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An Urgent Connection (Short) WIP

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An Urgent Connection (Short) WIP Empty on Thu Jul 04, 2019 4:33 am

Christian Zane
Name: An Urgent Connection

Difficulty: Short

Participants: Christian Zane

Story: A year ago, Christian Zane was turned into a human by some sort of curse, removing his status as a wood elf. While Christian eventually gave up on searching and lived out his life as a human, the aging that followed eventually caught up to him. Waking up one morning looking older than he did before, Zane takes it into his own hands and begins to search for answers once again.

Objective: Christian must find out a detail which can lead him on the right path towards the mystery of his curse.

Name: Curse Experts?

Rank: D

Type: Good

Participants: Christian Zane

Summary: One morning, Christian wakes up in his hotel room looking older than he did before. Figuring it is a late side effect of his curse which turned him into a human, he searches the town of Astera frantically for a mage who specializes in them.

Others: None.

Enemies: None.

Extra Rewards: +1 Intelligence

  • Create a topic in Astera.
  • Wake up in your hotel room and assess the situation.
  • Ask around town as to a location of a mage that would have knowledge on curses.
  • Discover a strange, small voodoo shop from the intel received in the town, and head inside to see what awaits within...

Name: Voodoo Expert?

Rank: B

Type: Good

Participants: Christian Zane

Summary: Upon finding someone who specialized in curses, Christian is led to a strange voodoo shop. There he meets Babaha, an old, strange woman who claims she can help him. She gives Christian a mysterious potion which lets him see into his memory. Hoping he can find something of use, Christian watches himself relive the day he was turned into a human.


Enemies: None.

Extra Rewards: +2 Constitution

  • Create a topic in Astera.
  • Discuss the situation with Babaha. She will give you a weird potion.
  • You will now be put into a first person view of the day you were cursed. While you cannot act, you can watch closely while in your memory, and study small details you couldn't find before.
  • In the memory, you are simply talking to a friend on the road in the evening. As you approach an alley, you can spot in the corner of your eye a crouching man, something the past you never noticed.
  • The man has a strange crest imbued on his forehead. It looks like a pair of snakes forming the letter 8, with one snake devouring the head of the other.
  • The man shoots a strange, tiny dart at the past you. You are able to make out that it landed somewhere on your left ribcage.
  • Returning to the present, you see that Babaha has been killed in a gruesome manner next to you. You decide to investigate her death.
  • Babaha''s death seemed to be caused by a knife to her chest. The angle and nearby tools suggest it was a suicide, but there was clear resistance involved, as several of the vials nearby were knocked over.
  • You conclude that since you were not murdered, it may have been that whoever killed Babaha used some sort of voodoo magic.
  • As you are about to leave, the same symbol before, 2 snakes forming an 8, is left on the nearby door. You conclude this was done by the same man or organization, as you storm out of the shop in order to solve this mystery.

Name: Voodoo Assassin?

Rank: B

Type: Good

Participants: Hunting down the voodoo user who killed Babaha, Christian encounters a strange man who openly admits to killing her. Little does he know this man is only a puppet in a string of webs connected to that mysterious snake symbol.

Summary: A description of what is going on in this part of the storyline. It should be at least a few sentences long.

Others: Does the quest involve other non-player characters? If so, mention them here.

Enemies: Does the quest involve non-player enemies? If so, mention them here.

Extra Rewards: In here you can list which attribute gets how many points. The amount is based on the rank of the quest.

Objectives: Shortly mention what needs to be accomplished in this party of the storyline

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