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Fist of the Stranger [Solo]

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Fist of the Stranger || SOLO

It was a wonderful afternoon, solely due to Hiketsu managing to escape the concrete jungle locals call Magnolia. Reaching the East Forest was one of the best decisions - if not the best decision Hiketsu has ever made since he entered Fiore. Unexpectedly enough, the East Forest was not a mere forest. Its climate, warm at the first sight with a decent amount of moisture in the air, complemented the vegetation and the overall flora in a poetic way. In the distance, if listened to carefully, one could hear the whispers of a river flowing through the heart of the forest. It was an ideal training place, away from the crowds and private enough for a warrior willing to get his hands rough.

Hiketsu had no idea what kind of tree he was looking for specifically, but he knew that a tree is what he requires for his fists. He heard from the instructors of Joya about an unorthodox fighting style that didn't focus on the use of swords, as Kendo does, but on his own bare hands. Perhaps a fist cannot do as much damage as a blade or a spell, but it should be enough for self defense until the adventurer could afford an actual weapon.

Eventually Hiketsu ran into a tree wide enough to be mistaken for an actual house. It was the perfect punching bag. Sturdy, rough, challenging - ideal for someone who would spend the rest of the day hitting a trunk. And that's exactly what Hiketsu did. He spent the following hours bruising his knuckles through various types of hits. Direct punches, hooks, jabs, crosses, even headbutting the tree at some point, only to improve his fitness and remain in shape.

He could easily tell why it was an unorthodox fighting style and why no one would depend on it, yet that did not stop him from training his hand to hand, or better said hand to tree combat, without any regrets.

Wordcount: 326/300 - Event reduction.

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