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With in the Moments After.(Open)

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#1Judith Karlinius 

With in the Moments After.(Open)  Empty on Fri Jun 28, 2019 9:52 am

Judith Karlinius
When Judith felt like she had gotten away from the Lich and what happen. With in the streets Judith went as far as her body in pain would let her before she would just fall again on the ground. She had not looked at what happen with her leg fully she just knew it was broken.

This time she did not land on her back, some how avoided landing on her face landing forward. Judith would just let herself lay there for a moment then slowly turning herself to face up, she would just let herself breath, so far rather spaced out due to the pain she was in and the fact she dragged herself so far.

Judith had no idea if anyone else was around her, If anyone else had notice she was limping her way in a panic and for the most part failed since she was really not too far away from the square she had fled from.

Dragging herself to a wall to sit up upon, it was slow but she did that. would drag up how far up her dress she needed to learn how badly her leg was broken. As well she needed to let her mind get into one place first get the shock to settle from her system she at least did not try to move her broken leg.

Judith was looking around and thinking what she could do to try and fix her leg, She seemed to be forgetting she was in fact a mage who could use healing magic but in the moment of other thoughts people tend to forget. Judith was having such a moment. But she was slowly getting her mind in one place while looking around but they heavy breathing and so far only seeing the white walls of the streets did not leave much.

#2Vali Onfroy 

With in the Moments After.(Open)  Empty on Fri Jun 28, 2019 12:49 pm

Vali Onfroy
"Vali, we need you back in Worth Woodsea. Your father can't lead us like he could in Iceberg. He's not the same man anymore...and Bunda, nobody takes the lad serious. We need you." Vali sighed and shook his head. His job was so much more demanding now than it had ever been before. You would think that with his father, the rightful Jarl of Skaal's return that things would be easier. Wrong. The old man's return only made things so much harder. Val went from a reckless teenager to a man with the power to control in a matter of months. It was overwhelming. "They can wait until after I'm done with my business here. I just executed my own mother for fucks sake, can I have time to grieve?!" He spoke frustratedly. Val was here to show this country that his people were assets. Joining Fairy Tail, helping to fend off the demons, all of it was to ensure that if and when the time came for Fiore to approach his people, he could show them records of the good he's done.

"Lord Vali, I apologize but-" As one of his men began to speak the young lord noticed what appeared to be a woman leaned up against a wall, examining her leg. Stopping his warrior from talking, Val shot up his hand. Quickly he turned to face his men. "Look, tell my father and Bunda that I'll be back as soon as I can. No later than tomorrow night, alright?" His men nodded and turned to return back to Worth Woodsea. Meanwhile Val quickly made his way over towards the woman. "Miss, you are hurt." He said softly before kneeling down to put his arms under the woman. "We need to bring you to a doctor." He'd say as he gently scooped the woman into his arms if she allowed him to. Being cautious of her damaged leg, he would make sure that he didn't move it too much.

"I am Vali Onfroy from the fairy Tail guild." He'd ensure her. Fairy Tails name held a lot of weight throughout the country. People usually eased up when they came across people who were apart of the guild, proof of their reputation. Vali had managed to build quite a name for himself since joining a few months back. In total it's been nearly seven months. His guild mates have grown to trust him, some even looked to him for guidance. Right now this woman would have to trust Val just like his peers did if she wanted to fix that leg up.

#3Judith Karlinius 

With in the Moments After.(Open)  Empty on Fri Jun 28, 2019 1:11 pm

Judith Karlinius
Fate had called a savoir to Judith's favor it seems. Judith did not seem to struggle at all but Vali could feel Judith's heart was still racing."A lich had broken my leg after giving him information he asked of me." Judith answer but with the way she spoke you could tell she was fighting off feeling pain but not doing well with it. She would also mention."He snapped it just below the knee, If that is anything helpful."She was trying to just relax a bit more but it seemed to be a struggle not doubt the reason why.

Slowly Judith seemed to be relaxing or a sense of relief but that might be from Vali helping her. Judith would be a rather light woman but she was also rather tiny and small in general that might help that moment as well.

