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Dawn of a new Reality.(Open)

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Dawn of a new Reality.(Open) - Page 2 Empty on Wed Aug 28, 2019 9:35 am

Kazimir Seiryu
"Sounds like he was a talented person. I would think it would have come up when they found out that you were joining the Knights. But your parents seem like secretive people about their past." He brought up as he remembered the mystery of Judith's youthful appearance.

Kaz could understand her father's reaction on some level. After all he was in a life and death battle with his own family. Thoughts he let drift away.

"Torn between family and duty. But You'll make the choice that's best for you. But speaking of," he didn't actually know what kind of Magic Judina had. "What is your magic? I've never seen it?"

Kaz smiled, "Maybe you're the thief taking my thoughts of a home," making a small joke her way. "A forest is a good place to meditate. I remember the feeling of just running through them. The wind on my face. A lake would be nice. I used to wade through rivers to try and catch fish with my hands. Part of training with the other clans."

"I'd like the house to be higher up, so I could overlook the land. And a more defensible position."
A mix of natural beauty and practicality. There were unexpected commonalities between them and he never would have guessed her humor. Seeing her outside of work put her in a new light.

He tilted his head to listen at whatever it was she needed to ask. Judina made the comment about seeing her in less and Kaz took an urgent deep swallow of the tea already at his lips. "Wait...no. ..I didn't mean that at all," he laughed and set his tea down while waving with his other hand. It was more of a surprise that it came from Judina than the words themselves. "I just meant that if you wanted people to see you differently, an outward change may be nice."

Slowly he was seeing the blunt and teasing side of her. He shook his head while she laughed, "Well it looks like you have quite a few jokes up your sleeves,"

"I'd be lying though if I was interested in seeing what you look like in less combat ready clothes."

Suddenly she stood up and her armor flowed off her like water. Kaz put a hand up to obscure all but Judi's face and closed one eye. "Uh, Judi...what are you doing?"

He saw the undershirt appear around her shoulders. Knowing she was clothed he lowered his hand to see her armor glide away from her, revealing her blue attire beneath.

"So that's your magic. I see you decided to go with less,"
he said teasing her back, getting more used to her style of humor and feeling he could be himself a little more too. "That is very graceful magic." It was an impressive magic.

He smiled, "As bold as you've always seemed, Judina. In that case it's my pleasure to have your company." A part of him worried about what she could potentially get dragged into but if she felt no fear then neither would he. He sipped his tea once more, enjoying the calm.

"You can wish for that. Why not? I think you would be a great mother.  why do you feel that way?"

"Myself. I've never thought about having children. Everything has always been about protecting others and getting revenge."

He made room for her to sit back down and refilled her tea.

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Dawn of a new Reality.(Open) - Page 2 Empty on Thu Aug 29, 2019 7:37 am

At least it put it all into place, It made sense why Judina was worried."It makes me wonder what they are hiding and why." Judina forgot the fact the Judith tried to tell her the truth and she did not believe her mother and walked off. She forgot that but it was something that maybe was Judina fault for not believing when her mother opened up.

"Much like my father, I have metal make magic."Judina mentioned."Where he prefers to make objects with out many metal around, I prefer to branch my weapons and things i make from my armor when I can do the same as him."Only minor thing really is color as well, Judina's was normal color of metal and her fathers was golden in color It would detail she left out but if Kazimir met Anders would pick up most likely rather easily.

It seemed Judina humor was varying but not super teasing."At this point it seems I should wonder what is next, Are you going to try and live with me if i find my said place."So far still not overly horrible humor if anything it could leave ideas for him that he could easily say yes too if he wanted to joke around or be serious. they were normal people now at least, Judina seemed more normal if anything aside from her metal boots.

Only thing noticeably different with Judina with out armor and tiara, Was slash marks left on her one her shoulders, aside from that she seemed like a normal woman beyond that. Then again she was as normal as she could remember normal being.

"I can make various shape from my armor as well."getting up from her spot again Judina would walk over and stick her right hand into her armor. Pulling her basic iron sword from her armor. Then while walking back to her chair the sword would melt slowly on to her hand and melt into a bracelet around her wrist a well craft and almost bright sliver in look."It is interesting to wonder how far beyond i could go."Judina just casually mentioned to herself.

