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Blooming Under The Moonlight [Social|Fujaku]

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Blooming Under The Moonlight [Social|Fujaku] Empty on Sun Jun 02, 2019 12:41 pm

The night sky was clear. The full moon illuminated the sandy beach of Astera. Sage walked along the coastline of the beach, admiring the calmness of the night. The sea breezes burshes past his face, bringing along the smell from the sea afar. The sound of wave crashing onto the beach was rather therapeutic. It had been a while since Sage had so much tranquility. On the other side of the beach, there was a canopy with orange lights decorated around it. Inside there seemed to be a group of crowd dancing to music while liquor and food were served on a table nearby. It seemed like someone just got married and were throwing a party by the beach. It looked warm and fun but Sage rather enjoy his alone time, plus he didn't know any of the people under the canopy, so he wouldn't want to ruin the party.

#2Fujaku Nijiiro 

Blooming Under The Moonlight [Social|Fujaku] Empty on Sun Jun 02, 2019 12:45 pm

Fujaku Nijiiro
The party was lively, Fujaku had found himself drawn into it by one of the hand maidens and soon he was dancing as the singers sang and the players played. He had come to astera for a mission but for now he was enjoying his peace before all hell broke loose. He spun around on the balls of his feet as he danced to the beat, the hand maidens circling around him as he danced. But through the crowd he saw a figure he could never forget. He stopped the girls and thanked them saying he would return shortly, before moving out of the party to meet his friend.

“Sage.” He spoke with a happiness in his voice upon seeing his half elf friend.


Blooming Under The Moonlight [Social|Fujaku] Empty on Sun Jun 02, 2019 12:54 pm

Sage was enjoying the beautiful view of the full moon and the stars when he heard his name being called, he turned his head to see who was calling him, and as soon as his magenta eyes laid on the features of the samurai, his face lit up.

"Fujaku! How are you?" He exclaimed happily while jumping in for a hug.

"What are you doing here?" He asked after pulling himself from Fujaku. Sage smiled warmly at Fujaku, he didn't think that they would meet again in such a short time. Especially in Astera as the place was far from Magnolia. Sage's eyes would wonder through Fujaku's features, admiring the beautiful work of god under the moonlight. He was so happy to see him again.

#4Fujaku Nijiiro 

Blooming Under The Moonlight [Social|Fujaku] Empty on Sun Jun 02, 2019 12:59 pm

Fujaku Nijiiro
The samurai smiled and caught his friend as best he could with his one arm. He spun slightly with the force of the hug and placed sage down on the sand. He admired the half elfs features under the moonlight. They were beautiful, as perfect as any geisha he had ever known in his home land but without the extra makeup. He used his one hand to run his fingers through the side of sages hair as he smiled at him once more, a genuinely happy smile that held no ounce of hatred or venom like he normally did.

“I am good Sage.” He said softly. “I came here on request of my Lord, But as im not yet needed I figured it would do no harm to partake in the dancing. Especially when the hand maidens themselves dragged me into dance.


Blooming Under The Moonlight [Social|Fujaku] Empty on Sun Jun 02, 2019 1:08 pm

Sage laughed lightly as he was brought into the air by Fujaku. When he was brought down to the sand he couldn't stop smiling at the taller man. His cheeks turned a little bit red when his hair was touched by Fujaku. Sage was glad that Fujaku was okay, he was really worried when he had to leave him all alone back in Magnolia.

"I didn't know you can dance," Sage said teasingly at Fujaku while giving him that flirtatious look. He then looked at the warm full moon and then back at the taller man, "Have you ever danced under the moonlight?" Sage said while extending his arm, his face couldn't stop grinning.