When she mentioned being a Fairy Tail member Judith would just simply mention."You would be the second....of my guild  I have met."She was only taking her time speaking because she was in pain and shock."My name is Judith Karlinius, I joined Fairy Tail about 2 weeks a go as a cook and bar keeper for the other guild members...." She seemed to feel a bit less worried now and at peace."I wonder if I would find any others here, Maybe my son Waylon is here too...He is a Fairy Tail member as well."Judith mention but easily picked up she was distracting herself to feel better from what she is dealing with.

The casual conversation seemed to help but Judith also seemed to just be a bit easy to deal with, Was it from both of them being Fairy Tail members? was it Vali's choice to just help her? It could be left to wonder, Judith's fast beating heart had slowed down a little.

#4Vali Onfroy 

With in the Moments After.(Open)  Empty on Fri Jun 28, 2019 1:25 pm

Vali Onfroy
The woman was in his arms, safe and sound. As long as he was with her he would make sure that nothing would hurt her. The woman however, was older than she looked from afar. When she revealed to the elf that a lich had been responsible for her pain, the fairy tail mage frowned. Liches existed where he was from, most of them being seers and fortune tellers though. However, there was one- a legendary lich only told in stories. The fact that they existed was nothing short of logic. Hell, elves and nephilims, dwarves and nekomatas they all seemed like things out of some weird story. The woman was from Fairy Tail too. Her name was Judith and she had a son named Waylon who was also apart of the guild. Considering she was a new member she probably hadn't a single idea about who Val was.

"Pleasure to meet you ma'am. I think it not a coincidence that I am your savior today." He chuckled. "I expected Fairy Tails best fighters to be in Astera. I do not remember a Waylon though, but if if he is strong then he should probably be here to fight the demons." Vali spoke. He didn't train Fairy tail for no reason. He specifically took time out of his schedule to have a session with his guild mates so that they would be ready when the time came. That time was now. "Do not worry, we will find a doctor and they will fix you up in no time." He smiled warmly. The viking walked towards a local doctors office as quick as he could. "What kind of information did this Lich want from you, ma'am?"

#5Judith Karlinius 

With in the Moments After.(Open)  Empty on Fri Jun 28, 2019 2:07 pm

Judith Karlinius
With in that moment of a somber smile Just simply said."I am unsure if Waylon is that brave, No doubt My daughter who works for the Rune Knights is around here....I do help she does not find me like this."She like maybe her daughter would be a bit more then just worried."No doubt she would be just as mad as my Husband or my oldest son would be."Since it was on topic she felt normal now.

Talking about what the lich wanted to learn Judith would answer as she did to him."The Lich wished to learn my connections to a few people. My adopted daughter, A close family friend and her children."With that part Judith seemed to have told it all."After I told him the information he just simply stepped on my leg and broke it."It was a rather short but painful story for Judith and kind of just an odd one for Vali to be in with.

Judith then said."I do hope with knowing now people are fighting demons, That my daughter is safe and not over working herself...She tend to do that way too much."It showed where Judith's heart is."I consider myself lucky I was not attacked by demons if that is the case." Why she was worried about other things would just be showing what trust she could have. Trust that could easily be abused by other people but she seemed to have it in the right place currently."I do thank you for even if you were busy coming to do what you have."In her mind maybe a thank you was not enough but for now it was what she figured to do, Judith would most likely do as she normally would later cook or maybe bake a cake...she would figure out later.

#6Vali Onfroy 

With in the Moments After.(Open)  Empty on Sat Jun 29, 2019 1:20 pm

Vali Onfroy
"You will be back on those feet before any of your family sees you. If your daughter is a Rune Knight then maybe I can follow up on this with her. We can not allow a Lich to roam free, especially if he is going around harming beautiful young ladies like yourself." With a confident smile he faced forward, sure that he would get this elderly woman the help she deserved. Noting that she had a daughter in the Rune Knights, the woman known as Judith continued to speak. In fact, she seemed to be  a talkative old woman. Perhaps it was the nativity that came with old age but she seemed to easily be giving out her entire life. Val would of course do nothing with this new knowledge. Nothing Judith said would help him with his ambitions. Still, if there was someone out there harming innocent people- a Lich at that, Val would probably have to get to the bottom of it. Judith was still a member of his guild and that meant it was his duty to protect her.

