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Clean Up Crew[Quest; Leeann/KAzimir]

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Clean Up Crew[Quest; Leeann/KAzimir] Empty on Sat Jan 19, 2019 2:02 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir accepted another assignment from the knights and sent word to LeeAnn to join him again. It was a casual one that felt both pale compared facing off against demons and also a breath of fresh air in its simplicity.

He arrived at the multi-story building. The sun was high in the sky and all look well. There was a small park out front that was overgrown with vines much like the rest of the city. In front of the tan building with criss-crossed stairwells leading to higher floors was an older woman anxiously pacing back and forth.

while he waited for LeeAnn he may as well introduce himself. Crossing the playground the woman perked up as she saw him and met him halfway.

"Glad yer her sonny. I need som help wit cleaning," her age made her words soft and the the sound almost dropped off at the ends of some words.  

"Of course. Anything you need Granny Betty. I'm waiting on my partner and then we can get started."

The old lady reached into her pocket and pulled out a key with the number 7 written on it. "Take the key.When yer ready head up an clean. You hav until sunset."

He nodded and took the key as the old lady walked away leaving him to prepare. He walked to the first flight of steps and waited for LeeAnn to arrive. It shouldn't be long but until then he simply sat and played his flute patiently. He didn't yet know how daunting the cleaning task would be but assumed they would have plenty of time.

Kazimir looked back at the area outside and began to rethink the quest he haphazardly accepted. perhaps now was not the right time to be involved in something like this with the demonic incursions on the rise and the people needing more serious help out there. 

This was a task he wanted to do but he felt as though he would be betraying the people that really needed his protection. They were the ones in the most need right now. He left a not for LeeAnn to inform her he was going to help the victims of the attack and that they should handle this after things calm down a bit more. 

He grabbed his belongings up real quick and headed back down the stairs to exit. Once he got to the bottom he could see the people already that were lamenting the loss. 

He approached the woman in charge of the quest and apologized to her about his sudden change of heart, explaining the situation. He was truly sorry about leaving this undone but promised that once things were calmer again, he would return and finish the job with all of his effort. 

He was thanked for his honesty as they understood the dire situation around them and accepted his agreement to come back as soon as he could. With that the young knight left and vowed to return as soon as this was dealt with more holistically. 

WC 506/1000

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