#6Fujaku Nijiiro 

Blooming Under The Moonlight [Social|Fujaku] Empty on Sun Jun 02, 2019 1:21 pm

Fujaku Nijiiro
Fujaku smiled brightly taking Sages outstretched hand, he pulled him close while making him spin across the sand until his back was pressed against Fujakus chest. He didn’t understand why this felt so much more normal then when he had danced with the girls his father had brought to court for him, all he knew was that he it made his heart feel lighter, and let him forget his darkness for a moment. The young Samurai began to move to the music, while not a perfect fit for his own Joyan music, it was similar enough in style and beat that he could keep time with it. His bare feet moved across the sand like only a trained swords man could, using his body and motions to guide Sage in the steps as the beast of the music began to pick up.

“Only when the Devils come out to play~” he said in a teasing voice as he spun sage away from him and began to dance in an intricate style, reminiscent of his sword fighting style he had displayed in the forest.


Blooming Under The Moonlight [Social|Fujaku] Empty on Sun Jun 02, 2019 2:02 pm

Sage did not expect Fujaku to have done such moves. "Whoa," Sage exclaimed excitedly as he was brought closer to the taller man, the spin that Fujaku made Sage do left him laughing lightly, enjoying the moment. He was then brought closer to Fujaku's chest which felt warm and safe. It was so fun dancing with Fujaku. For once in his life Sage actually felt like he could be vulnerable in front of a person. The pace of the dance was wild and fun as well which left him laughing lightly every once a while.

Then the music suddenly changed. It seemed like the band that was playing beneath the canopy noticed the two of them, as they began to sing,

Dancing In The Moonlight:

Sage grinned at Fujaku, "I'm no devil,". He then grabbed his partner's hand and spun himself towards the taller man, then sliding outwards, bringing himself further from Fuj, but their hands still grabbing. Till then Sage let go and spun himself around the raven haired man, bringing Sage to his back. Sage kissed Fujaku's cheek while he was at it, then spun around, back to where he was standing, in front of Fujaku, but this time his back was facing his partner, a playful grin appeared across Sage's side face, indicating that he wanted Fujaku to come to him.

Sage had never had a dance before, this was his first, he was afraid that it might be awkward, but who cares. He was with Fujaku, and that was all that matters.

#8Fujaku Nijiiro 

Blooming Under The Moonlight [Social|Fujaku] Empty on Sun Jun 02, 2019 2:25 pm

Fujaku Nijiiro
The music changed, the movements shifted, and even though Sage had spoken, Fujaku forgot it all as the kiss graced his cheek. The world fell away as he felt his heart skip a beat and his defenses drop completely. He was bright red, his face a shade comparable to a tomato. He stammered, as Sage kept dancing seemingly beckoning him toward him. This was all so new, Fujaku didn’t understand this at all. When he had danced with the girls his father brought to their home, he felt nothing, no interest, no desire. None of the things he read about in the valiant stories and wonderful dramas he watched. It was as if he danced with them because he had been told to, with a sense of duty and nothing else.

But with Sage it was different, it had been different from the first time he had seen him. The half elf had stolen his heart and Fujaku was unsure if that was a bad thing. He had always been told he would marry a woman and have children one day, but right now, Fujaku could think of nothing but a Future with Sage. He stepped forward and joined in dance with Sage, letting his smaller partner take the lead this time as he held his hops with his hands, blushing more as he was unsure if this was where they went.


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Sage smiled excitedly as Fujaku drew himself near and placed his hand on Sage's hips. Sage placed his hand on top of Fujaku's and started moving his body to the rhythm of the music. When the rhythm changed he grabbed Fujaku's hand and spun himself around, away from his partner. Sage then moved his legs back according to the music's rhythm, stepping further and further, his hand still holding on to Fujaku's.

Then when the music's pace gone a little bit faster Sage pulled himself towards Fujaku's embrace in an instant, putting one of his hand on his partner's shoulder and his other hand was holding onto Fujaku's hand, clasping it as their fingers filled the gaps between one another. Sage rested his head onto the taller man's chest, feeling the rhythm of Fujaku's heartbeat. The song then started to die out and the crowd under the canopy seemed to get ready to go home, the lights and everything was switched off. But sage didn't let go, he stayed in that position with Fujaku under the moonlit sky, by the endless azure sea.

