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Character Creation Prompts

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Character Creation Prompts Empty on Thu Jul 11, 2019 6:23 pm

Character Creation Prompts

  • Each user may only do a single character creation prompt.

  • First come first serve does not apply.

  • The idea for the character creation prompt must be DMed to me on Discord. This should ensure that no other users gets influenced by the entry of another user.

  • The best idea for the prompt gets selected. The user will get a confirmation via DM on Discord.

  • Should no other user present a more interesting entry than the last best entry after a few days, the last best entry will automatically get selected.

  • More character creation prompts may be added.

Skeleton (0/1)

You are skeleton that has been summoned by a necromancer recently. While having no recollection of your life, you are completely sentient. What is even more interesting is that the necromancer has passed away, and yet somehow you still manage to exist.

  • The user starts out as a skeleton that has no memories of their past. The past is irrelevant and the memories cannot be obtained either.

  • Since most would believe that the skeleton is a summoned creature, an undead roaming to hurt anyone on sight, or even a lich, it will be difficult to maneuver through the world for the user. It is recommended to hide the appearance.
  • The user is registered as a Skeleton. At most they can unlock the powers a Lich has when reaching A-rank.

Retirement (0/4)

You are quite old and have been enjoying the peace and silence the last few decades while being retired. Upon seeing the Demons and carnage, you realize that it is time for you to return to the battlefield again and get out of retirement. While many may have forgotten you, some still remember your epithet.

  • The user starts out as elderly character between the age of 60 and 80.

  • The user must be human.

  • The user may apply for an epithet immediately.

  • The user is considered rusty, they may start out at B-rank with the points to invest for it.

  • The user receives an uncommon unlimited staff should they choose a mage class.

  • The user has the open spell slots for the normal magic they applied for during character creation, but they must still relearn the spells again.

  • The user receives a rare unlimited weapon should they choose a non-mage class.

  • The user may start at Master weapon mastery should they choose a non-mage class.

Fused (0/1)

You were once part of party which set upon a quest to vanquish a powerful foe. Most of the party was slain except for you and another person, but only one body was found. Due to a spell, the two of you were fused into a single new body and your skills and spells are lost. Both consciousnesses take turns running the body, while the other chills in the background and talks from time to time in your mind. Neither of you is the main person, you are both the main person.

  • The user must create a character application most fields doubled to explain them for both characters in the body e.g. the likes, dislikes, personalities for both characters.

  • The username of the character will have a slash with both names e.g. Caleb/Daniel.

  • The personalities, likes, and dislikes, should contrast somewhat to create a more interesting character rather than two individuals who agree with each other on everything.

Scholar (0/1)

You are a student from the renowned magic school in Midi and you are writing a thesis on some subject that can only be truly understood in the field: vampyrism effects and transmissions, goblinoid evolution, or kobold mating habits, or dungeon architecture for example. While you may hate fieldwork, you are engrossed in your subject and seek knowledge.

  • The user must come up with a few things that they are researching in their character application.

  • The user starts out with a common mage hat, robe and staff.

  • The personality and the background of the user must fit the description above (really disliking going out in the field, rather researching in a dusty room surrounded by books, perhaps not so great social skills and understanding of how things work normally in interactions).

  • The user starts out at C-rank with 100 INT, but 1 in all the other attributes.

  • The user cannot raise their END and CON via potions till they reach B-rank.

  • The user cannot raise their STR and SPE via potions till they reach A-rank.

Dragonborn (0/1)

Dragons are terrifyingly powerful creatures. Some of them can turn into humanoid appearances. And I guess that is how I met your mother/dad. You are the child of a dragon and a mortal. While you appear humanoid, you still have very obvious features that definitely give away that you are not human. You are trying to find your place in this world.

  • The user can apply for the Dragonborn race.

Refugee (0/2)

You are a Demon from the Abyssal realm and you have managed to slip through on Earthland with the recent rifts opening. Since you are a quite weak compared to most in your battalion, you begin to reconsider your options. You realize that you would be the first one to perish in a battle, and you don’t seem to have any love for your lord. You take your chances and split the moment you enter Earthland. You decide that you want to live out your life on Earthland. After seeking the help of a shaman in exchange for most of your Obscura, which was pretty low, she changes your appearance into that of a human, but you still kept some demonic features.

  • The user can apply for the Demon race, this does not affect their powers in any way and only serves for story purposes.

  • The user has a humanoid appearance with demonic features.

  • The user is registered as a Demon, but has not powers as mentioned before. At most they can unlock the powers a Daemon has when reaching A-rank.

Outcast (0/2)

You are a Seraphim and you expressed your concerns for Earthland a bit too often lately. You are getting charged with rebellion and your punishment is execution, but the one sent to do it still considers you a friend while not being able to understand your reasoning. While that Seraphim is very upset, they instead strip you of your Grace and shove you out the Lucent to Earthland so that you can live out your life among them without being chased by the Seraphim.

