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Seaside Meeting [Kon]

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#1LeeAnn Nakamura 

Seaside Meeting [Kon] Empty on Sat Jul 13, 2019 11:41 am

LeeAnn Nakamura
The ocean was the most calming place for the kitsune. Manzo was right, she needed  to eat. As much as she hated it, she had to. She ate some cooked meals he made for her. They were just right! Not to raw or not too well-done, it was the right inbetween. A small cafe lied along the pier with red and green umbrellas placed with a wooden table and two chairs. The kitsune sat alone in her purple and gold shirt with white pants. Her mixed matched eyes stood out amongst most people along with the same infected markings. A bottle of the finest wine she could find and with her gryphon, Zalor. There was not much to say on the scene.

Quietly, LeeAnn ate her meal with Zalor wanting a piece. Sharply, she flicked the gryphon's beak as it squawked a little. "You've already had your food. Don't look at mine" she ordered. Zalor looked grumpy. Slowly, LeeAnn notice her apperance was changing. Her hair was not the crimson color it once was. It was changing into an orange color along with her magic was becoming stronger. Her marking was gone what only lied was her right ghoul eye. She did not know what was going on, but she was not worried about that. Afterall, being now made head of the Nakamura family, her aunt being murdered, and her family being kicked out of the Rune Knights. There was a lot of shit going on that even she couldn't keep up with. For now, she just had to find Kazimir. That's what her priorities lied.

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An old wound spiked his senses as Kon made his way across the pier, overlooking all of the damage that the latest incursion had done to the surrounding buildings. He still felt the burden of blame feeling that had he been more powerful or done things a bit differently that more people would still be alive and their homes would still be standing. Downtrodden by the outcome, Konstantin shifted his gaze slightly downward only making passing glances at those he walked by rather than lingering as he typically did so. Even with the traumatic events that only occurred weeks prior people had already begun to recover and rebuild, all added by some of the mages that had remained after defeating the demons that had snuck in through the rift. He could provide little in the way of help with his own magic being rather awkward for rebuilding while his body was still injured after receiving a piece of shrapnel into his leg. Continuing on his way, he began to see a few faces he recognised some that responded with a smile others with a neutral or shell-shocked expressed clearly having suffered terribly whether it was the loss of a loved one or the destruction of their home and/or place of work.

There was one woman who did seem distinctly familiar and not just simply because he had met her a few times in Astera. While he couldn’t recognise her by appearance, the magic within her was unmistakable alongside her mix-matched eyes. Still unsure who she was, Kon drew out a book closer to a small diary in size containing a variety of information including the name of a certain LeeAnn. They had met before and things seemed relatively civil in the interaction and so with little afterthought Kon walked over to her before complimenting her. “I like the change of hair-style it suits you.”

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#3LeeAnn Nakamura 

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LeeAnn Nakamura
She continued to eat her food. The kitsune heard movement from her gryphon. Zalor squawked sensing he was either letting her know something was happening or just hungry. She looked back at him and then heard a man's voice. It was familiar. The voice, the scent, everytihng about him was familiar. Quickly, she knew who it was. The flamed headed kitsune smiled sweetly seeing it was her cousin. The fresh face was refreshing for her to see, seeing it was growing to become acustom to have seen only one other person's face all the time. "Thank you, haha. It's good to see you too, Kon. How have you been" she replied.

She pushed out a chair with her foot, inviting him to sit down. Clearly, she knew he probably had been here for the demons like everyone else had. Rumors had spread about it. She never followed those rumors due to health and family reasons. Considering her situation at the moment, she had someone who was under more presssure than she was used to. "Do you want me to order you any food" she offered.

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His educated guess had been correct as he was met with an equally positive response from LeeAnn. While all this occurred Kon ignored the awkward elephant or in this case Gryphon in the area who was attached to LeeAnn in some manner. “A pet perchance?” He thought to himself as a casual invitation was offered without the two uttering a single word which he graciously accepted after dropping down some of the gear that rested on his back include his bow which now rested on a wall close at hand to him. A further offer was made by LeeAnn as the conversation began once more, Kon lacking an appetite of any kind for now shook his head instead merely asking for a drink. “Nay, I will take a beer if they serve them otherwise water, lemonade, etc.” His absence in decision came as a result of his mind being elsewhere primarily the devastation around them and what he could have done to stop it. Curious as to what had brought the fiery red-haired Kon continued now questioning his cousin. “I’m surprised to see you here, to be honest, surely you didn’t come here to sightsee after the Demonic Incursion that just plagued this town?” Curiosity lingered in his tone rather than a form of accusation as she was his cousin after all and he did hold a lingering sense of distrust towards any of his family.

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#5LeeAnn Nakamura 

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LeeAnn Nakamura
She gave a smile in response. LeeAnn waved a waiter over and ordered her cousin a drink. "Your best beer, please" she smiled. The waiter smiled and gave a small nod. She had not seen her cousin as of late. LeeAnn felt something was a bit off with him. Perhaps it was just her mind or something. The kitsune had been through hell and back lately between everything. She could only consider what he had been up to. He had asked what she was doing here considering she was not here for another Demonic Incurasion. It hit the town lately. LeeAnn was so out of the loop. Her eyes looked a little shocked to hear something of that importance held such great responisibility.

"Wow, I didn't know that happened. I wish the Rune Knights would of told me, but who cares about them anymore. I left the Knights to go one to better things" she replied. LeeAnn took another sip of her drink. The waiter came back with two beers for both of them. LeeAnn paid him very well for doing a good job. It was her good deed for the day. "I came here to look for someone and a small vacation. A lot has happened to the family lately since Hikaru had left" she spoke. The tone of her voice turned grim for a hair, thinking that the whole situation of the family was horrible. Her Aunt murdered and for what reason? She know her family was grieving right now. Now that she was head of the family, she didn't know what to do.


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Much to his surprise, LeeAnn expressed a lack of knowledge towards the demon incursion be it simply the one in Astera or the entire affair that seemed to be happening across the global, It was a shock to be sure. Fortune was in his favour however as she revealed she has departed the Rune Knights despite not recalling whether she had informed him previously of her affiliation he was certainly glad to hear of her departure. Afterall he was an enemy of the Rune Knights and even their blood ties would not stop a more dedicated knight, even with LeeAnn civil demeanour he couldn’t take that chance. Forgoing informing her of his own decision to side with Nerva and his inquisition he listened on as She expressed interest in finding someone who it was that remained a mystery though a name was mentioned Hikaru, one he could not recall but with his haze of lost memories it could have easily been the name of his best friend or his greatest rival.

Rather than revealing any information Kon mostly remained silently only opening his lips to thank the waiter and take some sips from his drink as he looked out into the pier with his cousin. Polishing off the remainder of his alcohol, he rose to his feet and bid his fiery headed cousin farewell in her ventures and luck with her search.


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