There it was, the doctors office. As Val approached it with the helpless woman in his arms, she made a comment about demons and thanked him for what he was doing. "No need to thank me, M'lady, you are my guild mate." As he pushed open the Door to the office open, he saw that there was a shitload of people inside. Nurses seemed to pace back and forth, others quickly tending to patients. The place was so crowded and everyone seemed to be irritated. Val's eyes darted around the area with the woman in his arms. "Yes, Hi, how can I help you!?" A nurse approached him with a forced smile. Her eyes were widened with circles underneath, almost as if she was undead.

"Uhhh, it looks a bit crowded here, we will find anoth-" "no please, it's fine. Just with the demons and all that jazz, there's been a lot of people on the brink of death, no biggie haha! We've got it ALL UNDER CONTROL!" The woman shouted. The half-elf looked down at Judith. "We can go to another office if you want..."

#7Judith Karlinius 

With in the Moments After.(Open)  Empty on Sat Jun 29, 2019 2:51 pm

Judith Karlinius
Judith then seemed to take over this moment. Letting out a sigh. The moment she seemed to then just mention."It is fine here."She would do something to prove that her age might be older then it seemed. After all Judith knew a few medical things herself, She just needed the tools.

She would hop out of Vali's arms."I do thank you, I can manage here."landing letting out a small wince of pain, Judith knew she could have asked Vali to let her down but Judith was just stubborn and was intending to solve this quickly.

With everyone most likely staring."I need something to keep my leg straight and in place, As well as what I need to wrap it up."How and why she did this could be left to wonder, If anything Judith would most likely be viewed as insane while she was just limping herself around to be sure.

She was already going towards supplies and things  because she seemed to have a feeling were they were it would not take her long. Going through finding the splits she needed to keep her leg in place, As well as keeping it all together.

Taking the things she needed she would start limping out of the medical office."I can deal with the rest, Let us go outside were there is less of a crowd."Judith seemed rather casual about it.

Did anyone really try and stop her? Judith did not look back to check, some how she did this all with one working leg. Maybe she was not as old as Vali assumed? Or had a lot more energy and life left in her, not some one super old as frail. But reckless in her own way. Judith most likely did damage herself a small bit with doing this and managing to get herself outside so quickly.

If no one had stopped her, Vali would find Judith outside starting to put her leg in place and starting to fix it, No doubt Judith had caused a stir.

#8Vali Onfroy 

With in the Moments After.(Open)  Empty on Sun Jun 30, 2019 11:57 pm

Vali Onfroy
Logically none of it made sense. How was this brittle elderly woman able to move with one of her legs being broke. The bone was snapped from the looks of it, so it shouldn't have been that easy for her to walk. Still she managed to hop out of Vali's arms before making her way over to her next destination. The viking was rather surprised, mostly because of her age. However, Fairy Tail members had a tendency to be a bit more hardcore than others. The nurses quickly came to the elderly woman's aid. Even if she didn't wish for the help the nurses would be there to help her move to wherever she wanted to go.

With other patients just as important as this woman, the other nurses returned to do what they were doing prior to the dramatic scene Judith had caused. It was bad enough Vali was a seven foot giant covered in metal plates and a cape with pointed airs sitting behind his jaws. The young lord smirked, folding his arms as Judith began to approach was seemed a small area where the supplies were. When she grabbed them, the head nurse was baffled. "Ma'am, I'm sorry but there are other patients who need these supplies just as much as you do so gonna ne-" Judith had completely ignored the nurse though, telling her guild mate that she would deal with the rest outside. The elf nodded, then turned to the woman as her face boiled with a red color. "HEY YOU OL-"

Throwing his hands up in defeat, he stepped in front of the nurse as she moved towards Judith. It wasn't right for Judith to take the items selfishly like that but she was his guild mate . This nurse was becoming a bit too hostile for his liking. "Hey hey, do not fret, miss nurse. I will get you your supplies back, aye? We only need a little bit." He evilly smirked. Charm was a deadly weapon, especially when it was used like an assassin. Nobody could escape Vali's charm. The Nurse rolled her eyes. "You have ten minutes before I call the knights." She turned before walking away. The titan sighed, quickly leaving the office and finding Judith tending to her wounds.

