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Intertwined Paths [Erebus]

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Vali Onfroy
The Wrath of demons was nothing compared to the wrath of the viking lord known as Vali Onfroy. The fight was brutal but yesterday Vali and two others were able to stop the maleficent demonic entities from destroying the entire town. Granted he wasn't able to stop them from killing a handful of people he still did everything in his power. Who would have thought? An Icebergan Lord, son of an Jarl to one of the greatest villages in the country... would be in Fiore... fighting for Fiorian lives... after his brother was murdered by the Fiorian government. The thought of defending a country he hated only months ago turned his stomach. It was bad enough that he had to kill his own mother. These days it felt like his path wasn't as clear as it used to be.

The Streets were oddly quiet tonight. Perhaps all the festivities that took place pushed the civilians to find more comfort within their homes then ever before. It was understandable too. Normal people didn't have the abilities to defend themselves so they were extremely dependent on Rune Knights and guild members. It was a good thing Vali was the furthest thing from normal. The Titan's cape flapped in the wind as he moved quietly, eyes peered for any demon that may be lingering in the shadows. Truth was, he wasn't done fighting yet. He was so filled with anger and pain, all he wanted was to see more of those demonic creatures so that he could punish them for corrupting his mother.

Val turned his head quickly towards the rooftop of a destroyed building, catching the gaze of someone he hadn't seen in weeks. The hooded being glared at the elven warrior with it's ghostly blue eyes and the icebergan could only stare back. Frustratedly he balled his fist. "What the fuck do you want from me!?" He yelled out in the Icebergan language. Vali was the only person that would be able to see this random being so to anyone around him he'd probably just look...well...crazy.

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Erebus had a woman pinned under a half-broken pole, it seems he was pressing such force through it, that he had torn through her flesh and in between her ribcage. Though, she had been dead for some time already, he was just playing with the corpse now. Giggling, lunatic. He couldn't shake the feeling of committing to this... The gravest sin. Taking life was much the same as giving it, to people who had died already. He decided who's time and when; just as the demons had his. Something about it was euphoric and delicious, and vengeful.

There was no remorse in his eyes, as there used to be. His time in the abyssian underworld hardened him to this, he didn't even possess an Obscura, his intentions for evil were demented all on their own! Erebus would have gone lost in the thoughts of his own deed, however chance took its fateful effect.

Erebus stopped his ear perked up just in time for him to hear a voice around the building's corner. It was then when he heard the shout of another human out in the dead of night. Red-- thick hemoglobin was dripping from the fiend's cheek down to his bottom lips. His head shot to the side, and humanity returned to his person, he stood up fully from the massacre in front of him and dusted off his robe, somehow blood was mostly void of his clothing, other than a few drops at the nape and his leg being drenched in it from how close he was to the puddles of red.

He tossed the pole to the side, hearing it clink against a few saws and other metallic objects that probably would have seen use had he not snapped out of such bloodlust. His hands, both slid against the frame of the alley wall, he was a silent gangster in his past life, he knew how to ride in undetected. However, upon finding another noteworthy individual with white hair. The husk; the mortal coil which Erebus inhabited pushed itself into the gaze of the moonlight, approximately twenty-five feet from the one's name was Vali Onfroy's left.

Erebus couldn't see anything else in the area; though he wasn't stupid and knew he heard Vali questioning another force. Because of his own demonic activity two years ago, he knew some entities could shroud their own presence...

To knock Vali off as another loon just like him? It wouldn't be fair. Instead Erebus concentrated very heavy on the building his new play friend was staring at. And spoke up himself. "It's not nice to stare at us? Playing that kind of game gets people SENT TO HELL! Or didn't you know that?" Of course Erebus didn't know what he was talking towards, and his mind had been lost a long time ago. So whatever he was saying was completely and utterly void of meaning at first. but he would play the game, that's what Strategist's do. But if he believed hard enough, he could almost... Just barely..

And then he was seeing it. He was staring at the being Vali spoke too. Cloaked with icy blue eyes. Erebus immediately dropped his psychotic act and was normal yet again. His intuition had been right. Vali wasn't crazy... But maybe Erebus was? Whatever the case, somehow, everything was bleeding together now.

