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Name: XaXa
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Birthday: 4-April-X820
Sexuality: Straight
Special Characteristics: Xaxa had the ability like an acrobat; his body can move freely as long as he wills it. He can perform back-flips with ease. He can even climb walls easily. He gained this ability after being a thief.
General: Because of the countless times he was betrayed by others, he tends to be cold to others. He's usually very quiet to people he doesn't know. He would not open up his heart fully to ANYONE, and sometimes he would shut his heart from his friends too. It's very hard to gain Xaxa's trust. He would be serious always, and wouldn't joke around. He would not let his guard down, even to a cute puppy.

To friends: XaXa is someone who is not good with words and can be quite direct. This is due to him not having many friendships and closing others off, because of his magic abilities. He sometimes actually seems to enjoy angering people as well.
However, XaXa is actually a kind person who just is misunderstood. Despite the general population opinion towards magic-users, he refused to give his magic abilities up. He would continue to train his ability, unlike some who ran away from the reality of magic and ignore their abilities to escape persecution and hatred from the society. He would sometimes comforts others who are scared or down.
To his friends, XaXa would let his guard and seriousness down. He would crack jokes and smile. He love being with his friends, people who can trust, people who accept him even with his abnormal abilities. He never had friends ever since he was a child. He was hated by everyone. It felt amazing to have someone who did not hate you, someone who would protect you.

To Enemies: To his enemies, XaXa is a merciless beast. He would never forgive his enemies, unless something drastic happens. Such brutality can be shown when he release his wrath upon his village, which was never heard of since then. His personality literally changes when he meets an enemy. If the enemy is just a normal opponent or an enemy which just did something trivial, he would just act mean and cold to them, treating them like some other random person he meets. However, if it's an enemy, an enemy who has hurt him or his friend before redemption, that man would face something worse than hell itself.

* Ramen- The reason why he loves ramen is because it reminds him of his mum's cooking. When he was a child, his mum would always make ramen for him whenever he's hungry. The wonderful taste of the ramen, the sweetness of the soup, and the way the noodles flow into your mouth, it reminds him of the warm love his mum had gave him.
* Tea- His parents owns a tea shop. He would usually help to harvest the tea leaves from his parent's small plantation. He usually substitutes water with tea
* The Dark- Being in the dark makes Xaxa feel secure. It relieves him from the threats he faces in the day.
* Light Magic- It's his agic's weakness
* Coffee- Well, he just hates the bitter flavor of coffee. The taste of it can make his face change.
* Killer Rabbits- Well, long story. To make a long story short, he was once chased by a group of meat-eating rabbits which lived in the mountains.

*Master his Magic- His motivation to continue on living is to master his magic. It was because of magic that destroyed his whole life. He wanted to change it; he wanted to master magic so that he can protect people with it. He didn't want anyone to get hurt because of magic. Magic, to him, is given by the gods to protect people.
* Killer Rabbits- Well, long story. To make a long story short, he was once chased by a group of meat-eating rabbits which lived in the mountains.
*Seeing his friends hurt- Xaxa loves his friends and hates to see them get hurt because of his inability to protect them. This is one of of his motivation to get stronger, too.
* Being alone. XaXa hates being alone. It reminds him of the time he used to have in the past.


Height: 5 feet 6 inches
Weight: 56 kg
Hair: XaXa has a natural longer-than-average, spiky black hair. His hair reaches till the lower end of his neck.
Eyes: Red eyes.
Others: XaXa wears a black, long cloak. He also wears a chain with a crucifix.
General Appearance:

Hair & Face : Sengoku has a pointed chin. His face is rather fair due to staying in the dark ALOT. He has a natural black and spiky hair which usually tend to lean to his left. He doesn't apply wax or gel on his hair; his hair's naturally that way. His hair is rather long; his hair reaches his lower neck. He hasn’t cut his hair ever since he was 9. XaXa has blue eyes which he inherited from his father. This is rather rare for a Japanese like him. His nose is very small, just like his mum’s. His teeth are very white. It can literally sparkle when he smiles.

His upper body : His upper body is somewhat muscular for a 14 year old. He has a leaned ratio of toned muscle that isn’t bulging like those “all brawns and no brains”. The triceps and biceps of his arms are those that stand out the most. This is because of his training. He used to train with a super heavy katana, which is considered more like weights than a sword. His chest’s muscles are rather big for someone his age too. He has a huge tattoo of his clan’s symbol on his back that he placed there using his tattoo bending ability.

His lower body : His legs are kinda long, which contributes a lot to his height. Having long legs helps him to move faster than average shinobis. The sole of his feet are rather strong, since he has been walking barefooted while training in his rocky backyard. The muscles of his legs are rather developed, however the size of his legs are thin.

Clothings-XaXa would usually wear a black cloak, with a blue jacket underneath. He wears a pair of very, very worn out jeans, with chains around his wrists. He would have his crucifix hidden in his jacket.