When it came to that conversation Judina did not seem uncomfortable about it."Part of me still will doubt myself in terms of being one, I would have to seriously think about it." Doubt was dangerous to a woman like her and she knew it, But maybe just because she was not feeling ready for it right now."If you linger on revenge for too long, you may lose yourself into a pit of darkness beyond your vision."The ever color language Judina spoke Kazimir could easily image Judith even speaking that way too, But Judina had a point about it.

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Dawn of a new Reality.(Open) - Page 2 Empty on Sat Aug 31, 2019 5:14 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
"Are you going to ever look into it again? Find out what they are hiding?" He asked without possibly realizing how heavy that may be.Secrets within a family could change the entire dynamic. But he believed Judi could handle whatever it was.

"Metal make,"
he said curiously. His hand rubbed his chin as he looked at the armor standing on its own. "So you can make anything you want from that armor? Does it have to be the same amount of metal or can you expand the amount of metal and create new metal?" How deep did her powers go? He wondered if she could also just conjure any amount of metal at will.

He looked up in the sky and thought. "huh?" He murmured in a tone easily taken by the wind. "That would save on rent," he replied playfully but could be taken as a serious point as well. His eyes narrowed in a joking way, "You are sly Judina. Trying to plant ideas in my mind, huh," he teased back. She had certainly become more casual during the talk. Something that relaxed Kaz as well. He was laid back and felt at ease enough to even joke around a bit.

His eyes wandered to the slash marks on her shoulder. He nodded his head towards them, "How did you get those?" He assumed it wasn't a off putting question as if she wanted them hidden she could easily do so, but they were open for the world to see at least when she let her armor down.

When she pulled the sword from her armor, Kaz just listened and watched. Such a simple motion to bring forth the sword and then craft it into an accessory with ease. "That is impressive. I'd like to see your magic in action sometime. See what you can really do with it. The possibilities seem almost limitless.Type, shape, size. Can you make complex pieces, like gears?"His natural curiosity was getting the best of him and he couldn't help himself from asking questions. Never having met a maker magic user it was all a new experience for him.

"Its a big decision in life. I think everyone would doubt how well they would do at it." Kaz never gave the idea thought these days. The last time he thought of a such a thing was when he was to be wed. Even now, even after his revenge he didn't know if he'd want any.

A small gust of wind was conjured at their feet. It stirred up the dirt and leaves and blew them to the sides. "Sometimes a harsh wind must blow in order for new paths to be made. I've been lost in the dark already. Only recently have I come back from it," he took a deep breath. "I tracked them down to these cliffs...they refused to surrender."He didn't think he had to elaborate on what that meant. Thinking about the bodies he left in the Astera cliffs. Although he left out a bit of brutality about it. More of a hunt than tracking.

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Dawn of a new Reality.(Open) - Page 2 Empty on Mon Sep 02, 2019 9:54 am

Judina seemed to only ponder for a moment as an answer to that very question, She never had some one ask for a rather in depth about it. Judina in reality never consider a part of that at all and she would answer that way too."I never thought about that really."In a moment of lapse of since she would slowly piece together how it work."It is a normal iron sword I bought it just happens with my magic i don't need to sheath it."She started by mentioning about it."I just some how get it to work and make things around my hands and feet to punch and kick with sometimes. I would image it is the expanding on it part."Judina mentioned.

Judina then only laughed about it for a moment."Go ahead consider your options if you do it, I can take you to jail."Judina mentioned about it most likely because she would not would think twice about it, Even if this was still humorous, Judina was far too honest for being that whole idea about it."But that is just me, knowing what is what and wrong."Judina laugh about and it would roll upon that next subject.

Judina did not seem to be really be hiding about it really."Regis when he was insane when i fought him the only one time."Marks of sword were rather deep but consider her slightly tan skin it was a noticeable remains of a scar almost like it was just marks on the skin but just lighter in skin color.

With that request Judina would quietly take the bracelet she had on her wrist and turn her it into a small gear. handing it to Kazimir."I will want that back."She would walk over to her armor and placing her hands upon it it would turn into puddle of metal and then slowly go into a gear as well. a larger one about a bit less of the entire suit of armor she used."But I don't need to often, I can make keys as well."Judina mentioned but placing a few fingers upon the large gear it would just go back to normal armor she wore slowly like a sweep of wind blowing past people.

