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Wings of a Newborn Pegasus [Short][WIP]

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Wings of a Newborn Pegasus [Short][WIP] Empty on Tue Jul 02, 2019 10:34 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
Name: Wings of a Newborn Pegasus
Difficulty: Short

Participants: Manzo,

Story: After being kicked out of the Rune Knights for petty reasons, she is devistated. The official reasoning is due to her mental instabilty and causing too much trouble for the Magic Council, so they let her and her family go. With the Nakamura family offically banned from the Rune Knights, LeeAnn feels devastated.

She was coaxed into joining the Blue Pegasus guild thanks to her Grandmother, Hikari Nakamura, and her mother. Being forced into a social situation, LeeAnn has a breakdown. She doesn't know a soul and is having too much trouble try to 'fit in'

Objective: Become acustom to her new guild with Manzo's help.

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Type: Good/Bad

Participants: Put down the names of the participants in the storyline.

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