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All The Stars [Erebus]

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Ylva hardly wasted any time looking for her Mentor. Once she arrived in Era and get a few jewels in her pocket she hunted him down. Her excitement to show him what she learned made her an unstoppable force of locating power. Once she found out where he was located she left a note with the inn keeper that she was sure he stayed in, directing him to meet her near the fountain in era's main square. She requested his presence after the sun had set so she could invite him out to dinner as a way to impress him with ordering food properly this time around.  Dressed in a black off the shoulder blouse, black pencil skirt, and red shoes, she looked stunning. Her hair was neatly styled with a red and gold flower pin holding some of it back. Sitting at the fountain she practiced some of the basic syllables and sounds in order to try and phase out her accent. To her it was the only thing holding her back.


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However in the heck she had done it, Erebus was found. He read the note in it's icebergian tongue with his hand scratching the back of his neck, the huge sword strapped around the mantle of what one guessed to be a sheath holster. If it had been this easy to figure him out, he wondered how the demons and rune knights weren't on his trail yet. Oh right. Rune Knights didn't have brains, and Demons could only burrow through during Incursion Waves.

Thankfully, he hadn't heard of any in Era lately, meaning that he might not have the same war zone esque venture like he did with Vali that night. Either way, Erebus made strides to get up and go see his pupil, the crazy thing about Ylva was her bravery. Erebus had very much threatened to butcher her into tiny Yalvan pieces had she not paid him last time, but she cared enough to actually hunt him down for another lesson. Ylva was alright, Erebus thought casually. She was growing on him.

Showing up to the fountain place wasn't so difficult, in fact it wasn't far from his residence. However, the change of look would probably through the Icebergan off. Foreigners probably didn't understand the magic behind potions. To be honest, the art of it all derived from Wood Elves. Without Kec, the blind seer. Erebus wouldn't have had his either.

"Ylva, make haste." Erebus said dryly, in her language. "How did you find me." He squinted questionably, but... Shit, it was kind of nice for someone to care that much. But also, well, it was just weird too. Ylva was a strange girl.


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In the middle of her trying to fiddle around with sounds so they didn't sound so weighed down, a voice called out to her. The voice sounded strange but the words were recognizable by how they were spoken. Without a second thought she quickly jumped up and followed behind the voice just a few inches. I found you? Erebus? How, what happened to the face? You look so...Different. The Fiorian language flowed out a little choppy but at this moment she was confused. Why did he look so different. What happened to his face? Was this even Erebus?


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Erebus was awkward, she was right. He was different, but he didn't necessarily have a choice in the matter, the corpse was beginning to decompose so he went to Kec to fix it, she simply gave him a potion, though the effect blended Vance and Erebus. The shell merely became a house for the consciousness, it's old appearance fell away. Otherwise, the Strategist wouldn't have looked so god damn emo. "Magic Ylva, this is my true appearance, this is what my soul looks like. You were merely seeing what everyone sees, I can't blame you for hallucinating or what be it." Erebus grinned, casually brushing it all away despite the fact that it was... Very weird, and that wasn't said lightly. This was right around the time he noticed how decorated she was, her golden pin, her black blouse. "Hey you actually look nice, good shit. But I must ask, why?" Erebus was smart, but also linear. He always had been, things change, but not everything. He sat down at the fountain, looking up at the stars, he then put her to the test. "No more Iceb- hey wait a minute." Erebus realized they were speaking Fioran at that moment. She was impressive, guess showing her the time, motivated her to push the scale. Her limits were exhibiting a much more intelligent peak than he had once anticipated. "Ylva, you're doing well. You sound like a frog caught your throat though, maybe we should work on your vowel sounds."