"You are more trouble than I expected." He chuckled. Wherever Judith was Val would be crouching beside her. "Maybe taking all of these supplies was a little over board, aye?" chuckling again. The woman had managed to take a big roll of wrapping fabric, a handful antibiotics, a surgery kit, and then some.

#9Judith Karlinius 

With in the Moments After.(Open)  Empty on Mon Jul 01, 2019 3:25 am

Judith Karlinius
Judith seemed to be at least some what effective in the short amount of time she had these."I will return and make sure to give a few things in return."Judith mentioned quietly while she was slowly starting to fix  her leg, She seemed to do it rather effectively like she had medical experience and knowing how the human body worked. She would be keeping her leg straight and started wrapping it up neatly."I won't need more then the splint and what is needed to wrap it in place after setting the bone in place."

There was a lot more to her, maybe Judith was not such an easy to guess how she was as a person. Judith did not wanna feel or seem old and helpless, The fact she felt frail annoyed her but she did not express it."Just as long as we don't deal with the Rune Knights or I Don't get a scolding from my daughter for not following what I taught them too. I should be fine." Judith mentioned with a bit of a laugh like she found it humorous as well. Not a huge worry about she did know she risked trouble.

With that Judith seemed to be looking for if the splints here in place, the leg was straight and it was all good enough for her."I do feel like even if we are guild members, I should do something for you in return...Maybe when we have the time and things around I should cook you something or maybe bake you a loaf of bread."She would figure out something none the less. However she seemed to be just was about since she was checking over, wondering if she missed any spots or not so far she was in the clear.

#10Vali Onfroy 

With in the Moments After.(Open)  Empty on Mon Jul 08, 2019 9:09 pm

Vali Onfroy
"With everything that is going on this is probably the least of their worries." Vali moved back to give Judith room as she fished through the borrowed supplies. The Elven lord watched with his arms crossed. Whilst the woman tended to her leg she spoke once more admitting that she felt as though she owed Val a favor now. That, however, was impossible. The viking was doing this from the kindness of his heart. Any guild mate of his was family.

"Nonsense, Judith. I expect nothing more than your friendship-" From behind him, the door to the doctors office slammed open, irritating the bells above it. "Hey! Okay I know I said ten minutes, but there are people literally-fucking-dying in there, and I can no longer allow your selfishness and disgusting behavior to waste. my. time!" The nurse exploded from within the building. She stormed her way over towards the duo specifically going for Judith. With a sigh, Vali turned and stepped in front of the Nurse. The noble desiertan placed one of his hands on his hip becoming a brick wall.

"Relaaaaaaaaaax, relaaaaaaax." Val huffed. "We are already done, right Judith?" He asked. Hopefully the woman was skilled in the art of medicine and health. This nurse was unhappy with what was going on here. Her eyes bulged from her head and steam erupted from her ears like chimneys. Alas she was no match for someone like the almighty Vali Onfroy.

#11Judith Karlinius 

With in the Moments After.(Open)  Empty on Wed Jul 10, 2019 3:49 pm

Judith Karlinius
It would not be too long after that Judith got up on her own, mind you with some pain to it as well, kind of just wincing in pain slightly while she was getting on her feet."Even if it is just friendship, I assure you I do wish in some manner too."Judith as at least a super honest person about it.

Walking over mind you rather slow and. Kind of going hand them over myself. Even looking at the nurse and saying."In the end, I was rash and sorry took these and ran out."Judith then handed it over to the nurse."I am super nervous and scared of large crowds, Knowing I could do this myself I figured I would make it quick."Judith would hand these things over to this slightly angry nurse. Judith has seen worst in terms of anger, But none the less Judith had handed them back.

"Unless you wish anything else from me, Please relax and do what you need to, to keep other alive."
Hopefully nothing else would happen but Judith was already kind of slowly on the move now trying to not cause any more problems."Last thing I need is my daughter to find out I have done these things." Judith mentioned with slightly nervous laughter."It would be horrible for me if my rune knight of a daughter found this out."Judith was also going to try and think of something to get her mind off of what exactly she had just dealt with.