"I doubt my self stronger then most people."
Judina mention taking the gear back and slowly it would much like that puddle of water seen, back into her armor and then eventually she would make her tiara."But i can never control that strong doubt."Letting out a sigh about what was mentioned since there it seemed like maybe it was right."Tracking down cliffs...Makes me wonder what else could lurk there."Judina then just clapped her hands together and then spreading her arms wise and made butterfly wings, She would be getting down this way."Did you make sure it was just things you were tracking down there?" Judina asked to be sure after getting an answer she would jump off internally scaring herself while she would be flying down.

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Dawn of a new Reality.(Open) - Page 2 Empty on Wed Sep 04, 2019 12:46 am

Kazimir Seiryu
He gave a nod at her response to acknowledge how difficult that conversation would be with her parents. With his hand on his chin he listened to her describe her magic. His eyes glanced back and forth between her and the suit of armor next to them. "Sheathing a sword within your own armor. That's a pretty handy skill. Mine is not so subtle of an art."

Kaz leaned back, "What do you mean? I simply meant that if we bought it together it'd save money. Nothing to go to jail for," he shrugged with a joking smile. Then his eyes flashed white, "Plus I couldn't do anything bad anyway or I'd loose my grace."
Yet another simple truth he revealed about himself. Showing the fact that he was a nephilim. Judina would be one of the few to know about it now and it felt good to get off his chest. Although it was a joke he did wonder what it'd be like to live with someone else. He had only ever had that experience with the wind clan.

Kaz reached a hand out and placed it on the scar, "I'm sorry you have to carry that with you," he took his hand away and placed it over his own chest. "I too have some scars from family etched into my body." He then gave a somewhat surprising smile that was warm, "It is good to see that you are not ashamed to show them. They are what defines you like the chiseled lines in a mountain from the wind."

A light hearted scoff came from Kaz as she dropped the gear in his hands. He rolled it around in his palm. The edges were elegantly done. The symmetrical grooves moved easily across his fingers. "You are full of surprises,"he replied as she transformed the armor into a large gear and then back again, wrapped around her body in the armor.

"Never doubt yourself Judi. You are stronger than you may think," he shortened her name without realizing he did so. She stood up and dropped down with a bit of flare. Kaz let out a sigh and packed away his tea before dropping down beside her, using the wind to slow his decent.

"I'm sure a great many things lurk here. Shall we go on patrol, like Knights in the old days?"
He asked with a cocked brow, hinting at the life as rune knights that they walked away from and yearned to go back to.

"Things? not things. I was tracking down the members of my clan to kill them,"
He said as if it were just any other conversation, while slipping his pack over his shoulders. He took a step forward ready for them to continue into the wilds of the cliffs.

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Dawn of a new Reality.(Open) - Page 2 Empty on Thu Sep 05, 2019 7:44 am

It was more likely a lot more to do that Judina had not learned or figured out, Would leave to wonder what her father Anders could do since he had many years more with that magic then her daughter."And make weapons upon the armor it's as well or just a piece of metal that isn't my armor."Judina did not quiet know the limit of that part yet really she would learn it some time.

"Implying to make currency isn't exactly a good idea, I would not do it under any ideal need."Judina was most likely just hard about that idea most likely she was just an honest person. That idea however, Judina seemed a bit more reasonable about."I would be see that working well partly working, I am unsure about living with another a person. The idea would be something I would agree too."Judina mentioned with that idea. Kazimir seemed to have pretty good luck with gaining a friendship with Judina and understanding both her normal life and what she was use to working."So you just need to be sure that you don't imply anything that could make you fall, That isn't something worth while."leaving it at that, Judina was not bothered by the signs of that at all.

The scars actually felt like they was like a dip in her skin, a slight blade of sword as a permanent indent in her shoulder she did not seem to bothered about that."I have the same kind of mark on her back as well."Was it pride or just acceptance? could be both that she was just okay with that reality.

With that part she had to ask."And slaying people who intend to harm you, yet have not too won't lose your grace? Unless I am unsure of how it all works."Judina could admit to being clueless of it but there was most likely was for him to get around it.

