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Granny Sittting[Quest; Kazimir]

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Granny Sittting[Quest; Kazimir] Empty on Tue Jan 29, 2019 12:54 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir accepted a request that would take him back the apartments district of the vine covered city. He was to once again help an older woman in the area. He arrived to see a playground in front of the apartments, with vines wrapped around it just like the buildings in the rest of the area.
Before him was a man that walked slowly towards him with a slight stagger. He held one hand on his head shaking it slightly as if in some minor pain. His head was held low and he kept adjusting his glasses, to avoid looking at the bright sunlight.
“Hey man, you here for the quest? I got my mom who needs to be watched today,” the man said with a low voice and giving a sigh where the period in the sentence was.
“Yes. I am Kazimir Seiryu of the Rune Knights. What do you need help with exactly?” He asked the question ready to take on whatever it was. This was a pale comparison to the demon attacks that were happening but also a welcome relief from the chaos. He was both bored by the idea and pleased about taking an easier assignment.
“This is my mom,” he gestured to the older woman standing behind him. “Just stay with her today and I’ll be back later, man. Simple enough.” He finished his statement and with a kiss on his mothers forehead that was not reciprocated he walked off to work or whatever he did during the day.
Kazimir held out his arm for the Rynah to take and she replied, “Thank you sonny. Let go to my hom,” she spoke as the ends of some words drifted off lost and never heard. She placed her arm around his and let the young knight walk her to the porch. She sat in her chair with a worn in cushion showing hours of use and Kazimir sat beside her in the other chair.
Soon she brought out a half-made scarf and began knitting it to completion. Kazimir sat quietly at first but then brought out his flute and started playing. Rynah gave him a look of approval as the two enjoyed the tranquility they created in this small space.
Before long Rynah looked down and asked if she could learn how to play. They spent the next two hours teaching each other how to knit and play the flute. Kazimir started to get the hang of it after fumbling around not used to the finesse of the hand motion required for it. Soon Rynah pulled out her cross-word puzzle and filled it out humming as Kazimir sat cross-legged continuing to practice knitting. He was intent on getting the basics down to the exclusion of all else around him.
Rynah paused from the crossword, “I remember the days whe I was younger. I woul travel, and work har. I miss the days. When Mitya was youn and full of energy.” She reminisced about all the moments of her past.

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Kazimir Seiryu
They spent the next hour together. He listened to her stories about the old days and raising her son, and even about their strained relationship. Kazimir continued to practice knitting the beginnings of a scarf. Soon she brought out her crossword puzzles and the wind mage stayed sitting cross-legged on the ground.
“I mis seein the sun from the mountains I climbed. I saw the worl and learned a lot. I don know when I became an ol lady,” She carried on but there was a simple sweetness in her soft lackadaisical trail of thoughts that zigzagged the recesses of her mind. The wind mage could join her but sat as attentive as he could while gaining his new talent.
The woman stood up and wandered into the kitchen, “Imma make my specia cookies. They are delicious. I hav a specia  ingredien too. One of a mother’s secre tricks,” she said as she pulled out the ingredients. Kazimir was still preoccupied but looked up to make sure she didn’t get into trouble. To his surprise she was already mostly done with the dough. A skill mastered from years of repetition.
She rolled out the dough and heated the oven. The dough balls dropped onto a cookie sheet and inside a small bag she sprinkled a strange blue crystal like powder atop them.  “Don go tellin no one. This is my secre ingredien.” She said with a coy smile and slid them in the over.
The time passed in a flash and the woman was transfixed on the crossword puzzle she worked on. Kazimir stood up shaking his head and knew how she almost burned down the house before. He pulled out the perfectly baked cookies and placed them down to cool.
“Oh thank ya honey. Tak one. It’s yours,” she waved her hand at the cookies. Kazimir was mouth watering hungry and gladly tossed one of the sugary cookies back. The blue crystals giving them an extra layer of sweetness. As he munched on it, he felt a surge of magical power. Similar to that of the root he chewed on in hargeon. His connection to magic felt stronger now. Thank you,” patting his belly, “That was delicious."
He sat back fulfilled with just the one cookie as his body adjusted to the rush of magical energy. The door then swung open, “Hey, mom. I’m home,”Mitya returned, looking leaps and bounds better than his appearance this morning. No longer did he walk around hung-over. He came to the table and sat down with the reward in his hand and gave it over to the rune knight. Kazimir took it with a nod and turned to leave when the woman stopped him.
“Take these wit you too. You need em more tha me,” she held the knitting needles ready for him to grab. “I’ll practice as often as I can. Thank you,” Kazimir replied as he took the needles and tucked them away with his half-made scarf in his other hand. He walked out of the building,  another job done.

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