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Morrigan’s Staff - Finn Mertens, Odin

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Morrigan’s Staff - Finn Mertens, Odin Empty on Sun Sep 08, 2019 2:18 pm


A country so rich and full of life never saw it coming; the grand destruction gyrating towards them. Hiding somewhere within its secrets, the great Morrigan’s staff beseech for a new owner to find it. In Caelum where art and culture thrive, the Holy Knights have begun their fervent search. Its cities lay wide and open with a rustic charm adding to the vibrant expanses of the marketplaces. Long years of trade and gathering of wealth has given this small country the ability to exude massive influence and power. Nestled into the valley of a lofty mountain, each of the buildings in Caelum, despite their fragile looks with thatched roofs and wooden frames, have stories to tell that are often mystic and abstruse. An odd pair, Finn and Odin have travelled over the seas to reach Caelum. They are greeted with sound of despair and the gloom of an incoming storm. Knights have started turning the cities inside out in search for the relic. They have been merciless and cruel in their means. Any sort of resistance has become futile against these powerful slaves of the Seraphims. With whatever intentions they hold, it is up to Finn and Odin to find the relics before the knights do.


Morrigan’s Staff - Finn Mertens, Odin Empty on Wed Sep 11, 2019 1:21 am

The boat journey had been relatively quiet and uneventful, with most sailors keeping their distance from Odin as they sailed to the shores of Caelum. It was two men, two mages, who ventured to the new land, in search of something Odin had maybe read of once in a book. A relic: the staff used by a witch named Morrigan. It was strange though. Mages from all over Fiore were travelling to different lands in search of artefacts used by the "Nine Heroes", but Odin only knew the names of eight. The one that he had never heard of was Morrigan, the one who caused him to venture to Caelum instead of his homeland of Iceberg.

He had felt some strange pull towards this relic, but he couldn't explain it. Something was drawing him here, and this was why he ventured with Finn: a good man Odin had met a few times before. Whether or not Finn felt the same pull towards the land Odin didn't know, they hadn't spoken much on the boat journey, but for whatever reason Odin had the man as an ally. Though he would never openly admit it, he knew Finn to be a reliable man, and assumed this who artefact hunt would go very smoothly.


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As they got off the boat, an ominous aura encapsulated Odin, Finn, and all the sailors they had travelled with. Odin recognised the feeling, but it had been so long since he had felt it that he couldn't place where. He presumed it was intended to scare the group, as the aura carried malicious tones with it but, as Odin looked around, he realised it was more than that. The sailors had all fallen unconscious, completely taken over by the aura had forced them into a slumber. He knew the sailors weren't particularly impressive mages or fighters, so being overpowered by the strange feeling wasn't that concerning. What did cause Odin to pause was that Finn laid among them. A man Odin viewed as stronger than the Lich had fallen into the selfsame slumber, leaving Odin stuck in this foreign land by himself. Stranded, with not means of escaping country of Caelum, Odin had no choice but to press on. Finding the staff would likely solve his problems.

He figured the staff would dispel the magic affecting the men, simply through deduction. Odin recognised the magic, he felt a pull to the staff, and he was the only one still standing. Whether it was caused by the relic itself or by someone wishing to stop the group from finding it mattered little, as they would not be able to stop Odin in his search.

Leaving the docks, Odin moved towards the main gates of the capital city, looking to enter to gain some general information on the land. He had never been to Caelum, which presented some problems for the Lich: he didn't have any contacts, and he didn't know the language. What made it worse was the looks of disgust that every person seemed to give Odin. It was a look he knew well, and was very much accustomed to, but the fact that he couldn't understand the words that followed irritated him to no end. This was made much worse when Odin attempted to walk through the gate, only to be stopped by two guards, who spoke to him in that foreign language. These people weren't scared of Odin, and they wouldn't pander to his desires. They would stand, stoic, and speak in their own language.

"Stop right there. In the name of our king, I order you to announce your intentions in our land. If you do not answer, or if you come with malicious intent then we, the almighty guards of Caelum, will destroy you, foul beast."

This is what the guard said to Odin, but this is what Odin heard,

"Sotp rhgit trhee. In the nmae of our knig, I oderr you to anuonce your itneiotns in our lnad. If you do not asewnr, or if you cmee with mclaoius itennt tehn we, the ahgimlty gadrus of Caelum, wlil drtseoy you, fuol bseat."

Some words Odin could make out, but the entire meaning was lost to him. The final two words, however, gave him the answer he needed. The revulsion in those final two words, made more obvious by the saliva spat at Odin's feet, told him roughly all he needed to know about the treatment he would receive. Caelum would not enjoy his presence, nor would they allow it.

There was really no other option.

Odin's fist moved faster than anyone could have expected, aimed straight for the man's face. It dented the man's helmet into his face, causing blood to pour out from his ears, eyes, mouth and nose. The metal helmet likely punctured the man's brain, but regardless the body of the guard slumped forward and fell to the ground just as the second guard realised what was happening. He went to draw his sword, but Odin simply kicked him in the stomach, hearing a few ribs break as the Lich sent the man flying into the wall of the main gate. His head cracked against the stone walls, and no other noise came from him. The disgust that permeated the air turned to horror even before Odin had killed the men.

It seemed Caelum was no different to Fiore: they wished to treat him like a monster, so he would be one for them. After all, he just needed to get the staff. How he acquired it, and what state he would leave the country in wasn't important.


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The search for Morrigan's Staff has concluded.

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