Judina was would slowly looking around and with in the area."is it just two?"Judina asked looking around as she would on duty but slowly she would point away from Kazimir's admitted killings."Because there is a third one here."As most likely not even a guess Judina would first to look and inspect the one Kazimir's dead clan members and she would ask."I also should not consider arresting you for this why?"Which was to be expected from Judina's mouth to speak after all she still was a protector of people and she had needed to know if he would have a way to either talk her out of it or a way to reason with her why she shouldn't. Which is fair for her to do and most likely an interesting situation for him.

"And after we settle this manners, There is this third body here as well."Judina also pointed it out She did not know if Kazimir had anything to do with it or not, So far she only figured to ask because, So far he was the was the only one to know of bodies here.

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz gave her a curious look. He wasn't sure how they had gotten to the topic of making counterfeit currency and gave a shrug, "Well, I don't know if that's exactly what I meant," he added with a laugh. "But making currency isn't something i'd be apart of. I only implied it would save on rent to live with someone. You know...share the bills."

Then he was surprised again at the fact she seemed a bit more serious about that idea than he thought. He cocked a brow and pursed his lip, "hmm" He gave the idea a bit more of a serious thought than the fleeting comment about living together he made earlier. "Well then, Perhaps we'll find ourselves in the same home one day," he replied with the slight tilt of his head. They did get along well it seemed. Not to mention they had the same taste in a place to live. He chuckled softly to himself, never expecting to have entertained such a thought.

"Yeah, I don't plan on losing my grace that easily," he said as he dusted the bark and dirt off his clothes. His fingers dipped into the wound on her shoulder. It felt like a small dent in a plate of armor. It reminded him of his own wounds and he knew they were more than just damage to the body. "Do they still ache?"

Judina's question about grace was met with a shrug and head shake, "I really don't know much. It was forced onto me. I can feel the pull of divinity and the need to protect the innocent. But...what counts as protecting them, I think is a little in the air. As we've seen from angels actions in the past." he looked away for a moment, "The seraphim that gave me grace was an angel of wrath and I used to feel the pull to be consumed by it sometimes. To bring down a fierce rage against evil. But I have that more under control now."

He didn't mind talking about the grace now that he was more attuned to it but there was still a lot he needed to learn about it. The conversation shifted as Judi pointed towards three bodies. Kaz sighed and blinked as he remembered the animal he was when he first came through here.

"I've taken the lives of six, but only two here. You said there is a third?"Feeling that Judina was a thorough investigator she would probably want all the facts. He undid the straps of his uniform and opened his shirt to reveal the two scars crossing his torso. Both were cuts but not made by a blade. They looked like wind that had carved out a piece of stone. Only the stone was his soft flesh, but it was a distinct pattern.

He rolled one of the bodies over to reveal the same wind scar pattern on the two. "A long time ago they left me for dead and gave me these scars with wind magic. I've done the same to them. That's how you know which I have killed. I have no other means too, so the third is not from me."

The uniform blew a bit in the wind and he fastened it back up. He smiled back at Judi, "Of course. I would expect nothing less. If it eases your mind, the wind clan have come to murder me, and have hurt numerous civilians along the way. The clan is largely operating more like a mafia now and trying to gain more power. If they were innocent, I would never have harmed them." He hoped that was enough for her. he had nothing else so it would have to be or else things would be getting more complicated between the two.

He stepped beside her as she answered and listened while kneeling to look at the third body. "What do you think happened here,"he asked casually as if he had not just admitted to being a murderer of sorts.

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She kind of just stopped for a moment."Right....well my bad."Judina realize that she was mistaken and kind of just tried to not seem to odd about it. But not playing it off either."My bad..."She sounded like she was embarrass for the moment of thought that she had but moved on quickly from it and tried not to be more awkward about it.

Judina then would mention."After we settle matters we have gotten ourselves into."This was an most likely an odd starting to most relationships either friends or anything else, Then again guess odd people did work in odd ways, At least Judith will be delighted with in either of their next meetings with her whenever that would be.

"I don't feel it anymore if they do."after so many years the pain must have faded away or Judina no longer noticed it."Theses have been many years a go, I forget they exist most of the time."It was not on her mind then again most people did not see them nor would it seem to effect anything to most people who did not know about the scars to start with.