Maybe it showed with how quickly Judith was leaving the area how she felt with that moment and that she was not exactly able to handle it the greatest or was just too worried easily. One of the two it seemed like at least the stress was over.

#12Vali Onfroy 

With in the Moments After.(Open)  Empty on Fri Jul 12, 2019 1:21 pm

Vali Onfroy
The nurse was highly upset. Maybe to Judith she could have been angrier, but the nurse was under an unusual amount of stress due to the climate of Astera, and she needed to work efficiently. Judith handed the supplies back to the nurse, explaining that she had problems that made it hard for her to be around large crowds. Even adding that her own experience seemed to be enough for her to fix her own problems. The nurse's mouth dropped open wide, as if she couldn't believe how the elder woman had been speaking. Even after explaining herself, Judith still spoke to the nurse with a demanding tone- or at least that's how the doctor felt. Vali on the other hand looked back and forth between both women. He wanted to laugh at how the nurse was reacting but you know how women are, laughing would only add fuel to the fire.

"You seriously think that what you did is okay? You are just as selfish as anyone could be! You aren't the only one with medical problems, this is a NURSE'S OFFICE." The nurse began as she snatched the supplied away from Judith. "You just took supplies away from someone who's suffering from a collapsed lung and a SIX broken ribs!" The nurse shook her head and turned towards Vali. "You're lucky that I didn't call the authorities because if this man dies- Illumin forbid- then it is on her hands." The nurse finally stormed away back to her line of duty, mumbling as she did so and slamming the door behind her.

Tucking both his lips in, the Elven viking watched the nurse as she left, each of her buttocks switching in that nursing outfit she was sporting. "Someone woke up on the wrong side of the country today, aye?" He spoke to his guild mate with a chuckle. "But at least you are going to heal well."

#13Judith Karlinius 

With in the Moments After.(Open)  Empty on Sun Jul 14, 2019 6:37 am

Judith Karlinius
Judith did seem a bit in thought afterwards."At least it is over now....large crowds are stressful to me sometimes."It showed maybe a bit more in that lime light considering her behavior."Harder to manage in times of stress and pain."Which this was the case but they seemed to be gone now. For the moment anyway.

"I guess personally I should not blame her, Just try not to do anything else too badly I guess."Judith seemed to be thinking about something in her mind nothing too troubling."But I guess if I should not had been able to do what I just did, I would have some how managed."Judith even when walking away with Vali she would still be limping and a bit slow."hopefully whatever stresses she and the rest of them have to bear are lessen and relieved soon."That was more her wishing good rather then holding on feel super bad about it like she would or could normally.

But she seemed to want to move on from said moment"I should heal well if nothing else happens to me."She mention, Then again since exploring and being here given she saw a lich she had a reason to still feel a bit uneasy to put it lightly.

But Judith seemed to be already to be a quick to try and well change the subject."Can only hope they and every one else will settle soon, the events took a lot here it seems."When that would go on she seemed to just be quite more worried about other things but seemed to be cycling  some thoughts.

"But maybe should talk about something less grim."She said sounding rather normal now as some one walking slowly and show still could be in some kind of pain would be."I know your a guild member, Vali but what else could you tell me about yourself? Since you know some thing about me and did what you ended up doing, I should learn a few things about you."She said to maybe just shift the moment away from the fact she most likely committed a crime.

#14Vali Onfroy 

With in the Moments After.(Open)  Empty on Tue Jul 16, 2019 1:15 am

Vali Onfroy
In the end all that mattered was that Judith was feeling a lot better. As the pair of Fairies walked off Judith seemed to reflect on the situation. She understood the nurse and wished for her stress to be relieved. She ensured that she would heal better now so long as nothing else happened to her. Her next comment was one regarding the state of the town. "I am afraid that things will only get worse from here. The realm of men lost the battle for Astera, yet it does not look like that." He added. Judith was a lady who thought aloud as if her elderly brain was trying it's hardest to keep her thoughts together. Moments later Judith seemed interested in what Vali's life was about. If she wasn't a Fairy then the viking would have told her close to nothing, but he trusted his guild mates because they earned it. "I am a very complicated being, I would not know where to start." He laughed. "I have been in Fairy Tail- and this country- for about six months. I was one of few who helped bring life and order back to the guild, I plan on becoming guild master." Maybe his reasoning was a tiny bit selfish but the well-being of every Fairy Tail mage was a top priority. Losing his mother only made him want to go harder to accomplish his goals, although a darkness within him was brewing.

