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Miyamoto Musashi’s blade - Manzo, LeeAnn Nakamura

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The end was finally in sight. After years of raging war, a thread of salvation has been lowered to the masses. Answering the call of King Reign to collect ancient relics, two young mages, Manzo and LeeAnn, have travelled day and night over the treacherous rocky paths to Joya, a country of honor, grace, and bravery in order to seek out the hero, Miyamoto Musashi’s blade. Its cities rise up in bewitching ancient picturesque architecture with towering sacred gates and shrines speckled all around. The buildings are impressive looking, built on wood, large canopying roofs supported by sturdy posts and lintels. The streets are wide and intersect at the middle of the city. Here, men live in rectitude and unwavering loyalty, serving lords with their sword and blood. Now with the Holy Knights’ claws reaching deep into this feudal kingdom, Joya is starting to lose its vibrancy and life. Once festive and warm, the red, decorative lantern lights now cast dark shadows of doubt and despair upon the swords of proud samurais, shinobis, and resolute monks. For the dawn of carnage they beckoned forth, the knights will go to any length, even if it means the destruction of an honorable country, to achieve their selfish means. The world is for their taking as long as the relics fall upon their hands. With the gears of time shifting not so much in their favor, it is up to the two extraordinary mages to stop them and collect the hero’s blade before the Seraphims descend.


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It had been a long boat ride for himself and LeeAnn. With any luck this would be a short trip and a successful one. Though he didn't want to get too ahead of himself, he still had to figure out where the shrine in question was located. That would prove to be a difficult task given the weather, it would make tracking quite hard. Not to mention the roads were swarming with holy knights, with the same idea as he. Though how they were going about was something he could not condone. One day had passed since they arrived in this, their home land. While it was bleak before he had left, it was now unrecognizable. His stomach turned at the idea of invaders ransacking the holy places of his people, disturbing his ancestors, and harming his people. People that he had fought for, even if it wasn't by choice.

The two young mages found themselves in a small inn, away from the road. What he considered to be a safe place for the two to come up with a plan on where they would begin looking. Of course the best idea he had was the royal tombs in the mountains. A half days hike from where it is they were staying. Hopefully they would be the first to arrive, but all things considered, who really knew how much knowledge the opposition had. It was clear it was up to him to make the decision on where they would start, and the royal tombs in the mountains was the only place he could think of. "Alright Lee, it's time for us to be off now. Move quickly, and quietly. We don't need to attract any unneeded attention." He said as he readied himself to leave this inn.


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#3LeeAnn Nakamura 

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LeeAnn Nakamura
The jet lag between Fiore and Joya was delaying her sleep schedule. The boat ride was really long. LeeAnn had never traveled outside of Fiore before. Over the course of the boat ride, she kept wondering what her homeland was really like, seeing Manzo was from there as well. Manzo grew up there. LeeAnn did not. There had been invaders in Joya that alarmed her. LeeAnn really didn't like the idea of others disturbing the peace and culture of her motherland. Even if she had never stepped foot conciously on their soil, it was still her home. For all she knew, her blood parents could be in danger. LeeAnn had a lot on her mind already and now this. Though, she knew Manzo wanted her to come for assitance. It would be a nice break from looking at four walls all the time. The stayed at a small inn.

The room itself was big enough for both of them to converse in private. They had to come up with a plan. LeeAnn knew nothing about the culture, its people, or anything about Joya. Manzo knew the way of life here. She did not. All Manzo could come up with was to reach the Royal Tombs in the mountais nearby. He said it would be a half day's journey. LeeAnn had agreed to follow him. LeeAnn was playing with Salem when Manzo called out to her. "Alright, I'm coming. Don't worry blending in is my middle name" she smiled. Salem was actually going to listen and not speak out of turn this time. He knew the severity of the situation and both, Manzo and LeeAnn, would skin him alive. She stayed quiet and light on her toes when they stepped out of the inn. LeeAnn kepted calm walked beside Manzo. She knew the plan and kept her lips shut the whole time. Salem stayed perched on her shoulders as they walked.


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Blood dripped from the Nephilim’s blade as he cut down the defenders of Joya, dropping the last of the men who stood in front of him weakly. Looking around at the carnage that he had caused brought a tear to his eyes as the plants around him began to grow into and through the bodies reaching up into the sky. Informed of the vague location for the shrine, Nathan continued his way through the Joyan terrority cutting down those who stood in front of them while allowing civilians the chance to flee unlike his peers who cut down all that stood in front of them.


