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Winter's New Embrace.(Open)

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on Mon Feb 11, 2019 2:29 am

It was another day, Waylon was continuing as he normally did he was starting to feel a bit bored with this area because not much else was really going on around him at this point so maybe he have other things he would soon but choose to spend a bit more time out of here.

Waylon would be walking the market streets with in the afternoon he was enjoying himself yet again. He cycled the same things over and over and did not quite pick up on it yet. nonetheless he continued on his way the quiet mannered Waylon seemed normal.

While walking along to himself Waylon seemed to remember and start humming a peaceful song he remembered his mother singing to him when he was a lot younger, small and a lot more shy. The view he had on life now, Waylon would look around at the people the and how they were during winter it was nice and peaceful much like the people. Young and old who normally went shopping on the streets even with the cold of winter, Even if it did not effected Waylon much more then others, then again a cold based mage not effected by cold weather who would have thought?

But Waylon was picking up that some one else was humming along with the song he was humming, Like they knew what to hum note per note but it was just like they were close by, in the background. The hum was female as well but not close enough for Waylon to pick up who was their quite yet.

So thinking he was hearing things, Waylon went on his way still seeing what else would be going on here. Soon he would pick up on what was going on but until then, The song would continue.

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