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She didn't understand really but she didn't have to. If he said it was magic and that's what he really looked like, then she wouldn't press him further for details, because she knew she wouldn't really get it. At the moment her only gripe was if he would change his face again. This wasn't how she planned the first few minutes to go but she could roll with the punches. Ok well first. Good shit? I'm sure the first thing you taught me was shit being bad. Also thank you? I think? I had some... Uh. Reservation for us at a restaurant. It didn't matter when they showed up as long as they did. Their table would be ready for them regardless. Yes. I know. It's a little harder to uhhh.. get the words out smoothly. but do not worry, I will get there. What have you been up too since we last spoke? She wanted to keep the conversation going. She wanted to keep impressing him with how well she was doing. She didn't want him to see that his teachings were all in vain.

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Huh, nothing slipped past this one. It was true that he had taught her the Rune Knights were shit, and they were. By going around and unteaching her now, it might confuse her, nonetheless he decided he'd act on those thoughts irregardless, because to say she wasn't attractive, would be a lie. Ylva did look very exceptional, Erebus just wasn't use to complimenting people. In fact, it had been a very long time in his life since he last did it. Years in this world. Centuries in the next. "In this case, shit isn't so bad. I'm just using it to represent that while all over girls are regular shit, you standout as the best shit... In a good way." He offered her a warm smile. Before it fell down again, seconds later. "You're welcome Ylva, I quite like having you around. I'm glad you were able to make it to Era; where the city doesn't sleep." He then listened to her address that she had made a reservation... At a restaurant. Kind of uh, formal for a lesson. It sounded more like a date, but since she was dressed up. Erebus decided not to comment on that, to be honest there was few people who were even remotely as pure and good-natured as Ylva. In a way, even though Erebus was a fiend, he wanted to preserve her. There was no need for her to get her feelings hurt and he didn't fancy the thought of it. "That's nice, where at? What place?"


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It was weird for a word to have so many contradicting meanings. She wouldn't dwell on that too long and just accepted that he did in fact mean well. Oh I get it. You are being too kind to me. I don't deserve it really. Pushing a stray loc of her hair back into it's place she returned his smile, but unlike his, hers did not fade away. I made a reservation at a restaurant called Abundance. I hear good things about it. A friend recommended it to me. We have a area to ourselves so it's fine if we continue our studies there right? If you want to go somewhere else though I'm fine with that too. Holding eye contact with an innocent gaze she really didn't mind where the two ended up on this night, as long as she got to learn more and take something out of this day.


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Erebus shrugged, he decided that perhaps she was right, maybe he was being too kind. He never could tell; other people reacted so much differently then he, all he could do was put on faces to make people get the idea. If he was grateful. Smile. If he wanted you to die? Scowl. That's pretty much the jist of personifying personality right? It kind of bothered him, but no matter. He dismissed the thought of being different, everyone was different. "Abundance, huh?" He crossed his arms, moving a finger and thumb to his chin, curious. "Can't say I've been, I wonder if it was added in the last two years? Whatever. I'd love to accompany you, and talk more about the facets of knowledge. Nothing, makes me as curious as learning new things. I can only guess we share that passion Ylva." His eyes, both a different color, seemed to look away from the skyline back down to her own. She demonstrated the signs of being truly happy, excited even. Erebus couldn't help but understand. Knowledge is power. "It's probably close by, want to lead the way?"


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She nodded her head and began to lead the way. She would be showing him something new in and she was content with that. But because he had never been there meant that he might not like the food. You haven't told me what you've been up to when I asked...It's ok if you don't want to tell me. I probably shouldn't press it, I just didn't know if you heard me or not. Her accent though thick didn't stop her voice sounding like a little bell with how light it was. There was no bass behind her voice, she could easily get lost in a group conversation and pushed out with it. It really didn't take the two long to arrive at the restaurant and once inside they were immediately seated and had, menus, glasses of wine poured for them, notepads and pens placed at their table, and given a basket of fresh breads with a waiter on standby to take their orders when they were ready. She really had this night planned out for a wonderful learning experience.


