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I'm Still Standing [Training Shin]

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I'm Still Standing [Training Shin] Empty on Wed Jan 30, 2019 7:24 pm

Shin Sekai
While sitting around the guild Shin read books on plant magic and how his wasn't that far from some of the ones in the books. Just the thought of being able to do some the spells that in there but at the same time it seemed that his passion for learning new spells wasn't as big as when he first started but never the less he wanted to try them out just to see if they would work for him. Which one to try first...guess the basic spells should be a good kick off point. he thought packing up his books and moved to one of the back rooms in the guild hall that are hardly ever used by anyone. After setting up his makeshift training field the test began with the growth spell. "Okay, Shin you can do this it's simple you just need to make a little plant grow," he told himself as he attempted the spell only to not have nothing happen "Who said you get it right on the first try anyway right," he told himself grinding his teeth in frustration. He performed the spell over six-times throughout the morning each one ending up with a puff of smoke. Shin soon started to let his rage and frustration out by stomping on the floorboards Why is this giving me so much trouble it's so simple?!? he asked himself pulling on his hair "All I have to do is grow a plant from the ground why is this so hard all my teachers could have done this!" Shin placed his hand on the floor and closed his eyes picturing the plant growing and within two seconds he managed to get a small seedling to come up. The time was 10 pm and so he spent the night in that room just so he didn't have to worry about setting up again, while he slept he dreamt about growing plants all night until he woke up to a fully grown tree that he then had to take down with the help of some of the off-duty members at the bar "Thanks again guys." they waved back heading home for the day.

Okay now to get back to practice he thought to himself placing his hands on the ground once more and tried again "Just clear your mind and let the magic flow through. " he muttered feeling the magic crouse through him, it was as though he could see plant grow without even looking at it even though the image was haze as it happened. The rose mage opened his eyes to see an another fully grown tree "Okay now lets just practice making it grow and shrink I guess." he closed his eyes once again and making it the size of a Bonsai tree. Focusing on making it smaller was something the spell wasn't meant to do, Shin opened his eyes and stood up Okay time to take a short break and get some food for me! as he left the room he placed a sign on the door 'Lunch break be back soon!' it said. While shin was out for lunch he stopped by his home to pick up a change of clothes and some flowers to practice on when he got back, however the thought of everyone on the island trip coming back stronger than ever just made him want to push even harder so he can keep up with then "No matter what may come I will not be sidelined by anyone." each word found it's self-engraved into his being as he rushed back to the guild and started right back up. The first subject was a red rose so he followed the same steps as he had been doing for the past two days and he managed to make it grow enough to stand on it "Cool never thought it could be used like this." he thought aloud moving on to the next test.

After two days of practice, he managed to make his mothers sunflower grow into the ceiling and then around the room "FINALLY I DID IT!!!" the yell echoed the hall as he raised his arm's up in triumph in gaining a new spell to his bag and the shortly passed out afterward. The rose mage woke up an hour later feeling slightly more in tune with his magic than he had ever been before but then he realized that he still needs to clean up the room which was in a rather disaster form attempting the spell so many times before.


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I'm Still Standing [Training Shin] Empty on Wed Jan 30, 2019 7:25 pm

Shin Sekai
After working for two days straight on learning one spell he never really stopped to think about the other spells he would even try to learn after that one but for now the best thing to do would be rest for a few days so he can read up on more spells and hopefully expand on some old ones as well. Shin sat at the bar and messed around with some of the workers when one of them asked if he was taking training serious enough to which he responded with a nod "That reminds me do you guys think I should work on expanding a few spells I already have?" some didn't really know what to say but others agreed that he should work on the basics then find new spells. With this in mind, the rose mage found himself off back in the meeting room think about what spell he could power up I could try extending the whip but it's okay for now...I got it I can work on that one! he thought sitting down and relaxing for a second when he looked around the guild 'why not try that blade spell you love so much?' one of the female bartenders suggested mixing a cocktail for herself. The rose mage nodded i9n agreement as he left the bar and rushed to the other side of the guild hall "Okay I think this can work it's one of my main spells after all." he thought aloud moving some tables around to make a small arena to practice his spell.

