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Orchidia to Dahlia.(Foot Travel.)

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Orchidia to Dahlia.(Foot Travel.) Empty on Wed Apr 03, 2019 5:03 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
She seemed to have enough being around here, All too dangerous and risky at the same time, Even if some one else believed if she could saved. Priscilla hated that the most. It just kept stabbing her in the mind over and over to phrase it, Just bothered it much like many things. So she would follow opposite patterns to what she normally did in which was would leave morning this time.

Her planing knew it would still be a fair amount of time, which she did not mind she would trying to control herself to not do anything else to people around in Orchidia could lead to more problems.

But as always that one thing just could not leave her be,Priscilla would just be heading on the path she had planned out. Just one more for the road the one went into her mind, Just one more kill it would hold her off, So she thought again. It would turn into more then one kill, It's happen before much like other things the signs existed a bit more that she was controlling herself when she could have just set herself on the even thought for a while.

It just kept going in her mind like some one else was poking her while she was starting to walk, for the moment she just seemed to keep it in mind only while she was just in the final parts of preparing to leave. But having that in mind she did not have anything really to pack up it was just her having a shower and cleaning her clothing. Eventually getting her scarf back from the small child she helped at one point in change for a bit more money and as well as making sure she had food.

Priscilla would end up somewhere that served booze, getting a few drinks for the road to just dull her mind and torment as well. Having a few Grim Reapers. It only just kind of helped her not think about it for a few hours if she kept track, But on her way out she just took a look around the room she had been in just to make sure and double check if anyone was on her trail or was looking to follow her eventually. In some manner if some one was looking for trouble or just attempt anything with Priscilla it would not end well.

That or people would think she was paranoid both were options in her mind. But she felt at the moment at peace nothing was stabbing at her or poking her. Which was ideal it made her feel human so even if it was still just before the after noon Priscilla had a long way to go. She could only help she was left alone the entire time so nothing else would happen.

Control it, Priscilla kept in her mind and kept thinking about it while she was just about in the wood of Orchidia to leave. When she just had that final thought of it one more time, Knowing full well she could not resist anymore. So she would find one last person to just take out. A lonely man fishing by himself.

Giving herself a moment to take a large inhale of air before doing it, It was said the man scream for loud and quite while, What exactly all was done would be left to whoever found his body, But it would be noted Priscilla took out all of her withdrawn desires and left it there for now, who knows when she could give up again.


{Exit to Dahlia.)

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