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A Dark Mind's New Trail.(Solo.)

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A Dark Mind's New Trail.(Solo.) Empty on Fri Apr 12, 2019 4:21 am

Priscilla Ivalice
Oh what a different experience Daliah was to Priscilla, not knowing what she was getting into and in her own twisted and dark manner, Seemed to so far been enjoying every moment of it so far. So far much like the reason she ended up here, Priscilla was missing a drink something she had not had a while. She still drank water but that was about it.

Walking into this place it was just about what she expected and a bit more, but much like being on a massive high from having to have slaughtered a few things she could not account for what they where while she was traveling.

No one to tell Priscilla such habits were wrong, No one to tell her she could be different, no one to tell her she was a horrible or not. It was a relief to her, while she sat and drank the first sip of a Grim Reaper to ease the high she had felt letting all her problems, anger and various other things that haunted her mind like a ghost. That sense of being normal again took grip and she remembered she had a reason she was around here.

Aside from laying low and aside from getting away from a possible need to rid a rune knight of his own life, She wanted to learn but for now the rune knight would be safe, Priscilla would tried to throw away such a horrible possible doing. Then learn to be a something more fitting then a human to herself and mind set, Which would either spell her doom or her saving or the fate of other people a risk as well, It did not matter to her Priscilla was only looking after what interested or what she felt better her and that was it.

After finishing up her drink and even spending a bit of time sleeping at this inn, Priscilla would start looking into what would be needed for her to pick up on to learn, she just needed the starting trail of information.


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