Shin made his way to the "This simple all I need to do is make them shaper." something that was rather easier said than done as he moved his hair out the way as he waved his hand to the side allowing the magic to flow through him and taking the shape the four rosebuds that gave off hints of freshly watered rose's they hovered around him for a few moments just before they went flying at the tables only sticking to surface of them. The second attempt at improving the spell ha the same result as the first one which called for a third, then a fourth, and fifth attempt at improving the spell Come on it took me three minutes to create this spell the spell was simple in creation and application but proved that attempting to change the smallest thing to it, The more that Shin tried to force his changes on to the spell the more it fought against him and soon he gave up out of a fit of rage "I really don't get this spell at all all I need to do is make it sharper but instead it's getting duler every time." he looked at the marks on the table the spell made and sighed as they didn't get any deeper than when he first started practies but he knew stopping would only lead him to forget about it and moving back to his normal reuten of looking for his true love who keeps vanishing after every meeting they have but that won't stop him at all. At the rate that Shin was going most of the other members tried to get him to rest just for a few seconds but kept pushing himself more and more testing his own limits which were something he rarely did.

By the time that he started to see any kind of improvement he had started to fall asleep while "Well I can call it a day with that it's not grade A blade shape but it's getting there. He went to the back room and rested for a while until he woke up to the sounds of a rather dunk member throwing around his magic much like his weight "Hey I just wanna take a short nap and you're stopping me from doing so!" without thinking he cast the same spell that he and sent the rosebuds into the air and cutting a hole into the roof of the guild hall. "Can someone take him home plz and thank you." Shin went back to the back room and took his nap for like an hour. Once up he went upstairs and practiced some more but this time he started to go through all the targets he made with the extra pillows and chairs they had upstairs Okay this is moving along rather well, he thought wiping the sweat off his face and getting right back into practice. Shin moved his hair away from his face and then tied it up in a ponytail so he could start cleaning up the large mess that he made.

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I'm Still Standing [Training Shin] Empty on Thu Feb 07, 2019 3:50 pm

Shin Sekai
As Shin cleaned up the room he realized that with a few tweeks to the spell it could be even better “Wow I really made mess of this place.” he said using the broom scratch his head in amazement at all the cleaning and repairs he had to so just from him messing around for the most part. He swept all the broken floor boards to one side of the room the bricels against the wooden floor wasn’t the best sound to hear but it was something that no one could possibly enjoy hearing when the floor has been through so much stress. Though the repairs would take at least a couple of days to finish they would have to come later if he remembered to that is. The sound from the main hall echoed through the rest of the guild it was nice it was something that hardly happen nowadays. It was really nice to hear the guild with life from time to time but it would be even better if they didn’t make a the bar such a mess when they head home for the night but he couldn’t let that stop him from cleaning up his own mess. Which was new for this sudo rich boy. Is this what mom and dad had to go through when I was first learning magic? a good question that he never really thought about till right now. He went on with his cleaning and slowly moved on to making the repaired that were needed, and boy were their repaired that were needed in the room.  

Shin thought back to how he became the man that he was today “I’ve come along way but I can still improve on a lot more!” a true fact that he knew all to well if he ever wanted to become the number one in the guild. Combining growth and the type of the plant should make something strong enough to make some even deadlier he thought raceing to get his books and see what plants he could try and mix together for a even better spell. He started looking through his book on flora and then started looking through all the fona that he liked. Soon he would settle on Dionaea muscipula or a Venus Flytrap to keep it simple, he already worked out how to ask the spell he just needed to get it the way he envisioned it which was the challenge for him. Flicking his wrist Shin created a magic seal that gave life to a Daisy with a mouth growing in the middle of it “Okay thats not it...what about this time?” he repeated the motion and made a slightly bigger version of the first attempt. This went on for around two and half hours or so with someone coming to check on him every now and then just incase it went wild and backfired on him.

“It may have taken ten tries but I got it down packed now” he said to himself sitting up covered in dirt and plant bits as he took a deep breath he Flicks his wrist creating a magic seal that creates a small little Dionaea muscipula that slowly grew “Yes I knew this spell would be possible!” now filled with joy that his baby had come to life he passed out with a cheerful smile on his face. By the time he had woken up it had been three days later and the room was in even worse condition than the last time he cleaned.


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