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Blessings [Bodak]

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It was a lovely day. The sky was blue, the weather was nice. It wasn’t too sunny, nor was it raining. You could say that it was partly cloudy, and since it was a Sunday, people were out and about, doing their Sunday things. Kaiser herself was out of the hotel room, wearing a nice cotton dress and simply out here to enjoy the weather. Besides the nice weather, it was very peaceful too. It wasn’t noisy like it normally was on busy days. Maybe it was what she liked about Sundays. They were peaceful, and sometimes she felt like going to church just because it was a thing that believers did. She was not a believer, but she just wanted to try out new things, you know?

Kaiser sat outside a cafe with a cup of passionfruit tea. A cool breeze brushed some loose strands of her hair out of her face and she took a deep breath. She felt exceptionally nice this morning. She thought of asking Zane to come along with her, whom she was reminded of by the empty seat in front of her, but she decided that she wanted to be alone for the day.

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Bodak Manji
Shura's Shadow
Curse that old man. He never seemed to be of any real use. Maybe he had his uses. Maybe he was important at one time, but now, today, he was a mortal just as they were. A useless mage.

She sighed, leaving her home on her Sunday. A black sheer top with her black bra under and her ivory white shorts on her bottoms. Her feet wrapped in bandages, as well as her hands. A single gym bag full of funds, with a single duty tied to it. She had to find the woman, at least, that didn't seem so hard. It wasn't against her rules anyways. She reached into the black bag, taking out her book, reading the various prayers. Even if she didn't really believe in the words, they seemed to remind her of a life she long forgot.

She walked the streets with a picture embedded in her mind. Seconds turned to minutes. Minutes turned to hours, and hours left her parched. Finding herself at a cafe, she found her mark. She took an open seat.

"Kaiser, right?" She would say, lifting the bag on top of the table. Whatever was there, didn't matter anymore. Only what her job was. With two pats, she leaned back in her seat, flipping through the pages.
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Sundays were full of surprises. She was simply thinking about what else she could do to pass this lovely day, when a dark haired lady appeared out of nowhere, bringing her out of her daydream-y state. A large black bag was placed on the table between them, and Kaiser quickly cupped her drink to prevent spilling. She tried to think of who this girl might be, though she could not bring up a single person she knew who looked like this. The first thing she thought of was that she was in trouble. Black bags never bring anything good. For all she knew, there could be a dead body in there, or something like that.

Without another word, the mysterious woman took the empty seat in front of Kaiser and began to read. There were a lot of questions in her head, like how did she know her name? How did she know where to find her? Who was this woman!? “Yes? What’s this?” was her response. She didn’t want to open the bag, but it seemed like the stranger had brought it for her, so she did. Slowly unzipping the bag—she was being careful—Kaiser lifted her butt of the char and peered through the opening. What she saw made her immediately sit back down and zip up the bag. She gave the woman with a very questioning look.

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Bodak Manji
Shura's Shadow
"A gift from God." she spoke. Perhaps it was wrong, but in her eyes it was as much as truth as the sky being blue. Her god spoke to people, and Seki was one of them. If he ordered Bodak to drop off a package, then it was god's will that did so. She flipped through her pages.

"Sunday is a good day as any to accept Her grace." Bodak would speak once more, fingering the edges of her book. It was like a bible in most senses, but to her, it felt more like a diary. "I'm simply a delivery girl for Manji." She would give a glace upwards at her, not facing away from her book. "Though, I'm happy to keep it for myself. It's a present for you, milady."

That's all she needed to say. All she had to say was that it was the will of their great nameless god. But instead she babbled and made more talk than her task required. Maybe it was a waste, or maybe it was all worth while. To take that bag back was to make an act of treason. Something she was not planning to do for as long as she needed a home to live in. Even with that money, it would mean nothing if she went down in flames.


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At this point, Kaiser was sure that this was a joke. ‘A gift from God’, really? Struggling to suppress a laugh, the sorceress shifted in her seat. She was tempted to check the money’s authenticity, but it would be disrespectful to the stranger in the case that her assumption was wrong. The fact that she addressed her ‘God’ as a ‘Her’ made Kaiser raise an eyebrow. A goddess? What kind of religion did she believe in? Keeping her questions to herself, Kaiser pulled the bag towards her. She didn’t mind getting free money, as long as it didn’t bring trouble.

“Well, thanks. It’s very strange but I accept. You can leave now,” she told the lady, being the unsociable fiend she was. Pulling the bag off the table, she dropped it so that it was underneath the table. Now she could see the woman properly and remember her for eternity. Just from the weight of the bag, she could tell that it was a lot of money. Maybe she was just really lucky. She didn’t know exactly how she was going to spend all of it, but it was definitely going to be useful when she tried to settle down.

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