Guild and Magic

Guild: Guildless
Guild Tattoo: On his right hand.
Rank: D

Magic: Shadow Manipulation
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: This ability allows the user to manipulate shadow according to his will. He can materialize shadow too. Examples are turning it into solid,or semi solid. He can even shape the shadow to his will, like forming tentacles with the end of a trident. He can use the darkness for various purposes like for offensive or defensing purpose, giving Shadow Magic a great deal of flexibility.
1. Manipulate shadow, Shape them to his liking, Materialize it, use it for offensive and defensive purpose
2. Attacks from Light Magic would create more shadows, so more shadows for the user to manipulate.
1. Cannot be used when there is totally no shadow, or when the place is totally pitch-black
2. Shadow magic is weak against light magic because light disintegrates the shadow, making it more partial and thus less of it is available for use.

History: XaXa was born in a small village in the Warth Woodlands. He was born in a small house made of wood. His parents, Sakura and Yamamoto, owned a tea shop and a small tea plantation. Before he was known as XaXa, his parents named him Suigetsu. In the village he was from, mages are very rare. Many of the mages, if not all, ended up being evil. Plus, this village has been raided by tons of mages in the past. Therefore, mages were hated in this village, making this village a very isolated place from the outside world.
When he was 7, Xaxa and his dad went out to the forest to harvest mushrooms and fruits. They headed
deep inside the forest. Suddenly, as Xaxa was walking, he realized he stepped on something furry and soft. When he look down, he realized that he stepped on the tail of a baby Dire rabbit. Before he knew it, he and his dad was being chased by a group of Dire Rabbit. As they ran and ran through the forest, Xaxa’s dad tripped and fell. That was when he saw the rabbits surround his father. One of them pounced and bit his father’s leg. Xaxa then started to blame himself. “Oh, why did I carelessly step on the rabbit’s tail? WHY?! If I did not do it, this wouldn’t have happened. Please.....don’t let this happen to my dad.....” He then started to regret and blame himself. Before he knew it, he allowed his emotions to take control of him. He started controlling the shadows of the trees to attack the rabbits. He materialized the shadow and shot spikes and the rabbits. The rabbits then ran away. He then helped his father up and walk back to the village.
The next day, the whole village heard of Xaxa’s feat. Did they congratulate him for saving his dad? No. Instead, they started to hate and isolate his family, who had the accursed magic child. They started the persecute him. The schools did not allow him to enter. His parents’ business fell. Whenever he exits his house, peoplle would start to whisper. The other parents told their children to isolate and hate on him. They told him of how much of a monster he is. Eventually, as he grew up, the persecution would take a much bigger step. The childrens started to throw stuff at him while shouting insults. This went on until he was 10. That was when they crossed the line.

One day, after coming home from gathering mushrooms and fruits from the jungle, he saw a lot of people gathering around his house. As he approached, he heard a shout. ”Honey, look! The monster has return!”. Immediately, a bunch of men came towards him, pulling two....sacks. They then flipped the sack, and his parents fell out of the sack. “Hey, you son of a demon. This is what happens to people who are cursed by God!” shouted a fat man. He then snapped his fingers. Two men then came, one carrying a barrel, the other, a torch. Four other men also came and pinned him, forcing him to kneel while looking at his parents. The men then pour the liquid on his parents. As he looked at his mum, he saw her last smile as she said her last words, ”S-suigetsu....*cough*.....D-don’t.....ha-” Before she could complete her sentence, the other man dropped the torch on his parents. In a split second, his parents’ body turned to ashes. As he started struggling and shouting, he saw the people around him jeering and laughing. Why were they doing this to him?? WHY?! What had he done to receive this....this...punishment? What had his parents done? The next thing he know, he blacked out. He was chained in a cell ever since then. He lived in that cell ever since then. Until he was 12. He had spent his days in the cell mourning and training his magic. Until the day he could no longer take this. He allowed his fury, his anger, and his heart to take over his body. They called me a demon, right?? If a demon is what they want so badly, I’ll give you a demon then! When he came back to his senses, he found out that the whole village was....annihilated. Not a single trace of life could be seen. The buildings were all destroyed. He decided to forget about this and to continue to live his life.
After walking for 3 days, he finally approached a town called Hosenka town. He then lived there, working in part-time jobs and a bit of robbery to support his life. Ever since then, he did not show his magic abilities to anybody, only when he is alone. One day, he hope to use his abilities to help people. He hope to find others who would accept his cursed blood.
RP Sample: It was one in the afternoon, and most of the students would be changing for P.E. Well, except for Sengoku. Sengoku was outside in the hallway. Turning left and right, he sighed and thought, "Good, no one's here. This is a mission where if I succeed, I'll be considered a real man. It's a mission that decides my fate. It's a mission that will make my goal to be the best swordsmen in the world closer!" As he opened his eyes, he crept to a door opposite of him. As he peered into the crack through a wall, he saw a breath-taking view. He saw a heavenly sight of girls changing. Some of them were already changed, and some of them were still changing. Some of those who already changed were groping other girl's breast. " Damn....If only I'm a girl....." As he sighed, his eyes sparkled. As he performed some handseals, he then said, "Henge no jutsu!". As he muttered those words, a puff of smoke appeared and Sengoku turned into a girl. He then opened the door, and charged in. He began to grope ALL the girl's breast and started flipping skirts. As he was nose-bleeding, he did not realize he turned back into a guy. The next thing he knew, he was being slapped and punched by all the girls in the room. He then blacked out and he was found half-dead by his classmates in the storeroom the next day.
Face Claim: Saito Hiraga de Chevalier, Zero no Tsukaima

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