#15Judith Karlinius 

With in the Moments After.(Open)  Empty on Thu Jul 18, 2019 1:04 pm

Judith Karlinius
At least it was something to start off with, it would still be kind of interesting to her."To bring a guild from almost nothing with help of a few is still quite a remarkable thing."Judith mentioned rather delighted sounding about it."Since I am a later on arrival to the guild, I would image it seemed, saddening to see such a well known guild to be empty."it was more interesting to her but then again it showed one thing. Judith did not know of the standings of the current time.

"I could hope that you achieve that goal, Even if i do not know any others in the line to wanting such a role."It just seemed to be normal of her to be super hopeful."Even if i can not be one to judge who leads and i barely remember the current one, can not complain too much for the moment."She also mentioned.

"But everyone in their own manner are complicated  in their lives. Even I am not immune to having something a little more complex with in parts of my life, Weather horrible or humble our paths forwards are made from the result how we choose to over come them."Was it advice or Judith more hinting and mentioning the simple things to other people. It could just be what Judith was use to saying to people when she felt like they needed to hear something sometimes or she was still just a bit of an odd ball already.

"If you are leading by example of how you are currently, I could stand behind you as a leader personally." Judith mention to kind of just how she viewed it, At least getting an answer so far seemed rather simple when it came to Judith since she seemed to be rather upfront.

#16Vali Onfroy 

With in the Moments After.(Open)  Empty on Thu Jul 25, 2019 11:22 am

Vali Onfroy
As the titan and the spirited woman walked beside each other, she was impressed by Vali and his peers accomplishment. It was true. If it wasn't for him, Tomoe, Shin, and Aisha the guild would have none to turn to. Although these days it felt like he was the only one left. Sage was nowhere to be found, Tomoe vanished and Aisha is probably working towards her personal legend, just as Vali was. "Thank you." The viking lord nodded with a sigh as Judith acknowledged how saddening it must have been to see the guild in such a shape. "Aye." The woman continued on. She spoke a lot, but her words were wise. In fact, the greatest point she made was that things can change but it is how we adjust to the change that matters- at least that's what he took from it. The gods always seemed to place people in his path- odd people who easily stand out. Each of them all had a different impact on his life. Each of them all seemed to be helping him towards his goal, even if they didn't know it.

Perhaps he was just as effective in their lives and he didn't know it. After all, he always left his mark. Judith words couldn't have come at a better moment. The young lord was still grieving his mother. He killed her... and in his heart was a pain so sharp that it hurt when he even thought about it. He was angry at himself but blamed the world for forcing his hand. His hate for Fiores government has never faded, but now he didn't want to hide it anymore. His thoughts could bring him to a darker path and the way he handled his obstacles would determine the person he would become. The viking looked away. "Aye." he agreed, thinking deeply about Judiths words.

Finally though, Judith admitted that if Vali could lead by example based on who he currently was then she would stand behind him. With that in mind Vali nodded with a confident smile towards her. The titan elf was confident that he wouldn't walk a darker path. "Thank you. You have a wise voice. If you stay around, our guild members will look to you. And when I do become guild master, I hope that I can look forward to you speaking up when you feel you need to." Being a ruler of two villages meant that it really didn't matter how others felt. However, his Icebergan people were opinionated and spoke up whenever they thought they needed to. The lord of Skaal respected that but his word was law in the end. That wasn't the case for the guild master position- especially if you were the guild master of fairy tail.

He imagined that if people didn't agree with their master they could leave or even retaliate. Fairy Tail was a proud bunch, they wouldn't tolerate a monarchy...would they? Then again, they never faced someone like Vali. He was naturally a conquerer, he could do anything. He sailed the sea, revived an ancient Icebergan settlement Worth, he took control of a large tribe of Nekomatas, and he killed his mother. Perhaps Vali was a dangerous man to get involved with after all."Hopefully there is a guild to turn to come back to when this is all over..." The demons were doing great at what they do. The ruler of their world would reward them. They had yet to make a visit to towns like Orchidia or the northern part of Fiore but if they were in Astera...it couldn't be long. That's when it clicked.