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Manzo handed Lee her cloak, a traditional Joyan cloak. As to disguise their appearance as quote un quote foreigners in this land. This was the best they could do on such short notice. But it was important to have, seeing as how they were dressed as Fiorens outwardly. The Joyan cloaks were the best option for them. "Let's be off, Salem hop up." He said as he the small black cat jumped up on his shoulder. The small cat offered no back talk, for even he knew there was work to be done here.

This was the beginning of a long trek for them, and hopefully they were prepared for it, the two would disembark from the inn and begin their hike up the mountain. The terrain was treacherous, slick footing from the rain made it hard to keep one's footing, but now wasn't the time for complaining, now was the time for perseverance and that is exactly what the two would do. With any luck they weren't too late to the party. Though he didn't consider this a good party, nor was that even close to the appropriate adjective he should have used.

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#6LeeAnn Nakamura 

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LeeAnn Nakamura
Manzo kindly handed her traditional Joyan clothing. It was enough to blend it. LeeAnn felt they were unwelcomed for some reason. Being here made her have an odd sense, but she ignored the feeling to carry on with their mission. Salem was actually behaving this time. He listened to Manzo and climbed upon his shoulders. LeeAnn began to wonder who really owned him. It seemed Manzo was taking care of him more than she was, but she only gave a smile at the two boys. She followed Manzo in silence, LeeAnn had not words to say and rather keep it that way.

One foot was a little tricky with the ground being wet and slick. Climbing up the steep hills and rised paths, she almost slipped a few times. Luckily, she always managed to catch her self. The kitsune was light on her feet at all times. Her fox ears were perked to keep aware of any sound of movement uphead. LeeAnn kept watch on Manzo and Salem to make sure the two of them were okay. She knew all too well how important this task was to both of them. One wrong move could end their lives. Where the source of the information came from was unknown to her ears. Thats not what mattered. What mattered was to fid this place and get there in a timely manner, no matter what!

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Noticing that his comrades were too focused on cutting down everything that stood in front of them to continue their main goal, Nathan pushed ahead sheathing his blade in doing so. His attire unlike his comrades were more fitting of a joyan being of that descent and merely a convert to Illumin later in life allowing him to blend into the otherwise foreign culture for most of the Holy Knight organisation. While he did resemble a joyan, the blood on his hands and armor did result in a few raised eyebrows and hushed whispers as he walked through his homeland. Aside from those minor responses, there was an apathy towards his gorey appearance thanks to Joya’s samurai culture. This culture allowed Nathan to pass through Joyan territory with its citizens assuming he was a samurai, all the while a cross hung around his neck underneath his clothing. After passing through a dense pocket of cities and towns, he stopped to remove the documents regarding the blade within his jacket sleeve. Rereading the document to reaffirm his destination, he continued on with his journey reaching the base of Mt.Hoku where the blade was said to reside.


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After a while, they had finally made their way to the top of the mountain. The sun was in the middle of the sky signifying it was mid day. Six hours of hiking up the mountain had led them to this moment. A moment in time that they would hopefully remember as a victory. A victory for themselves and for their mother land. He would have to give it his all. On the off chance this did go south of course, which there was a reasonable percent that it could. They were at war, and there was no gurantee that things would go off without a hitch. But from the look of it, they had made it here first.

Manzo approached the door to the tomb, he knew that there was a special way to enter. Only those of Joyan blood could do so. Not to mention those who had walked or still walked the way of the samurai. As a child soldier, long before he was a mage he had walked that path. So he knew in his heart he was the only one who could per form this task. But that didn't mean he was overly confident in himself. Those with pure heart and mind were the only one's permitted to enter the tomb of the hero. Which truth be told, he didn't feel as though he was worthy. He had left his home like a coward.

A coward he would no longer be, not today. Today he was going to be a champion, even in defeat he would have won something. Something that no one could have taken from him even in death. Closure, closure that he came back to his home and served his country. He placed his hand on what looked to be a small key hole. Without warning he felt something stab him in the palm. He would let out a small grunt of pain. This would cause Salem to jump on his shoulder a bit from the shock to his body. "Are you alright boss?" Salem asked with curiosity. Manzo nodded, and gave him a reassuring grin.

