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Future Karlinus Topics.

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Future Karlinus Topics. Empty on Fri Aug 02, 2019 4:59 pm

Here I leave the general idea board for future topics I have in mind for the Karlinus family members under my control.

For me to keep track of things as well as people to look at if they wish to be part of a planned topic down the road.


General:A series of topics over coming her struggles of self doubt, Drinking either by herself or with close friends, Over coming not being able to spar friends or family, Learning to relax and unwind.

With particular people
: Training and showing magic off to Alisa or even sparing. Being disciplined by her mother in some situation, Judina meets her Great great grand mother Aria.


General: A topic attempting to ask some one out on a date, Getting over his fears and laziness of people, Doing more with Fairy Tail.

With Particular people
: Attempting to teach Varjo Fiorian. A topic with his mother taking some tea from his collection to make for him and getting mad at her and feeling guilty about it, Meets his Great great grandmother Aria


General: Visting his wife and daughter's grave, Meeting his family member one on one, Getting forgiveness from his wife's family, Starting to track  down what ruined his life.

Particular people
: Snaps and almost kills Judith his mother in some manner in a fit of rage and madness, Meets his Great great grand mother Aria


General: Judith taking care of Tanya and Anton. Judith and her husband Anders in a topic together in general. Judith comforting strangers. Judith being comforted by some one else that isn't  her husband. Judith opens up about her past.

Particular people
: A topic with Rin. A possible topic with Kon reuniting with his kids. Continual check in and giving advice to Lee Ann when needed, Meets her Great grand mother Aria.

All of these ideas will shape and change over time as either the topic happen, People want some kind of topic to be added in or the topic are happen and completed.

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