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The truth was, Erebus was kind of hoping he could get away with telling Ylva he hadn't done anything in the almost two weeks since he last saw her. But as it stood, he was in business with a Lich, stirring the chaos of a drug ring, and still patiently waiting for the next band of Demons to pop up ready to drag his sorry maniacal ass back to the Underworld. That was a lot to go into though, especially for his Language Student. "Oh, I suppose I got caught up rambling.. To tell you truthfully, it would jeopardize your safety to reveal the things I do in my spare time Ylva. I'd rather not expose you to the other side of this town. It's... Much darker than you'd think." Erebus wasn't ashamed of what, or who he was. But telling the only person who gave him the time of day, that he was a mass murderer, drug dealer, famous criminal... All that was just a lot. Hell, the most innocent thing about Erebus was that he died for refusing to be a lackey. That in and of itself, was pretty weak. "What of yourself? Aside from your studies, have you come across anything else? How have you been lately?"


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Now that sounded ominous but she was respectful enough not push further, and she appreciated that he cared enough to let her know that it was indeed dangerous to tell her. She wasn't expecting the question to be thrown back at her and she was happy that it did because she had so much to share. I've been well. In need of a lot of saving in recent times. I feel like a burden, I'm not strong enough to protect myself, but I'm strong enough to heal and help others. It is very tiring to want to be useful but being a burden instead. I've been lucky enough to find the light of Illium, which is something I'm very much happy with She glowed when she said this, it was honestly the most exciting part of her time away from Erebus. She had learned so much just embracing it and understanding what it meant that she wanted everyone to share in her joy.


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"You're overthinking it. We all need saving sometimes," He tried to console her grief. Being saved over and over definitely could impact your confidence. Erebus was able to gather that much, in his world however. It was always a struggle, just to figure life out even.

He paid her mind, but the further she got into with the things that she was saying, the more Erebus felt a dread wash over him. His face showed a frown, perhaps he was vexed. Someone had turned this poor girl into a religious nut-case. The Church had gotten to her, he exhaled sighing. "I'm not so sure about Illumin, the whole idea of a one true God. Seems kind of odd, I mean. What evidence do we even have of him, aside from the stories of Angels. I don't buy into it, just rubs me wrong. But if you've been woken to some sense of faith, I won't tell you what to believe in." Erebus once believed, but time and again God failed to show his face. That does something to a person, down to the most basic core. It shatters them, to beg... Plead? For what? To be let down. Those were Erebus' and his deepest feelings to Illumin, probably why he'd never seen a blessed day in his life.

As the two neared the building, blinking neon pink lights casted a lighting against their clothes, Erebus tried to ignore the negativity in him. Today he was just out here trying to teach new things to Ylva. There was no time to let other such precautionary get in the way of the lesson. "Oh, well. Certainly decorative now isn't it?" He said, stopping a few feet before the door, only to pay attention back to the Icebergian damsel.


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She wasn't so sure about that. Anyone who needed to be saved as much as she did could be seen as weak, something she had to come to terms with almost as soon as she arrived in this country. She could only smile and nod at his comment though, because she didn't want to seem... Ungrateful. She wouldn't comment on what he said on Illium. There was always a deep gnawing in her that was against believing in what she did, but she needed something to lean on, something to believe in, because she really didn't believe in herself. Her need was only made worse when she arrived here alone, for her the god she chose to place her faith in was one of comfort for her. " Yes it is. It was opened recently. I think they are attracting new customers. " Leading the way inside they were seated quickly led up some stairs to a table already set for them, near a window with a view of the city.


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Erebus kind of let her talk to herself, he didn't mean anything by it. He was just cold in that way, his beliefs were very self-sufficient after all. Take what you want, kill what you need, rob the ignorant, etc. Those were hellish radical views, but then, Erebus wasn't all sane either. Matter of fact, he was beyond the comprehension of just mortal anymore, he was idealistic. A plague to the nature of good man. The list could go on for eternity. As Erebus walked behind Ylva ever so slightly, they made their ways up the stairs, he couldn't help but notice how womanly she really was, his eyes dared him in that way. But like many things in this lifetime, those thoughts could be smothered, his eyes glanced elsewhere-- gandering out toward the open window. Roses and pixies seemed to be the theme here, it was unique; mystical. "So, are we to begin then? If there is an area you're struggling in, I might be of some assistance. Enlighten me as to where you've left off, and we'll ride the lesson out from there." Spoke the Abyssian, as he pulled his chair out, and threw himself down slouching, a foot up against the side railing. His hand moved to the table, where it gripped a menu. Odd cuisines seemed to fill the page.