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Vali Onfroy
Standing in the middle of the street, between two sidewalks only 10 meters apart from each other, The frustrated Fairy clenched his jaws angrily, glaring at the phantom. Still the phantom  stood unbothered on the roof of a building only 25 feet from Vali's left side. The Titan had absolutely no idea what this being was or what it could have been capable of. He heard stories back home about spirits that communicated with humans. Apparently they usually act as messengers for the gods. As much as the young lord wanted to believe that this was a messenger, at this point he was desperate enough try and beat answers out if it. Patience was something that he lacked as of late which was unusual. The noble viking drew his dagger with his right hand, before raising his left arm into the air. "Fuck it." He finally said in Icebergic.

Vali's decision was made. As the titan was just about to use one of his strongest spells a voice boomed from behind him, raspy and annoying but couldn't have been yelling at the Desiertan Elf. The white haired mage turned his head to see where the voice was coming from and where exactly it was aimed at. If it wasn't aimed at Vali himself then that could only mean - "You! You can see it!?" He asked surprised when the man finished scolding the ghost. How could that be possible? Even in broad daylight people never seem to see it, what makes this guy any different? The Fairy quickly turned back towards the ghost. Oddly enough the being wasn't acknowledging the zombie man. Say something. Vali thought to himself as he watched the Phantom in silence, waiting until the perfect moment to move. He had hoped that it would at least respond to someone other than him, but if this man could see it then maybe it wasn't really a ghost after all.

Suddenly something seemed to snap within the phantom. One moment it was intensely staring at the seven foot viking, the next moment it snapped its neck towards the man that had been yelling at it creating a woosh noise, and finally acknowledging the zombie man's existence. Although this was only the mysterious being realizing that Erebus could actually see him, the viking himself would have no idea that was the reason why. Immediately after, the phantom was gone, gone with the wind. Who is this guy? The Lord thought thought to himself as he turned to face the draugr looking man. For a moment Vali glared at the man, not a noise being made just analyzing everything about this man. His right leg is drenched in dried blood... messy white hair, dirty... This very man reeked of everything Vali had been against. "Who are you and what'd you just do? you saw it didn't you..."  He'd ask confidently in Icebergic seconds after analyzing him. Vali believed only in the religion of Satri so whatever this being was would logically be something related to Satri, and only Icebergans worshipped the Satri gods so if this tired kid could see the cloaked being on the roof ... than he had to be Icebergan.

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Malevolent spirits weren't anything new to Erebus Cassiel, which if he were left up to guess. That was what they had been staring at. He himself was one after all, a ghost who had bonded to someone's else's body. There was probably a bit of sacrificing he assumed, or maybe the spell backfired and Erebus was the one in billions to escape his damnation. No one could yet say for certain. Not even he; in flesh and blood, could describe how he was breathing; animating the husk, the shell. The returned spirit of a dead criminal. That's what all was. The science behind it? Pure mysticism. With no valid explanation. Not yet at least. His memories were quite foggy. It made little sense, but regardless, if by some mistake he was alive, then he'd never go back to the abyss.

The cloaked ghoul made acknowledgment quite hesitantly before disappearing from the area. Perhaps that was it's answer to the much taller Icebergen to his right. A curious man always worked harder for answers. In a way, Erebus viewed this as guidance for the warrior. But he wouldn't let that be known, it was always more fun to abuse the psyche of men like Vali. They were often one-track, and very defined by their sense of either justice or retribution. For some reason, Erebus sensed that in the guy. He was callous, a tough guy, but tough guys always have touchy subjects underneath.

Erebus remembered that much. He saw much of himself in this guy, and for whatever reason... It was disturbing to say the least.

"Huh? I didn't do anything but talk. Is that a crime to you?" Erebus spoke, he had already learned this language long ago as he was accelerating through Grimoire Heart, so the understanding of it seemed to reach the tip of his tongue rather easily, and he pressed further to see if the ghost and the viking were the reason for his understanding of the language, seemingly instantly. Perhaps, Erebus was more intelligent than he gave himself the credit for.

"To be honest with you Swordsman, I didn't see anything until I really wanted too. You see, in this world, imagination is the building blocks to everything. You can manifest whatever you want, under certain rules. Seeing is believing... Or is believing... Seeing? Regardless, phantoms are just that, phantoms. I'm unphased by your visitor, it was a coward, just look at the way it fled. Hahaha. Our strength together must have frightened the poor thing. Oh! It's my turn to ask a question. I'm Erebus... Who might you be?" The killer playfully pushed the subject down. Opting instead to talk to the viking, since the phantom left, it must have been evidence to suggest this chance encounter either bothered it, or... This encounter was fate. Already scripted into the Akashic Records and the sands of our time. Vali was a new treasure for Erebus to reap.

