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History of the Nakamura Family [Sarcos]

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History of the Nakamura Family [Sarcos] Empty on Fri Feb 01, 2019 11:28 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
The young kitsune had recently been busy training for in private. She had been recently given the title of A-rank by the officials of the Magic Council. Soon, she wanted to work her way up to Lieutenant and hopefully get to kingsguard when she becomes stronger. Though, that was a long ways way. She lied one a bench, reading a book. Over the course of 2 years, she had turned herself into a natural bookworm. You had to do something when you were hospitalized for nearly two years.

She had grown so behind on her training that he took a toll on her mental health. Constantly, she felt like a failure for being so behind, but her father assured her that she would catch up in no time. Now she was on the same rank as her brother. Now, she could show him up before he could blink! That made her excited a little. The fire mage's fox ears twitched reading her book. She was not much of a fiction person, but she was a sucker for romance or horror.

In her hands, she held a book that was kind of in rough shape. It was a history book on her family. The title assured that saying "History of the Nakamura Family: Tales of the Lightning Clan".

Her father had given her this book as a gift. He knew how much she wanted to become a Nakamura and learn about her family history, despite being adopted. She was taken in by her father since she was an infant left alone to die. He was a kind-hearted man that she loved very much. Her single eye scanned the page slowly, reading every word. She licked her finger and flipped to the next page carefully. "There is more information here than in a dictionary. Who knew" she spoke out loud.

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History of the Nakamura Family [Sarcos] Empty on Mon Feb 04, 2019 3:21 pm

Saros Rigel

Saros walked calmly through the snow covered town of Orchidia, a blue hard cover book in hand titled "The Life and Death of a Peace Keeper: Vol. 5", a tale written by one of his favorite authors Demetria Gibson. The book was a sci-fi tale about a mage and his wife using their magics to fight crimes and go on space adventures, eventually finding themselves on a distant tropical planet. Making it their home and base of operations for an intergalactic guild!

The half-elven man sighed in pure delight at the very thought of a world like that, and still managed to walk safely while lost in the words on the page. Eventually he would find himself to a bench and listen as the woman spoke, causing him to raise his eyes to meet hers and notice she was reading too. Instantly he found himself interested and stood in front of the bench, staggering height causing him to look down gently at the woman.

"There's nothing better than a good read, do you mind if I sit here as well?"

He would ask, his tone as calm and pleasant as it always managed to be.

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