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What Bumps in the Night.(Open)

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on Mon Feb 11, 2019 1:00 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
Maybe this situation was one that was hardly able to be avoided well in her case anyway, She did not think there was much that could be done. Priscilla found herself stalking the streets at the starting of evening time. Some could pick up what she was going to do but most of the time she had figured out her way around them, Something about her some how always did. Much like the many years she just kept track of some many things.

Nonetheless Priscilla continued on her way along the ally ways, just out of sight of most people that would lurk around them during the even she was either a step behind or in front of them to be out of their eye sight. Carrying a few things the woman just seemed to eventually drop and show up to some one who happen to one of the few people who happen to be one of the beggars, one who was one of the who who were actually in need that she learned. She left them a blanket and some food and Priscilla already seemed to be off by in the ally ways like she normally was.

But what about this evening be a problem? Priscilla seemed to be for now helping more then doing wrong. But maybe that sign of what was too come now, listening to a few people talking. Talking like they where going over a plan. sounds that if she picked up on where going to break into a home to get things out of greedy and not really out of need.

So what better to do then follow them, follow them and ruin their plans, Maybe stop them before hand was a option as well, seeing if she could piece that in which to say to stop them. But so far they seemed to be sticking to their guns. So like awaiting prey Priscilla followed them, planning what she would do.

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