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Testing the Nature of Beings[training:Odin]

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Testing the Nature of Beings[training:Odin] Empty on Wed Apr 03, 2019 4:50 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir found himself drifting farther away from the crowds and rigors of the city. He marched upwards through the snow, his scarf pulled tight around his neck. From his patrols he knew of a clearing through the forest. It was a boulder filled place that led t the side of a small mountain. Snow covered the rocks and littered about the ground. Wind whistled through the trees. The occasional fragile icicle fell from thin branches, shattering against the ground.

It was a place not yet touched by the demonic hordes, and one well suited for taking things to the next level.

Strength was the one thing coming to the forefront of his mind. That and control over this new power that swelled within him. The blessing brought with it a new understanding of his magic. He began with a light stretch and ran in place, trying to conjure some more warmth against the frigid wind.

"Alright I suppose its time to get started then,"He said loosening his scarf and standing with his legs shoulder width apart. "Okay, feel the wind. Hear its movements," he repeated to himself in a meditative tone. A white magic circle appearing around him with a soft clap of his hands. He tried to push his senses outward around him. Sensing the vibrations in the air. It reached its boundary, but he tried to push it further. "Come on," each breath forming a white puff in front of his face. he could feel the limited zone struggling to expand. Magic against his will. He felt the drifting snow and falling ice like ripples in water.

With that spell primed he opened his eyes and swung his hand sending a blade of cutting wind off at a boulder grazing it. He quickly followed by concentrating on his legs, "Let's try this then," he wanted to maintain his vibration sense while attacking but it shrunk back to its original size.  The wind around his leg sprung to life and with his kick, the tiniest gust of wind kicked up some snow and faded away.

He put a hand on his forehead still trying to concentrate on his vibration sense, "Well I suppose that's a start. I wonder if I...can I rely on that."

He stretched his arms wide, getting ready to take things more seriously.

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Testing the Nature of Beings[training:Odin] Empty on Sat Apr 13, 2019 6:44 pm

~A few hours ago~

A cold wind blew through Odin's skull as he reached the clearing, the landscape set up perfectly for him to train his spells. Flat ground coated with frost and ice up towards a mountain, a chill blowing freely across the clearing, large rocks littering the ground begging to be destroyed. A beautiful mixture of ice and earth, which complimented Odin's magic perfectly. He couldn't have imagined a better location where he could train some new spells, enhance his abilities with his recently acquired magic.

He had lost his previous magic of summoning the undead to do his bidding and destroying the minds of his enemies through deceit and darkness. His Necromancy powers, they had been taken from him by HER upon his revival. After his initial 'death' at the hands of his best friend Konstantin, SHE had seen fit to strip Odin of his powers, forcing him to learn new ways to fight and defeat his enemies. SHE was almighty, his omnipotent goddess, he lived only to serve HER as instructed. If that meant losing his magic to pave the way for something new, then Odin would sacrifice every shred of his power to please his goddess.

It had, of course, been a loss for his Necromantic powers to leave him, but it had allowed the Lich to become a master of the elements. Earth and Ice, coming together in an avalanche. That was his magic now: the unstoppable force of an avalanche racing down a mountain to consume everything in its path. He was a force of nature, an unnatural disaster, and a monster to his foes.

The first spell took more time for Odin to master than he had originally intended, as it had been his first time shaping his new magic into a proper spell. Giving off a cold aura, or moving a few stones around had taught him minor control, but this was something much more involved, and required much more from him. It had been a relatively simple spell: manipulating the ground beneath an area to rise up into the sky at great speed, striking anything caught underneath with an, admittedly minor, amount of force. It had been difficult, but nowhere near impossible for the Lich.

His second, and indeed third and fourth, idea was to utilise a type of spell that he had favoured for a long time, since before becoming a Lich. Back when his powers came from the demon prince Lucifer, who had loved manipulating the humans of the world. Applying negative status effects to their physical characteristics, 'debuffing' them as he put it, whether by decreasing their physical strength, movement speed, or durability and endurance, it had brought such joy to the prince of chaos. The only unfortunate thing was that, currently, there was no one to test his newfound ideas on, forcing Odin to sit and meditate is one of the far reaches of the clearing, where the forest would hide him if he, in fact, dozed off. He figured someone else would come here to train eventually, and he was in no rush.