Considering the moment and detail that and Kazimir seemed  a bit confused for the moment Judina believed him, Then again Judina might not be a human lie detector."then it appears some one else might had hand in this one's end."was the starting comment. This man seemed opposite from what Kazimir would so, Broken slowly into pieces in varying ways. It must have been from the fall off the cliff.

Judina made a thin layer of metal pick up the third body up like a basket carrying something and place it down before her."Broken bones, rugged stabs from an unknown blade or weapon."Judina mention."This is either a work of a demon we missed who had a weapon, Or a person who had a matter to settle with them." Judina did not want to imply whoever this Priscilla was, After all Kazimir did not know if she was here or not, She had to assume it was some one else. Give she was giving some one the benefit of the doubt and she would trail two things at once."What do you think might have happen to this one? no doubt a murderer knows if another has struck or not."Judina meant that in humor but it kind of turn out a but blunt and harsh given how Kazimir might know Judina he could figure out it was unintentional and she was trying to joke around again but work mode had taken over.

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir laughed at Judina's nearly awkward response, "It's nothing. After all, what more way to know we are normal than by making mistakes. As long as you don't think of me as some criminal mastermind," he teased back.

"Right, first things first," he nodded back as they continued. He didn't expect a casual walk through the cliffs to bring him here. Judina was different than most others he met but there was an easiness in being in her company. It seemed the whole living situation joke had taken an interesting turn and he could only guess at what Judith would say about it all.

"I see. I suppose it is the same for mine as well. i only think about them when I take the time to look. aside from the one I got from the angel. That one burns from time to time."
In their line of work it must be common to be burden with scars. Even beyond the deep ones with emotional ties, their endless struggle and battles would bring them more and more. The burden of being a Knight perhaps.

The scars on Kaz's body matched the two he claimed to have killed, "We have the same from fighting with each other and using the same magic. The third looks like stab wounds." He put back on his uniform and covered the scars on his body he had shown for proof. For the moment it seemed like she believed him. The again she wouldn't have a reason not to considering he claimed responsibility for the other two.

Kaz waited as Judina's magic dropped the body closer to them. The area was fairly hard to get to and it was a long fall to where the body was. "I agree, stab wounds, broken body parts. This was a crime of passion not just business. They either had a personal stake in it or enjoy killing and dismembering. A demon...perhaps. If so we need to canvas the area."

There was little else in the area that could give them a clue as far as he could see. He had only just arrived in Astera and wasn't familiar with anything that had been happening and he stood with arms crossed and thinking. Kaz rose an eyebrow with a smirk at Judina calling him a murderer in a rather blunt way, "Well you know we come in all shapes and sizes," he made a joke back but said it rather plainly. He was a bit surprised that she had at least accepted it so quickly although her tune still left some curious meaning behind it. It was true though.

"I'd say we need to find out who the dead man is and ask around town. Find out who would want him killed. See if there are any clues here. No doubt whoever it is would have left town by now." He did recognize the brutality of it though. From the animals she fought and the thieves she tried to stab to death.

"Although...I've only seen brutality like this once before...Priscilla. But I've got no reason to believe she'd be here. But it seems many people have made their way to Astera."

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Dawn of a new Reality.(Open) - Page 2 Empty on Tue Sep 10, 2019 2:51 pm

So far she did not but for now considering how Kazimir was around her, A part still would only consider him safe only for he was protecting himself. Judina was maybe able to consider him safe and not harmful to the public, After all he seemed to want to live normally, Then again to offer to live with another rune knight being a rune knight himself there was a sense of many things with it as well.

Which was an interesting point now."Indeed, Work first life pieced together after."These were strange moments but you could image the screams of joy of Judith in reality once she heard this news, Her family so far seemed to be pretty interesting and simple, Everyone wanted to see people safe and alive. In different ways.

So as Judina would mention."So you will be dismissed from having to be a possible cause of this man's end."Which was the no kidding moment of an entire conversation but they had a logical cycle they had to go through. Judina was sticking to the books so really to say about it."Are there any other signs of a demon lurking around here? I would image there would be something if it was lesser one."Judina mentioned slowly looking around keeping note the fact they did not check the top of the cliff, or anything."So far down here is clear."Judina seemed a bit worried about it why would some one just tear and ravage some one so much, surely they would most likely learn why soon.