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Vali Onfroy
Just as I thought, he is Icebergan. In all of Vali's time here in Fiore he had never met another Icebergan outside of the ones he brought to this country. It was rather...weird knowing that someone other than his people were in Fiore, it made him curious about this man's story. The silver haired man defended himself by saying he only talked, even being a bit sarcastic. The seven foot titan remained silent. Instead of responding, his eyes remained glued to the man in front of him in an attempt to analyze his way of speaking and small mannerisms. Paying attention to detail was the vikings specialty - that and bashing skulls, he couldn't afford to miss anything that might explain why the phantom seemed so bothered by the guy in front of him.

Or maybe he wasn't bothered, maybe this was meant to happen. Val's pointed ears twitched as the stranger spoke, holding tightly onto his dagger in case he'd have to use it at any moment. The white haired zombie admitted that he could only see the ghostly being after focusing. That would explain why it didn't acknowledge him at first... Maybe he wasn't supposed to see it. he thought as the man continued speaking explaining that imagination was power which the Fairy couldn't help but to agree with. In the end, imagination was probably the only reason any of the gods existed. In a sense, Humans created all gods through raw imagination and a bit of delusion.

When Erebus spoke his next words the viking lord couldn't help but to raise an eyebrow, intrigued at what he was getting at and how he spoke. Apparently he wasn't fazed or worried about the ghost, but then again..how could he be? He wasn't the one that saw it for weeks, he wasn't the one being led by it. Of course it was easy for him to disregard it. The man then finally revealed himself as Erebus - a name well suited for someone who looked like the personification of darkness. Something was off about this man. "I do not think you are stupid enough to believe that it fled because of our strength, I doubt we could hurt it even if we tried." He spoke in the common tongue with a sigh, his accent thick as always. Slowly he took his first step forward. "I am Vali Onfroy, son of Jarl Tristan." He greeted formally. "What's your story?" He asked, glancing down at the man's bloody leg.

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"Hurt it? Anything can get hurt, I promise you."

Vali Onfroy.

Erebus lipped the name to himself, his thoughts moving like light traveling space. Son of a Jarl? Well, how very, very, interesting. Erebus recalled his mother's family hailing from distant lands of these so called Jarls. But he hated her, that much he remembered quite well. Scratching his head, he had to thank this son of Tristan. If Vali could add color to his past then so be it. He was worth keeping around, if not for the charming taste in the supernatural, then for his company at least.

"Wish I could tell you everything, but I'm still getting back some of it. All I can tell you Vali, is that in the world I know, Phantoms are the least of our worries." Erebus looked down at his own leg, following Vali's curious glance. "I suppose this bothers you? I reckon murder bothers many, but it's something people like me have no choice but to partake in... Would you like to see the body my friend?" Erebus had a rasp in his voice, but it was charismatic. Almost as if Satan himself were talking to the Icebergen Warrior.

Erebus was not a deceiver, he just simply didn't have enough answers yet to feed others-- he was learning as he went, who he was. To him; he was crazy, and talented. He was a depraved monster. and that's as far as his consciousness could take him. But feeling down about the dark things he was tortured for, it would not liberate his soul, he was a killing addict. He was as such many years before he'd died anyways; those types of horrors were cemented into him. Such was his nature.

Forces of chaos were made for their purposes,
pure destruction. The universe bred evil to balance the light. Everything was on a pendulum, if you truly wished to think about it.

"I'll say this now though friend. I don't much know you. If you are the type of person that I think you are. The deeds I commit too, will have us on opposite ends of the law, are you ready to be apart of the world I live? I can't trust that you'll like me much the more you push to learn."

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Vali Onfroy
Anything can get hurt, I promise you... Those words lingered in Vali's mind, even while Erebus continued to speak. Wise, confident- much like the young lord himself is what Val noticed. This man was an odd one, but truth be told the fairy hadn't met anyone so strikingly interesting since he been in this apocalyptic country. It's been months, and this white haired man had managed to draw the Jarl in just by being...well...himself? Erebus next words are what caught the Desiertan off guard. Not only did he say he was getting "Some of it back." But also that the Phantom was the least of their worries.