~Present Time~

Odin didn't sleep, he had no reason to now that he was undead. It was something part of him missed, but he had found a way to replicate the feeling of switching his mind off and letting it wander. He had been doing that for a few hours now, to the point where the snow was almost completely concealing him, his bones blending in perfectly with the surrounding scenery.

Having been 'asleep', Odin had failed to notice that, not too far away from him, another man was training. He hadn't yet spotted the Lich, as his face showed deep concentration in whatever he was doing. He was within range for Odin to try and apply a debuff, but in moving his arm he would disturb the snow, making his presence known to the man. The debuff applied was towards the man's endurance, and the likely scenario is the man would instantly feel even more tired than he had been previously. The cyan magic circle heralded the spell's activation, but also would make it incredibly obvious that someone else was here. Thinking he might as well get ready, Odin stood up after applying his spell, drawing Gungnir as he did and never taking his eyes off the man. He was ready at every moment, and it seemed likely that this man was going to view Odin as a threat, and likely attack him without warning. It would be very rude of him.


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Testing the Nature of Beings[training:Odin] Empty on Sun Apr 14, 2019 10:43 am

Kazimir Seiryu
The wind mage was still focusing on feeling the wind around him and forming a clearer picture in his mind about the visions he received. The visions that brought some sort of perspective to his magic and where it could take him. He was lost in thought and other than his vibration sense almost irresponsibly unaware of his surroundings. An absent minded folly that he would soon get a reminder could be a potentially fatal mistake.

As the wind felt natural to him, a strange sensation crept into his body. Suddenly he sensed the presence of movement nearby. He opened his eyes to see the skeletal hand rising from a snow covered form. Snow drifted down from the bone arm with a simple gesture. The wind mage then noticed the cyan magical circle around him. Albeit too late. His body felt heavier, and his eyes nearly drooped for a moment. A wave of tiredness flooded through him.

The skeletal form fully emerged with a razor sharp spear in hand. Whoever or whatever this was, meant business. Kazimir jumped diagonally to the right, out of the radius of where the cyan circle had appeared, trying to evade any other magical assault that came his way. He moved closer to the target but still trying to maintain a safe distance from the spear. As he jumped he flipped into a handspring and concentrated his magical energy into his leg. With a swift kick he launched a cone of wind at the potential threat. It whirled through the snow scattering flurries along with it. When he landed he held his staff at the ready while tightening the scarf around his neck.

An attack meant more as a warning than to cause any real damage. This was because, while he felt threatened, the foe had used their surprise attack to weaken him instead of taking him out. A tactic that left him wondering the beings motives. Did he just mean to attract his attention or to use the spell to render him easy prey.

Either way, Kazimir would gauge the reaction of the skeletal being after his warning shot and see if this was a full-fledged battle of something more mischievous was afoot. The assailants appearance left him to wonder if he was somehow connected to the demons or the dark guilds that lurked in the shadows. The wind mage waited with a focused gaze, "I don't know what you want but you certainly have my attention now," he said politely as he continued to maintain his vibration sense in case there were any surprises to come from the being and he held his staff tight in anticipation of a counter attack.

His foot settled into the soft snow behind him with a small stirring of wind. The gentle breeze blew in the back of his mind, reminding him of the divine blessing of his soul, but it was something he still held back and hesitated on embracing. Even if it was a pathway to more power.

Either way, he was eager to see if the being answered him with words, violence or a mixture of both. He had to remain even more alert as he still felt the lingering effects of whatever spell had afflicted him.

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Testing the Nature of Beings[training:Odin] Empty on Wed Apr 17, 2019 10:10 am

Odin's first attack, as expected, went through without a hitch. The wave of tiredness passed over the man, and seemed to work well in Odin's favour. Sometimes, the power of the spell wasn't the important part. In this case, it was simply about having enough to tip the scales. If the man hadn't trained at all before encountering Odin, perhaps this spell would've done nothing to him, but Odin had certainly waited for the opportune moment to cast his spell. The man was already tired, which meant it likely wouldn't take much more for Odin to beat him back. All he had to do was actually win, despite how limited his arsenal currently was. If it came to it, Odin always had Gungnir, but he hoped he could potentially do a lot in this battle without having to rely on the spear. Regardless, this was a battle the Lich had every intention of winning, it was about time he got his name out there once more, and become a fearsome foe that people shied away from.

