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Wind Beneath Your Wings [Zane]

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#1Faye Morgan 

Wind Beneath Your Wings [Zane] Empty on Thu Jul 18, 2019 1:18 pm

Faye Morgan

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It must be getting around toward our time~ A small and somewhat hastily constructed cabin currently a hive of activity as people moved around with props and pieces of clothing in hand, just off from the hustle and bustle that occurred around her a young woman with rosy cheeks and hair that was as bright as the sky on a hot summers day leaned forward in front of a mirror, applying the finishing touches to her makeup. The hive of activity that went on around her nothing new to this blue haired beauty, despite her tender age of eighteen the girl with eyes like sapphires had been through enough ‘rodeos’ like the one she was now to know the routine, and also to get out of the way of busy grips and stage hands as they set things up for her and the other girls who were readying themselves for what was to occur.

I’m so excited~! Not always the sort who tended to wear things like lipstick and colour around her eyes and also not the kind of girl who really needed it, in her current circumstance Faye Morgan felt that she should probably go the extra mile with measures like this and the little outfit she could see toward the bottom of her reflection. This no simple little performance of course and there a certain point in it, while she loved to impress the crowds as she went about her routine, the periwinkle princess couldn’t help but feel something a little bit ‘special’ about what she was going to do today.

“Two minutes, ladies~”

A word carrying to her ear as she finished applying a nice vibrant shade of gloss around her bright smile, after nodding toward the lead for the stage Miss Morgan hummed and looked at herself, feeling quite the spectacle if she did say so herself and definitely worthy of the event that waited for her.
It might not be fighting demons, but Mama always said that kindness and a pretty smile are the greatest gifts that one can share with the world… This little opportunity one that would hopefully do plenty of good in the world and one that her master had put her onto in order to best make use of her talents, while she felt a little guilty shying away from the front lines like certain other members of her guild, Belladonna had reassured her that this was where she needed to be right now. Or at least she would be, in a bit underneath two minutes…

~Walking On Air~

"~ Find Your Flow and Just Let It Go ~"
- Faye Morgan

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Wind Beneath Your Wings [Zane] Empty on Fri Jul 19, 2019 2:22 pm

Zane finished up the cup of coffee he had, getting up from the outdoor seat in the cafe he was in. Teh coffee was alright, but he had somewhere a little bit more exciting to be. Thanking the waitress as he went on his way, Zane exited the cafe and went on his way. Word on the streets was that some sort of big performance had been planned. Zane was only able to catch small snippets of it from people walking around, but considering that he didn't know where Kaiser was the moment and had nothing else better to do, there couldn't be any harm in at least taking a look. Zane followed a small crowd who seemed to be heading that way. It led to a square where a good amount of people had gathered. Figuring this was where everything was going to go down, Zane leaned up against a nearby pole and watched, hands in his pockets. How long had it been since he had been to some sort of live performance? Probably not since he was in Crocus. Considering that Era always seemed like such a serious town, Zane figured this was probably to boost morale or something. After all, when demons came in and killed people by the numbers practically every month, it was nice to give the people something to smile about.

But perhaps Zane thought too much about it. Smiling to himself as he also tried to get into the festivities. He wondered what the performance was. Considering he never really got a word of what was actually going down, it could be anything. Was it a musical act? A dance? Maybe a play? Whatever it was, the time until it started had become less than a minute. Most likely he would know what was about to happen very, very soon.

#3Faye Morgan 

Wind Beneath Your Wings [Zane] Empty on Sat Jul 20, 2019 1:22 pm

Faye Morgan

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This is… Even more fun than I expected~ A big smile on her face as she moved across the small stage that had been put up for her performance, her gait as graceful as it ever was thanks to her blend of dancing experience and just a little sprinkling of magic, as she glided along Miss Morgan was sure of one simple fact of the universe which could not be denied. Everything was better when you wore bunny ears.