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Fujaku Nijiiro
Their swaying hips, the musical notes, the sand beneath his feet gave way to just Sage and him. his partners energetic movements and quick moving returns as he spun toward him. he held his closely in this new pose as he felt Sage rest his head on his chest. He frowned slightly, wishing he still had his other arm if only to hold Sage closer in this moment. the music began to die down and soon the sounds of people moving away from the party could be heard. But Fujaku and Sage didn’t move. Fujaku just held Sage, settling from dancing into holding him close and safely to his chest.

Above them the full moon gave them more then enough light to see by, and the softly crashing waves against the beach was all that could be heard.

“Sage…. I don’t know what I am feeling right now.” He spoke in Joyan, to emberrest to say it outloud. He looked up at the moon. “But I hope this feeling never goes away. I hope to stay in your life for as long as I can”


Blooming Under The Moonlight [Social|Fujaku] Empty on Sun Jun 02, 2019 3:44 pm


Sage didn't want it to end, he wanted it to last forever, eternally. But he knew full well that everything will eventually end. So he embraced that moment to his fullest. His name was then called by Fujaku, but what was said next can't be understood by Sage. He wondered why would Fujaku speak in a different language. Still very close to Fujaku, Sage raised his head to look at the man, he didn't know what to reply with so he just smiled warmly. "You know we have the entire night for ourselves right? Why don't we head to my place and get to know each other better, we've barely even meet," Sage laughed at the last part. It was true they haven't fully met each other yet, alas Sage felt like he had known Fujaku for a very long time already.

#12Fujaku Nijiiro 

Blooming Under The Moonlight [Social|Fujaku] Empty on Sun Jun 02, 2019 3:52 pm

Fujaku Nijiiro
Fujaku looked down as Sage spoke, his eyes meeting sages as he looked at him with love. He smiled at him softly and couldn’t help but feel his heart skip another beat. He blushed as Sage offered to go to his house, but regained his compose. “But isn’t your home in Magnolia? Or do you have homes wherever you go?” he said softly to him as he swayed his hips with his gently, moving back and forth to the rythme of the waves behind them. He smiled to sage as he held his hip with his one arm, and he smiled an innocent smile. The moon was high now, midnight by any standard.


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Sage giggled at Fujaku's reply, "No silly, my place as in where I stay at the moment. But you know I think we can enjoy this beautiful sky before we leave," he said, looking at Fujaku's eyes. It was as if their soul had intertwined with each other. As they were swaying about Sage dropped to the sand, sitting on it, "Come," Sage said, inviting Fujaku to do the same. He then lay down on the sand and looked up at the beautiful night sky above them. His hand would reach for Fujaku's clasping them together. "Isn't it nice?" he would say with such delicate tone. He had never thought of finding a person like Fujaku. He was feeling something he had never felt before. He wondered if it was the 'L' word. But they just met so he wanted to not push things too far than it already was.

#14Fujaku Nijiiro 

Blooming Under The Moonlight [Social|Fujaku] Empty on Mon Jun 03, 2019 9:02 am

Fujaku Nijiiro
Fujaku laughed softly, and laid down on the soft sand with Sage. But he sat on his elbow, to keep an eye on the area around them. Ever vigilante as he was, he couldn’t let go of all of his defenses it seemed. He would stay like that for a moment, before Sage took his hand, and he was forced to shift and lay down more naturally. He ahd to admit it was nice, watchign the sky and the stars. Though, he had to admit the sky was not nearly as filled with stars as it was in Joya, the light of the city near them drowning out some of the stars. But Fujaku remembered something and stood up quickly.

“Stay right here.” He said to Sage before rushing off to the Pavilion, where there had been a few things left over that were more public property. He picked up the heavy metal Star See’er as he brought it back over as best he could, setting it down in the sand. It was made for the sand thankfully, and held its position with ease. “The party goers called this a “Telescope.” We had our own name for them in Joya, But that doesn’t matter. Here come look.” If sage got up, and came to look into the telescope, Fujaku would adjust it and move it to show him the beautiful surface of the moon itself. “They said it was normally used for viewing the stars, but I find….i find it far better at looking at the moon, and admiring its natural Beauty.”


