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Rainy Day [Amen'ra]

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on Mon Feb 04, 2019 8:53 pm


Kerii Virrel
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It was yet another day in Orchidia. Her town had not quite returned to how it used to be prior to the demonic incursion, but it seemed to be making an impressive recovery, likely due to all the mages that seemed to have flocked over just in the nick of time. Orchidia had Lamia Scale protecting it, but the elf was glad there were other mages around. She wasn't sure that her guild could have handled it all on their own, especially since it was directly attacked as well and the members of it were taken off guard. Despite that though, everyone fought valiantly. Kerii had participated in the incursion and had assisted in the efforts to help others recover from it, so she thought that she deserved a treat.

The Wood Elf decided to go to one of her favorite coffee shops in Orchidia. Usually, it was relatively quiet, and it was when she entered. She ordered a warm cappuccino and sat down at one of the high tops. As she began to take a sip, she heard a few rain drops splash against the stone pathways. Gradually, more and more began to come down. People started scrambling for cover from the icy rain, and the once quiet cafť began to become flooded with pedestrians. Kerii was actually surprised at how crowded it was getting. And before she knew it, there were only a mere few seats left. At this point, it was first come first serve.
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