As the blood flowed from his hand into the keyhole, he could hear locks from within begin to turn. This was a good sign, he had been recognized as a Joyan son. The door had a knack for such things. Legends say the gods built this tomb centuries ago, and still safe guard it today. Hopefully he would find what it is he was looking for within the tomb. This was the only lead he would have, because knowledge of the burial sites of heroes was a well guarded secret. Hopefully the Holy Knights hadn't made their way to the emperor yet. If they had, he said a small prayer for his safety.

The door opened slowly, with a brisk pace he made his way through. LeeAnn followed quickly behind him. Smart girl, she would need to stick close as to not be locked out. As the door closed behind the two of them. Manzo walked toward what looked like a shrine to the hero himself. He would fall to his knees and bow before it. " Konichi wa, Musashi-sama. Ie ni kaerimashita." To someone like LeeAnn, she would have no idea that he was greeting the one they had come for in such a way.


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LeeAnn Nakamura
LeeAnn had to make travel easier for her. She stuck close to Manzo, watching his every move. It was like she was documenting the whole thing in her head. People watching wa one of her past times back as a Rune Knight, that caused her to pick up on a few things. Mental training was something she did as a kid with her mother over the years. She was big on keeping a mentallity in battle and keeping cool in certain situation. It worked for her most of the time. I say 'most of the time'. The kitsune was a bit tired from walking up the mountain with Manzo, but she kept going. Joya was different, very different from Fiore. She didn't know what to make of the culture or its people, at least what she had seen so far. LeeAnn had to searching around find an opinion, but she couldn't just yet. The country was in a hard time from what she saw. The towns and villages were dark and cold much, lifeless even.

LeeAnn watched her friend. If she could read minds, she would be doing it right now. LeeAnn was growing concerned for Manzo, seeing his was acting a bit differently than he normally would. She would dismiss this for two reasons. One: They were on a very serious mission. Two: He was in his homeland.

She knew he had a bad past here, nothing in too much detail, but enough to make her a bit concerned for his mental mind. LeeAnn followed him to a large door. Her eyes widen a little. The fact that religion was something she never fully understood or believed in, this was amazing. How ancient people could build such a monument for their god. LeeAnn followed him to the door. A small keyhole in the shape of a hand. Manzo knew more about these things than she did. LeeAnn let him do his thing. Seeing Salem on his shoulders, they both watched him curiously. Manzo placed his hand into the keyhole. Her ears picked up Manzo grunt in paind. LeeAnn jumped immediately to his side, no hesitation. "Manzo, you alright?" He gave both of them a assure nod and a small grin. A sigh of relief was heard from LeeAnn.

Salem raised one of his eyebrows at LeeAnn, staring at her. He gave her a look seeing how hurried she went by his side. The kitsune gave him a dirty look. The cat snickered a little, LeeAnn followed Manzo in a quick pace, careful to not fall behind. The hallway was long and the architecture of the structure. LeeAnn was amazed. She was put into silence feeling something odd. LeeAnn had a quick flashback to the Church of Illumin, chains and the pain. Her mother's screams. She paused holding her head, Salem noticed and gave her a silent look. She held up a finger to hold on a moment. Without hesitation, she soon followed after quite tense about this whole situation. Being here made her uneasy yet curious at the same time. It would not be as tense was in any Church of Illumin, but the panic was still there.

Manzo and Salem reached a statue. It stood firm as if he was of a hero in the land. LeeAnn stared at it, studying him. She couldn't read the Joyan language just yet, so all of this was forgien to her. The statue itself looked to be some sort of samuri. Instantly, Manzo fell to his knees saying something in a different langauge. She felt out of place here. Like she shouldn't be here. LeeAnn thought he was making some sort of sign of respect to this guy. LeeAnn followed in a bow, not saying a word. Though, hers was short. She was more alert and paying attention to her surroundings. Any sound or movement she would pick up. The halls and temple were silent except that of Manzo's prayer. Though, she would be staring at the ground, trying to pick up anything with her fox ears.


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Blood seemed to be all around Nathan not just beneath him, on him and now in front of him. A door was closed, seemingly opened through the barbaric means of blood. “Curious.” He thought to himself, leaning into the mechanism for the door. “Just whose blood was this?” No other Holy Knight would have this sort of knowledge. No doubt someone had come seeking to collect the relics, the blood was still fresh, glistening and dripping like water as he examined the crimson liquid briefly. Who he would be facing mattered little, he just as he had for decades would stand victorious. Unsheathed his blade, Nathan plunged his blade into the door cutting between it and the lock mechanism as if it were butter. The entire process was made silent thanks to his wind-breaker dampening noises all around him for others. Lock now rendered useless, Nathan pushed the door with his free hand, looking for those that seeked to oppose Illumin’s will.