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As the two settled into their seats she was presented with the question of what she needed help with. Sitting up in her chair she let the question float around, she had learned a lot in a very short amount of time but she understands that her pronunciation wasn't the best nor were some of the usage of her words. If anything she just needed a better grasp of the language as a whole. She felt like a parrot that knew what word went where but not really why. I think. Sometimes I use the wrong word. Or worse sometimes my words do not come out in order. I believe that I still need alot of work. I should carry a dictionary. A light giggle filled their area as she spoke on that last sentence. It was a joke but she honestly could benefit from it. A waiter arrived and began pouring a red drink in their cups. Ylva didn't know what it was but took a sip anyway. It was sort of bitter, sort of sweet, it was different than what she's ever tasted and it showed on her face.


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Erebus kind of grinned, holding a hand to his chin in order to think about it. "There's nothing weird about a little accent, it's unique. Shows that you came from a different language and so you inherit a certain sound in your pronunciation. Why change everything for the acceptance of someone else. Fuck them." Erebus followed up. Stopping the waiter from pouring his wine drink. "Just ale for me." It reasoned to explain that Erebus wasn't a wine drinker, and wasn't familiar with the flavors. He'd served pinot grigio and chardonnays, stuff of the sort to superiors when he was younger. But the ship came and sailed for that, Erebus moved nothing but vengeance against other men now.  He carefully thought about his next words. Since every interaction would have impact on his chance to meet the girl again. He was fond of her adamant nature. Her resistance to ignore meeting him. In a way, it fed his ego. "Suppose I could teach you Joyan next, doesn't seem like you need much help with Fioran at this point. Then again, it is pretty simple when you get over that first wall... That is, if you think yourself smart enough to juggle more than one language-in-training at the time." Erebus watched the waiter who'd left their side walk downstairs. He assumed the man was traveling to the bar, to get his choice of beverage.


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Ylva was really starting to enjoy the taste of whatever was poured for her. She wanted to ask what it was because she didn't wanna be seen as ignorant. It's not for anyone.. It's for me. This not a little accent. It is so thick that I have to say the same thing over and over again for some to understand me...It's a wonder you do. It is almost as bad as me not even knowing the language. For the first time since she's been around Erebus her face let go of it's smile and a furrowed into a frown. There were many so many hurdles that she had to get over, never having being used to doing that was becoming a strain on her. Taking another sip of the red stuff in her cup she looked over the menu that was in front of her.

Joyan is easy for me.. I've moved around a lot before I was teleported here, you'd be surprised by how many languages I do know. She spoke in Joyan to drive the point home. She was smarter than she gave herself credit for, but the stress of starting over alone placed her in a really tiring position. Erebus didn't know this but his presences helped her connect to her new surroundings better, and she has made it a point to go out of her way to be near him because it made her feel more connected to her surroundings and less alone in general.


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That red glass looked portrait worthy in Ylva's hands, perhaps in another life she was a royal, or a prince's fiance. Either way, Erebus was a warrior and wished to drink as one. His ale would be up shortly, for now there wasn't much to do but chat, something he normally bored in. Tonight was... Different though. Erebus found splendor in being around the blue-haired foreigner. She was delicate, something like a treasure, and had the year been a hundred or so earlier, she was the type of girl men raided villages to kidnap and profit from. Erebus had occasionally thought of women like that, simple objects to trade around a table to the highest bidder. But his opinion changed when he started to learn this girl. She was an odd one, something truly special. But she was so good, that it hurt Erebus to be there. Perhaps-- he could make her his. Or at least, change the direction of her beliefs, her heart. Taint it, molest the thoughts of a good girl and make her something... Twisted like him.

