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Behind The Scenes: Pt. I [Quest|Sage]

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Behind The Scenes: Pt. I [Quest|Sage] Empty on Wed Jan 16, 2019 4:16 pm

Sage woke up with a yawn. It was like everyday, he pushed aside his blanket and dropped his foot onto the planks of the motel room's floor. He then walked to the bathroom and grabbed his toothbrush and toothpaste. He started by brushing his teeth like always and proceeded to wash his face. It was still winter and the water was freezing cold and he didn't want to catch a cold and so he decided not to take a shower that day. He put on his black sweater and took his white with golden stripes cloak on. He then approached his sword and grabbed it. He might need it for the day, who knows? He must be prepared for anything. He put on his sword saddle onto him first, then placed the sword into the saddle that was located on his back. It was his favorite place to put his sword so that he could reach it easily and that if anybody tried to steal it he would be the first to know as he could feel the metal piece resting on his back. The reason he wasn't injured by it was because the saddle kept a layer between the sword and him, made out of leather, the layer was quite strong.

He walked downstairs and he heard the lounge staff calling him again, she didn't look at him in the eye but simply placed a letter on the counter of the desk. It seemed as if she was used to it as or the past three days he had received a letter every single day. Sage walked towards the counter and grabbed the letter tearing the seal and unfolded the letter. He read the letter and it was, of course, from Inspector Nillan. He wanted Sage to come to his office that day as something new was up. He folded the letter and said thanks to the lounge staff for keeping the letter for him, again. The lounge staff simply nodded while her fingers were on the keyboards of the computer in front of her, doing her job. Sage then walked out of the door and headed towards Inspector Nillan's office. He already knew where it was as Inspector Nillan offered him a shower at his office after the bloody slaughter Sage had to do. He still felt sorry for the owner of the animals though, it shouldn't have happened but it did anyway. He then was more eager to settle this case to the end. The person who caused this trouble should be dealt with seriously as they had threat enough lives already. When he reached the door of Inspector Nillan's office he rang the door bell and after a few moments there was a buzzing sound and a clicking sound afterwards. Sage pushed the door and it was unlocked, he walked into the building noticing the secretary first. "I'm sure your Mr. Elm, Inspector Nillan is waiting for you inside."  she said to him after giving him a quick glance.

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Behind The Scenes: Pt. I [Quest|Sage] Empty on Wed Jan 16, 2019 6:22 pm

The secretary then looked back at her monitor, her fingers tapping onto the keyboards swiftly. After the events that occurred the few days before, Sage guessed that she must have had a lot to write especially the reports. He knew because he was in a similar situation. He didn't have a secretary and sometimes he had to write his own reports. He didn't mind the work he need to do but the complications of the work that could drive stress into someone. He then wasted no time and walked into Inspector Nillan's office. Inside he could see Inspector Nillan already waiting, his hands clasped on the table and his eyes stared at the wall probably thinking about something important as he looked very serious. He then noticed Sage walking in and he gestured his hand for Sage to sit on the chair in front of him. Sage understood and grabbed the chair, he pulled it out so that there would be a gap for him to move his body through and onto the chair. He then placed his hips onto the cushion of the chair. It wasn't of the most comfortable chair but it was comfortable enough for him to sit on. He then looked at Inspector Nillan. Nillan coughed before he began speaking. He explained to Sage that there had been rumors of people seeing shadows lurking around the corners of the town. He stopped abruptly then continued, he stated that the towns people mentioned the figure was hooded.

Nillan then coughed another time. Sage now began to wonder whether Inspector Nillan was actually sick or was he nervous about something else. He couldn't know for sure because he would be too afraid to ask. Nillan then continued by saying that rumors had it the hooded figure was seen usually near the outskirts, around afternoon. Nillan requested Sage to find the hooded figure and capture the person alive as he believed that the hooded figure had something to do with the whole magical plant ordeal as he was sighted around the same time the magical plant first appeared, which was the giant beanstalk Sage knocked down a few days ago. Nillan then explained that they need to extract as much information from the hooded figure and this meant the job is very important and that Sage had to succeed. Sage understood the condition and would not let Inspector Nillan and the only clue they had go to waste. Plus Sage had committed to resolve the quest anyway, so it was his pleasure to have the honor of doing such job. Sage left Nillan's office and head towards his motel room. He was waiting for afternoon. The time when the hooded figure was usually seen. While waiting he had his stomach filled first so that he would have the energy to capture the hooded figure if that person was really guilty he or she would run away at the first sight of Sage. As he was getting some fame around Orichidia already.


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