I’m not sure if we’re having more fun, or they are~? A nice little headband worn atop her periwinkle locks that supported a set of long, black eagers that sagged forward at the perfect angle, along with this she also wore a nice, gleaming corset made of leather that hugged her curvaceous figure so sublimely, emphasizing both the none too humble size of Faye’s bust and the flaring set of hips she possessed. That visual deliciousness only added to by the tights that she wore all the way to her waist, a band around her thigh gave the wicked little hint of a stocking to her image, while her rump was further enhanced not only by a set of tall heels that the teen had no trouble moving in but also a fluffy little tail.

No matter really, as long as everyone is having a good time! The latter something that she really loved to wiggle as she moved around to the music created by some of her melodic mates from Blue Pegasus, as the best voice in Hargeon let loose a racy little line or two Miss Morgan spun and shook every asset she had to make the crowds giggle and smile and probably set a few hearts racing and loved every moment that she did so. There something about a stage that really brought out the showgirl in her, while she might have wished some days she had the voice of an angel like the drag queen nearby or the fingers needed to command an instrument like the guild’s house band, she was happy with the gifts that nature had given her really. After all, they were none to lacking in generosity themselves…

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- Faye Morgan

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The stage finally was set and the girls came out, all dressed up in attractive bunny suits that Zane couldn't help but admire. Still though, even with their outfits, there was something else that caught Zane's eye. It seemed like each of the girls was using some sort of magic to enhance their dancing, though Zane wasn't really sure if the purpose was more so for flair or for practicality. He took note of one girl who used a fire magic and pretty much instantly assumed she was just using it for effects. Looking at the other girls, there was a shorter one who used lightning. Zane had heard that lightning mages used their magic to move fast, but he doubted it was that useful in dancing.

Then, one girl caught his eye - no, not in that way. While Zane had to admit she was quite beautiful, there was something else he noticed. She was using wind magic in her dance, something he figured was probably completely practical. Being a wind mage himself, he was pretty impressed by her movements. "I wonder what would happen if I used my magic like that. Not that I'd want to become a dancer or something, but it would be pretty cool to use it to just make my body flow nicely in a lot of ways.". Practically staring at the girl now, he wasn't really worried about seeming like a creep as much as when the performance would end. He wanted to talk to her and see if he could ask for her help with using his magic that way. Not to mention she was an attractive girl, which Zane seemed to gravitate towards to, but the wind magic was a nice excuse to make him feel better about it.

#5Faye Morgan 

Wind Beneath Your Wings [Zane] Empty on Sun Jul 21, 2019 11:38 am

Faye Morgan


How’re we doing? Moulding her windy thing together in order to enhance her performance even more, once the blue haired bunny let loose a few coiling winds and gentle gale’s to catch the attention and interest of the crowd that was gathering, she sized up their situation as she hummed along to the beat and allowed another of the performers to seize the stage. Each of the little dance troupe that performed alongside the beautiful Bobbi a skilled mage, as one might expect of the Blue Pegasus girls, as her cohorts let loose harmless fireballs and blasts of light and electricity like fireworks she hoped that their combined efforts would move the hearts and even more so of the people around her.

Looks like they’re enjoying things so far, that’s good~ The dishy dancer smiling as she saw the awed and excited reactions of the people around the stage, it lifted Miss Morgan’s spirits a little to see the crowd getting into things, and hear the exclamations and cheers that erupted around them. No small number drawn, while she loved to dance no matter what, the sapphire sylph was glad to see that her time was not being wasted here. Not by a long shot.

It’s almost time for the collection~ After all, today not about a simple chance for folk to get lively but rather having a special purpose in mind, though perhaps it was a bit cheeky for the troupe to spring this on the people of this town their real intention was to steal a little something from their wallets as well as their hearts. The gang here on a mission to raise funds to help rebuild Astera after the nastiness it had been through, this was no mere street performance but rather an opportunity to do a little more good in the world than the average dance show, and hopefully have a nice time while doing so as well…

~Walking On Air~

"~ Find Your Flow and Just Let It Go ~"
- Faye Morgan

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Wind Beneath Your Wings [Zane] Empty on Tue Jul 23, 2019 11:15 pm

As the dance show came to a close, Zane decided that he would seek out the girl. It seemed like a lot of them were doing some sort of collection, most likely for charity or something of the like. This would be the perfect opportunity to approach her and ask about her utilization of wind magic. People were flocking around the girls to give them their money. Half were probably doing it for the cause, the other half for the girls. Zane admittedly was doing it for the girls, but not in the same way some of the other people were doing it. No, really!