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Upon greeting the shrine, and addressing the hero with the correct amount of respect it was time for him to begin his search for the relic. Though that would require them to go deeper into the mountain. The shrine was simply the entrance. The tomb was located further inward. From what the legends foretold at least. No one had been in the tomb since he was laid to rest, but that's only if you believed the old wives tales that were spun around this man. Though no one truly knew anything about him, all those who would were long dead.

So now it was up to their own resourcefulness. Manzo would quickly make his way ruther into the cave system. There were several branching paths, he would take the one on the left, pulling out his revolver he would shoot the top of the cave to seal the entrance behind him. More than positive that where he was headed was the right direction and not wishing to be followed by anyone had the knights arrived after them. Seeing as he didn't hear anything behind him, he didn't think that would be an issue but you could never be too careful.


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LeeAnn Nakamura
LeeAnn remained tense and alert. Her fox ears did not give rest trying to hear any sounds. The sounds she could pick up were Manzo prying or the building settling. It probably her mind play tricks on her. If there was one thing her mother had taught her well was that fact that she had keep a specific mindset during battle or on a mission. Her training was the toughest she ever had been through, but she was thankful for it. Unlike her father's, her mother was more on the mental side of things which was crucial for a important mission like this. LeeAnn stared at Manzo.

The fox followed as Salem stood on his shoulders still. The cat and fox remained quiet and followed Manzo without a word through the maze of this cave system. She was surprised that Manzo could get through this whole place without getting lost. though, he was from Joya, not her. She would keep looking back and trying to hear in case anyone followed. She really hope they werent for all three of their sakes. Next thing she needed was another fight that could possibly get either one of them hurt or worse.


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At a crawling pace, Nathan padded his way towards his vague destination only aided with information scribbled on a blood-soaked parchment and the folk-lore from his childhood. The air was stale as he followed the undeniable trail that stood in front of him. It had been as if the area hadn’t been visited for centuries if not longer. Even the roof was collapsing in portions made clear with specks of daylight piercing through and onto the statues of the false gods. No expression was revealed as he past his heritage which he had forsaken long ago. This was not the time for resolving his own internal struggles, no there was a mission at had. This very mission was being threatened by an individual or individuals who had entered the mountain. This threat was highlighted with a sudden and loud blast echoed throughout the cave. Knowing that at any moment they could reach and potentially retrieve the artifact Nathan increased his pace only to be halted by a series of tunnels with one being forcibly closed shut recently.

This was made apparent by the still raising dust and rolling rock. After surmising that this was caused by whomever was after the artifact, Nathan once more used his blade piercing it into the harsh rock before tapping on the hilt of the sword. Immediately a resonating wave blew apart the rock that separated him from his prey. Dust covered him as he passed through the clearance causing him to draw up his scarf into most of his face, leaving only his eyes to feel the brunt of the dust-cloud. Knowing the immediate threat ahead of him, Nathan ignored the minor irritation and wielded his mighty sword with two-hands allowing his eyes to flow freely as they tried to remove the dust.


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There was still a good few tunnels left before they made it to the mountain center. With any luck there would be no surprises here. Which would be quite fortunate, but with all things considered as well as the enemy in which they faced it was quite doubtful. But regardless of the odds they must do something to make sure they won't be so easily tracked. Which meant he would need to get creative, seeing that he was indeed the brains of the operation here. Which of course wasn't the best situation for the two of them to be in quite honestly.

As they reached another group of tunnels Manzo did the only thing he could think of. He would shoot the opposite tunnel in which they were taking as a way to throw off anyone who would be following. This would by them a bit of time as he would do this alternating pattern of shoot tunnels until they would reach the entrance to the inner sanctum. Though with any luck this would actually house the relic. It would be rather disappointing to put it mildly if they arrived and there was no relic to be found. But he would put such thoughts out of his head.


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LeeAnn Nakamura
The tunneling system was a huge maze they both had to wander through. LeeAnn could not make sense if which lead where at first. The kitsune followed Manzo like a lost puppy dog, aimlessly confused where they were exactly. It was the only thing she could do. Manzo looked to have a plan. It took a while for LeeAnn to understand what he was exactly doing. They tunnels where a way to confuse anyone who dare entered the mountain. It was a system that her and Manzo were wandering through. His choice in pathways were not on purpose to what she had concluded. This reminded her of prey confusing predators with a behavior or pattern on their fur or scales. A clever method.