This would lean Judina to having to ask Kazimir. "If you know that she is capable of this how do you know she had not been here?"Judina raised this point which is fair to mention so far."After all, You only assume, unless your tracking her some how?"She seemed to want an answer for that it which was fair."After all if this is capable of this, human or animal...She should not be free to walk these lands unless i am proven wrong."Might be the hard the part Kazimir to get to happen Priscilla to do that."You and I, if this is what Priscilla can do...Will have to track her down and bring in her. Leave her fate to who will judge her."This might be a of a tough thing to have to do for Kazimir since he was leaning on her being only a vigilante that is it no a criminal or a horrible monster.

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir didn't need to wonder too much what went through Judina's mind. She was a straight forward person. She likely didn't even keep much in the back of her mind. Truly focused on one task at a time. Although they found themselves in something of an interesting predicament. A bit unexpected with the idea of living together and also of Kaz's murderous past now out in the open. It gave the wind mage much to think about too. Would he kill again if it came to it?

He nodded back at her agreeing they should finish work first. All those other conversations could wait. "Good,"was his only remark at being cleared as a suspect. It meant they could get down to who was really behind this one."I haven't seen any other signs yet. Seems you want to check the top of the cliff?" His eyes glanced at the ledge that was above them. There very well could be something up there. He had fallen or been thrown from the top of it.

With a small shrug, "I don't know. She could very well have done this. Just seemed a bit unlikely that out of all the places in the country we'd end up in the same place. I wouldn't want to just jump to her without any real proof. But its a possibility for sure." He met her gaze when she mentioned Priscilla not walking free because of the brutality.

Indeed Priscilla was a loose canon. But she was someone Kaz had no reason to believe yet would cause the deaths of innocents. "It's important to find out why this man died and who he was. And I'll help you find out who he was. I won't stop you from tracking down Priscilla if that's where you are lead to."

He stepped closer and put his arm around Judina if she let him and then he would kick of the ground with a gust of wind that would take them to the top of the cliff. If not he would jump up alone and speak from there.

"But the world is facing down Demons and Seraphim. I can't turn away from that to track down someone I've only seen hurt criminals. It's important but for me its more important to deal with this threat and everything with Nerva first. If she were in town here, then of course. But if she has already gone...it's to much of a detour to run after someone without a direction."
He supported the need to get to the bottom of the case in front of them. But he couldn't bring himself to track down a single person who may or may not be responsible when demons, angels, and Nerva, still threatened the larger population. Kaz had to protect those innocent people first.

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In the end, She would just keep quiet since there was not much else to point out, It was just left to follow him up. After all she had other things she wanted to look into. She would have to think of a different way up this time because she already used the wings idea. so an anchor came into her mind with a chain as well.

Taking a few steps back after Kazimir went to the top of the ledge, clapping her hands together and pulling one of them away slowly while the point would form, Not choosing an anchor rather just a large hook strong enough to support her pull up.

with a hard throw not too long after Kazimir got to the top, the sound of the hook landing was heard, it clawed itself into the edge of the cliff, it took a bit more time while Judina pulled herself since she was just only doing it normally some one using a chain up a mountain would.

"So better question now from me."
She would ask just as she got on the edge of the cliff and just slowly took a few steps forward after her climb."Where would you image area wise we would go to talk to people to start with about trying to learn who this man was?"Judina seemed to be fine going along with what Kazimir wanted to do after all they were looking around the parts of the cliff for any signs. She just wanted suggestions where to start.

Slowly walking over to to a part of an area, Judina did not seem to see much that would be vastly interest for her to pick up upon right away. But it seemed like she had to walk not too much longer after that starting point to find the area where they were could pick up that this was the area that this man had damaged they way he was.

Rocks in place to look like it held a person down, Blood far too much then just to be a minor cut on some one, A small patch of purple fabric that seemed almost unknown for Judina. Kazimir could pick up it was a part of Priscilla's scarf, it had blood on it. it was a small piece that easily could be missed but large enough to be picked up on, Judina did not seem to have noticed the purple fabric yet only because she had walked over to the dried pool of blood to look at it.