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Sage was quite confused when Fujaku left to grab something, he raised from his laying position to see what it was. He saw Fujaku taking something from the pavilion. When it was set down, the word telescope meant something to Sage, he heard about it before, people use to to look at the stars. When Fujaku asked him to look into it, Sage did, and as he did part of his body touches with Fujaku's. The lens was adjusted by the taller man, and Sage could then see something he had never thought of seeing before. "Wow..." he gasped as he admired the beautiful surface of the moon. Sage then backed away from the telescope, he looked at Fujaku. "You know what else is beautiful?" he said with such delicate tone while reaching Fujaku's cheeks, brushing them with his hand. Smiling at the sight of the beauty in front of him.

#16Fujaku Nijiiro 

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Fujaku Nijiiro
His hand touched sages hip as he repositioned him to look at the moon, and he couldn’t help but smile seeing the half elf grow happy with the sight. But soon Sage turned, and spoke to him, saying such sweet words that it brought a blush to Fujakus face. He brought his hand to Fujakus cheeks, his black hair moved out of the way as Sage did so. Fujakus eyes lingured on Sages, and his heart skipped a beat, his stomach felt heavy with butterflies. But even then, he felt a surge of emotion he had never felt before and with his one hand, he placed his fingers on the small of sages back and pulled him in closely, their chests touching as Fujaku leaned down and planted a deep and passionate kiss upon Sages Soft Elfen lips.

The world around Fujaku stopped, before it had slown down, but in this moment, everything stopped. Even his own heart beat stopped. As he kissed Sage with a passion he had only ever seen in the dramas of the Joyan theaters. If he had the knowledge of, or the second arm needed, he would have picked up Sage and carried them away into the night without breaking the kiss, but here in this moment their deep embrace of passion would have to be enough for the young one armed Samurai.


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He could feel Fujaku's hands going to his back and the force that pushes them together. The kiss that was given by Fujaku was embraced by Sage, it was full of passion and emotion. Sage brought both his hands to Fujaku's face as they kissed, he didn't know where else to put them. At that moment, everything seemed to be circling around them, they were the center of everything. They had just met but why was his feelings for Fujaku so strong? He would let go to breathe for air, but he didn't want it to end, he would dive back in for a second kiss, this time stronger than before.

#18Fujaku Nijiiro 

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Fujaku Nijiiro
As sage broke away for air, Fujaku did the same, and soon broke away the second kiss as he moved his lips to Sages neck and planting kisses upon kisses he soon gently bit the half elfs skin and moved his hand down to the half elfs rear. He pulled him closer pressing their waists together in passion. The lust that grew in his body was something Fujaku had never experienced before. But it wasn’t feared, or rejected, he embraced it as he stopped the gentle bite and returned to kissing Sage, their lips locked in a passionate embrace as he transferred the standard kiss into a French kiss, before after a long sensual kiss Fujaku broke the kiss apart and panted looking down at Sage.

“F…forgive me, i…I don’t know what came over me i…i…”


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Sage was going slow on Fujaku, but without expecting it his partner began to travel to his neck, "What are you-", Sage moaned in pleasure. He had never done such thing before, nor did he know people did things like that. It was his first and he was still new to it. He could feel Fujaku's hand on his rear and for some reason it made him feel weird, a good kind of weird. He wanted more and more of him, he wanted all of Fujaku. Sage was submissive of his partner, letting him destroy his body and do whatever he wanted with it. He embraced the kiss, the kiss that Sage had never experience before, but it felt good. They then part and Fujaku apologized, Sage panting along with the black haired man. "It's okay," he said while pushing Fujaku to the ground, going in for another kiss. They spent the rest of the night, embracing one another, not letting any of them go.

The next morning Sage woke up in his motel room's bed. Everything was blurry and for some reason he was naked? He tried to remember what happened last night, and when he did his face flushed a deep red. He looked to the side of the bed to see if Fujaku were there or not.