  • The user can apply for the Seraphim race, this does not affect their powers in any way and only serves for story purposes.

  • The user has a humanoid appearance.

  • The user is registered as a Seraphim, but has not powers as mentioned before. At most they can unlock the powers a Nephilim has when reaching A-rank.

LV999 no Murabito (1/1)

You are common villager. You cannot use magic, nor are you capable of using any weapons. You never cared much about it, because everyone around you were also villagers. You and the rest of the townsfolk would always put up a request for mages to take care of problems. One day, your town gets raided by goblins. You and the rest of the townsfolk hide till they are done with looting and leave. Suddenly, you hear a woman crying and saying that her daughter isn't present. The townsfolk try to quiet her down and assure her that the child must have been taken towards safety by others into another building. But, through a crack of the shed, you see a small child still walking on the streets searching for her mom. Meanwhile, a very tall goblin with a club is walking towards her. Something snaps inside of you. You can't stand feeling this helpless and you rush outside to save the child. As you push the child away, you narrowly escape the swinging club. You feel as if you have no other options left and decide to swing a punch aimed at the head of the goblin. You are surprised when you see that the goblin is laying dead on the ground. Upon seeing their chief dead, the other goblins run away. You are not an ordinary villager. You are a villager with monstrous potential. Someone capable of even surpassing heroes.

  • The user has the LV999 no Murabito class.

  • The LV999 no Murabito class reduces the damage from magical and physical damage with one rank.

  • The user cannot receive mortal wounds. A perfect slash capable of severing an arm would appear as a cut on the user's arm while the damage would still be applied normally.

  • The user cannot use any magic nor wield anything in their head, body, weapon, and shield slot.

  • The user user must be a human.

  • The user may not be evil.

  • The user receives double statistic points for each statistic potion they consume.

Reborn (0/1)

You were once a legendary hero a few centuries ago with many incredible feats listed to your name. You traveled to Athalran and returned an artifact to the Wood Elves, which got you some recognition and allowed you to stay there as a human for a while learning their language and studying there. You defeated a Demon Lord and rescued the capital city of Crocus. You learned the language of the Dwarves and bested a Dwarven King in a match of wits which got you a powerful weapon. You traveled to Bosco, Caelum, and Iceberg during your lifetime to complete tremendously difficult quests slaying powerful monsters. And then you died. Somehow, you were reborn again some time ago. You are now a 16 year old adventurer, but unfortunately you still speak as if you are an old person.

  • The user starts out as a 16 year. They have been reborn and aware that they have been reborn, but they do not know why. They have lived out their life with this secret.

  • The user knows the Fiorian, Boscan, Caelese, Icebergic, Val'Elvharin, and Dwarven language.

  • he user must stay true to the fact that they are actually much older than what they appear. They are not similar to their peers who are the same age. This might make them appear a bit out of place from time to time.

  • The user cannot explain that they were reborn and that they are in fact someone else. Even referring to it or hinting is not possible. Each time they try to start talking about it they start to fall over their words which prevents them from speaking.

Servitude (0/1)

You are a character from a dark guild who has been sentenced to some absurd number. But, the Rune Knights decided to release you as long as you help them weed out other criminals among other tasks assigned to you. You wear cuffs that display your sentence number, and also prevent you from hurting civilians and registered officials.

  • The user is considered rusty, they may start out at B-rank with the points to invest for it.

  • The user is a dog to the Rune Knights and may not commit any acts that conflict with what has been mentioned in the prompt.

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Night Of Fire (0/1)

You are incredibly fast, but you are tired of running. Not physically, but mentally. Each time when you run, go fast on your mount, or physically exert yourself for a certain duration, odd music begins to play. When you were young you thought that you were the only who could hear the music, but as you got older it became became very clear that you were not the only one who could hear the music blasting out of your body. How? Your first bed partner told you.

  • The user must be a human.

  • The user must have Speed as their highest attribute.

  • Other attributes may not be higher than 50% of the Speed attribute e.g. if the user has a Speed of 100, the other attributes may not be higher than 50.

  • The user receives a special mount upon start.

  • The user cannot have a different mount.

  • Each time the user rides the mount fast, runs fast, or physically exerts themselves for a certain duration, Initial D music will begin to play.

  • Once the user is in their zone, such as in combat, the musical will keep on playing.

  • The music can be heard by anyone within a certain range of the user.

  • This is displayed as the Initial D aura which in addition grants a passive 20% increase in Speed.

  • The Initial D aura also allows the user to drift when they run at their fastest. This means that the user can maintain most of their speed while running and changing directions as they slowly drift to change their angle and then run at full speed again. The user can also drift on their mount.

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