Making his way through the crowd, Zane used his height to spot the blue haired girl who had so amazingly incorporated wind magic in her dance just early. Approaching her, Zane tapped her on the shoulder, hoping she would notice him.

"Hey, I was wondering about the way you used your magic in that dance. It's wind magic, right? Or is it some other kind of force?" he asked, realizing it could've been something else. As a wind mage though, he had to admit his primary suspect was wind here. "I was wondering if you could tell me about it, I'm a wind mage myself and I was kinda hoping to get a few pointers." he noted, perhaps adding the reasoning so that he wouldn't think he was just another guy who was talking just to hit on her or something of the like. He could've, but he thought that at this current moment the techniques she showed off were a lot more interesting than her outfit. Which was actually pretty surprising for him.

#7Faye Morgan 

Wind Beneath Your Wings [Zane] Empty on Wed Jul 24, 2019 1:15 pm

Faye Morgan


“Oh, thank you so much~” Beaming as another bill was played into the bucket she was carrying, having finished her dance Miss Morgan was now ready to reap the ‘reward’ from it, and it was going rather well really.
“I’m sure the people in Astera will be thrilled!” Nothing quite like the combination of a good cause and a pretty face for opening people’s hearts and wallets, though she carried a glistening hint of perspiration and colour in her cheeks after her performance, the sapphire sylph was looking resplendent as she chatted to members of the crowd that had gathered and welcomed the monetary harvest that she and her guild mates had seemed to have earned.

“Oh?” So into the routine that she didn’t even notice the blonde young man approaching her until she felt a hand upon her shoulder, with a sudden turn that made the pail she was carrying swing around and very nearly clip the leg of the lad who had ambushed her from the rear, Faye spun around and blinked for a second as she found herself just a little bit startled by the sudden intrusion.
“Hiiiiiiiii~” The fellow that she faced seeming to be quite a cute one however, while she was rarely the type to get mad with others for such intrusions, the breezy blue beauty was even less inclined to do so given how sweet, innocent and just a little bit awkward that this interrupter seemed to be.

“Heeheeheehee~ You liked my moves, hm~?” Certainly flattered by the fact that this unknown soul seemed to be so very captivated with her and the mix of movement and magic that she employed, while his introduction was a little bit rambling and lacking for charm, Miss Morgan was more than experienced enough in dealing with odd ducks from her time as a professional dancer to know how to handle these types.
“Although, asking a girl to reveal all right off the bat like that might be considers just a little bit rude there, stranger~” Responding with a steadying hand to the upper arm of the awkward but cute boy in order to hopefully get him to slow down and relax a little, with a playful tone the teen couldn’t help but give up a giggly bout of flirtation to further try to calm and charm him, rather than dive headlong into giving tips and training to a stranger…

~Walking On Air~

"~ Find Your Flow and Just Let It Go ~"
- Faye Morgan

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Wind Beneath Your Wings [Zane] Empty on Sat Aug 17, 2019 9:40 am

Wait a second... Zane had listened to what the girl had to say, but he suddenly remembered something that he shouldn't of forgot in the first place. This whole team, while he was running around Era, and doing whatever he wanted, he forgot to mention that he was going to meet up with Kaiser soon. Looking over a nearby clock tower, Zane panicked. He was 10 minutes late! Oh god, he hoped that she wasn't going to kill him. Turning to the woman, Zane spoke nervously. "Ahaha, well, I think you might have to keep your secrets for now anyways. I got something to do!" Zane said, running off to the distance, hoping that he would at least get to where he was supposed to meet without wasting anymore time. As Zane ran off, he turned around a bit, speaking one last time to the girl as he stormed into the streets of Era. "The dance was nice, by the way!" he yelled, as his legs took him faster than any wind in the world could. Not literally, of course. But hey, the was the way he was feeling given the situation he was in. How could he even forget something like that...? His memory was getting really bad lately.


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