"It is is the same in the world that I know." He stated, not entirely understanding what the edgy fellow was getting at. The Elven titan took a few steps forward once more only stopping when Erebus responded to Vali noticing his leg. The viking made it quite obvious what he was looking at, calling for an immediate explanation before anything else. "Heh, bothers me? Murder is apart of who I am. I am a killer at heart, Erebus. Take me to the body." He crossed his arms. Erebus then warned him of the man he himself was, but Vali played as if none of that mattered. It did though, it mattered more than anything right now considering the Phantom Brought him to the lord to such a man.

"I doubt I am the person that you think I am. I have done things that would not allow me to enter the gates of Valhalla. I should warn you though, if you are taken innocent lives for your own amusement, Friend, then I will have no choice but to put an end to yours. Lead the way." He said with a smirk. Confident as always.

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"End.. My life?" Erebus spoke, letting the words drip from his hollow pits. Such a dangerous thing to say to someone you would have suspicions of. Troubling as it was, Erebus wasn't bothered to the point he himself couldn't smirk it off as well. But the end? To the abyss? Already? No, no, no... He wouldn't go back there. Not for anything. He would have no choice but to put everything into this second chance, which meant every drop of sweat and hold for life he had into Vali's demise as well should it come to that. There would be no eye for an eye here tonight, not for this cold-blooded murderer. He was no believer in karma, not at all. In fact, he was a firm believer in rightful judgment. Despite the irony of his fate, he didn't find it fair in the least when a demonic contract was involved.

Erebus finally spun around on his blood-soaked leg. Motioning the Cild of Jarl Tristan to follow. In truth Vali had very much threatened and declared them enemies already, because the corpse in that alleyway was innocent, or to Erebus' knowledge she was. Whether she was someone's sister, daughter, or young mother. She was dead for no real reason, natural selection perhaps? The truth was, killing is frankly norm to the Husk. Erebus was a seasoned monster, there was never a valid reason for his killing. To say he didn't enjoy it would be a lie. Killing innocents was nothing new for such an outlandish entity. Erebus was on the run from a special demon after all, a demon God known as Malum. Now... Granted, he couldn't recall why he was indebted, he did understand that his existence was technically unexplained, he was in someone's else's body, here for an unknown cause, to an unjust call. "I'm afraid we may not get to be friends for much longer Vali. You are exactly the kind of man I thought you'd be." The two walked together, as their steps broke the silence of the night. Erebus smiled quite casually. Ready to show off his game, like a huntsman boasting of the mighty lion flayed before the eyes of the competition.

Upon closer arrival to where he'd left the body Erebus himself froze, staring at a thick puddle of red-- empty of the carcass he'd left for it. Strange. The corpse itself was missing, the blood left behind. There were no boot prints or anything to evidence it being drug off though. So what was going on? "It looks like someone stole my kill, how rude." The white haired wizard spoke in an upset scoff, his mind jogged a pace as he began to look up, down, and turn around quickly. The charade with the phantom did not make Erebus scared, but the thought of something stalking him that he'd mutilated did, it meant someone was watching that he couldn't possibly be aware of. Such things had always made Erebus paranoid, after all-- he couldn't stand the thought of slipping up this time around. It also spelled trouble for Vali, should they be together, they could be in trouble together. "I'm unsure where it's ran off too," he said dryly.

Erebus was at a loss for words. Was it all in his head? It couldn't be... The blood was very real, it was on his own clothing...

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Vali Onfroy
With a sly smirk comfortably on his face, Vali nodded as Erebus spun on one leg before moving forward. If Erebus turned out to be a psychopath it would make sense, honestly. He was Icebergan from what Val could tell, it's safe to say that murder and darkness runs in their blood. For generations, war and long nights served a certain purpose in the country of ice so the young lord wasn't that much different than this stranger here. Still, killing innocent people is far from what the noble lord stood for, regardless of how comfortable violence and murder made him. Part of Vali hoped that Erebus actually hadn't killed an innocent person - not because he cared so much about these Fiorians, but because it would mean that he had a purpose bound to an evil being. For one reason or another this obviously deranged man played an important role in his destiny?