The man moved away from his previous location, likely trying to get away from Odin in case he was planning on attacking some more. He wasn't but as the man moved backwards he did some impressive acrobatics, using his motion as a catalyst for his spell, hand-springing backwards as he sent out a wind attack from his leg. A cone of wind made its way towards Odin, who quickly dashed to his right to avoid the spell from hitting him. It seemed quite powerful, suggesting to Odin that this man was not someone worth going easy on. He held Gungnir in his hands as he considered just using it straight away.

It was at that moment that the man, who interrupted Odin's train of thought, decided to speak up, saying that he was confused about the situation, but that he wasn't gonna take his eyes off of Odin. It made sense, since a random Lich had just appeared out of nowhere and instantly attacked him. They weren't the friendliest of introductions.

Replying to the man, Odin took a few steps towards his foe, closing the gap between them to be around twelve metres. The entire time he moved, however, his eyes stayed fixed on his opponent's, in case he were to try anything, and his hands stayed on the drawn spear, ready to react in any sudden moment, as his deep voice echoed across the clearing, causing birds to scatter from the nearby trees, "I don't want anything with you in particular, simply testing the nature of beings. I'm curious to see how strong humans can be, and I must say, I'm disappointed. I don't think you're strong enough to beat me."

Odin knew that one attack from Gungnir would likely finish the man off, he would just have to get close enough to him, then the battle would be over.


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Kazimir Seiryu
The skeletal figure fully emerged from its snowy haven to dodge the cone of wind. It was a form of a creature that Kazimir had never seen before. A living skeleton. he wondered if this being could actual be a lich. A creature he had only ever heard about from the faint whispers of older knights and some scattered text. It was almost fitting to have encountered one so soon after his battle with the tainted spirit.

The being seemed less intent on a savage attack at least, as he moved forward to respond to the wind mages question. In doing so the lich moved closer trying to close the gap between them but kazimir was weary about how close to let the spear wielding menace move. He held his position though, curious to see what distance the lich preferred to engage from. Twelve meters of rock and snow were between the two. It was a distance he thought he could deal with but would probably be a bit to close for comfort. Although a part of him was excited to see what tricks the being had up his sleeve.

"I see," his reply was almost a bit more light-hearted and relaxed seeing that the lich didn't actually intend to have a bout to death. It almost took his mind of the annoyance that the surprise attack had. "You could have just asked, but sense we're both here I suppose I'll make the most of the situation myself."

He didn't know at first how to take being called weak, but since his arrival into this new land he had encountered people of enormous power. "You may be right. But if you're here to test the nature of beings. You should know your not testing a human," he added as heis eyes glowed white revealing his divine blessing.

"I'm Kazimir. Let's see if I can prove you wrong," he said as he jumped backward to create a few more meters of distance leaving 15 between them. Wind began to gather around him and he concentrated harder on feeling the vibrations in the wind. Unsure about what his opponents next move would be.  

As he jumped, he brought his right fist up to his shoulder. A small raging wind surged around it. He focused his effort on controlling the violent current. Another technique that was shown to him in the vision. One that he had to master.

He opened his hand to thrust it outward towards the lich. A white magic appeared on the wind mage's hand and then another appeared in front of the lich. The area erupted with a 4 meter long, 4 meter diameter column of wind. As soon as the spell sprang to life, Kazimir breathed a sigh of relief having been able to conjure his newly formed attack. His moment of self-triumph was as fleeting as the wind itself as he kept his senses alert to the reaction of the Lich.

His staff was held firmly in his left hand and he was ready for a counter attack, already trying to calculate what would happen next and what he would do. He let his vibration sense attempt to pick up on anything helpful. An air of excitement surrounded him as this was his first challenging encounter since becoming a nephilim. With this last attack he was able to fully test his new capabilities initially. Now was just a matter of how to better weave them into what he already knew.

This strange dark being in the wild, even if far stronger than the wind mage, would prove to be more helpful than the lich may have realized in Kazimir's own understanding of his abilities. Although he knew that the lich had a fierce looking weapon and he shuttered to think what would happen if that weapon pierced into him.


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