But her purity was her most promising asset, Erebus would need to think about what Ylva's future around him held. "Thick accent or not, I think it makes you sound strong. You're the voice of your people, and you should be honored by that." The fiend said, emphasizing the words he made sure she should hear. His ale arrived, with its cork already popped off he began to down the beverage, sitting up straight. He allowed her to speak again, shedding light that she understood Joyan already. "Ah, so it can't be helped then." Erebus spoke with a smile that could tempt Lilith herself. "You can't be my student anymore Ylva." He allowed a dreadful silence to influence her next thoughts, ones he hoped to read on her face like the book that she was. "We're pals now."


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He was being nice. It sounded like he was anyway. Voice of her people? She could hardly remember them. Her family moved around so frequently she never got a chance to fully enjoy the traditions that came with being from Iceberg, or from anywhere really. She smiled, Ylva didn't want him to think she didn't appreciate what he was doing. Taking another sip of the smooth red liquid she felt her face warming up. The pale skin around her face started to turn a notable pink around the nose and cheek area. She notice her posture loosening up but she thought nothing of it as she shifted slightly in her seat allowing on leg to drape gracefully over the other. Erebus's words started to flow differently, a lot more plesant causing her to smile in such a silly manner that it almost looked like a smirk as she heard him speak. Pals? You want to be pals with me? That sounds nice. Pals it is. What are pals? Taking another sip of her glass she was starting to get used to the taste, it was nice, subtle, that wasn't bitterness she was tasting anymore, it was something else.


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Erebus probably should have explained words like this to Ylva, as he sometimes used them ironically. "It means we're friends Ylva, I look at you as equally intelligent now, we both know three or more languages. Then again, I suppose I was just a tutor from the jump, but not anymore. You're lucky too, my only other friend is dead. Well, I suppose there was this guy in Astera too, but he's kind of an asshole." Erebus said referring firstly to Odin, who was dead; that wasn't a lie. Then secondly to Vali, who was pretty much a self-absorbed leader. Erebus was very similar, only he was kind of the Renegade, the lone ranger type. That's where the line was different, Erebus did not rely on others. But with all these new faces coming into his immediate circle, maybe that could change. He started drinking again, looking at the menu sitting there before them, Erebus didn't know a thing about the place; so he really didn't have a clue on what to order. Skimming the pages he spoke to her, kind of half distracted. "Oh by the way, as a friend... Take this advice seriously, never trust a Rune Knight. Ever." Erebus spoke, memories flooding his mind of that day on the bridge when he took four of them out, and they slaughtered a five year old to make a point. "Normally I'd be in no place to judge others. But believe me when I say that no matter who runs this country, anyone off the street can become a knight. They can abuse that power easy." Erebus then smirked for real this time. "Power is only fun when it's hard earned, no freebies for me."


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She giggled. A full bodied giggle, the first one of the night. She felt good, like riding on a cloud that was floating over a sea of unfiltered happiness. She never had a friend, no one outside of her sisters anyway. She was happy that this man decided to be hers, someone who really didn't deserve it.  Calling over a waiter she finally asked the question that plagued her. " What's this liquid? I want more. " Her words were a tiny bit slurred, delayed if you will. Unknown to her the drink was quickly turning her " drunk ".

The waiter looked from Erebus to Ylva before holding out the bottle and explaining that what she was drinking was a ten year old bottle of wine from a vineyard deep in a valley hidden away and created by mages. Ylva had never had wine before but the more she drank it the more she liked it.She was poured more of the wine and picking out some items from the menu, mostly meat items, she turned her attention back to Erebus. " We don't know each other. I have a lot of questions. Is it ok that I ask them? " Pushing a strand of her hair from her face and placing one leg over the other, Ylva leaned back in her chair and waited