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Kazimir Seiryu
A clang off a rock sounded from the top of the cliff's ledge as the claw hit rocks. Kaz took one large step away from it, glad that it hadn't struck his foot. As Judi got closer to the ledge Kazimir reached out his hand to help pull her up. "Sorry about that, I would have taken you with me but didn't know how you'd feel about zipping through the air."Her magic still intrigued him as she seemed to have such a vast control over what it could do.

The air somehow felt drier up here. But it was something he was used to since living in the caves around here. Not a way of life he wanted to relive.

He ran his foot through the dust on the ground as he thought about her question. "Well. We don't have anything to go on. I suppose someone will make a report about a missing persons so we could check the RK headquarters here for that." So far the man seemed unremarkable No flashy clothes or discerning markings that would set him a part from anyone else.

The area was mostly clear of any signs of struggles. No major conflict seemed to happen here. He joined Judina in searching the area. Nothing stood out at first. The usual bushes and brush of the outdoors. Then Judina uncovered the place it had happened. Stacked rocks and trails of blood scoured the ground. Once upon a time the wind mage would have grimaced at the sight, but after what he had seen and...done himself, he simply looked on and analyzed the scene.

A piece of purple fabric laid almost undetected between the rocks. Torn from a larger article of clothing. Kaz knelt down and tugged on it, shifting the rocks and pulling it free. The pebbles rolled to the ground and bounced off larger rocks. The purple scarf was held in his hands and he recognized it instantly. Perhaps because they had just been talking about her.

"Judi. Seems the improbably has come to pass. This scarf is the same as Priscilla's," he said as he handed Judina the bloody garment.

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Taking the hand before her. Judina then would stick her hand out and with that, The chain returned to the armor and just melted in."It is fine, With that moment it is better that I do it myself too."casually mentioning about it, Since Judina was not worried about it."It is good practice to do that."Judina would continue on her way to what they were looking into. She was more interested in other matters anyway.

It was a fair point she made but had other things she maybe thinking up as well."We will have to listen around just in case but so far with nothing that really made him stand out, we won't have not much unless some one mentions a missing man, But we will have a lot of missing men to sort thought at this rate."She did have a plan for this however and she would start explaining it."So, We will when we can go where we can find the reports of missing men and find a matching face if he had been report."Judina had that as a plan, So she would be more then willing to go along with it. It would take time to dig trough it but Judina and she would most likely assume Kazimir would as well unless something else came up too.

To make sure Judina asked."What would lead you to be sure of that?"Even with Kazimir holding the piece of the scarf, She wanted to be sure what Kazimir would be really be sure about it Judina was trying to be a fair judge."After all I did not think that would be something of hers I don't know what she wears normally."Kazimir would be the only one between the two who knew what colors Priscilla wore.

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Kazimir Seiryu
Of course she was the kind of women to want to do things alone. To stand on her own, but at least with this simple hand up she was okay with taking it. "True, good practice for both. Standing on ones own and relying on others from time to time." He said it but it was something he had not really embraced fully. He relied on only himself for most of the major things in his life.

She was right. it would be a difficult case to figure out if no one had come forward. If this man had no ties to the community or none that would miss him then it was easy for him to just fade away and his story to be forgotten. Kaz crossed his arms and contemplated about where they could go from here, but the only real choice was the missing persons board. "Yeah. It's going to be a tricky one, but hopefully someone reported something."

With that plan in motion it would seem Kaz's time in Astera was not at an end just yet. There was always something but with Nerva on the rise he didn't intend on deviating to far from taking care of that. "It's a plan then. Head to RK and see if they have heard of anything."

Judina asked to verify if what he assumed was true. Kaz touched the bloodied scarf once more and nodded once. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure. She is one of the few people I know that wears this color purple. And I think its part of her scarf. The wounds on the dead man fits her attack pattern too." He was as sure as he could be about it. "Its not definite proof of course, but it is enough to include her as a suspect and merit questioning her about it."

Even with the newfound information though, he was still not sure if he would have the time to track down Priscilla with everything else going on. But he was curious as to what Judi made of it all and left the torn fabric in her hands. "What do you intend to do now?"

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