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Murderous Madman [Quest: Hatsuharu]

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Murderous Madman [Quest: Hatsuharu]  - Page 2 Empty on Sun Jan 27, 2019 6:36 pm

Haru held onto Akira’s hand when she offered it. He stood up, looking confused when he heard her address the stalker as Vincenzo. The woman portrayed all the female features. However, given that his partner had used her wand to identify the target, he found it hard to not believe her. There was only one way to find out. Haru walked up to the woman and attempted to take the mask off. If it really was Vincenzo like she said, he was in for things far worse than death. The swordsman was not sadistic. But he did have that vengeful bone in him. The image of Marta lying lifeless on that street was still fresh on his mind. Not to mention the echoes of Lorenzo’s cries.

Obviously, when he got closer the killer tried fighting him off. She swung her bow at his leg like it was a sword. Haru blocked the attack and broke the bow with his sabre before stabbing the other leg. She screamed in pain. Even her voice was feminine.

Holding the sword at her throat to ensure she didn’t try to pull one, he grabbed black mask and pulled it away from her face. When the mask came off, it did more than reveal the face behind. The physique of the stalker changed. The hair grew shorter and the feminine curves disappeared. Akira was right. It really was Vincenzo. The cowardly man tried to come up with some excuse to explain his situation, but Haru would have none of it. His anger took over and by the time he realized what he was doing, he had already punched the guy at least half a dozen times in the face. His knuckles were bruised and bleeding. Vincenzo’s face was obviously in a far worse state and he had blacked out.


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Murderous Madman [Quest: Hatsuharu]  - Page 2 Empty on Mon Jan 28, 2019 5:19 am

Akira Shimada
She stood by and watched as Vincenzo came up with pathetic excuses. He went from I-am-trying-to-bait-the-killer to I-suspected-her. The her being Aki, of course. Given her fallout with the Knights, it was a smart tactic to pull. But Tsuru knew better. She continued to watch, as Tsuru pummelled the man till he was almost unconscious. They had no hard evidence against Vincenzo and the powers of her wand were to be concealed for as long as possible.

Given his crafty nature and the tools at his disposal, if he was taken to the hospital in this state, he'd come up with some story to turn this on the two of them, if they killed him, things would be even worse. People would have legitimate reasons to suspect her and Tsuru. This could backfire, simply because she was involved and her credibility was on an all time low. She didn't want her ex-partner to have to suffer an unfortunate fate just because of her. The man was either unconscious already, or pretending in hopes to earn mercy.

She used her wand yet again. This time in an attempt to control Vincenzo. It was no easy task, especially since she'd never quite attempted this before. She had to telepathically relay her instructions and despite the fear of judgement, she ensured that her words would echo in Tsuru's head too, so that he was in the loop. She had asked Vincenzo to confess in a note and then proceed to kill himself out of guilt and fear of being caught. She placed a gentle palm on her ex-partners shoulder, in an attempt to assuage his guilt, his temper and perhaps even his doubts. 'There will only be one more death tonight. It was the only way.'

[Mind Reader and Mind Crusher used: -800 mana]



Murderous Madman [Quest: Hatsuharu]  - Page 2 Empty on Mon Jan 28, 2019 8:16 am

It took a lot of control for the swordsman to not put his blade through Vincenzo’s heart. But even Haru knew what that would look like. Akira was already forced to step down because of such an incident. At least he now knew the reasoning behind her actions. In the moment of realization, it was hard not to end the lives of such cruel and twisted beings on sight. The ex-healer refrained from taking justice into his own hands, however. But there was still a problem. When he came to, the maniac laughed and tried to pin Akira as the suspect. And with the way he was bloodied up, his version of the story would have gained some traction. Everyone knew the tussle between the young Captain-Commander and the council. With that background and the fact that they had no physical evidence against the guy, he could potentially get away with it.

Thankfully, there was a solution. On any day, he would have disagreed to this. But that night, after finding out that a fellow Knight was killed by this traitor, he couldn’t agree more with his partner’s decision to use the wand on him. It was a fitting end for a monster like him.

Haru steeled his heart when he heard Akira in his head. He watched as the man initially struggled to resist her, but eventually give in. He stood up like a zombie and followed her instruction perfectly. Pulling out a paper from his pocket, he wrote his confession down. After that the man pulled his pocket knife and slit his throat. Surprisingly, Haru didn’t flinch. He had no mixed emotion about this. The bastard deserved what he got. He felt Akira’s hand on his shoulder and it softened his expression. “You were right. We need that wand,” he said. His tone was flat, in a matter-of-fact way; there was no emotion. He was finally starting to get his master’s philosophy. The rulebook was flawed and was probably going to remain flawed forever.


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