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"Chicken Parmesan Pasta. I'll have that." The longer the night divided them from day, the further they slipped from sobriety, the more open each would become. The deeper their curiosity of each other became. Ylva seemed to be far less tolerant to alcohol than Erebus, or perhaps her drink was just leagues stronger. He silently watched the process, taking notes of her complacent behavior. The way she shifted in her chair, the strands of her glacier blue hair falling and being pressed behind her ears every few minutes. Even her voice was slowing down. Meanwhile, being the fiend he was, Erebus was just now beginning his buzz, and he was able to hold it together notably better, already requesting more himself. "I guess you must like wine then." Erebus managed to chortle and huff with a grin, swigging his ale once more from the bottoms' up. "It really depends on the questions; I'm normally at liberty to keep things to myself, by saying yes to you I would be pledging honesty, and I'm tipsy enough to divulge too far you see." He reasoned this, because well. Not that he cared really, but she probably couldn't just sit there and listen to him go on about the disgusting world he was use too. The slaughter, torment, rape-filled world of the criminal underground. That was a haunting revelation-- one he doubted her resiliency could just sink into. Sometimes being ignorant of the things, the people who come into your life. Is a good thing. Erebus was something of a monster, and telling this girl things like that would scare her. "You may question me, but heed warning to what you might learn. If you truly care to be my friend, then going forward you'll have no choice but to accept what I tell you," Erebus merely removed his cap; and pushed his hair back down the center before putting it back on. He had long raven brown, dark locks, cut by a middle parting, and his eyes; being different colors always popped when they could see clearly.


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She almost forgot they were at a restaurant. A place where they served food that were most delicious and probably very different from what she has tasted. Since she'd been there she hadn't really been paying attention to the menu so when she decided to look at it she smiled. It looked like she had alot of options, her eyes scanned the pages and settled on something that looked good. " I'll have the salmon and wild rice. also more Wine? you called it wine right? " The waiter nodded as he took their orders and giving a little bow he walked off quickly.

Turning her attention back to Erebus she smiled as his words didn't seem to phase her. She was curious about all sorts of things but none of them seemed particularly deep as they surfaced in her mind. "You know a lot of languages right? Does that also mean you aren't born in Fiore? If not where are you from? " She started simple, easy questions that would give her basic knowledge on him. The real question that gnawed in the back of her mind was what he did, it always seemed like he was hiding something, and she wanted to know.


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Erebus dreaded the one question she pressed for. The place of his origin, "I think that depends on which beginning I start from." Erebus finished his booze. "I was born in Era, and I couldn't use magic. I needed to develop talents to make myself useful, naturally I studied every diplomatic ability, anything I could get my ignorant street hands onto." Erebus paused. He wanted to make sure she was listening. "I guess I did become valuable for a bit, I was recruited into Grimoire Heart while it was still a terrorist organization, the mages around me bred me for battle. Murder... Rape... I was told to, and I gladly obeyed, what my superiors asked of me to make sure I would go against human decency to see a job done to it's end. Time went on, and I never got any respect back for the work I put in. So; our dead king struck me with Amnesia and I moved onto the next chapter of my life." The boy blinked, thinking back on that charade, when in reality he was barely halfway into the full story. But for whatever it was worth; should she not press further, he wasn't going to either. "What was home to you Ylva?"


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She felt sad for him. He spoke so nonchalant about a life that sounded dreadful to live through. Her eyes filled with sadness rather than disgust at what he had done. No one deserved to live a life that rough. She wanted to give him a hug and tell him everything is going to be alright and that maybe he didn't have to live through that sort of thing anymore... But then what was the next chapter of his life? Was he still living through it? She wanted to know. Before she could ask though he presented her with a question of his own. The waiter returned with their dish and she didn't realize it but she was famished. Taking a bite of some of the fish and clearing her throat with wine she began to speak of her time at home. " Home was many places. Iceberg, Seven, Bosco, Stella, Joya, and Minstrel. All these places were my home.. My father moved us around alot. I didn't know why for a long time but I didn't care because I was with my family..." Her eyes saddened, water filled her sapphire orbs and threathend to spill over her cheeks as she spoke, the memory of happier times filling her. " I ended up here because my father, he was a member of... He was apart of that cult. At some point he met my mother and I suppose us moving all those times, were really us just running. We couldn't run forever though... " Wiping her eyes with the back of her hand to prevent and tears from falling, she quickly took a swing of the wine, emptying the cup. " I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make the mood sour.. "

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