As the two walked to see Erebus' victim, Erebus concluded that Vali Onfroy was in fact the person he thought he'd be. "What kind of man am I then?" He asked with his arms crossed. Soon the duo had arrived to the spot where Erebus had supposedly murdered someone. As they moved closer towards the scene, the Desiertan spotted a thick red liquid painted on the concrete. "Shit. What did you do to the poor lad?" he asked. There was a pool of blood but the body wasn't there which surprised the pale stranger himself. "Huh. Stealing bodies, aye?" The elf kneeled down to closely examine the puddle for any clues on where this body could have gone.

When he saw nothing, he looked up at Erebus with an eyebrow raised. For a quick moment Val just watched his new acquaintance. Slowly he lifted his finger to point, still on one of his knees as he tucked his lips inside his mouth. "You fuckin' ate it." He wildly guessed, wagging his finger. Val wouldn't put anything past this guy, who knew what he was capable of? "I thought you were a killer but I did not take you for a cannibal. You are one sick fuck..." He said quickly, not letting Erebus defend against being called a cannibal. "Must be a dark and lonely soul you have in that corpse of yours, I pity you. Sucks to see an Icebergan lose his way." He said genuinely, shaking his head.

He meant every word too. It was obvious that Erebus wasn't an ordinary person. He was strong, the viking lord could feel that much but he, like mentioned before, is fighting a different fight.

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Huh? What kind of man you say? Erebus thought about it. "You're that heroic type, the kind that my type has to snuff out in order to see success." Erebus waved the question off, letting his new friend examine the murder case, and the mysterious disappearance there of...

"EHHHHHH? Ohhhhh wow. So you'd like me to say that wouldn't you?!" Erebus was bent. The wagging finger didn't help the upsetting accusation either. Erebus was expecting to be pointed at.

The Husk's face revealed instant surprise at the wild charges pressed his way. He attempted to speak on it more, but Vali interrupted him twice, causing the killer to really think back, the longer his maddened soul had to try an retro-cognate on it, the further he strayed from actually knowing what happened to the body. The last thing he could remember, was pulling the long rod out of the woman's chest. "Icebergen wai- cannibel?! CANNIBEL?!"

Erebus could feel the will to defend his case speaking up. "Look Vali, I only murder people okay. There is no eating involved in that alright, and just the very thought of putting a disgusting human in my mouth almost makes me want to die twi-!" Shouted the white-haired husk cutting himself off quickly. His eyes were so crazily wild, with the piercing in his neck dancing with his adam's apple; he was dead serious. He wasn't the type to eat carcasses. People who fleshed on the living were something different; they really were demon. Beast or demon, but they were far from anything Erebus would care to do. Perhaps in his Lycan days, when he couldn't control the hunger. No longer was he bound to that starvation for a meal he could not eat on the table. The day Erebus ate someone out of pure amusement would be the true humanity in him disappearing forever.

"You're the sick one, you just put that blood in your mouth. You don't see me out here promoting the spread of AIDs. Do you? No, you don't... Fuck you." He argued, turning his face away from the giant. However, Erebus truly was interested in locating the body. Perhaps a bit of exploration would reveal where it had went. A lonely man attempting to get his nut off to a corpse? A mad scientist testing his knowledge of the anatomy? A vampire resurrecting the pathetic whore... Who knows. The chances were limitless. "If you're done with the sidebar conversation, help me find my trophy. I'm bothered by a thief who would move such a delicate piece of art."

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Vali Onfroy
Oddly enough the elf had never thought of himself as the heroic type. If killing all those who opposed him and his people meant heroic, then yeah he sure as hell was the heroic type. Erebus words didn't harm him though, in fact they made him feel better of a person. Having been the killer of his mother only pushed him to question his sanity but this draugr like man spoke words that eased the pain Val was feeling. The viking shrugged. Erebus seemed offended - if truly offended at all by Vali's accusation. Yes, he looked like a man capable of eating another human. "I mean..." He tucked his lips looking away. "Yes, a fucking cannibal. Come on, do not say that you have never thought about it." Vali snickered.

The viking lord was comfortable around Erebus for one reason or another. It could have to do with the fact that this dude was a man who had probably done things more horrible than killing a corrupted, treasonous mother. Or maybe it was deeper than the eye could see. Regardless, Erebus was an interesting person and learning more about him would help the lord understand if their meeting was fate. The pierced murderer stood his ground, ensuring Val that cannibalism wasn't his thing. As he spoke the viking noticed his eyes bolting everywhere, bouncing to and fro like ping pong balls. "Relax, relax." he chuckled just before Erebus spoke once more.