Val's eyes widened. "Fuck. Apologies m'lady, do you think you can get home on your own from here? I have to go, there is something I need to do." Obvious worry in his voice. He realized that he needed to get back to worth woods quick. He had to make sure there were no lingering demons there. He stopped and looked at Judith awaiting her response. If she would rather have him take her home then he would, no problem. He wouldn't be upset or annoyed, he'd understand. She had survived the wrath of a Lich. Vali would have to check into that soon.

#17Judith Karlinius 

With in the Moments After.(Open)  Empty on Thu Jul 25, 2019 5:17 pm

Judith Karlinius
Judith seemed to look upon him and in the moment. in his reflection, Judith did not seem to pry into his matters but walking over."I only advise to what my life experiences have been, Empathy works in many ways to configure understanding."Judith said with a smile, She sounded once prideful about something from a woman who expressed little pride at all in general.

Even her slight expression of humble she would also say."Then also do not be scared to speak of me as well, Bottling up anything will only ruin a souls will to carry a burden."That one Judith seemed to speak like if well enough like she had been through that part before in her life."advise or venting, I can assure you will have a set of ears to listen too."With that assuring smile Judith then gave Vali a pat on the back, It was only because she felt like as much as she would give him a hug right away, It was best not too.

Judith would trail back to her normal worries."I wonder if my son will be back at the guild when i return..."She trailed off for a moment."It would depend how many of our members are out here and not in other areas."that was the part Judith seemed to take info account."I would actually be interested to know how many member we have and what they are like." It was joyful wonder which was good.

When that final part came up Judith smile a bit and even laughed."I won't lie, I did not have plan."not that he had to worry."But once my Husband learns of my current state, He is likely to come from Magnolia and make sure I am home."Hopefully that would ease Vali enough."If not I am sure my daughter would give me a way home as well."She had some plans at least.

#18Vali Onfroy 

With in the Moments After.(Open)  Empty on Wed Aug 07, 2019 1:24 pm

Vali Onfroy
Vali sighed. Quickly he thought to himself. He had important things to do but he couldn't just leave his guild mate out here- not in this condition. Biting his lip he was quick to Coe up with a solution. Swiftly he fished a steel dagger from his ankle before handing it to Judith. "Your husband is not here now, so take this." He lightly smiled. "In case you need to defend yourself though I doubt you will need to." It was broad daylight, who'd really attack a helpless old woman when everyone was looking? Vali stepped forward to place the dagger in her hand gently if she allowed him. "It was nice meeting you, friend. Until we meet again." With that he turned to face the direction of Worth Woodsea, realizing that now more than ever it was important for him to be at his village. Without another word he turned to leave. the Lich would not be dumb enough to harm the same woman again he hoped, and if he did Vali would personally make it his business to avenge her. For now though, he needed to worry about his own life.

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Judith Karlinius
Judith looked at the knife and admired it more for the moment."I will be okay from beyond this point, Do not fret over me." She wanted to say the part were she would normally say if anything it would be fate choosing her to die like karma would have for the moments in  her past, But Judith would keep that to herself."But I will keep this for now, As well as give it back to you when we see one another again."

Her content smile, Judith would move on to herself but where she would wonder. the Piers seemed nice, She could relax and sit down for a bit. Which was always nice in her eyes, She liked the water and the view of the sun. It would take longer then any other situation she would be in for her to reach the area of the pier, since well....broken leg does a lot to slow down. Judith had put the knife more out of the view of other since it was not needed if anything keeping it up her sleeve was an trick she use to use when experimenting on people keeping some of her tools up her sleeves.

Judith would reach the pier and manage to get there with out problem, Then gazed upon a red haired woman, She seemed lonely and upset. So naturally, Judith being the way she was she would make her way over there and sit down next to the lonely woman and start talking, Judith would spend most of the time afterwards talking and comforting this lonely red head, not that she minded there was some kind of enjoyment for Judith to do this almost like she almost seek out other in loneliness to comfort them because she felt it was right.


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