#20Fujaku Nijiiro 

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Fujaku Nijiiro
Of course Fujaku was there, his single arm wrapped protectively around his naked lover. Their bodies pressed together under the covers. Fujaku was still fast asleep, having exaughsted himself in his lovemaking the night before he nuzzled himself into sages body and held him close. The warmth between them a reminder of the night before. His gentle breath upon his lovers neck was soft and inviting. As his hand moved and pulled Sage closer as best it could in his sleep. But slowly he began to awaken feeling sage move. He opened his eyes and looked at Sage as their eyes met once more. “hello there.” He said with a soft coy yet playful voice.


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Sage was glad to see Fujaku sleeping right next to him. He felt somewhat safe being in his arm. He rested his head back on the pillow while looking at his lover, admiring everything about him from his hair to his facial features. A smiled appeared across Sage's face. Sage giggled when Fujaku woke up saying that, "Good morning my love," he replied and gave a quick kiss on the taller man's lips. He didn't move from that position, he wanted it to last forever, he kept looking at Fujaku's eyes while his mouth curving into a sweet smile. He felt like he wanted to spend the rest of his life with the man in front of him, forever, eternally.

#22Fujaku Nijiiro 

Blooming Under The Moonlight [Social|Fujaku] Empty on Tue Jun 04, 2019 3:38 pm

Fujaku Nijiiro
Fujaku smiled at Sage, and after a long time he finally broke free from his lover and stood up. Getting dressed and handing Sage his own cloths he told him in a soft and teasing voice to get dressed as he took Sages undergarments, sliding them onto his lovers body in a slow teasing way and onto his body as best he could. He stood up himself, standing naked in the morning light, sillouetted by the sun behind him he got dressed himself, thankfully his outfit was easy to put on with one hand. Until he got to his button shirt.

“Seems someone unbuttoned my shirt last night…” he smiled softly. “Would you…Mind helping me?”


Blooming Under The Moonlight [Social|Fujaku] Empty on Tue Jun 04, 2019 4:01 pm

Sage giggled enjoyably as Fujaku teasingly told him to dress up. He bit his lip as the dark haired man slid Sage's undergarment onto him playfully. As Fujaku stood up and was basked by the light of the morning sun, Sage appreciated the beautiful figure in front of him, he could see every parts of his lover, finding all of them beautiful.

Sage grinned playfully as the man said someone unbuttoned his shirt, of course he remembered doing that. He crawled across the bed and fixed Fujaku's buttons. After he did all of the buttons he would lean in for a kiss, not having enough of the taller man. When he pulled away he suddenly feel an emptiness in his stomach, "I'm hungry, wanna grab something to eat?" he would ask with a warm smile of his.

#24Fujaku Nijiiro 

Blooming Under The Moonlight [Social|Fujaku] Empty on Wed Jun 05, 2019 8:23 am

Fujaku Nijiiro
He smiled as his lovers fingers worked their way up his buttoned shirt, slowly but surely the job was done as he soon was almost eye to eye with his lover thanks to the bed boosting Sage up a bit. Their lips connected his with and he used his one hand to touch their naked chest gently before Sage broke the kiss to get dressed themselves. he smiled watchign them, and as they mentioned getting breakfast he laughed softly. He had already been planning to do just that, though he had hoped to surprise Sage with it.

“That’s exactly what I had in mind. Shall we?” he said in a soft and dulcet tone, despite his accent, the gentle tone of adoration and love was still present in his voice.


Blooming Under The Moonlight [Social|Fujaku] Empty on Wed Jun 05, 2019 12:32 pm


Sage found the accent sexy to him and so he leaned in for another kiss, this time a bit rougher than before. He could feel that their emotion were so strong for each other. He wanted to have Fujaku all to himself but he finally gained some self control and pulled away.

"Let's go," he said immediately while jumping off the bed, taking the room's keys from a desk and walked to the door. He then extended one of his arms, so that Fujaku would take it. He looked at the other man, he found his kind loving movements cute, he couldn't help but to smile excitedly at him.

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