"I am the sick one huh? Oh look, now you are accusing me of being a cannibal, fuck you...weirdo." He grunted embarrassed by the slander as his face turned as red as humanly possible for a black man. Erebus was a weirdo for certain and he was obviously a deranged man so when he asked for the elf's help there was no true explanation for why Val didn't deny. "Alright but only because I see now that you are incapable of killing an innocent person to save your life." He sighed. He then crouched his knees, and leapt onto the roof above the two. Considering they were both in an alley, if they didn't see the corpse thief leave onto the street then chances were he was traveling from roof to roof?

"Even if you did kill someone, what would the body do for you now?" He asked. However It only took a second for the noble fairy to put two and two together so before Erebus could answer, "Oh, you are one of those too? Gods, you surprise me more and more." He finally said as he waited for Erebus to come to the roof. "If I am going to help you though, there are things I need you to answer." Although his accent was thick, he spoke well enough for even the dumbest of the litter to understand him.

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Erebus's eyes traveled back to the Viking, glaring through into the irises of the fellow white-haired character. "We do things we mustn't, but those actions don't define us, unless we let them. I will not deny that once upon a time, I was forced to do acts I wouldn't normally have committed too." He reasoned. "Those actions were done out of survival Vali, I myself, wouldn't dream of it regardless. I've truly seen a hell, perhaps unlike the textbook biblical one. But it was all too much... In that world, there are no deeds worse than eating the husk of another soul. Nigh except eating the soul itself. That is the game of the Demons, and I hate demons." The seriousness, even charismatic tone in the voice of the shelled-up ghost. It invoked wonders about the side of him that truly wasn't all that bad. However, you couldn't take one statement, one opinion, and justify his entire person. Erebus was the classic killer, plain and simple. He killed for the hunt of it, the game of life and death. Just because he would rather choose to leave a corpse undisturbed-- a piece of art for others to come across and see, did not mean he was the type to swallow it, and feast on the life of another.

After all, he was not that far mad yet. All the craziness in his life thus far? Could not amount to him desiring to do so. Lycanthropy aside, Erebus-- Vance-- was no cannibal.

"I remember, what felt like a millennium ago. I actually used language as crude as you. Letting it slip from time to time is all in good fun Vali, but telling me you'd fuck me doesn't get your point across." He mocked, cracking a grin whilst he noticed the taller male turning head from the conversation. Erebus remained quiet, as he used his shoe to draw his name into the ground in blood. He prayed the Rune Knights would find it, and give him a good game of search and destroy. Meanwhile, Vali took a leap so high he was atop the building, looking about for the wicked body-snatcher.

"Answers? I don't have much knowledge in that category. How about my insights?" Joked the sarcastic villain.

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Vali Onfroy
As Val listened to Erebus he could certainly see that Erebus believed every word that departed his mouth. Val raised an eyebrow wondering if this was all metaphoric or literal. He spoke of a hell different from the one told in stories but still a hell nonetheless. Erebus must have been through some weird shit, that would explain many of his mechanisms. Vali nodded. This was a rather different side of Erebus. In the little time that he knew him he hadn't seen him speak about something so genuinely. Then, there it was again. The mad man twisted the viking lords words just as he did before. "Do not flatter yourself, kid." Val laughed. "You are far from what I intend to plow tonight." he said matter of factly. Immediately thoughts of exotic women flushed his thoughts, he could taste them already.

As he finally stood atop the roof, Erebus admitted that he lacked the knowledge to give Vali any answers but could instead give insight. Still, the noble man was not going to let his new acquaintance off the hook so easily. Shaking his head, the young lord spoke. "You do not even know what I am going to ask." he swung his hands up. "I just want to know where you are from, where did you learn Icebergan, how did you get to Fiore, who your parents are, what happened to them, your magical abilities, how old you are, your last name, and if you believe in any gods?" Val shrugged. "Easy enough, aye?." he gestured his hand for the zombie-like man to come onto the roof as well. Whoever had his body wasn't just going to wait around. Vali was all too curious as to who exactly Erebus was. it was important that learned as much as he could about him because clearly the gods had some sort of diabolical plan for the two.

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