ago, he knew that there were beings that chose to power through his spells rather than evade them. He rose his hand to his shoulder to begin casting a spell. Wind began to form around him as the whirlwind cleared. The wind mage took a quick breath through his nose. His chest rose from the sudden inhale as he saw the man, unwavering, with gun ready. He locked on to Kaz and fired once his vision was clear.

Kaz was too close, but the moment it took to find him and fire would have to be enough. Just like the battle before, a being powered through his spell and launched a direct attack at him. The bullet cut through the air directed for his chest. Kaz had barely enough time to shift his weight and angle his chest as he launched his own spell. His hand fully extended from his shoulder as the bullet pierced his robe. "Ugh," he grunted from the pain as the bullet cracked the amulet beneath his robe. One of Kaz's eye's flinched closed from the strike, the muscles in his chest tensed, as his own spell formed where his opponent stood. A 4 meter diameter whirlwind sprang to life. They both planned to attack once the wind had cleared. A ripple of mana went through the robe as the magic withing faded.

As the windstorm hit, Kaz ran to the side across the floor above, keeping an eye on the storm and where the man would be. He rose his other hand and readied himself for when the man emerged from the sustained whirlwind. Once he showed himself Kaz would swipe his arm sending out a slash of wind at him. The blade was 1 meter wide and 1 meter long.

WC 320
Total WC 4880



Name: Windstorm
Rank: A
Mana Cost: 400 (280 from int reduction)
Requirements: Tempest Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: Wind
Range: 20 meters
Cooldown: 4 Posts
Duration: Sustained
Effect: The Caster brings his arm upward so his fist is almost level with his shoulder gathering swirling wind as it does. He then thrust the open hand outward to any point within the spells range. A white magic seal appears at the casters hand and at the destination where the spell will originate. A 2-meter diameter column of wind that is 2-meters long is conjured. The column of wind deals S-rank damage and its trajectory can be controlled by the caster by swinging his hand in the direction he wants it to go within the spells range. The caster can perform the casting motion with two hands to create two columns of wind. Each one controlled by the hand that conjured it. The two columns are 1 meter in diameter and length and deal A-rank damage.

name: Howling Wind Slash
Rank: C
Mana Cost: 50(35)
Requirements: Tempest Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: Wind
Range: 10 Meters
Cooldown: 2 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user swipes his arm and a blade of wind slashes outward at the angle of the mage’s arm was in and stays along that trajectory toward the target. The blade is .5 meters long and .5 meters thick dealing b-rank damage. The user can instead use both arms to cast the spell with a .25m long and .25m thick blade dealing c-rank damage from each arm at the angle the arms swiped.

Wizard Robe destroyed for the thread.
Furious Amulet: C-rank durability remaining.

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