It was the simple methods that were most effective. The kitsune paused and started to glow. She transformed into her wolf form thanks to the Wolvenhowl Ring she posses. She would be quicker in this form and have a better sense of smell. It was her prefered method to say the least. "Ah, that's better" she spoke to herself in a hushed one. She trotted a little more quickly besides her companion and friend. "Are we getting close" she whispered. Her ears perked up a little bit, shifting her head a little. They reached another entrance with a whole new set of tunnels. LeeAnn lowered her wolf ears with a small growl in annoyance, but proceeded on. All these mazes and winding turns were starting to confuse her and get her slightly annoyed. She hoped the relic was at least in the next entrance ahead and not more tunnels.


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Name: Wolf Metamorphose
Rank: C
Mana Cost: 50
Requirements: Wolvenhowl Ring
Type: Supplementary
Element: Arcane
Range: Self
Cooldown: 2 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The user changes their appearance into a wolf. Their fur color is the same as their hair color. The user can speak while in wolf form. While in wolf form the user receives a B-rank Speed buff. The user can't cast spells while being in wolf form. The effects of items that were worn while in human form are still applied to the user in wolf form but spells that are attached to items can't be used.


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Once more a loud bang rang out deeper within the caverns depths. “Not doubt another attempt to slow me down.” Nathan thought blankly. Finally with the dust in his eyes becoming too painful, he stopped to a halt, and swiped his eyes with a quick side of his left sleeve. Relieved at least and with his vision improved, he was able to see things that were ignored previously. This was aided with his plate-mail offering him some much needed. A deep red shone from the center of his armor as if an ember glowing the earth around him in an ominous hue. Once more reaching a large opening which led to a series of separating tunnels, Nathan was confronted by a decision to continue following the destroyed sections or blindly go into one of the untouched tunnels. Pondering the choices in front of him, he rested his sword upon his shoulder and rubbed the back of his next with his left hand.


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After he was done with his demolition spree he sat himself down on the ground. He had covered a lot of ground in a short amount of time and found himself quite winded. He sheathed his weapon for the moment and laid back against the cave wall. He had wondered what all of this was for, why the holy knights were doing this. What was this all about, why would they forsake their own humanity and come to other countries to ransack it and slay their people. What kind of people would do this, and why here a country already torn apart by war and strife. It just didn't make any sense.

"I hope my family make it out of this in one piece." He said audibly, it was something he did indeed truly hope and pray for. "I haven't seen them in almost twelve years. I wonder if they would even recognize me. Or worse, accept me as their son again." He didn't know why he was saying these things out loud. Perhaps it was a form of venting, one he felt he needed being faced with what could be his own mortality. It was hard to say.


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LeeAnn Nakamura
LeeAnn was tired from trying to catch up to him. Manzo walked a longer stride than she did, but she was quicker than him due to her small frame and built. He sat down, laying his back against the wall. Her wolf eyes stared at him, worried about what was going through his head. LeeAnn knew she had Joyan origins, but lacked the knowledge of the culture, language, and traditions. LeeAnn made a pawstep forward towards the tired man. Now, thoughts of innocent people dead remained on her mind as well. The blood of innocent people were spilt over a different belief. Holy Knights always made her blood boil. Religion to her was nothing more than an excuse to hurt others.

Manzo began to vent or just talk about his own thoughts. He could tell in his eyes the subject of his own family was a sore. Something he hoped to comeback to. She felt for him. At least he knew his real family, LeeAnn felt alone for the first time. She had no family. Though, this wasn't about her. It was about him, she felt for him. LeeAnn walked up to him and licked his cheek a little. "You're a fantasic man, Manzo. i don't know your background well, but you will always have me by your side. I'm here to listen" she gave a small smile. Salem grew a bit concerned for Manzo. All of this war and rage amongst Illumin and those who opposed were now starting to affect him. LeeAnn sat next to him and laid her head him his shoulder, her wolf ears were tilted back.


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Name: Wolf Metamorphose
Rank: C
Mana Cost: 50
Requirements: Wolvenhowl Ring
Type: Supplementary
Element: Arcane
Range: Self
Cooldown: 2 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The user changes their appearance into a wolf. Their fur color is the same as their hair color. The user can speak while in wolf form. While in wolf form the user receives a B-rank Speed buff. The user can't cast spells while being in wolf form. The effects of items that were worn while in human form are still applied to the user in wolf form but spells that are attached to items can't be used.

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