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The Barbarian

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The Barbarian

The barbarian, a member of any of several tribes on the fringes of civilization in Iceberg, rebuffs the influence of those he sees as soft and weak. Ceaseless clan warfare and the constant struggle to survive in the hostile wilderness are evident in the barbarian's sturdy and powerful frame. Though perhaps lacking the sophistication of his civilized contemporaries, the barbarian has a great awareness of his surroundings in battle.

To better protect their lands from outside forces, they adopted a nomadic lifestyle, frequently moving within the confines of the cold rigid steppes and maintaining few permanent settlements. Isolating themselves from the world outside their territories, they eschew the use of magics and complex machinery, as they believe these things can only weaken their resolve developed over so many years.

Although some trade with these curious bands of nomads, they do so only along the outermost borders of their lands. All intrusions into the territory surrounding their lands are forbidden, and warriors from the northern tribes are quick to thwart any incursions. Every foreign attempt at conquest has been met with fierce and decisive resistance.

Renowned for their awesome combat prowess as well as their arrogant demeanor, the barbarians appear to be perpetually girt for battle. Through harsh conditioning, the barbarians excel in physical combat and tremendous feats of strength. They derive their power chiefly through intense physical training, but they also tap primal energies from the living world around them. They can manifest these to add to their already considerable catalogue of superhuman feats of strength and power in the form of warcries.

The Types

  • Superior: None
  • Normal: None
  • Inferior: Self-Buff

The Items

  • Weapon: Either two-handed swords or axes, or a sword and axe in each hand. Must be the same weapon-type in each hand.
  • Armor: Medium or Heavy.

The Requirements

  • Race: The user must be a human, for the barbarian tribes are human.
  • Ethnicity: The user must have Icebergian parents, or at least one Icebergian parent.
  • History: The user must have a history growing up in Iceberg in one of the barbarian tribes.

The Feats

Warcries: Barbarians can use Warcries (Self-Buff) to increase their power in combat.
Dual Wield: Barbarians can wield a sword or axe in each hand, unless the weapon was originally a two-handed.
One-Handed Grip: Barbarians may wield two-handed swords and axes with one hand. This does not open their secondary hand for another weapon though.
Minor Magical Resistance: Barbarians receive one rank less damage from magical.
Minor Physical Resistance: Barbarians receive one rank less damage from physical damage.

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